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tim curley

2 years ago

Absolutely horrible customer service. Wait time in waiting room is always 30min or greater. They try to up sell everything. Took dog in to get booster shot. When making appointment was very clear i was only looking to bring her in for the booster she had just been there the month prior. Discussed price and made appointment for next day. Get to the office and sat in the empty waiting area for 30 min while the staff was in no rush to do anything. Vettech came out and said since my dog was only there for the booster that she could bring her back quick and we can be in and out, so i let her take my dog in the back alone while i waited in the waiting area. My dog was in the back for about 4 min and returned with no issues. When we went to check out the $60 bosster shot we discussed the day prior on the phone was now well over $100. When i asked why the price increase they stated because she needed to have a physical exam prior to getting the booster. 100% unnecessary and unacceptable. She had a physical the month prior. They made no mention of her needing a physical or that they were gonna charge me for one. And the fact that they mislead me into thinking that it was a quick shot and out so i would wait in the waiting room than charge for a physical that apparently took less than 5 min with the shot is sketchy. Avoid. Im used too them trying to upsell thats just the world we live in today, but they’ve been getting sketcher and sketcher with each vist.

Salina McAlvin

2 years ago

Took my new pup for her first vet visit and as a new pet owner I felt very welcomed and comfortable going here very informative and helpful staff

Kristine Murillo

2 years ago

The entire staff is amazing! My 10yo English Bulldog had to get surgery today. I brought her for 7 opinions before feeling most comfortable with this office. Dr. Lee performed her surgery, they were kind and informative the whole time. I called once to check on her, prior to me leaving when I dropped her off I asked for a recommendation on a coffee shop to go to, when I called I got no attitude just an honest answer and she followed with how was yours coffee. It’s those little things, they actually care. I’ve called many vets where they put you on hold and sound annoyed, but not them (I spoke to ally). Kali had such great treatment, all the drs were great. Most importantly my baby is going to be ok. Thank you Nassau Suffolk ????????????????


2 years ago

Both of my cats have been patients and staff is always wonderful. Very empathetic and helpful when my 17 year-old Calico passed. They did everything to help. Addendum: they no longer offer special days for reduced cost vaccinations....kind of pricey....

Richard Ammirati

2 years ago

Want to thank the staff at Nassau Suffolk Animal Hospital, for such excellent care of our pet Bulldog Amelia. Also we would like to make special mention of Dr.Haagenson who took such wonderful care of Amelia for 12 -1/2 years.

Greg John

3 years ago

PLEASE READ: I highly recommend to NOT bring your pet here. This place has gone down hill over the years. It seems each year the place gets worse and worse, and unfortunately in my case I learned this too late, and now my dog is dying or sadly by the time some have read this already dead. Do to negligence, carelessness and especially one vet who I felt should have been able to diagnose my dog correctly, much sooner, and could have given my dog a much greater chance of surviving, did not give advice or make suggestions on how to keep my dog as comfortable and healthy as possible, after his "too late" diagnosis. He instead said practically nothing and walked away. Side Note: This veterinarian had abruptly quit. That is suspicious and unprofessional both by him for not notifying the pet owners that rely on him and the place for not doing the same. I sincerely apologize for the rare/good remaining vets that hopefully still exist at the Nassau/Suffolk Hospital and give a proper examination and diagnosis. I know this review is unfair to you. However, the bad outweighs the good and I will repeatedly suggest to anyone who loves their pet to go elsewhere.


3 years ago

Dr. Lee is the best! She takes excellent care of my rats and I am eternally grateful to her! The front desk staff is always so kind and helpful! This place rocks, I honestly don't know what I'd do if I didn't know they'd have my back when health issues arise. I can't say enough good things about this team of real life superheroes! Edit: Dr. Tanaka is also brilliant and wonderful! Accidentally left that out of my initial review. The negative reviews about this office being money hungry are laughable & ridiculous. Quality vet care costs money, that's just how it is. The vets here are thorough- this is a positive thing! Bargain hunting is great...but not when it comes to your animals health. How good could $5 surgery be? Frankly, they could be charging a lot more especially because they see exotics. I think their pricing is more than fair.

Robin Jacobsen

3 years ago

Zelda was seen and taken care of by the amazing Dr Lee. Her medication has made her have some pep in her step. I have gotten three phone calls as well to check up on her. Everyone here is friendly and kind.

Bill Brochu

3 years ago

Great staff and great Docs

Annmarie Vincent-Mantella

3 years ago

Our three dogs have gone there for over 15 years mostly good but very expensive. Niko was overly medicated and it was just a basic antibiotic needed..??? Doesn't quite seem like the facility really cares about the animals more about the money. Our personal experiences

Brittany Gates

3 years ago

We lived next door to this facility ten years ago and we left our dog there while we went on a short weekend trip. The healthy dog died in their care and nobody could tell us what happened. On another occasion a worker was taking a dog outside and the dog got loose from her hold. We tried to help her get the dog but he ran off and was never found. Though these instances happened a long time ago I still feel the need to report them to the public as a reminder to be cautious where you leave your beloved pets.

Sarah Diele

3 years ago

Very attentive and caring!! Wonderful patient care!!

Patricia Callaghan

3 years ago

They did well in this covud 19 situation. Naturally would have like to go in with my pet. But my pet seems to be doing better today and I think all will turn out well. They did give a follow up call which was nice. I would def return to this place when needed.

Mark Kaspiev

3 years ago

Today was my first visit with my new puppy, Biggie (Smalls) ????. I was so nervous because he’s so tiny and still a scared little pup so I was expecting the worst. However, once Dr. Rosen came into the room, just by the way he was talking I knew this visit was going to be much better than I expected. As Dr. Rosen was administering the the necessary shots, he was explaining everything to me and it made me feel so much more comfortable. Before I wrote this review I read all the other great reviews, and then when I came to the negative ones, where they complain about cost, those comments were funny to me but also confusing. Animals cost money. Between the food and visits to vet, it does add up. However, this is a business just like anyplace else. You’re expecting free vet care? Seriously? My experience was totally the opposite. Not only was the first visit very reasonable, but during the exam and giving Biggie Smalls his shots, Dr. Rosen and his assistant also explained how I can SAVE money by describing pet medical insurance and telling me how that’s important to have, but also they described a program they offer where you do monthly payments and all the vet visits are included, and I’ll definitely look into that because it looks like you can save a lot. Im the end, I couldn’t be happier and my new baby boy Biggie is now protected with shots and is happy as well. I was terrified he would be hurt with the shots but the way Dr. Rosen administered them, Biggie didn’t even flinch never mind cry or whimper. So satisfied with this vet and the first visit that I won’t even entertain going anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Rosen and the ladies in the office for all you did to make my first experience such a great and memorable one. You guys are AWESOME! Thank you and see you soon!

John-Paul Smolenski

3 years ago

These people are con artists. They fabricate stories, and take advantage of people who love their pets. They look to overcharge you for tons of fees, tell you that your pet "needs" to run tons of tests, tell you the tests were "inconclusive", then ask you to pay more money to run more tests. Dont trust these people, plenty of better options elsewhere.

Hope Crucilla

3 years ago

Dr Hagenson and staff are caring and professional.

Franks and Ava

3 years ago

BEWARE MONEY HUNGRY Veterinarians office. Absolutely disgusted. My cat is on a specific FOOD diet that I was told by this office that he would be on for the rest of his life. I usually order this food thru chewy but because of the extremely difficult times we are going thru their shipping times are a little longer than usual. I called Nassau Suffolk animal hospital this morning asking to pick up a bag of the cat food only to be told flat out NO because they have not seen my cat in a year and would not issue him the bag because of this. I was not asking to pick up antibiotics or pain medication. I needed to pick up the cat food that they prescribed to my cat more than 4 years ago. They know that with out this food my cat can get very backed up. I would understand if it was a medication but it is cat food. During this scary, sad, financially draining times you hope to deal with people who have compassion and understanding. If that is what you are looking for in a vet you will definitely not be getting it from the office. I will be sure to never take my cat back to such an unkind person like Dr. Rosen or his staff. P.S. I ordered it from Chewy with out a problem

Erica Petrone

3 years ago

Amazing doctors & staff. Very loving towards animals and provide care as if it were their own pet.

Dominic Sorensen

3 years ago

Friendly staff, very informative, clean environment.

Austin Quinn

3 years ago

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Haagenson and his staff. This is during covid. They were safety oriented yet still warm and welcoming. They were extremely attentive to our dog and gave us peace of mind. If you have an English bulldog, then there is no other option for you. We travel the 45 minutes past countless vets just to know we have the best possible care our bulldog can get. Thank you Dr. Haagenson and staff!

Cheryl Matthews

3 years ago

Wow, just wow. A vet HOSPITAL refusing to see a sick pet because they didn't have an appointment. Disgusting.

Deirdre Finn O’Donnell

4 years ago

What a wonderful vet! The entire staff is amazing, empathetic, and genuine. Our dog truly doesn’t mind going for her visits. We also use this facility to board our dog. HIGHLY recommend Nassau-Suffolk Animal Hospital. You will not be disappointed

Wendy Brenner

4 years ago

Staff/Doctors are wonderful & caring with my furry family boys.


4 years ago

Been coming here for years. I moved far away but still come back.

Sylvia Granados

4 years ago

Caring staff but you better have money to go here cause they are NOT cheap


4 years ago

Dr H and Dr Tanaka compassionate and caring and the staff they gave my baby girl (Taz)the best possible care you can get they also follow up to make sure how everything is going and if you have any questions thank you so much

Mike Nello

4 years ago

I had to take my dog here on an emergency visit because my regular vet was booked. The staff was very calming and made me and my dog at ease in an otherwise stressful situation. My dog feels better and the vet was wonderful.

Michael Manara

4 years ago

Staff is great and they take care of my pets like they are their own

Jillian Larreategui

4 years ago

I had the terrible moment when you have to put your loved one down. I adopted my beagle Darwin in 2007 and he was one of the best decisions I've ever made. When I hit rock bottom a few years ago i had him by my side which as any pet owner knows, they save our lives and make us so much stronger with their fierce love. I was falling apart walking in and from the moment Jennifer at the front desk saw us and got up and came to my family and led us to a private room right away. Dr Tanaka entered the room and got down on the floor and just started petting Darwin like he was hers. The staff was beyond incredible ans gave my family all the time we needed to say our goodbyes and I love yous'. My heart is broken because a piece of my heart went to heaven but I'm not in pieces thanks to the staff at Nassau Suffolk animal hospital in farmingdale. Thank you so much. Words cant express how grateful I am.

Gary Sabatella

4 years ago

The doctors and the staff are awesome. I will never bring my pets anywhere else. They are kind, compassionate and address all concerns and questions with professionalism

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