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selena carrero

2 years ago

I had a cat problem around my new house and didn’t know who to turn to for help I was highly recommended Donna and she is the absolute BEST she has helped out in so many ways with her time and effort she is just fabulous very professional and will help you out no matter the circumstance.

Mary Bradley

2 years ago

I have volunteered for the rescue for many years and this is a caring rescue. The people that have adopted cats are happy. Not everyone meets the criteria for adopting a cat and they feel insulted and some even lie. The rescue is just doing what they think is best for the cats they take care of and that is the responsibility of a good rescue. If you are a responsible good pet owner or want to be and have a stable home and life then you will be very happy,

Sonia Sharma

2 years ago

I applied to adopt a pair of cats after losing my young cat prematurely to sickness. Donna, the supposed director, is difficult to get a hold of and not responsive. I was finally able to leave work early and pick the cats up on a Friday. Unfortunately, traffic to port Jefferson is bad so I wouldn’t be able to get there until 540pm. She was unhappy and stated she had another appointment at 6pm. I then offered to send my son, who is 18, and was informed that their minimum age to sign a contract is 23. I reached out Friday evening and again on Saturday to see if there was any availability for the weekend. I was informed that another application came through and the cats I had wanted were no longer unavailable. To add, I was told Friday that the cats I wanted were sick and had an infection which had not been properly resolved so they were on antibiotics for a second course. This information was withheld from me in the prior weeks. Very shady business practices and they are not interested in adopting these cats to loving families. What a shame! I spoil my babies and will go somewhere else.


2 years ago

I’d give them a 0 if I could extreme case of discrimination going on here. I am active duty military and was told I couldn’t adopt a cat because I was in the military and one person in the past had adopted kittens gotten deployed and had to return the cats. They said they can’t take that risk of the same situation happening. They asked me no questions on my life style with work or how often I’d get deployed if at all. Their next excuse was that I had no prior cat experience but you gotta start some where. My girlfriend and I have been doing tons of research, asking friends with cats question and even already have everything set up for two cats. Thanks Donna for your support.

Kiera Johnson

2 years ago

I adopted the sweetest boy from them and my experience couldn’t have been more pleasant

Michael OShea

3 years ago

I adopted 2 cats from this rescue and could not be happier. I adopted Tyson a male black cat and I adopted Midnight a female black cat. These are the first two cats I ever had. I would definately recommend this rescue to anyone looking to adopt.

Wallie Wageemo

3 years ago

After attempting to reach them several times, I finally got back a rude response. I even went to the location of where the cat was and the staff there said the person in charge was on her way only to wait over an hour for a no show. These people are rude and only looking for the sale for their own convenience. How ridiculous. I am beyond aggravated how these people conduct themselves.

Marret Anderson

3 years ago

We found a cat for adoption on petfinder and then after further investigating realized that the cat was in Petsmart in Port Jefferson. We went to see the cats and they were locked up and we were told that in order to have an interaction with the cats you need to fill out an application. We completed the application and never heard from the rescue in charge. I found the directors contact information and texted her. Donna responded hours later and informed us that we could not proceed with the application process because we had previously had a cat that was allowed outside. I explained that we would keep the cat indoors if that was the best for the cat. She responded that she was sorry I did not understand her reasoning but we were not eligible to adopt. This organization has a terrible reputation but I tried to give them the benefit of doubt.I spoke with our vet and she said that agencies like these are a disgrace. Clearly they are not a true rescue who believes in finding forever homes for their pets in need. Stay Clear of this rescue!!!!

John Stalzer

3 years ago

Very nice place. I dropped off some toys for the fur babies.

Audria Garcia

3 years ago

Jean is amazing. Wish we could have adopted all of the cats available.

Suiriotykhkgi Sf yjy ripypgo

4 years ago

Drove all the way there to find out the address is a petsmart and not an animal shelter. 3 stars bc the reviews made for some juicy reading

Rosemary Komornick

4 years ago

Only called for info. Friendly and informative


4 years ago

Overall my experience with this rescue has been bad. I had a situation where my neighbor had died suddenly and her sweet tempered indoor cats were at risk of being thrown on the streets. I figured I would call this rescue as they say on the bio if your in a desperate situation for a home they help. I spoke to Donna and she said they can’t help and because of the cats being black color they aren’t adoptable and turned me away. Those cats were thrown out onto the streets and now are both deceased :( But that’s just the start. A wing and a prayer has cats for adoption at PetSmart in West Babylon. I know for a fact many of those cats are strays that were caught and up for adoption to make money. Yet people’s pets are thrown onto the streets because they refuse to help them! This rescue condones pet abandonment and more on making money. The cats for adoption are nice, and I do believe strays should be helped so I gave two stars for that reason, but so many get returned back to petsmart and I am wondering why such a low adoption rate from this rescue? Also the cat condos are locked so they don’t have entire roam of the enclosed areas and the former rescue that had cats at petsmart had all holes open so the cats can interact with one another and they got rid of the holes in the glass too so you can’t pet the cats while visiting on the chin they just stare through the glass at you :(

Joanna Madison

4 years ago

Very caring and personable volunteers!

Erin Mitchell

4 years ago

My fiancé and I contacted Donna to see if we could set up a meet and greet with some of the cats we were interested in possibly adopting. Not only was Donna completely rude in her responses to us, but she didn’t even give us the chance to meet any of the cats. She said we couldn’t move forward with the adoption process with ANY of the cats because we don’t have any cats at home (this would be our first pet together). Apparently none of the cats would be okay with being an only cat... We just feel like that should be mentioned somewhere on the cats profiles because we were really looking forward to adopting a cat, but I guess we’ll have to go elsewhere.

Annmarie Vincent-Mantella

4 years ago

I think I have it wasn't dire emergency because I never received a phone call back no did anybody in the film nine setlist I hope they have a wing and a Prayer they probably mean well I'm just not sure why there was no return phone calls


5 years ago

These are decent, caring people who genuinely care about cats. They go above and beyond to make sure you're happy and your new cat is too. Highly recommend.

Sarah Maciel

5 years ago

There were 2 stray cats that were in desperate need of a veterinarian and this rescue was the only one in the area that told me they would help. This shows how much they care about animals!

Justin Karp

6 years ago

I was following a stray puppy shitzu or a runaway puppy a few minutes ago and chased the puppy away from the main roads and had the puppy cornered for a bit and tried calling this company multiple times but they never picked up and now the puppy got away. I just hope it is safe. This puppy needed to be rescued as it was scared shivering and was outside in 90 degree weather.

Linda Connors

6 years ago

I had a wonderful experience, I adopted Kevin, he was a shy tabby maybe 9 months old or so, They take really good care of the kittens and cats and rescue so many from hoarding situations, or dangerous places, Such nice people who volunteer their all for the rescue of cats in need :)

Shannon Sha

7 years ago

The volunteers are friendly and knowledgeable. The cats are adorable and sociable. They keep the area very clean

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