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Melissa Sciancalepore

2 years ago

I can not say enough praises about the staff and Dr. Levitin!!! They make you feel comfortable, they care for your pet as if it was their own. Luna had to have IVDD surgery for the second time- this was her first time with Dr. Levitin- my …

Jennifer Korn

2 years ago

Informative, pleasant and thorough.Very happy with our visit and the care given to my pet.

Peggy Robertson

2 years ago

Dr Levitin is knowledgeable, soft spoken, takes the time to listen and explains in detail. If you’re excited and emotional he listens, if you interrupt his explication he is quiet and again listens; Dr Levitin will then take the time to explain. You absolutely will feel you (and especially your pet) are in good hands. Most likely when you call for an appointment you will speak to Sam, THE BEST listener you can trade stories. Angela, and Taylor work besides the doctor all hours. Although the office is 9-5, These are folks that are not 9-5 people. They are working amazing hours. Your call will not go unanswered.

Jennifer Nunez

2 years ago

BEYOND thankful for everyone at Harmony! My dog Winnie had an accident where she hurt her spine. I called and spoke with Sam to make an appointment. Not only did she keep me updated with any cancellations they had that day but she also made me feel so much better. Needless to say I was a total mess because of my dogs condition and she gave me words of encouragement and even told me about her dog who had a similar accident. She was AMAZING! We were able to see Dr. L that same day and he was also very comforting. I loved how I’m depth he explained everything that was going on with Winnie but what I loved even more was that he gave us a solid plan with a timeline. He was super clear with all of his instructions and really took his time explaining things to us. Not only was Dr. L extremely knowledgeable but he was super sweet with our little love Winnie. Angela was extremely sweet and helpful as well. I love that you’re able to text her at any time and she gets back to you in a timely manner. Angela was also very knowledgeable and really went the extra mile for us. All I can say is thank you so much! We’re going back in a couple weeks for her follow up and I can’t wait for the staff to see her improvement.

Michell Mauriello

2 years ago

Can’t say how this clinic is because they completely ignored the 3 attempts I made to make an appointment. My dog started having seizures and I was recommended to see a neurologist. I reached out to harmony over their website and left 2 messages in the office, told them our situation and how we were o concerned for our pet and needed to see a doctor ASAP and never even got a response…I understand if you are so busy you can’t squeeze us in but at least have to humanity to respond to an obviously distraught person….needless to say I took my dog elsewhere where she received care.

Melissa Delasanta

2 years ago

Dr. Levitin took the time to thoroughly explain his findings and recommendations. I truly respect his candidness, professionalism and compassion. Angela, the practice manager who exhausted every angle to accommodate us in such short notice was also so nice enough to take the time to meet with us and chat for a bit and the staff was so friendly and caring as well. It’s the personal touch added to the consult that makes a huge difference. It was an overall great feeling to put our baby Bailey in the care of the most decent human beings on earth. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat without reservation.Thank you Dr. Levitin, Angela and all the staff… and also to our dear Dr. Mittal who referred us, truly one of the best and most caring Vet in the universe…We are grateful…. ❤️

Hillary Bailey

2 years ago

I can't say enough good things about my experience here! Literally the best since my dog was in an accident 8 years ago with countless vets and rehab facilities under our belts in that time. Angela is just a ray of sunshine and such a pleasure to work with. Dr Levitan is incredibly patient, kind, responsive, compassionate, committed, flexible and professional. He's the only vet that I've dealt with during COVID that would come to my car and watch videos of episodes my dog was having that were too long to email. He and his team stayed hours past closing to perform a last minute procedure I requested without question or hesitation (I had no idea it would keep them there that late). They both spent a lot of time in the parking lot, even in the pouring rain, answering 100 questions and concerns we had. Their willingness and commitment to customers and animals is unmatched!

Anjii H

2 years ago

These guys were wonderful! I hate not being able to go in with my dog due to COVID, but the entire staff was remarkable and so caring and friendly! The Dr. came out and spoke to me face to face and they were even willing to zoom the exam for me so I could watch it! They spent so much time answering my questions and addressing my concerns and overall were just a really wonderful group of people and I felt very confident/comfortable with their care for my service dog! I absolutely would recommend them!

Rob Pittenger

3 years ago

Very caring and informative. They want to spend as much time as possible with each patient, which has the unfortunate side effect of somewhat longer wait times. I very much liked that they clearly listed out what they saw during the exam, what our options are moving forward, and the possible consequences of each option. They gave us their recommendation on how to proceed and made it clear that it was completely up to us how we'd like to proceed. Their focus is truly on quality of life of our pets, and they really seem to love what they do. Can't recommend them enough!

Rachel Plafker Esrig

3 years ago

As a referring veterinarian, I was already grateful to have Dr. Levitan in our community. Now, as a client, I am even more impressed by his compassion, his expertise and his heart. Shout out to Angela as well. Northern NJ (my patients and now my own dog) is lucky to have you as a resource.

Karen Iannuzzi

3 years ago

The most amazing compassionate staff. Dr levitin and Angela cared for Arya like she was their own family. I cant say enough about this wonderful vet hospital.

kamal games

3 years ago

Dr. Levitin is such a compassionate and understanding doctor. we took Biggz in because he was having seizures and the hospital we took him to did not help much. luckily we got a last minute cancelation appointment here & the team here SAVED BIGGZ LIFE. Dr levitin and Angela took their time explaining every option for biggz and every procedure. they outlined the plan for us and answered any and every question. even if we had questions after office hours Dr levitin was there to answer questions. he made us feel like a priority and honestly saved Biggz life. we are forever grateful for them.

Urmikant Sheth

3 years ago

Very professional and caring staff.

Mary Lau

3 years ago

Our Frenchie had seizures last spring and after a disastrous experience at the Animal Emergency & Referral Associates, our regular vet recommended Dr. Levitin. We are so grateful we went. With Covid19 restrictions, Dr. Levitin made it a point to come out each visit (even in the pouring rain) and discuss everything with us. We made every decision together after he carefully explained his approach and our options. Angela, his assistant, is also fantastic! It is so obvious that they both truly care about their patients. Watson finished his course of treatment before the holidays and he is doing great! If you need a neurologist, please give Dr. Levitin a call first - you won't regret it.

Donna Tartini

3 years ago

I recently brought my dachshund there for a back injury, Dr Leviton and Angela are amazing. They made me feel so comfortable. They are so thorough and caring and honest and they really keep you updated step-by-step. Dr. Leviton even called me at 9:30 PM to give me an update on my dog Frankie who had to stay there overnight . I would definitely refer anyone here. They are true professionals that really care about your dog.

Tanya Rivera

3 years ago

First time bringing my dog there this morning. The doctor and his staff member, I believe her name is Angela, are super friendly and professional. The doctor was very informative about my dog’s condition and possible treatment if needed in the future. So glad I found them.

mircea muresanu

3 years ago

Dr. Levitin and his staff are amazing. You will get top notch care for your little one

Michelle Apiar

3 years ago

My elderly cat was showing neurological symptoms during the Covid-19 lockdown, and as any pet owner knows, having to send off your fur baby into a vet's office without you is stressful for both the pet and pet parent. I asked my trusted vet for a recommendation for a neurologist that functioned more like a private practice, and not like the big animal hospitals in New York City that, although have excellent specialists, aren't the most compassionate for pet and owner. He highly recommended Dr. Levitin for both his expertise and bedside manner. I called the office and spoke with Angela, who was so kind and patient with me, and understood my concerns about keeping our trip from NY to NJ and the MRI process comfortable for my already stressed out cat. I had a Zoom appointment with Dr. Levitin before making the trip out to discuss all my cat's symptoms and the MRI procedure in detail. He was also patient and answered all my questions thoroughly. On the day of the test, Dr. Levitin came out several times during the procedure to let me know her progress, and took extra time to review her results to accurately diagnose her. Her diagnosis was sent to her primary vet immediately so we could continue care. Both Dr. Levitin and Angela went above and beyond to deliver a solid diagnosis and peace of mind to a very concerned cat mom.

melinda dimauro culp

3 years ago

We are forever grateful for Dr. Levitin and Angela in caring for our little Coco. The meticulous care and expertise in treatment was outstanding. Coco had to have emergency spinal surgery when she had a bulging disc and lost all feeling in her back legs. She is recovering and starting to walk again! Most of all they really made her feel safe and loved. Can't say enough good things about them!

Mario Garcia

3 years ago

Our 3 y/o staffordshire terrier mix had a cluster seizure event and after the animal hospital she was seen by Dr Leviitin and his staff. They were fantastic in her care and communication during and after her stay. I highly recommend them for your fur baby’s veterinary needs

Lucy Delgado

3 years ago

Omg.... my Boston Terrier needs to see a neurologist ASAP..... Angela from Harmony was amazing, compassionate, and extremely informative!!! Thank you!

Jasmine G

3 years ago

Angela is so sweet and pleasant and the Dr. is very thorough and compassionate. Great place for going through tough times with your best friend.

Izabela Fijorek

3 years ago

Dr. Levitin and Angela are two angels who were placed on this earth to care for animals. From the moment that I met them, I felt so comfortable leaving my dog Kubush in their hands. At a time, when we cannot go inside with our pets, it makes it more nerve wrecking, but they both just have a way of making you feel so extremely at ease and comfortable that you don’t mind your fur baby going in alone. Dr. Levitin and Angela both always come out to talk and discuss procedures, tests, questions, etc. I am a person who asks a million questions and worries an extra amount, but they both are so patient and always answer my million questions without rushing to finish. My concerns were always addressed and I was part of the treatment plan- whatever made me comfortable the doctor agreed with or explained why things should be done. I am so extremely happy that I found them!

Casey Ciaston

3 years ago

Do yourself and your loved pet a favor and take them to Red Bank Veterinary Center instead of Harmony. I am shocked to see how many 5-star reviews this establishment has received. My dog's original neurologist moved out of state, and recommended that I take him to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital to continue his care. I decided to take him to Harmony as it was the much more convenient choice, but now I feel guilty for not taking the original neurologist's suggestion. I took my dog to Harmony and told them he was due for a full blood test regarding his condition. After my dog was taken back inside for his appointment and returned to me, the doctor came out and told me he looked great and everything was normal. Less than a week later, my dog started showing symptoms of his condition again, causing me to panic. "How can he be showing symptoms if the doctor said everything is okay?" I thought to myself. I called the office and told them what was going on. The next day, I received a call back from the doctor, and in our conversation, I learned that they never took any of his blood for the tests. They didn't do the one thing that I asked for when I made the appointment. The doctor said that "there must have been a misunderstanding," but I view what occurred purely as negligence. I then had to rush my dog to his primary vet in order to do the blood tests so we could get the results back as soon as possible. I can only imagine the PR nightmare that would fall upon a medical practice if this had been a human child instead of an animal. After we got the results, we had to increase the dosage of his medication. I was asked to call back the following Tuesday or Wednesday to give an update. I called on Tuesday and left a message, but later learned that the doctor wasn't in that day and he would call me the next day. I did not receive a call and when I called the office to inquire again, I was told that they had gotten busy with appointments and I would get a call the next day. As I continued to not receive calls back, I sent texts to the office's number which we had previously used for correspondence, but as I stopped receiving responses there as well, I began to feel as though I was being ignored. I didn't receive a call back until Monday night, essentially a whole week later. I also only received that call when I inquired with my primary vet about other neurologists in the area and told them that I would be filing a complaint against Harmony with the Veterinary Board. I imagine I only got the call back because my primary vet may have called to inquire why I wasn't getting a response. The following day, I made an appointment with Red Bank Veterinary Hospital for my dog and asked my vet to forward all of my dog's information to them and to stop sending anything to Harmony immediately. I had my appointment with Red Bank and I could not be more pleased with the experience. Again, take your pets to Red Bank instead of Harmony.

Adam Edwards

3 years ago

I should have written this months ago but we had an amazing experience with Harmony earlier this year. Our Frenchie, Winston, had managed to herniate a disc in his spine and was in a lot of pain. Right from the get-go Angela and Dr Levitin went out of their way to be personable, caring and professional in diagnosing the issue, treating it, and making us feel comfortable all at the same time. Dr Levitin worked his magic with Winston (who is doing fantastic post-surgery) and Angela was such an amazing person to deal with - you could tell both of them cared deeply about the animals they treat. I hope Winston never has a recurrence again, but if he does, we'll be going straight back to Harmony.

Thomas Hills

4 years ago

Dr. Levitin and Angela are amazing! They were able to diagnose our dog's meningitis after a scary few weeks when nobody else could. They met us on short notice in the middle of a Saturday afternoon and we had our pup back with us by the evening and feeling better. They truly care about their patients and we will recommend them to everyone!

Anthony Fiore

4 years ago

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! No other way to put it. Everyone who works at this facility is incredible. My girlfriend and I had a scare with our pup and were recommended here by our normal veterinarian. From the time we walked in we were made to feel extremely comfortable and in good hands. Angela got us started and was very caring and loving to our puppy. To the point when she left the room our pup cried for her to come back. Dr Levitan is a true professional. He took the time to get every last detail from us and took the time explaining all the details of his analysis. Getting right down on the floor on our pups level to make her feel comfortable during her examination. On top of that he called our regular veterinarian while we there just to make sure no detail was overlooked. We could not have asked for a better experience and left with giant smiles on our faces. Highly recommended to anyone who needs assistance with their furry friends

Ashley H

4 years ago

Dr. Levitin and Angela are two of the most caring and compassionate people I have met. We brought my dog in for what should have been a simple disc removal, unfortunately they found something worse, we had gone to so many doctors and vets and they al assumed back problems. Dr Levitin was the one who found the real cause. I felt so comfortable the moment I walked in. I had emailed them at 10:30 PM on a Monday, and Angela responded at 11 PM that night saying the could absolutely see him the next day. They sent pictures and updates of him the night he stayed over. I would get a call at 8:30 in the morning on an update from the night and another call at 9 PM when they were leaving. They truest care and are meticulous. If you need a neurologist, please go see them at Harmony. They did everything they could and made our experience easier than most would. They treat your dog like an actual patient and not like a number in a archer animal hospital. Thank you for everything you did for my Louie.

Don Hahn

4 years ago

Dr. Levitin and Angela were the absolute best. During the exam, they were both crawling around on the floor with our guy, Jonas. They were super sweet with him and explained everything they were doing in detail and why they were doing it. …

Gina Albanese

4 years ago

Would give 100 stars if we could! Dr. Levitan has seen and cared for my French Bulldog since 2015. He performed surgery for a slipped disk and my dog recovered perfectly. We’ve seen him regarding seizures, anxiety and most recently today for what we think is a nerve issue in his neck. Dr. Levitan is highly experienced and he’s board certified. He’s kind, patient, very thorough, and incredibly intelligent. Appointments are never rushed. He is someone you can trust. Angela is also amazing! She is genuine, caring, experienced and organized. They both have a calm demeanor and just speaking with them on the phone to talk about the current issue, felt reassuring. Their MRI machines are also newer and more advanced than many other offices. 100% recommended. You won’t find a more professional and competent team.

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