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2 years ago

Knowledgeable, definitely professional, thorough and considerate, gave call re: test results same day. Handling covid well. Park in front, call to let them know you're there and meet in entry foyer or put your cat carrier in foyer on stand. Had to figure this out myself.

Nilda Morales

2 years ago

They greet you every time you come in.And when u leave.

kevin iacovelli

2 years ago

Not a terrible clinic for cats.

Alia Souissi

2 years ago

This clinic seems very fast to insist that my cat friend be put on gabapentin. Dr. Wy-whatever did not do a good job with her bedside manner. She did not take the time to explain if this medication is safe for my cat/how it works/absolutely necessary. Services here are very expensive and I'm curious if this pharmaceutical drug is really necessary for a routine check up when my cat hasn't bitten anyone/hasn't scratched anyone. When I brought up the hypothetical, devils advocate question: what if I myself was addicted to illegal substances, is it best practice to keep pushing gabapentin on me and my cat? The doc became very flustered and was unable to field this potential problem. Pharmaceutical anti-anxiety meds for my cat is a very new and strange idea for me. I'd suggest that you guys introduce it more slowly and respectfully. Also, please take the time to slowly and thoroughly explain how to collect a cat urine sample. Please do not rush through speaking with me again, as I paid over 300 dollars for today's visit. Thank you.

Ashley Leonard

2 years ago

They know cats, it's all they do. They have access to all the best lab testing and procedures even if you need to be referred elsewhere for things like nuclear medicine (my cat needed radioactive iodine for thyroid, issues). They are not the cheapest, but it's a marginal difference considering the care they provide. Expect that they WILL figure out what is wrong with your cat, then treat and extend your cat's life, but it will cost money for the proper testing and treatments. Medicines and prescription foods can often be ordered off Amazon or Chewy for a bit less money.


2 years ago

My partner and I brought our 5 year old cat, Raava, in for a check-up, for what we thought was loose stool. The team at Summer Street saw her presenting with signs of a life threatening illness. She needed to have emergency surgery to save her life. We were terrified because she is our baby, and they aren’t an emergency vet. They asked to put us on a brief hold and then they came back and told us that they made a bunch of calls to local vets to see who was available, and ended up coordinating to have (I believe) the head vet of the practice herself come in - on her day off - to perform emergency surgery in the morning. Because we are still operating under pandemic rules, we had to hand Raava off in the lobby and couldn't accompany her to the appointment. The surgery wouldn't be until morning, so they would be keeping her overnight, and we were beside ourselves thinking "what if something happens and, without knowing it, that was the last time we got to see Raava?" Summer Street recognized this and asked if we would like to take her home with us, and bring her back in the morning. It was a difficult choice, but we decided it would be least stressful for Raava if Summer Street kept her overnight. They explained everything that would happen between that moment and the surgery, as well as afterward, and were patient with all of our questions. They told us the cost up front, explained how or why it would change and what the range would likely be, and then offered to explain Care Credit to us if we could not afford it. The surgery was a success and Raava now has had her sutures removed, and is going back for a second follow-up. She is happier and healthier than ever. They are also helping us figure out a plan to help her gain a healthier body composition, while dealing with her extremely fussy older brother's food preferences. While I want to emphasize they do not perform emergency services, so this experience is not something you should approach them expecting, I want to give credit where credit is due and say they really went above and beyond and probably saved our little girl’s life. The details are fuzzy because we are so upset, so I don't remember the vet's name, but everyone at the practice was lovely, from reception to the vets themselves. Bonus: they had “Mx.” as an option for a prefix (to address the cat parent/owner) so I didn’t have to deal with being misgendered on top of being worried about our little bean. 10/10 highly recommend. And thank you so much.

Dia Berry

2 years ago

They are so caring and really do their best to take care of your furry friend... I am truly devastated to say that I lost my best friend in the world recently... he was my companion, my rock, my comfort and I was the same for him... they did everything they could to try to save him... but sadly the universe thought it was time to take him home ????... Its been one of the hardest things to go through and it was so heartwarming to receive a thoughtful written card in the mail from them offering their condolences. Good caring people here ❤


2 years ago

They take great care of my two cats

Mary Buchanan

3 years ago

Summer Street Cat Clinic is an amazing cat only vet that has staff that is kind, caring, helpful, and knowledgeable. Whether you are taking your beloved furry family member(s) in for a simple checkup or anything else, they communicate incredibly well and make sure you understand all available options to help ensure the best possible feline health.

gerard grohol

3 years ago

Great selection of cats But I didn't find any kittens

Kirstin Hollman

3 years ago

Got my first cat and really only chose this clinic because it's close to where I live, but it's a very nice place! I've had to take my cat to some appointments there a couple times because he has some health issues and the people there were very nice and patient, explaining everything and giving great advice. Their covid safety precautions are great as well, I feel very safe whenever I have to stop by to pick up meds or for an appointment. Highly recommend choosing this clinic for your kitty!

Lizzy Bartelt

3 years ago

Really great service! They clearly love cats just as much as you do! Wonderful safety precautions with covid-19.

Tamika Jones

3 years ago

Just had our 1st visit with our new kitten Snickers... I am soo grateful they took care of our newest addition to our family... They are very knowledgeable, kind, helpful and patient to explain ALL that needs to be done for her care... THANK YOU SOO MUCH, EVERYONE FROM SSCC ????????????????


3 years ago

THE STAFF HERE IS AMAZING! I was looking for someone to look at my cat who wasn't looking good and was losing weight rapidly. I called several offices and no one would see us. I was referred to the pet ER over and over but they were expensive and didnt listen! Very frustrating. Finally i called here and immediately the women here made me feel like we were going to be ok. They are friendly, compassionate, and actually listen. I was able to get my cat in within 2 days ( during COV19). I havent ever really felt any feelings towards past vets because they're average care, average service nothing to be noted but theres much to note here I appreciated the care and service. This was the first time I've experienced a sincere fear for my animal and we were both handled with great care and empathy. I am switching all my pets here. If you want a family feel PICK SCS.

Christine Metrose

3 years ago

I take all my cats here

Deidre Martin

3 years ago

Very knowledgeable workers. They really care about the cats. They give pertinent information. They are not pushy. Prices were not too high.

Sophia G

3 years ago

I came during social distancing and they were super professional and had an amazing system in place to keep everyone safe. They explained everything they were doing even though I couldn't come in, and gave me a full report. They also didn't push me to do anything I didn't want to do in regards to treatment, which I appreciate greatly. They also took really good care of my cat and were able to help her out.


3 years ago

We are so happy that we switched to this Clinic 3 years ago. It has made all the difference. They truly care.

melissa mazerbo

3 years ago

Best care of my bengals

Sue Z Puggins

3 years ago

Excellent communication, Cat focused care, listen to owner perspective, care about outcome.

Nia Washington

3 years ago

I love them! They're all so friendly and always take great care of my kitty.

rob rummings

3 years ago

First time cat owner, went here because it was close and had good reviews and it was thenbest decision we could've made. Doctors and techs are incredibly friendly and kind, truly care about your cat and their well being. They're very knowledgeable, were able to answer any and every question we had, but also aren't pushy, they make suggestions but if you don't wanna do something they don't make you feel bad about it, they accept it and move. Will suggest anyone who has a kitty in need of a vet to go here!

Samantha Appenheimer

3 years ago

Wouldn't take my cats anywhere else. Super nice....

Samantha Halcomb

3 years ago

Very kind receptionist! Ended up not having to go because my fur baby got well!

sienna Lui

3 years ago

I really like this place. They are very professional and very nice! Also, the price is reasonable. Highly recommended!!!

ashera buhite

4 years ago

The caring team here helped my cat, Doomhammer, when his liver was failing. They’ve always worked with me and my budget to give him the best possible care. I’ve never felt pressured to get unnecessary tests or do anything that’s not in his best interest. Every time I refill his meds, they ask how he’s doing. I can’t thank them enough for helping me through his health crisis. Because of them, I still have my cat ????

C. Jackson

4 years ago

I started with them when they first opened back in '81 and they were wonderful. I haven't been a client for many years but had occasion to use them this week while cat-sitting for friends. Their quality of service and concern has only improved with the years. I highly recommend them.

Cynthia Lou Liuzzi

4 years ago

They are very caring vets


4 years ago

Love this place! Super friendly staff and they are excellent providers to my cat. Very efficient and take the best possible care of your pet. Definitely recommend for any vet services for cats.


4 years ago

Been coming to this clinic since the late 80's! Have always shown my and from what I use to see from animals in the waiting area, EXCELLENT service! ????????... Recently brought in a stray I housed and the staff are constantly praising how calm, cool and collected he is. Hope my other feline enjoys her visit soon!

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