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Ellie Mesa

2 years ago

They are so unpleasant and unnecessarily expensive!! $1600 to fix my frenchie which they would not tell me until the exam. The person who answered my call about the price was horrible. I believe the name is Jennifer. Doctor also so cold and not caring. I travel now to Greenpoint on Nassau they take care of people and your pets! Not over 1k to fix my girl.

Mikayla Griego

2 years ago

A little pricier, but so worth it. My cat is very anxious and skittish, and the vets have been so great and patient with her each time we come in. They are also very transparent about pricing and I never feel pressured by them. Highly recommended.

Nicky Narvaez

2 years ago

Worst customer service ever. Felt attacked by the manager and it’s all because of their negligence with my pet. I’m trying to express my concerns and she won’t care and continues to dismiss me. I highly advise to every pet owner to do thorough research for this place. They under very very poorly staffed and could affect to pet.

Emmanuelle Glazier

2 years ago

Kind, friendly, and knowledgeable staff!

Diane Rodriguez

2 years ago

Dr Hess is amazing, she is so Compassionate and a Experience Veterinary. Our Cat needed help and she made sure He Got the care he needed. We can not Thank her and her staff enough. God Bless.

DH Liday

2 years ago

If you choose to come here, do NOT sign up for an appointment with Dr. Stephenson. I have never in my life had a more condescending, rude, insensitive, and uninformative customer service experience. ZERO bedside manner in an extremely stressful situation. She also made it very clear that she does not like cats, so maybe if you have a dog you will have a better experience. Ridiculous for a vet. Prices are outrageous. I would be willing to dish out the cash if it were a super experience. It was not. I will not. No walk-in appointments, and the wait time to get one is usually over a month. All this aside, however, Dr. Stephenson, you are the reason that I will not be returning. Cat owners beware.


2 years ago

I was very happy from reception to the care physicans. They were very attentive and made my cats first experience a great one. Definitely coming back here

Adam Zeiff

2 years ago

We had our first major scare with our cavapoo sport and had to get him in for a Sunday appointment. They fit us in with dr Glenn who seemed to care deeply about the state he was in. She was thorough, gave us options, walked through scans, broke down instructions, monitored him closely, over-communicated on his progress and results, and overall showed our boy the love any owner/parent would want from a veterinarian. Now our sport is home, happy and healthy thanks to her/the WVC team!

James T

2 years ago

Sadly this clinic is a bit too busy to efficiently manage the pets they look after. Been going here for 7 months and the staff are lovely, but during that time they have forgotten 2 standard things my dog should have had, with one of those times having me insist he was due only to be told he wasn’t. It was only Bond Vet and a daycare that pointed out the errors.

Olya Iudina

2 years ago

Went there with my 3,5 month kitten for a wellness check-up & a booster shot. The doctor though insisted on doing rabies shot as well. I even asked if it won’t be to hard for him, she said it’s totally fine. In about 48hr the kitten was not feeling well, fever, throwing up, and for a few minutes it seemed like he had some difficulties breathing. I called the clinic immediately and they said this can’t be vaccines and sent me to ER. Long story short, after calling his breeder and staying home for 2 days watching him, those were vaccines side affects!!! He was too small for that, and there was absolutely no rush doing rabies shot at the same time for an indoor tiny kitten! Dear Vets, pls do more research/care about your patients than trying to add up some more $$ to your customers bill.

Stefan Foster

2 years ago

Trustworthy, kind and honest. Thank you, Gina Rendon DVM, Lead Veterinarian at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic, and clinic staff, we appreciate you!

Vanessa Perry

2 years ago

I am so happy I found this place! The doctor and the veterinarian assistant were so helpful and patient. Really took the time to discuss my 14 year old dog's many ailments and had such a great attitude in general. Also, I was able to sit in the room with my dog (the other place I went to made me wait outside) so we could really discuss the different issues, solutions and overall options. Dr Regina was just so fantastic and her assistant (Jennifer ?) are A-plus. I can tell they love and car for animals and especially dogs. Don't go ANYWHERE else in Williamsburg- this is the best place for you beloved loyal companions!!

Nikol Barikos

2 years ago

Had our first visit with our 10 week old pup Frankie on Thursday - from the vet techs to Dr. Seki - everyone was wonderful. Patient, answering every question I had, really sweet with Frankie (who loved her visit) and really informative with sharing doggie expertise. Overall, great care and felt extremely thorough. They also emailed me multiple times after the visit to see how Frankie was doing. Great experience!

Elizabeth Ruiz

2 years ago

The office was very clean and the receptionist was very polite.

trinity l

2 years ago

The staff was very friendly and helpful they treated me and my pup like family

Liz Przy

2 years ago

First visit with our new puppy for vaccine boosters and new puppy exam after we had a terrible experience at Instavet. What a contrast this visit was. We felt very welcomed and very well taken care of. Dare I say we even had fun? They let us in the exam room and walked us through the procedures. To see how kind and patient they were to our puppy was a bonus. He didn’t even complain through a thorough exam, several vaccine shots, and an ear cleaning, though the treats helped :). It felt like they wanted to get to know us as well as our dog and I felt comfortable asking as many questions as I needed to. We even received a welcome packet with some free flea/tick and heartworm doses. (That ain’t cheap!). We’re feel like we’re in such trustworthy hands and looking forward to working with WVC for the many exciting years to come! You’ve sold us!

Sandra Gutiérrez

2 years ago

I've had nothing but great experiences with both the doctors and the staff here.

a kirk

2 years ago

I really cannot say enough positive things about the staff. I absolutely love our vet. And it is clear they love our furry friends as well! I look forward to many great years working together. I highly recommend you give them a try!

Katherine Evans

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic. Their staff and DVMs are caring and provide extremely high quality care. I've been a patient for about a year and one outstanding moment was when my little doggy suffered from multiple days of an upset tummy (both vomiting and diarrhea). I called Williamsburg vet, extremely distressed, and they made time to see her that day. They did everything to make sure there was nothing extremely harmful causing her upset stomach and both the tech who greeted me and Dr. Seki, who fit my dog into her schedule, spoke to me, listened and asked important questions to figure out what led to her stomach issue. After seeing Dr. Seki, I left not only with an anti-diarrheal prescription that made my dog start to feel better the next day, but I genuinely felt like we received the best care in the NYC area.

Kim Holleman

2 years ago

It was so wonderful to see the little floofer so chillaxed in the Doctor's office. They have a great, calming energy at WVC and helped us get what we needed in record time. Highly recommend.

Kate O'Brien

2 years ago

This place has taught me a lesson to always vet the vet. Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic is owned by an LLC out of Florida (to avoid income tax in NY) along with 3 other vet clinics in the Northeast and the owner is a principle at Citibank. When I found this out everything made more sense. My first visit in January and they were not allowing visitors inside (bc of covid) and it was our first visit and I asked if they would make an exception so I could meet the vet - denied. While I waited outside in 20 degrees a woman told me about her horrible experience there and that she was never coming back. I thought, how bad could it be? Um... When our puppy got Giardia, I got two very different versions of what to do and what to expect from 2 of the vets, but I agreed to every recommendation. It was well over a month of explosive all night diarrhea to get her better. I called the breeder and asked her advice. I did what she suggested and there was a massive improvement for our puppy immediately. (Hint: don’t spend three weeks buying $40 chicken a week and cooking it with rice when you can just add pumpkin ($1.49) to their regular food). When our dog got sick on the exact same day I started a new job after being unemployed for a year due to covid,, I politely tried to convey the situation to the staff, but they told me to take her to an urgent care facility, which was obviously not necessary and would have cost an enormous sum, but despite the fact that I’d already paid them for all the vacations and puppy check ups, they tried to blow us off. I implored them to help and they finally said they could see her at the end of the day. When I expressed concerns about how much they were charging for meds, and the $35 fee they wanted for fitting us in bc she was sick, I objected and was subsequently told I could not return. Sabrina the office manager explicitly said he staff didn’t know what fees to charge and if I did not want to get the medicine there I could find another vet. They are charging between 100-300% mark up on medicines, which is exorbitant by any standards. The surprise extra fees are a problem. They claim to be too busy but they don’t stop taking new clients. This is a money operation full stop. Probably why their employee reviews online are pretty bad and there’s a revolving list of positions to be filled - in fact the company has disabled future comments from employees on these websites. Every bad client review is the same and it all revolves around the office staff and the billing. It’s one thing to be expensive, it’s another to presume people should just blindly part with money when options make it easier for people on a budget to care for their pets. The staff genuinely needs a different approach to make things better for themselves and their clients, if in fact it’s not just about the money. What they do not realize is that not sharing prices with customers until after the fact is wrong and just shouldn’t be done, especially when it’s this unnecessary.


2 years ago

Front desk staff are incredibly rude. Basically ignored me and when i asked a question I was told just to sit outside and wait. My credit card was smothered in hand sanitizer when they handed it back. These guys are stuck in a 2020 mentality that doesn’t make sense anymore and are completely sanctimonious about it. Such a turnoff that they may have lost a customer.

Indy M

2 years ago

Dr. Rendon is an amazing vet in every way: smart, caring, personable, gentle, and kind. I was so thrilled to discover that she had her own clinic in nearby Williamsburg. (I had brought my cats to her at another clinic years ago.) The staff is also very friendly and caring. I highly recommend this clinic for all your pet care!

Jaqui Shiel

2 years ago

Took my new rescue cat Gatsby to see Dr Rendon. Everyone from the reception staff to technicians to Dr Rendon herself were amazing. Friendly, professional, knowledgable - truly appreciated it and they even checked up the next day to see if I had any follow up questions when it was only a standard check up. They really do care. I know Gatsby is in good hands in future years. Thanks so much WVC!

Teresa Del Ministro

3 years ago

I brought my cats for treatment of parasites, dental issues and a potential fracture. The personnel and the vet were extremely caring and competent. They were able to treat my pets quickly, and the standards of care and treatment were very high.

Keith Moore Jr

3 years ago

Really friendly, helpful and professional from the top down.

Betina Grinspun

3 years ago

I went to Williamsburg Vet some times because they were the only vet in the area and thought they were ok, although extremely overpriced. However, the WORST happened when they misdiagnosed my pet's injured paw and didn't fix the issue. After having said his paw was "100% cured", 1 week later my pet's injury came back. When I called them to ask them to see my pet as he was in extreme pain, they simply ignored me, were extremely unprofessional and didn't care at all. It wasn't the first time this happened; several other times they didn't care. Never going there again. Already found another vet that actually cares about the pets.

Chelsea H.

3 years ago

Love the doctors and nurses, they are so much better than the vet clinic I was going to before this. However, when I took my dog in today I overheard the front desk staff making rude comments about my dog being my service dog in training, specifically because I am autistic. When I mentioned that I could heard them, they didn't apologize. The nurse was very gracious about it when I brought it up as I was leaving. Front desk staff: f@$* your ableism. :)


3 years ago

I wanted to like this vet, I really did. They're convenient for me and have a nice website. But after a few experiences and visits, I won't be going here again: • The front desk staff is relatively aggressive and rude when asked simple questions; for example, when I asked about the cost for a medicine and for a visit, the person I spoke with aggressively said they would not provide this information and that I could go to another vet • The vet isn't reliable. For example, I recently asked for a call to discuss lab results with the doctor, and I never received a call. • The vet is overpriced. Compared with top-tier vets with reliable service just across the bridge, this vet overcharges significantly. They hide this by not sharing prices until after your visit.

Irina Anisimova

3 years ago

Dear Doctor Rendon and all the staff at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic, Thank You for being so attentive and loving with our little bunny Zorro. They went above and beyond to help us figure out what was wrong with our bun. Later Dr Rendon called us personally to check how she was doing. The compassion the doctors and staff have for their patients and owners is undeniable. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who has a pet.

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