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Tzipporah Feldman

2 years ago

My dog has severe separation anxiety and Pet Haven knew exactly what medicine would help her. The difference between before and after is night and day. Additionally, the customer service is incredible. They process refills immediately and are polite and helpful!

Adisa Hecimovic

2 years ago

They are very professional, friendly and fast. No long wait.

Emanuel Lopez

2 years ago

Awesome crew, treated my cockatiel with so much care. Highly recommended!!!!

Zelda K

2 years ago

We have been coming to Pet Haven for years. Dr Keschner has always been great and direct, with always our dogs best interest. Always felt like he listened to us and didn’t do unnecessary testing. Always feel welcome coming here, great staff and the place is capable of doing everything.

wayne williams

2 years ago

Great place, people, attitude, attentive and caring best doctor ever!

Ismael Cortijo III

2 years ago

Great staff and very helpful and very kind to my pet. Thanks pet Haven!

D Ram

2 years ago

Love this spot. Very efficient. Never in there longer than 45 minutes, and everyone is friendly. Animals are their priority and pricing is super reasonable.

Mae Singletary

2 years ago

Pets can be very expensive. They were very professional though. It is what it is.

Adam Segal-Isaacson

2 years ago

Good vet. Not cheap, but took care of our cat well.

Walter Floyd

2 years ago

Fantastic vet, not too pricey, had us in, diagnosed, treated, and out in 30 minutes

Sarah Evans

2 years ago

I took my recently adopted cat for a wellness exam and the vet did not check her temperature, heart rate, eyes, or ears with any tools. He only looked at her and and slightly felt her neck and sides. Needless to say more should be done during a wellness exam. I’ve had pets in the past so I know the steps that are generally taken in a wellness exam.

Herman Kane

2 years ago

Very conscientious and courteous vet assistant who came to our car to get out doggy. Veterinary doctor was very professional and very explicit about services and treatment rendered to our pet. We would recommend their service to family and friends because it is very affordable especially for senior citizens with pet/s.

Annette Iacono

2 years ago

the staff and doctor were great i would recommend anyone to go to this place they tool very careful my bearded dragon

Margarita Torres

2 years ago

My dog had surgery to remove tumors and eye surgery. Was kept posted on his condition and all went well

Nitza Perez

2 years ago

I have been trusting Dr.Keschner with my pets for as long as I can remember. The staff is great, always super friendly, very accommodating, last minute appointments and very reliable.

Rokeya Begum

2 years ago

Worst customer service I have experienced in my life. I just called and the reception was extremely rude and said I can't talk right now I am busy I can only give you 1-2 minutes and then became extremely passive aggressive when I was inquiring about my kitten. They asked for an appointment and I said no thank you, and I couldn't even properly say goodbye, they hung up the phone on my face. Extremely rude to pet owners and do not recommend at all.

noir amelie

2 years ago

This place is not only cruel and don't care about animals, They can't even do a simple spay right without killing animals

Gail Waltz

2 years ago

Read the article !!!!! this place does not sedate animals before spay. THEY ARE KILLERS

Grace Parsons

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CATS TO GET SPAYED AT PET HAVEN!!!! I brought my perfectly healthy kitten to Pet Haven on Wednesday 4/28/21 to be spayed. She never woke up from surgery, and there are a lot of inconsistencies in Dr. Keschner & the Vet Tech's stories. They claimed that she was not breathing for 20 mins and dead, came back to life and started breathing again. When we got there she was stapled up, barely breathing and likely brain dead. There were several people waiting outside, numerous other appointments at this time, and yet only one vet working. Had we not taken our cat to Pet Haven, she would still be alive today. Please do some research before taking your pets here, and you will find that there are others with the same story as me. Dr. Keschner is one of the bad ones.

Abigail Waltz

2 years ago

Research!!!! This vet does procedures on anesthesia.... numerous animals have died just getting simple spay. There are articles. A cat daisy went in for a spay and they made an accident the owners were wondering what was going on, came to the clinic and the cat was laying there bleeding out stapled up barely breathing and then died. I’m horrified. I repeat they do not put the animals under

Leanna Kearney

3 years ago

This is an old school classic vet. The doctor is matter of fact and very well trained. My dog Tilda allows him and his staff to do anything they want. We have been to other vets, but this place is where we want to go.

Kera Mansfield

3 years ago

Merle loves going to the vet here. The staff here are super friendly and absolutely amazing when it comes to taking care of my baby. Theh answer and address any question or concern that you may have with their best ability. Due to covid they are having the doctors talk to you over the phone and are doing curb side pickup for their patients but the have a seating area next to the building to keep you out of the weather. 10/10 for everything with the staff my dog and I love them.

Lois Torres

3 years ago

I would give this place more stars if it wasn't for the rude receptionist and elderly Dr at this location. Last Saturday, I took my feline in for a checkup because he has not been himself lately. Dr. Bris looked him over and provided us with his diagnosis along with a plan for us to follow. So, that we can pinpoint exactly what is wrong with our cat. Dr. Bris and the staff who were there, were extremely helpful and answered our concerns. They were all amazing! -- Dr. Bris suggested for us to provide a fresh urine sample sometime this week. So, just as he requested, today I went in to provide the sample. I called reception to notify I was outside and quickly gave an explanation as to why I was there. I was cut off at mid sentence and she was just extremely rude. I was surprised by this. Shortly after, an elderly Vet Dr (wish I asked for his name - he wears glasses) came out with my feline's chart and was interrogating me as if I was lying about providing my feline's urine sample. (Now why would I walk around with my cat's urine sample in my purse?.. hmm.) He would ask me questions and as I "tried" to answer them. He would rudely cut me off in an condescending manner. He rudely asked me, "Is your cat sick or not?!" multiple times as if I didn't understand him. I answered, "Yes he is , which is why I brought him in for a check up last Saturday". As I was explaining this to him. He cut me off multiple times and was exasperating as if I was taking too much of his time. Mind you, it was raining and I was standing out there without an umbrella. I didn't think this was going to be such an issue. At one point, I got so upset. I actually told him, "I'm so confused right now. Btw, You're rude!... Dr. Bris suggested one thing and you're telling me something else." He ended up leaving me with the mood as if I stressed him with my presence. This was disheartening! I've never experienced this type of service in this location in the last 5 yrs. Shortly after, a nice gentlemen -vet aide- came out and apologetically spoke to me about my situation. He took the sample and told me I will receive the results ether today or by Friday. He even asked how my feline was doing so far since the weekend! After, I waited in the tent with a rotating heater which by the way is useless because it does not hold any heat inside the tent and you still feel the cold. The receptionist called, she tried to be nice now. I'm guessing she felt some kind of guilt. But, at this point I wasn't having it and could careless. As I waited -which seemed like an eternity- just to pay for the Urine test. I decided NOT to bring my fur-baby to this place anymore. I'm big on clientele services and today was so unnecessarily frustrating. I at no time was rude. No one should EVER be spoken to this way. How do you expect for people to continue to bring their pets for aide when you are treated rudely by the receptionist and this elderly Dr. It's such a shame indeed!

Alan Stein

3 years ago

Price was affordable, service was quick. But our vet was rude and masogynistic , assuming my wife, who said she came back from the hospital, was a nurse rather than a doctor. Additionally, he was very short tempered with us.

Amy Adoniz

3 years ago

My Georgie has been a patient for 8 years! Amazing staff all around , needs are met. Highly recommend Pet Haven ????

David Sola

3 years ago

I've always had an excellent experience at Pet Haven Animal Hospital, 30 years and 3 dogs, and 2 birds and I have nothing to complain about, from the office receptionist who always have been courteous, compassionate and professional to most importantly the doctors who always addressed my concerns with the care that put me at ease, and oh yeah and the staff that assist the doctors who seem to have a special touch with dealing with at least dogs, I thank them ????

Rolling Stone

3 years ago

Called but never heard back from anyone...wasn't helpful in a jam.


3 years ago

Lucas is so empathic. From my first call, I knew I was in good hands. I had to wait in the car (Corona precautions), so Dr. Keschner called me and spent as much time as I needed to answer my questions. The team handled everything with care and empathy. Happy I found a vet who is highly knowledgeable, professional, skilled and personable. I had to call a couple of times with questions. Lucas answered me with the time and care as though I was the only patient. When he wasn't sure, he tracked down Dr. Keschner. who also makes me and Baby Blue feel cared for and in the best hands. It feels great to trust my Vet and his team.

My dad & me

3 years ago

Very Compassionate Place. I have been coming here for 30 years

Melly McFly

3 years ago

Super friendly and very helpful.

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