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Rick Sawyer

2 years ago

Dr. Fortier was a gem, but is no longer at the practice. Since his departure, things have completely fallen apart. Staff do not communicate well and consistently fail to follow up on prescription requests and even test results from vet exams. Care has gone from inspiring to barely competent. Management is not responsive to patient concerns, and the entire operation is a shambles now. Avoid for your own mental health.

Ines Ramos

2 years ago

They're great! Easy to schedule appointments, clean rooms, good to my pup and the staff is friendly and informative. Ask a million questions they answer all with kindness.

Christina LaForgia

2 years ago

Doctor listened and provided good feedback and addressed my dog’s issues very well, a good vet and thorough. Only issue for me is not being able to be with my dog during the appointment. It’s an important factor because when you’re with your pet you can communicate issues more effectively. I believe if the owner can show proof of covid vaccine, wears a mask and respects safety rules they should be allowed to accompany their pet.

Deb Van Dyke

2 years ago

Service was slower than usual because of pandemic restrictions but my cat's malady was promptly diagnosed and treated. A real relief.

Kurt Lynch

2 years ago

On June 28th I took my Shorkie Morocco to Greenwood veterinary clinic to be neutered. He was 16 months old and the epitome of good health. After surgery he came home in discomfort and was given medication to help with pain along with antibiotics. Morocco at 1st seemed to be getting better and yet we noticed a decrease in his appetite and he seemed very lethargic. We returned to the veterinarian and we were told he had a low grade fever and they administered fluids. He came home with more antibiotics which we attempted to give him to no avail. Our dog continued to get sick and we were told to take him to the ER upon the doctors recommendation. Once we got there we were told he was in bad shape with bloody stools and they did an ultrasound that revealed that he had severe liver and pancreas damage ! Our dog was healthy and fine two weeks prior and now is no longer with us. Had we been told that neutering should have been done earlier we would’ve never went through with this and now our beloved Morocco is dead! Never will I recommend nor ever take my pet here again. I’m grieving terribly and no condolences will change the fact that they were in part responsible for the passing of my dog!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s beyond me how the doctor could not give us any clear explanation how a healthy dog two weeks ago could have severe liver and pancreas damage when the only thing that we were giving him were the antibiotics that they prescribed!!! Clearly someone dropped the ball our dog was perfectly healthy in fact how do you not been healthy they would’ve never gone through with the procedure and now days later my dog is dead!!! RIP MOROCCO ! This picture was taken a day before surgery The 2nd photo is my sweet Morocco fighting for his life in the ER and yet neither his Vet or the ER doctors can explain how a perfectly healthy dog gets severe liver and pancreatic damage in such a short time post op ! This is clearly a crime! The only person I believe who was legitimately concerned was Christine at Greenwood. I would’ve preferred that they told us not to go through with this and now he is no more.My family is deeply saddened and grieving !

Mia Gravina

2 years ago

Great vet! Clean and nice staff.

Ryan G

2 years ago

Excellent, conscientious staff combined with extremely fair and competitive prices. I highly recommend this vet for your furry friend!

A.L. Steiner

2 years ago

Wonderful care, service and attention for our 3 dogs, and a lovely, thoughtful and courteous staff.

Diane Hessemann

2 years ago

My experience with Greenwood Veterinary Care was beyond words. I reside around the corner from the clinic and throughout the pandemic was impressed with how the new protocol with pet owners waiting outside the clinic played a licensed social worker I was impressed with the observable listening skills of the staff when interacting with the pet owners. It was also obvious they had a line out the door on many days. When my beloved cat, who had a slow growing cancer took ill with liver disease, it was a comfort for Sweetpea to become a patient at their clinic. Sadly, my veterinarian in the neighborhood with whom we had a relationship for about 20 years, was too busy to squeeze us in for the needed appointments despite the fact my cat with a pre-existing condition was not eating or drinking. Greenwood Veterinary Care was able to give us an immediate appointment and my cat was treated only by Dr. Fortier. Dr. Fortier was kind and his expertise and bedside manner was exceptional. As he notes on the website, he wants to make sure the owner knows what is happening and the options...he gave me four options! At the end of the day, Sweetpea needed to be euthanized and we were at peace knowing she had been in expert hands and we were advised us wisely. The compassion from the entire staff was above and beyond...thank you again!

Julia Kim

2 years ago

This receptionist lady made me waiting outside for 20min in 100degree to have a phone call while i was told i can drop my dog's stool And being condescending toward me for asking to pay. Also asked for almost heat stroke dog for water and still said wait in very bad manners! It's ridiculous how rude she was and I would wanted to review this place for the first time. I usually never review if you see my history

Lisa Mendoza

2 years ago

So disappointed with the staff at Greenwood. I just had a negative experience with the front desk person who is imply rude and unsympathetic. It is not possible to see the doctor but you can speak to the doctor via phone only after they have seen your pet. They are sill not allowing humans to accompany their pets. It's like not being able to accompany your 4 year old at the pediatrician's office. Money seems to be the main focus at this office now and not quality of care. The staff is uncaring and has no interest in the inconvenience they cause you and your pet.

Mae Rum

2 years ago

Cannot suggest Greenwood enough! Dr. Fortier is an amazing Feline Veterinarian. We’ve been taking our Senior cat (12 years old) here for maybe 2 years now. She’s a pretty anxious gal, but the Technicians and Dr. Fortier have given her quality and compassionate care each time. When she began having serious complications due to inflammation in her intestines, Greenwood assisted us promptly in discovering the issue at hand and prescribing an appropriate treatment plan for my little old mama. I have to disagree with comments that suggest that Greenwood Vet will not accommodate emergencies. We made an initial appointment for her when she wasn’t eating, drinking, and was vomiting for more than 2 days straight. We made the appointment with Greenwood, knowing full well that if her condition worsened we would have to take her to an animal hospital, which generally has a larger capacity to care for critical condition animals.They’re a very busy Veterinarian practice but will do whatever they can to see your pets as soon as possible, making suggestions along the way and routinely checking in. They were able to see her 6 days in advance of her appointment due to a cancellation. I think it’s notable that Dr. Fortier has a great deal of concern for each and every kitty he sees, continuously checking in. Then we rescued some street kittens from our backyard this winter. They weren’t the healthiest they could be, coming from the streets and having congenital diseases. Dr. Fortier explained to us in thorough detail, each test, the cost of each test, and what remedies we could try before moving onto more expensive testing. He has even provided ample financial assistance through suggesting several treatment plans, before following through with more expensive testing. In doing so, he has always had the kitties best interest at heart, trying to avoid treatments that may agitate and further stress out our kitties. Needless to say from 10 weeks old to now 7 months old, our kittens were successfully treated for a Lower Respiratory Infection and now bounce around the apartment annoying our Senior Gal to no end. Also, it’s worth noting that during the height of the pandemic when job stability was first being threatened, Greenwood compassionately offered payment plans if you were unable to afford treatment for your pets. Cannot suggest this practice enough!

Rad M.

2 years ago

The vets are excellent! Great with communication and talking through options. But I'm looking for a new vet because I cannot deal with the front staff anymore. So many times they've confirmed one appointment time on the phone with me, but then when I bring my dog in they say "no, it's actually for a different day/time." And am told they can see my dog now but they will charge me a $100 "emergency fee." I need to take off work for these appointments, it's incredibly unprofessional. Or I get email notifications that my dog is due for a test, make an appointment referencing the email, vet looks at him then calls me and asks why I brought them in. I tell them the test, and he tells me that's just a stool sample and didn't need to bring in my dog.

Saiyan Heart uchiha

2 years ago

Just the best ❤️. Perfect communication and excellent help with everything and they always give 100%

Anna Dobben

2 years ago

Our cat was a regular client of theirs, and the doctor and staff are doing their best. However, don't count on them in an emergency situation. They're less than helpful, and when you're dealing with a pet in pain, it's the last thing you need. We'll be changing our vet, and if you ever think you'll have an emergency, I'd think about looking elsewhere.

Courtney N Lagrange

2 years ago

Great team of vets, techs, and staff! You are given options and things are throughly explained!

Tracey McTague

2 years ago

They have incredible diagnostic skills and are a loving empathetic team. From the front desk to the doctors. When my vibrant young Great Dane was suddenly struck by a mysterious illness, I went to every vet in park slope, before discovering Greenwood vets. All the other vets and emergency clinics couldn’t diagnose the problem, and charged me a fortune for their lack of diagnostic skills. I went to Greenwood vets and they quickly figured it out with some lab work and quick thinking. He recovered from death’s door within days. I cannot recommend them more.

Lorelei Heffernan

3 years ago

Great office. When I went, there was no-contact pickup and drop-off. It was a very efficient process, I didn't wait long at all. I was worried because my cat can be very aggressive, but the vet did great with her and had no trouble at all. Very reasonable prices and great service.

Marisa Mace

3 years ago

Dr. Zamora is compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. I am involved with a regional dog rescue and he treats all of our Brooklyn dogs. As a rescue, it is invaluable to have a vet you can count on with a vast knowledge of all different diseases and conditions. I would highly recommend using him as your pet’s primary care doctor.

Karena Brown

3 years ago

They were very patient and explained everything about what was ailing my pup. The assistants and front desk were also amazing and extremely patient.

natalie kaczinski

3 years ago

We love Greenwood Veterinary Care! They are curtious, easy to make/cancel appts, helpful and accommodating. They really care about the owners and pets. Our dog loves going there. The office and exam rooms are spotless and clean. Definitely recommend!

H. Ayyad

3 years ago

Great place for your pet.

Catherine Adams

3 years ago

It was easy and they're very professional and informative

Zoya Shapiro

3 years ago

This is a great vet clinic. The staff is courteous and respectful. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Fortier. He took the time to explain the diagnosis, immediate next steps, and treatment plan. He patiently answered all of my questions and promptly followed up with me via phone once test results were received. I took my dog to this clinic for a 2nd opinion upon a friend's recommendation and am so glad I did. It was a very positive experience and I highly recommend this place to any pet owner looking for trustworthy, professional veterinary clinic.

Angel Burgos

3 years ago

Took car of my pet extremely quickly and made sure we understood everything. Prices were reasonable.


3 years ago

Started coming to this practice in Jan 2020. I provided a Manila envelope with the complete history of my dog for their records. Was satisfied with their service until this last visit. Thirty minutes before my appointment, I get a phone call from the technician asking, “Why are you bringing your dog in today?” While we already had prior discussions as to the reason of the visit and provided photos of a broken tooth to confirm he needed to come in before the appointment, so this was already frustrating. Meanwhile, I’m walking three miles trying to get to the appointment on time and they wanted to call me half an hour beforehand to collect my dogs history??? They had all the info they needed already which makes me believe that they are not careful or thorough with my pet. THEN, they also love to stack on a lot of charges without walking you through exactly what things will cost. BEWARE: a 15 min appointment w them easily costs $350!!!

Andrea Klinker

3 years ago

Every person I interacted with, from reception to the doctor, was extremely patience, friendly and made sure to explain everything to me in detail. With COVID-19 safety procedures in place, humans wait outside while the staff takes care of your pet, which I felt comfortable doing here. I also liked that the vet was upfront with the cost of vaccinations and procedures (my cat my need some dental work) and asked before proceeding with anything outside of a basic wellness exam.

Amy Pate

3 years ago

Brought a rescued kitten to Greenwood and they were awesome. Very kind and fast. Even emailed after with kitten care info.

Alice Kong

3 years ago

They identify luxating patella from my dog, asked a lot of questions about Yogi to know more. They’re very professional and friendly, and gave me so much information. It was my first time here and the experience was really great!

Maureen Clark

3 years ago

Dr. Fortier is fantastic. He has been extremely compassionate throughout the process of diagnosing my pets illness. Very thorough explanation of diagnosis and possible treatment options. Highly recommended.

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