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Nancy Nowak

2 years ago

Could not find proper entrance.I had to leave my pet food donation outside address door. Also listed phone number is disconnected. ????

Mary Ozga

3 years ago

My brother adopted petey there were two lumps on his head which Rob assured him were just a birth defect nothing to worry about . It turned out to be brain cancer and he will have to be put down. I wouldn’t adopt anything from these people they are not honest and don’t know much about animals.


3 years ago

I recently adopted a beautiful cat that was named Ash because of her breed. The application process was super easy, I was able to play in the room with Ash to see how she would be with me. Ash was a bit shy which was acceptable. I apply for Ash anyways because she was super loveable. 2 days later I got a call that I got accepted for Ash. She has been a beautiful addition to my family and I couldn’t imagine my family without her. It only been 3 months since we got her and I love seeing her face everyday. Barc animal shelter help me find my newest family member. (Btw we kept the name Ash)


3 years ago

I'm trying to look for a little dog like a. Yorkie. do. You. have. it

Christine McMonagle

4 years ago

They never answer the phone and they won’t call you back if you leave a message. If you need their help you have to go there.

Scarlett Loeffler

4 years ago

I love this shelter so much they are so nice and friendly and there is so many cute dogs and cats!

Sabrina Guidice - Aviles

4 years ago

this place is amazing! Every time I've gone there to pick up prescription food for my cats, the staff has been very helpful and accommodating and just plain nice. The dogs that I've seen in the pen in the front room when you walk in all looks healthy and happy and well taken care of. I've always wanted to volunteer there but I think they have too many LOL it's a great place and I hope it's always going to be there to help and serve the animals and the community.

rop vazquez

4 years ago

No kill shelter that's been rescuing strays for over 30 years.

Richard Braamburg

4 years ago

Great shelter that takes good care of their animals. We got our 'great' dachshund Jason (a.k.a. Jay) from here!

Mieriem Abdullaieva

4 years ago

The place is not huge, but clean.

mary austin

4 years ago

Very clean and friendly people work there. Wish I could take them all home.

Ana Pamela Arvizo

4 years ago

I came here cause I read that they allow you to walk their dogs which is awesome for both parties! They open by 9:30 tues-sat but I suggest to get there earlier since there is a lot of people trying to walk dogs and they start the line by 9:00

David Esteves

4 years ago

Walked a dog by the name Lexington. He a adorable and very fun to walk. Definitely a nice thing to do to get out the house

Joey Santa Maria

4 years ago

my dawg has a dog i lik af. can u clone my dawgs dog like in the video back from the future? heres a selfie of the dog i drewed to show u what i pretty mucg want. lmk

Julio Lugo

4 years ago

The staff was very informative with the questions I asked

Karine Honig

4 years ago

This is just s response to Lorena & Anson. 1st to Lorena, if the owner turned you away cuz his dogs are "vicious" it's highly plausible that he sensed that you wouldn't exercise the proper level of command that his dogs would respect. Hence the possibility of them acting out increases & that puts everybody in danger. Sounds to me he DID have his dogs' best interest in mind. And to Anson... I'll have you know that I took in a 1yr old pitbull with a very strong prey drive & managed to socialize her with a frisky senior cat who spent most his life living in a restaurant hunting mice. How do I know she has a strong prey drive? I watched her hunt down a squirrel! It took a year for them to learn to coexist. Now after 3 years... they no longer need to be separated when left home alone. We're still working on subduing her instinct to chase after running, screaming children. But the brats don't make it easy. Unlike the dog they don't follow instructions.

Michael Rycheck

4 years ago

Adopted our dog from here. Great shelter! Highly recommend

Marquis J

4 years ago

RUDEST guy I’ve spoken to in a long time on the phone. I pray for the care of these animals with this guy being staffed

Lorena Battaglia

4 years ago

I went to go volunteer, and the man whom I guess owns the place? told me that the dogs are vicious and he was incredibly cold to me and another lady trying to volunteer. This place made me very uncomfortable, it didnt seem like the guy had the animals best interest at heart. very weird.

Lillian Gist

4 years ago

can u adopt a ferret from here?


5 years ago

Fun & welcoming! Great staff and very friendly walk-through. I was interested in a cat or a dog and my bf and I received great service in both tours. Although we only mentioned liking one particular puppy - they held her for us despite her popularity (awesome). A tad smelly but keep in mind you are in a shelter with a lot of cute and young animals. What do you expect? :D PS: I really did get a great discount from the Vet next door b/c we adopted at BARC

plus Miju

5 years ago

I went for volunteering when I didn't have school. I love dogs and that was really great opportunity to have. In Japan, there is not a lot of Non kill shelter and I always wanted to do volunteer work this kind of shelter. Thank you for let me in ;)

joseph dacto

5 years ago

Weekend staff very helpful, weekday staff give you attitude, I called before going asking if it will be possible to walk the dogs at 5:30 they said sure no problem when i arrive i can fill out the form and take them out, but when i arrived just got attitude and was asked to come back another day. even though i called before hand and was told to come in early to fill out the forms.

D. Alexandra Dyer

5 years ago

They are a good and life saving place. Please visit them to find a beautiful pet to rescue.

Devon Petley

5 years ago

Among the best animal shelters in New York. These guys are a strict no-kill place. They keep every dog until they can help them find a home. Staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. We adopted two puppies and couldn't be happier. BARC provided a known medical and behavioral history of them, helped us out with finding a local vet, and got us going with leashes and harnesses. If you're thinking about getting a dog, BARC is a great place to rescue a furry friend!

Evelyn Wu

5 years ago

Better to just go straight to ACC or ASPCA, found a stray cat outside that needed immediate medical attention, called in to BARC for advice on next steps and possible drop off at their location or at different shelters in the city. Was immediately cut off before I could finish by an employee that told me they didn't have space so they couldn't help. I understand animal rescue isn't the easiest line of work, but BARC should probably have people that can be more helpful and patient answering the phone.

Fun Family

5 years ago

I just read that it’s 250 to adopt-a dog from here that is crazy I might as well wait till someone is selling puppies from my block and get a brand new dog like that’s crazy why would we pay that much for a animal from a shelter


5 years ago

Great place with incredible selfless employees

Corey Ashley

6 years ago

BARC is a fantastic facility to check out, if you're interested in adopting a pet. The staff is very accommodating, welcoming and professional. They even allow you to walk the dogs as well.

Angel Raices

6 years ago

My freind is a piece of crap for leaving his cat freya after I was nice enough to drop him off at the airport and clean up after him. I love animals and I couldn't leave her. But I couldn't keep either. I spent the weekend with her. (Wednesday to Saturday actually) a freind told me about this shelter that they don't kill. I jumped to drop her off somewhere nice and warm. The place is great. Staff was warm and welcoming and they took care of freya. I made my dad come with me Cus if someone didn't come with me I woulda cried and sobbed at letting her go. It's a great place to drop off a loved one to make sure they go to a loving home.

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