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Angela Ann

2 years ago

Incredibly rude. Extremely unprofessional. I must question the treatment of any animals in the care of someone so obviously angry.

Don Gravelle

3 years ago

My mother-in-law and I both received wonderful dogs from Duffy's Friends and we both highly recommend them. We were both so impressed with them that we offered to help out whenever possible connecting with any applicants in our area. Keep up the great work Duffy's Friends! You're the best!

Marcy Mastro

3 years ago

I have adopted a wonderful little friend from Duffy's Friends. I really love their procedures checking on a number of things that are extremely important that many people don't think about when adopting a pet. They are extremely thorough with doing a check of the home that they will be living in and the surroundings to be sure that they won't escape and possibly be killed. They are sure if you have another pet your other pet and the one that you are welcoming into your home get along. I love my Molly she is who I adopted from Duffy's friend. I totally understood their process after having her in my home for a while. I would definitely refer anyone (well not anyone only those who love animals) that is looking to adopt a pet to go through Duffy's Friends. They way they care about their pets who depend on humans to love and take care of them is wonderful. I trust them completely!

Sandra A

3 years ago

I would first like to say that this organization is all about doing what’s best for these dogs. I would also like to state that the woman I spoke to was very professional. Next, I will tell you that I was denied as an applicant for one of their dogs. It is their policy that you must have a fenced yard. I respect that. I live in the country, but I don’t have a fenced yard. I was disappointed, but still okay with it. They do so much good for the dogs that they rescue. Their policy does not take away from that. Keeping dogs as safe as possible is extremely important. Thank you Duffy’s for caring!

Cindi Nicoletti

3 years ago

I have adopted 2 fur babies from Duffy’s Friends, a Morkie and a Ragdoll kitty. I had a wonderful experience going through the process. I definitely would recommend this rescue! They are very thorough as to make sure everyone is compatible and find the best furever home! ❤️❤️❤️

Roseli Li

3 years ago

Great just dad so empty

Nicole Graff

3 years ago

I recently became acquainted with Duffy's Friends and the two amazing women who run it, Lori and Nina. In just the past few months, Nina has personally driven rescues up to NY via her own vehicle and cared for them fully along the way. Lori is nothing short of amazing, as she works full time and dedicates so much of her life and spare time to ensuring Duffy's Friends runs smoothly. I am delighted to be connected to Duffy's Friends and encourage all to check them out!


3 years ago

The person who runs this should be ashamed of themselves. Very expensive adoption fee. Very rude too. And while its good to be picky about adoptive parents. They shouldn't decline an application because they found and have no idea if it would be a good match with another pet. Atleast allow the pets to meet and ensure there will not be an issue before declining the application with a rude comment.

Jackie G

3 years ago

I had to put a star in order to leave a review. It’s sad that’s me trying to give a loving dog a chance for a wonderful life was shot down. The organization has every right to set their adoption standards but the unprofessional approach they took is sickening! Short rude response and I said that’s not a way to get good feedback on social media so they instantly post on Facebook stating my name that sorry i am not getting what I want...Way to dodge the bullet... Since I don’t have a fence and that I threatened them on social media. And finishes the post with You go girl! Clearly not the way to tackle this if they want to remain highly respected. Its great to hear they have many success stories but after their unprofessional response to me I do not recommend this organization to anybody. They clearly show their mannerism as they try to bring me down on their Facebook and have their “attorney” founder of Duffys Friends call me to say I am threatening them!! Called me girlfriend and To conclude her call I quote “oh and have fun with the fence you don’t have!” Follow with a chuckle. I would not recommend this organization to anybody!

Homestead Creation

3 years ago

Edited NOTE***** per NYS AG website has not done required annual filing with the State of NY since December of 2018 as a 501c3. Buyer beware! Stick with the Humane Societies if you want your forever friend. Lifetime very experienced dog owner myself and the pretentious attitude of this representative “ Well I run the rescue “. I had been referred and our family has past donated we will no longer give donations here. I wish I had read Christine’s review, it is spot on. ***Also if you live in Webster- don’t ask. This group does not think a dog belongs in Webster!

Holly Rutherford

3 years ago

In an attempt to adopt a dog posted by Duffy's Friends, I didn't read the application carefully enough and missed the statement that the 3 dogs were being listed together. This information was buried in the application (nothing called out in bold or in the name that they were bonded together) and clearly I made a mistake but instead of informing me of my oversight, the person who responded to me from the shelter was extremely rude, told me I couldn't read and should go back to the original post to 'see if I could comprehend' what was written. When we went back to point out it was buried in the post and would be helpful to make it more obvious, it was met with more hostility.

Christy Murphy

3 years ago

While they do have wonderful pets and seem to care about the animals getting to a good home, this business seems to forget to care about people. There's a pandemic going on and they need to understand that some people have gotten dogs and are unable to truly attend to their needs. If you want to attract wholesome adopters, maybe refrain from blasting old ladies in your posts. Let's spread a little compassion, shall we?

Charles Milton

3 years ago

Great place to adopt a rescue dog!

Cassie T

3 years ago

I've never seen such a rude and unprofessional response to someone's question on a Facebook post. The original post was about an adult dog up for adoption; someone asked why the dog wasn't being adopted out with the other dog it had been living with (for the last 7 years). Duffys "Friends" responded so rude basically telling this person it isn't any of their business.. that the person asking clearly knows nothing about dogs.. this person turned around and even APOLOGIZED to them and their response to the apology was "its really none of your business how we adopt out. Not looking for your approval." The thread has been deleted since but this place should be ashamed of themselves with a response like that. If this is how you treat people I can only imagine how you treat the animals in your care... DO BETTER!!

Sheryl Finucane

4 years ago

Very odd requirements to adopt a dog. If I have never owned a dog before I’m not allowed to adopt ? I’ve dog sat lots of dogs, some have stayed at our house for weeks. But because we weren’t ready to have our own dog until now I have to get punished for not ever owning? Seems odd!

Sheila Magda

4 years ago

Dog hoarder not dog rescuer.

Kathy Deen

4 years ago

Had a wonderful experience here! Needed to place my dog in a good home because I have medical problems that will not allow me to keep him anymore. Laurie worked diligently to make sure she found the perfect home for my baby! She interviews people and is very concerned about placing your animal in the right home! She found the perfect family and I cannot thank her enough. Would highly recommend!!! Thank you Laurie❤️

Joseph & Maureen Stuhler

4 years ago

I think that you don't handle yourself well if someone questions your decisions. I found you rude to christine. You could have responded more respectfully and compassionately.

Dorothea Gruttadauria

4 years ago

I've adopted three dogs from this agency over the last six years. I've never had a problem. They are concerned where the dogs are going and the environment in which the dog would live. I completely understand the fact that they want to visit the home where the dog will be. They only have the best intentions in the placement of each animal. The absolute worst situation would be for a first time dog owner to want to return the animal when things don't go 100 percent as planned. It's not a good situation for the owner, and it's certainly not good for the dog,considering what many of these animals have already been through. My home was inspected, as well as every inch of my fencing in my huge yard before I could have a dog. I understood that there were to be no children in the home under the age of 10. I also believe that they are absolutely correct to check with my vet to be sure that I take care of my animals properly and that the vet sees them regularly. It's worked out great and we now have three awesome dogs from Duffy's Friends. I think they are a very responsible agency and care about where their animals are going. All agencies should be that way when placing pets with their new owners. There certainly should be some investigation for the safety of the pet. I think they're a solid organization. They care about matching the pets with the proper owners. I think it's wrong for an agency to meet the owner one time and hand over an animal to them. How can that be a good situation for the animal. I understand that in 90% of the situations, the dog would probably be fine, but better safe than sorry... Good job Duffy's!

Christine Price

4 years ago

Very unprofessional. I would be a first time adult dog owner (had cats as an adult) and received the following message when I sent them a message offering veterinarian references both personally and professionally as I have previously worked at a Vet's office. We understand what our dog needs and you have no dog experience. We are lucky we don't have to adopt to people like you. Poor Verona street and Lollypop farm that can't say no, but we can and we say No thank you! Have a great day! You are not on the DO NOT ADOPT LIST.. These people don't know me, have never met me and are judging because I'm an adult who waited until I could give a dog the care it deserves. I wish them the best of luck but they are unwilling to even have a meeting or discussion to meet someone who is willing to bend over backwards to meet their criteria.

Beverly Orlando

4 years ago

Looking to adopt a dog? We have recently began our search for another dog after the devastating loss of our sweet Shyla. Our search led us to an adoption site called "Duffy's Friend's. We saw an adorable pomapoo dog up for adoption named Oliver whose picture was shared by a friend on Facebook. His soulful eyes immediately spoke to my heart. I immediately inquired with the about him and filled out an application. I was contacted quickly by the rescuers founder, who's name I will withhold. She asked me a slew of questions, some appropriate, some not. She then asked for me to call our vet for release of records which I did. During our subsequent phone conversation she began going off on numerous tangents which made little sense. She double talks and can twist what you say in the blink of an eye. One of her tangents came after asking where the dog would go for training. When I told her she paused and said " you know they have pitbulls there right?" I could sense that she was automatically judging me by my choice of trainers, which by the way, is reputable in the area. I asked her what her experience was with that particular trainer and she said only what she's heard. I suggested that perhaps she go in there to see for herself that its a safe, loving environment for the dogs. She went on to say that shelters like Verona St. adopt out Pitbulls and they're in all of our neighborhoods now. She said in her opinion they should all be euthanized when brought in. I was both shocked and appalled by her hateful comments as she is a self-proclaimed dog lover. I think the real downfall of my adopting Oliver came when I told her that I disagreed and said it's not the pitbulls fault. It's the people who train and own them. She seemed angry as she snapped back saying "oh yes it! I blame the pitbulls!" Today I inquired about the status of my application and was advised that Oliver is visiting his possible forever home. I asked why our application wasn't considered as she was given great reviews from our vet. She did not respond. Though I'm disappointed, I'm not sure I would want to adopt from her anyway. Instead, I decided to look up reviews for her rescue and found similar stories or worse. She is not ashamed of her reputation of judging potential adopters by age, location, and will not adopt to renters or people who have children under 12 or those with no previous dog ownership experience. As a matter of fact, she posted something like that on her website. I guess her rescue, her rules. Her comments, attitude and judgements can make a person feel less than worthy of adopting any dog from her "rescue". Unfortunately for the dogs, that can deter people from adopting. People that are more than worthy of giving a dog a loving, safe home. She didn't even like that I have 2 young grandchildren! There are plenty of good, reputable rescues in our area such as Rescued Treasures where we adopted Shyla from. But even though my brief experience with Duffy's Friend's was disappointing and frustrating , it wasn't half as bad as some of the other families who were reportedly verbally abused and belittled by her. I can only imagine what her home visits are like! YIKES! I'm 100% for adoption. I'm fortunate to have had a previous adoption experience that went smoothly. If you're considering adopting a dog now, or in the future, do your research, read the reviews and process for each rescue you're considering. Listen to your gut if it tells you something doesn't sound right. If you want a smooth, pleasurable and memorable experience , in my humble opinion, you may want to avoid Duffy's Friend's. What a great disservice for the poor dogs in her rescue. Check out Yelp reviews too!

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