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2 years ago

I was very happy to see my dog Heidi very nice great job ???? Thanks again

Maxwell B

2 years ago

Friendly staff, our dog came out looking like a dream! They also did a good job of following our few requests on how we wanted him groomed

Lauren W.

2 years ago

We absolutely adore getting our pup trimmed here! They are gentle and kind as she can be very skittish and they always heed our requests for how to keep her cut just the way we like it with her lock of shockingly white hair long on top. Will keep going again and again. We love the drop off and call to pick up system because it gives us time to run errands while we wait. Will keep coming! Photos are before and after.

Z relaxing soothing music

2 years ago

Great service! Friendly staff, they listened and were very attentive. Highly recommend!! Thumbs up ????

Joseph Steven

2 years ago

Had my dog milo groomed here in RAPAWZEL , totally worth it he came out looking and smelling amazing ???? thank you !

Kathryn McAndrews

2 years ago

I have a 54 pound goldendoodle and it usually takes around 5 hours to groom him but Rapawzel has a team of groomers worth the trek from BK to Astoria given they are efficient and do a great job. It’s pretty easy to get an appointment and they are very professional. See photos for before and after. He is not easy to groom because his hair is so curly.


2 years ago

Thank you for making Coco look really good. I know shes in good hands all the time.

Rebeca Ramirez

2 years ago

Place is so rude. It was my first time taking my 6 month old puppy to his second grooming ever. I had advised the staff before the grooming that he is still not used to the process so it may be a bit difficult. I ended up waiting over 4 1/2 hours for my puppy to be finished and I was informed it would be 2-3. As I picked up my puppy the groomer didn’t even greet herself with me she just started accusing me with my puppy and how I need to put him straight on a medication! He is a puppy and still learning and as a first time dog owner it is very disrespectful how her attitude was. I appreciate the girl at the front desk because she understood me.

Ashley Otavalo

2 years ago

I’m in love with my dog’s grooming! They even gave him a cute little doggie scarf! Thank you :)

Jiahao Liu

2 years ago

Took my dog to get her nails clipped because her regular place was fully booked. This place was very small when we entered. My dogs nails had gone a bit longer and needed much of it clipped. I was told to wait outside and two minutes later they said they were done. The lady told me that she couldn’t cut too close to the blood vessel of the nail so some of it was still long. When I took my dog back to the car I noticed that they had only clipped two or three of her nails. The rest were unchanged and there was still much room before it reached the vessel. I had to clip some of it with small nail cutters that didn’t do a good enough job. This place seemed very inexperienced. Won’t never come back, don’t bother wasting your money and time with this place.

Liz Fowler

2 years ago

Oakley had an amazing experience, loved all the friendly staff, fellow puppies and dogs he met and his clean husky fur coat and freshly cut nails!! We’re excited to bring him back ????

Nancy Santana

2 years ago

I've taken my fur baby Mac here 3x's. I am completely satisfied with their services. Mac can be temperamental and they still get the job done! I appreciate their patience and will surely bring him back as long as they'll have him! I do recommend them! Thanks Rapawzel!! ????

Sam Leterna

2 years ago

I've been taking my dog here for a little over a year now and I've never been disappointed with the service. They offer pretty competitive prices and always take good care of my dog and make her look like a princess. Would definitely recommend if you're in Astoria or willing to travel to Astoria

Me “WonderWoman” Refuso

2 years ago

Update: The owner reached out to me and was sad about what happened she was great and took care of Sparrow vet bill. He ended up having a right medial patella laxation. Meds were given, strict no jumping and strict rest for sparrow. Will see after a month if he is fine. Hope he will get better. Prayers for sparrow. Glad Rapawzel helped me and that they took ownership of the incident it can happened. Wish that in a different circumstances I am pretty sure they will have helped me sooner. Can’t say yet about grooming as I was not able to do so. Will see in a future. Thanks so much. ——@————-@—————-@————-@—————@— Incident:My 9 month old puppy got his hip broken (sorry I am not a vet-and he still small)but read the update. by a groomer RobThe owner was not available. The person answering the phone did not have training as to what to do. They did notreached out or made themselves available and have acted as if it never happened this was in September 25,2021. The groomer came in their mobile grooming van. Please avoid this place.

Cash K

2 years ago

Brittney was recently groomed here and I absolutely love how she turned out! She is clean and cut short and she was so happy when I picked her up. Rapawzel also texts you updates!

audrey dumaguing

2 years ago

Always take good care and gentle of my little girl, even more now that she is blind. She looks like a diva every time she comes out!

Ritesh Bhattacharya

2 years ago

Easy to book a grooming appointment and they listen to what you want and are clear with pricing and expectations. Everyone has been friendly and the groomers are great. I’ve had Toby groomed twice so far and it’s been a great experience both times!

Meherzad Bodhanwala

2 years ago

****ATTENTION DOG OWNERS DO NOT GO TO THIS GROOMER ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A HUSKY OR A HAIR BREED**** If I could add less than 1 star I would. This is my first time and probably the last time I will visit a groomer. I called to get my sepalla siberian husky groomed for the first time. I specifically instructed the coat to be trimmed down "medium" last I checked medium is about 50% of the length. They trimmed my huskys coat down to the skin, he looks like a sheep. Further investigation reveals that this level of trimming damages the Huskies coat. And there is a chance he cannot regulate his body temperature and will not grow back correctly. I called the groomer to see what she or he could do about it and all I heard were excuses, no refund no store credit nothing. I attached the pictures of my husky. You decide if you want to take your dog here. Also if the owner replies here is my already typed response to you: You messed up my dog and his future years to come, there is NOTHING you can say or do to justify your actions.

Matteo Buxo

2 years ago

I told them specifically to leave my dogs hair LONG. not short, not medium, LONG I didnt want them to really even touch his beautiful natural look. They SHAVED HIM DOWN TO A BUZZ CUTT HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN MORE CLEAR. ☹ :( :(

Katie Rose Ialacci

2 years ago

I’ve taken my new rescue there 3 times since I’ve had him and they do an AMAZING job. He is a very timid dog and they are so great with him. He always looks great coming home, and the little bandanas and bow ties are such a cute addition!

Anthony Fontanello

2 years ago

Took my dog for a 12pm appt and she wasn’t ready until 5pm. I called after 2 hours to see where they were at and they said they just gave her a bath and would be another hour. So my dog sat there for close to two hours before even getting a bath? Needless to say the “hour” turned into 3 hours. My dog had her hair on her nose bridge shaved off and looked irritated. It was a poorly done job and couldn’t believe it for the amount of time she was there. If you can’t handle the volume don’t take appointments. It’s sad because we did like this place but we will not be returning here again.

Katherine Corniel

2 years ago

I just moved to Roosevelt Island and is my second time taking Rylee (Toy poodle )to you guys. I love it. They actually ask you how you would like your dogs hair and actually make it happen. Last time I took him was yesterday and Rylees hair was knotted and I was surprised that the groomer untangle all his hair for 15$ extra which I appreciate because my dog feels depressed if I cut all his hair off. I forgot the groomers name but he is amazing, both time he asked me if I liked how it looks and explained to me what should I do to prevent knots. My dog has being to different groomers and this is the first place that I feel comfortable leaving him and also confident that I will get what I ask for. First time I asked for a trim and the second time for a medium cut. I will attached both pictures. I love that he always gets a bandana. Thank you for your business.

Angel Campis

2 years ago

They treat their customers very well and your pets I think I give them five stars because they're good they're very good

Andrea Kim

2 years ago

Super friendly and reliable. Will be coming back again.

Jennifer Gelsomino

2 years ago

Hi everyone! I brought my shiba inu in today for a full grooming service for the first time. He can be VERY difficult and try to bite when he doesn’t know you. I have tried in the past to muzzle him with other groomers but this never worked and they usually gave up and wouldn’t take him. I explained all this to the owner and she was AMAZING. She was not intimated in the least - she bathed him and talked to him to help ease and calm him down and she did not give up on him when he tried to show his teeth at her or attempted to get off the lease. I have NEVER left my dog at a groomer, I always have always requested to watch because I’m so nervous about how he will react, or god forbid he did actually bite someone, but I felt so comfortable and I just knew he was going to be okay so I actually left after his bath. I came back to see him beautifully groomed, smiling on the table getting his final touches from one of the other wonderful employees. I can’t explain how happy this has made me, this experience is usually absolute torture and now I finally have a place to take him where I know he is going to be safe and happy. Rapawzel is fantastic and most importantly my dog trusted them in his most vulnerable situation, which is a really rare thing. I can’t recommend them enough!

Fernanda Machado

2 years ago

Do not come here! Do not take your dog here for grooming. Today I took my teacup maltese here and when I came to pick her up I noticed one of her eyes was tearing and smaller. I asked if they had eye ointment because her eyes were not like that before. The groomer said it was like that before. No it was not. Then she said let me take a look I asked if she had the solution because I already knew the problem. I came closer to her and she went with her dirty finger from Grooming another dog inside my dogs eyes. What a stupid person. Now my dogs eye is irritated. Anyone know you don’t stick your dirty fingers inside the dogs eyes. You use a cotton pad and have to be gentle. I already used an eye wash and still doesn’t get better. I’ll have to take her to the ver at this point. Do not take your dog here. Also the place is very dirty and I saw flies there. Pay more and take somewhere else. In Manhattan or whatever. The cheap cost expensive and stress you out. Owner didn’t even apologize. Update: Owner replied and is lying. She is not honest and she is the only one hurting her business. I never left and came back. I was all the time there. This all happened in less than 5 minutes. Also they overcharged me. When I asked how much would be when I made an appointment they said $60. Bill came $87. You can keep that money. Owner is just a bad person and groomer did a great job with her hair but likely made my dog blind. If she did the owner can expect to see me in court and I’ll take every penny from her and close her business. For the stress, the arrogance and for hurting my dog. You can see the picture that groomer cut my dogs hair uneven and too short. Horrible

Kaitlin Cruz

2 years ago

I got my 2 yorkies groomed here and they did an amazing job. They asked me specific questions as to how I wanted them groomed and they did an exceptional job.

Kara Galvez

2 years ago

We have brought our dog, Charize to their grooming services twice and they've done a great job. Their staff is patient and helpful. If we ever need our dog to be groomed, this is the first place we call.

Omrit Kabesa

2 years ago

I love my the way they groomed my dog. I'm definitely coming back the next time. The place is clean, and the stuff is friendly and professional. Don't hesitate, just schedule an appointment and see for yourself!

Geewoman Johnson

2 years ago

First time here, only because my regular spot hasn't had a groomer for several months now and had to venture elsewhere (which all us dog mommy's n daddy's don't want to do once you've found the right groomer). It's a tiny spot around the corner on Broadway and 29th street I thought I would be able to sit in wait and watch but it's literally no room to watch but outside, if your the really really nervous type. She told me 3-4 hours and I thought it was excessive but considering my baby hasn't been groomed in awhile, I understood (bichon's hair tends to get curly and knotty. Michelle the owner came to greet me and assist her trainee and any questions I had she was more than happy to answer They actually called me in 2 hours which was great and Hernan did an excellent cut and to my liking, which is very important. So I'm very thrilled to have found somewhere new to go and feel at ease. Try it Mikey you'll like it..lol.

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