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2 years ago

Got our pet pig spayed here and they were awesome! They covered all our questions and took great care of her. I highly recommend and will be returning again when needed.

Vicki Pfeifer

2 years ago

Excellent care for my kitties. My old man Tiger is 18 and thanks to these vets he’s gaining weight and enjoying an active like!

Benjamin Wiedenfeld

2 years ago

My dog tested positive for heartworm and the vet never called me or left a message about his results. When I called to speak with the vet she was never there and never returned my phone call. I found out weeks after the results were in by just asking for the blood results. I would not recommend this place if you care about your pet.

misty maya-rangel

2 years ago

Thank you to everyone at paws n hooves. I had to unexpectedly put my dog down and they were so great with us. It was a difficult day but they made the difference with how they treated my dog and us. Thank you again .

Jillian Garcia

2 years ago

I love this place. Dr. Porras, Dr. Star, as well as the staff are wonderful and gentle to our furbaby. Always taking the time to help our baby feel better. I highly recommend this place for your pets. -Love Lil brother and his Humans

Marcos Alvarado

2 years ago

I recently requested an online appointment on September 30,2021 for October 1, 2021, I get a call from them on September 30, that I have an appointment at.7:30 am. I show up to the appointment and the individual at the counter can't find my information. It took them a couple of minutes to verify they did call me, and said that they were booked for the day. Then she proceeds to ask me if I want to book an appointment. Why lie to customers and book appointments, when you can't honor your word. I wouldn't recommend this place.

Terrance McCall

2 years ago

The vets and techs are amazing with my pup, but they’ve failed to communicate his treatment plan resulting in us coming up here 4 times in 6 weeks and spending hundreds of dollars each time for an ear infection, and being told at each appointment a different treatment plan requiring us to come back and spend hundreds on more appointments. Coupled with they called us to bring him back for his vaccinations which was the entire reason we even utilized them again, yet can’t find his shot records and need us to submit them again. Unless you have 2+ hours to wait past your appointment time to see anyone because they put walk-ins before actual appointments and don’t mind not knowing what’s happening with your pet until you’ve spent almost a thousand dollars and don’t mind getting different answers from different vets (2 vets, 2 vastly different answers to the same question) and them acting like their incompetence is you being a bad pet owner, I’d recommend. Great with pets, feels like they just wanna suck the money out of pet owners without ever telling or showing what’s happening with the pet.

Alejandro González Beltrán

2 years ago

Very positive experience. Be prepared to arrive much earlier than suggested by their website as people tend to line up several hours before they even arrive. Also, if you're taking your furry friend for surgery, be prepared for an entire day's wait as they do observe your pet after it wakes up from surgery. Staff is very friendly and professional, and will go with you over any indications.

Angel Ramirez-Lascano

2 years ago

Dr Starr & her staff are the best. Their concern is always the comfort of your Furbabies. I have been going to them for several years, they have treated all 11 of my Furbabies through good times & bad. I highly recommend you using their services.

Elizabeth Carrillo

2 years ago

Dr Starr has always taken care of our fur babies. She is the best! Honest and reliable.

Valerie Smith

2 years ago

I called Paws and Hooves to ask if they have the shots for feline respiratory issues and was told yes, they had them. I took three cats to get the shots. We ended up waiting four hours to be told $875 to give all three cats an array of suggested treatments and tests. I had not expected to spend that much for what is typically a simple shot to clear up the cats sinuses. I asked if we could just get the shots we came for and not do any of the other suggested treatments. Suddenly they didn't have any shots, only the oral version. Try giving oral antibiotics to a feral cat (we feed and treat neighborhood cats, all our babies are feral). We ended up paying $25 per cat to essentially get them weighed and not getting what we went there for, respiratory shots. Then, they had the gall to ask me to sign a form saying I am declining Doctor's orders, which is a bad faith claim. They suggested the same HIV and other tests every veterinarian suggests. They did not diagnose any of the cats with anything specific, so there was no Doctor order to decline. In my opinion, it is a dishonest business practice to claim someone is declining a suggested test. That's not the same as leaving a hospital in the middle of cancer treatment or with a concussion. Plus these are cats, and I have never heard another veterinarian make any similar statement in thirty years of pet rescue. This, along with the $875 in spurious tests and the false claims of having shots and then not having them, is disreputable behavior. UPDATE The cat we took to Paws N' Hooves that were most worried about due to rapid weight loss , Shadow, died about a month later. We had to put him to sleep to end his suffering. He had went from about 14 pounds to 11 pounds in a matter of a few weeks. They weighed him and simply said that at 11 pounds "he was still overweight." It turned out he had a mass. We took him there to seek treatment and they called him fat, offered a bunch of irrelevant tests, and didn't find a mass that another vet found within seconds of examining him. Rest in Peace Shadow. He was a sweet baby, and we were lucky enough to have him for nine years and miss him dearly.

Bonnie DP

2 years ago

I had previously taken our 1 1/2 year old kitty to another clinic where she was diagnosed Stomatitis (a serious and very painful mouth infection). I was basically told it was a death sentence and her condition was contagious to other cats but not to dogs. For 4 months she was kept separate from the other family cats. before she had another flair up. She wasn’t eating and was in the verge of what I thought was death. I took her to Paws N Hooves where (I thought we would be putting her down) was seen and it was confirmed that she did in fact have Stomatitis. At that time Dr. Porras and Amanda explained that it was treatable and Macchiato could live a long and healthy life. She was put on medication and scheduled for surgery. It’s been about 6 weeks since her surgery (she got 14 teeth extracted) and she’s doing GREAT. She’s playing with her sister cat and dog, she’s even purring which she’d never done before, she’s now a happy kitty. Thank you so much Dr. Porras and Amanda for giving Macchiato a new and healthy lease on life. The Drs and staff amazing and truly care for their patients!

Erica Del Palacio

2 years ago

Thank you Amanda and Paws N' Hooves for the prompt and great service! ❤

Julimar Medina

2 years ago

Very professional staff, very organized but be warned! It’s first come first serve! So don’t take it off on the staff if you showed up late. I want to give special props to a young Woman who took care of our little baby. Her name was Kassie . She worked the pet vet today (07.20.21) on Dyer st. taking care of my baby orange tabby Kyo for his Neuter. She was very sweete and gently with both my husband and I along with our 6month old kitten, She was very informative and made sure we didn’t leave without asking important questions. The procedure was done safely and executed extremely well! Did I mention they are super affordable?! I’m very pleased with the work they performed on my pet. Also I am unsure of who was the manager on site was but she was also very lovely and helpful. An incident occurred where someone came in rudely, threatening the health of all our animals with his cigarettes . She handled the situation very calmly and defended our pets like they were her own. This staff blows my mind and I cannot wait to bring Kyo back to you guys again!


2 years ago

Went in to get my puppy his shots and the employee Juan was very professional and very informative would recommend 10/10 he was very polite and took really good care of my new puppy. Going to bring all my dogs for future care here with Juan.

Diana Rodriguez

2 years ago


Mike Taylor

2 years ago

Today I had to bring my 12 year old dog to the Mobile Vet due to a nasty illness. I had not used their services before and was hesitant at first. The wait was long, but the care my dog received was exemplary. Brianda and Dr. Porras took excellent care of pet, explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. I will be bringing my pets here from now on.

alejandra quintana

2 years ago

About the worst!!! Staff are so rude when asking about how much longer for our pets to be seen!!!! Over 8 hr for my dog not to be seen!!! Would not recommend this place at all!!! Don’t wait your time on them. Just trying to help people that love there pets! My worst experience with clinic!

Brittney Olivarez

2 years ago

Have had about 4 pets treated and cared for at this mobile clinic. I had two dogs spayed and many more things. The vets are great and well trained. The tech's are nice, and quick to help. They have their stuff together, but there are days that it takes me 5 hours to get my dog vaccinated or have my pet seen by the vet. Wait times very greatly Otherwise, get there early!!!

Gwen Lindeman

2 years ago

They're so amazing to my dogs and treat them so well. Everyone there is very caring and call a couple days later to check up on my babies.

Joseph Hager

2 years ago

I was very happy with the service I received it was my first time going through them for my new puppy, Juan was very fast, informative, and kind. I will absolutely be back and be recommending your services to my friends and family

nereyda gray

2 years ago

The most courteous crew. Pleasant and very professional in all my experiences.

Vinny Vader

2 years ago

They take a deposit and don't honor their appointments. Waited for about an hour and was never attended.

Crystal Espinoza

3 years ago

Very busy, but for a good reason! They care about animals and love you help! ALL of your pets are in good hands here!

Margarita Moreno

3 years ago

Staff and their services are great. They are so caring and wonderful. No worries about leaving your pet there. Awesome services.

Mike Caro

3 years ago

My appointment was at 4 they told me to wait in my vehicle, an hour later still waiting, meanwhile I noticed some people that came after me their dogs got in before mine. And no they didn't have an emergency

robin hines

3 years ago

We take all our dogs here. And we get treated like vip every time! Very cheerful group of workers.

David Berry

3 years ago

Today I learned that the folks at Paws N' Hooves mobile are truly kind people who love animals. When my cat needed treatment that my budget could not possible allow, they went out of their way with some out of the box thinking to help me out for a lot less. They didn't have to, but they did. Because they care. Some day I'll find a way to adequately thank them, but for now a good review will have to do.

Mario Fernandez

3 years ago

One thing about yhis service is that they treat it as a production line. They have no feelings and only are is the money. And they said to me that if I did not like it, I can go to another location. It was rude and I felt as if I was begging or asking a favor.

Carolina Ferguson (Ronnie)

3 years ago

They saved my fur baby's life.

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