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2 years ago

Staff are so nice to my fur baby

Ana Nouel

2 years ago

I have taken all 3 of my dogs here for years. All this time I trusted theses vets with my dogs. However, every time one of my dogs got sick and needed to be seen urgently they were always booked. Both locations had no availability. I had to take my dogs elsewhere. Well just today (10 Nov 2021) I had to put my miniature schnauzer down because he had a tumor that was crushing his spleen and was about to rupture. The vet I took him too also told me he was anemic by just looking at the inside of his ears. This entire time I assumed the “wellness check” they do at Banfield Pet Hospital was doing there job, but they weren’t cuz they missed it, and they had just seen my dog 10 September 2021. The lab work just said normal, but they never showed the lab values. I tried to make an appointment with them (both locations) since 31 Oct 2021 with no luck. Now my dog is dead. I honestly thought they would have caught something of this magnitude with there so called “prevention” mumbo jumbo they advertise. The vet I took him too said the tumor has been there for months and is visible by just looking at his stomach, but to the untrained he may just look bloated. I’m so upset that I threw my money down the drain. How could they have missed this????

Tom C.

2 years ago

Consistent scheduling issues (asking us to come ar time with would force the changing of our pets medical schedule as well as changing our entire personal schedules to accomplish, worked out a reasonable solution but was worse than pulling teeth to get a reasonable appointment time) Closes about 10 minutes earlier then signage says

Alpha Exe

2 years ago

I've been bringing my dogs to this location for years. The staff is always super friendly and efficient. I recommend them all the time.

Iona Mullaney

2 years ago

Having been a client of this business for going on seven years, it has helped me keep my pets healthy by finding any medical issues before they become emergencies. The staff is courteous, efficient and effective in the way they work with pets. Every dog I have and have had, have been seen primarily by Dr. Goodman Her interest is in the health and well being of each animal she sees, but she does not forget the human component of the animals health. I would recommend this particular Banfield, and the wellness program.

Andrea Walker

2 years ago

Love the pet care teams! So sweet and helpful

Dustin Arnold

2 years ago

I took my newly adopted dog to Banfield on March 21, 2021. I had multiple tests done to ensure the health of my new dog. They were supposed to conduct a fecal test but her bowels were empty. They sent me home with a fecal cup with instructions to return the sample. Due to having another dog and a large back yard, I wasn't able to collect a sample within a timely manner that would be adequate for a test. I received a call from Banfield o March 30, 2021 stating my dog's fecal test came back negative and I owed $50. How did you test a sample that was never submitted? I told them about not submitting the sample on March 30 and April 19 when I returned to pick up medication for my dog. They told me that the charge had been removed. Today, May 7, 2021, I received a letter that they sent me to collections for the amount owed. So this clinic charged me for a test the never conducted, lied about removing the charge twice, only attempted to contact me about it once, and then sent me to collections over $50. We will never do business with Banfield again!

Alexandra Whited

3 years ago

I have always have a positive experience at Banfield every time I have gone, the staff is always very cheerful and knowledgeable not to mention my dogs love them. I currently have four dogs on wellness plans there and they always take excellent care of them. The only reason a took a star away is because if an animal gives them an issue they won't get what they were supposed to do done, i.e. one of my dogs is very strong and does not like his feet touched. I took this particular dog in for a checkup and asked to get his nails trimmed since he is too strong for me. Needless to say it didn't get done because he didn't want to let them. I have never heard of such a thing at a veterinary office in my life. In retrospect that only deserves half a star to be knocked off but it doesn't give me that option.

Andrea Abascal

3 years ago

My pet is always greeted and well taken care of. Great Vets for my pet!

Kayla Legaspi

3 years ago

This was our first visit to this location. I brought my dog in for a booster shot, because his home vet was booked up. They did seem busy, and the waiting area was small. However, staff members were quick and friendly. The entire visit was less than 20 minutes. It's pretty easy to get an apt at this location too which is nice. I was worried because we've had bad experiences with other banfield's and we try to stick with the one we know is good! However, this experience was a positive one and I would bring my other dogs back for a visit. I recommend the Joe Battle location.

Adam Luna

3 years ago

I made an appointment to get my dog seen a few days ago, everything seemed great. Then I got a call the day before asking to confirm appt which I did not get until after six since I work. So I called the answering service since they were closed and left a message saying we would be there. Now the day of, two hours before our appointment got a call saying that they double booked our appointment because we didn’t confirm and they could no longer see Us. I told them that I did call and confirm and it wasn’t easy for me to schedule these things with work. She said she worked in the morning and there was no message like I was lying! This angered me most. Why does the appointment HAVE to be confirmed if I just made it to begin with. I mean I just made the appointment a few days ago and unless I confirm days later it’s not valid?? Not professional at all.

Rick Bustillos

3 years ago

Staff was very rude and unhelpful. I made an appointment 2 weeks ago and they asked me to leave my 1 lb puppy there kenneled with them for 5 hours. We took our business elsewhere.

Matt Schlaff

3 years ago

Very nice staff, and they came out to my car to check for a microchip in a stray.

Katherine Padilla

3 years ago

They are amazing! They treated my dog like their own! Will definitely take all my pets there.

Josh Moskalski

3 years ago

Very friendly service thank you

Joann Ameen

3 years ago

New vet was great but they were slow and unorganized

Elsa Velazquez

3 years ago

Absolutely awesome doctor, he explained everything and was really patient with my questions. Only tiny thing different here than what I noticed coming from Denver is the desk staff don’t greet the animals. I know it’s kinda silly , but I really missed that side of Banfield coming back to El Paso after years in Colorado. Otherwise, it’s great service as always.

Elizabeth Contreras

3 years ago

Took my dog in 2 days ago regarding a respiratory illness complaint DR Daniel Marquez informed us she was okay and nothing was wrong with her he stated the breathing was normal for dogs but still wanted a video of how she was breathing to determine if it was normal or not. They also injected her with a Heartworm prevention just because it was included in her insurance plan and checked her electrolytes we were told everything was fine turns out she wasn’t she passed lastnight out of nowhere I need answers to how and why she died all of a sudden when I was told 2 days ago she was perfectly fine. She had a pool of blood coming out of her mouth her eyes were left open and her tongue was sticking out so tell me how she was “perfectly fine”

Cami McDaris

3 years ago

Good experience. They really push their health plan, which is a great deal if you live in the area, but as a military family always moving it's not a contract we can afford to make in case their is not a Banfield at our next location

Andrea Blea

3 years ago

They treat my baby like a princess!!

Alex Torrez

3 years ago

I took both of my cats to banfield to have them neutered... They did an excellent job in cats are healthy and happy... The staff was friendly and professional... Had both cats microchipped as well...


3 years ago

Didn't have an appointment and was supposed to drop off puppy but they saw me as I cam in and was gone in less than 20. Great job

Marissa Kami

3 years ago

Banfield pet hospital is great!! All of the employees were super friendly towards my dog and very knowledgeable. We were especially impressed with the veterinarian, Dr. Rojas who after watching our dog for a few seconds was able to diagnose him with distemper. She gave him all the proper care, told us everything we need to know, and helped him and us through everything! He is now a distemper survivor and I am super impressed with banfield hospital! Dr. Rojas is also super friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable about animals! Exactly what you want for a veterinarian and vet practice!

Michael Franco

3 years ago

Great, great doctors and staff!!!

Sara Duarte

3 years ago

Don’t throw your money away on a Banfield plan unless you have money to burn on bad customer service

stephanie torres

3 years ago

Stephanie was very rude upon pick up. Regardless of being told that my animals would be ready, she didn't apologize, she didn't want to hear what I had to say, she was very the fact of the matter is blah blah. I dropped off at 1045am and tried picking up at 1615 with a call at 1523 telling me to pickup at 1615, that's all I was trying to say. Everyone else was very nice sad that one person can ruin them as a whole.

Alanah Roman

4 years ago

I tried to take my then barely 3 month old puppy in to check if he had parvo (thank God he didn't but that's thanks to someone with a heart who checked him out, he only had a tummy ache from the new food) I walked up to the front desk with him in my arms asking if he could be seen since on the website it said walk-ins welcome. She said no and I asked "but the website says walk ins" she goes "appointment only" there was NOBODY!!! THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO BUT STILL TURNED A PUPPY AWAY. Dont give this business any money they are no kind of hospital. When I said "but he could have parvo" they directed me to the vet down the street. A horrible business that seems to not care about making moneu and especially doesn't care about our beloved pets.

Anita Sylvester

4 years ago

Love it! Expensive but my dogs and cat are well cared for. Ask for Dr Merren!

Annie Beach

4 years ago

The vets abs staff are great here.

CiCy gurl

4 years ago

My cats have a Wellness Plan with this place.

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