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Ceantanni Polm

2 years ago

I took my dog here to Button Brand on a recommendation from my neighbor after a terrible experience at another vet (also reviewed) a few days prior. I took him to the first vet initially because he started bleeding from his mouth and …

Cecil Schlensig

2 years ago

Someone shot my best friend my dog evan with a pellet gun once in the leg and once in the stomach I rushed him to button brand they took him in gave him pain meds kept him over night next day called them they said evan was fine I told them didn't have money yet to put down payment so they said they wanted to keep him another night for observation the next day I get a voicemail saying be sure to bring the deposit and the doc would love to speak to me I got there gave them what I could for deposit waited for the doc to tell me evan passed earlier that morning I don't like how it all happened. The bill wasn't even dated right! it was dated for the day be four i took him in ! I will never take another one of my friends to any vet ever again especially button brand

Vince Roman

2 years ago

Marvin Hays and his kind staff have been caring for our pets for about ten years. They diagnosed one of my dogs when another vet in town continuously said nothing was wrong. My animals are part of the family and Button Brand is the only place I trust with their care.

Nog Mann

2 years ago

Worst clinic I have ever been to. Terrible service, just an all around bad human being. Should not be dealing with humans or animals. Seriously bad ????

Ayla Squires

2 years ago

I rarely write reviews, but I have to make it known how Button Brand failed to diagnose my cats issue and further charged me a significant amount for it. I brought my cat in with what I assumed to be an ear infection. For the initial visit and to look at her ears, I was charged around $260. They said there was nothing wrong with her ears after completing “labs” and that I just needed to clean them. I purchased the cleaning solution and cleaned her ears as instructed. After nothing helping, I visited a different vet (whose office and care was much nicer and cleaner) where they diagnosed her with a severe yeast infection in her ears. With antibiotics it’s been cleared within a week. I cannot believe the lack of care for animals.

Kennedy Geedey

2 years ago

I would not recommend Button Brand. I brought my dog to Button Brand once in 2018. Their care was fine I suppose, nothing special but wasn’t bad. I switched vets after this one appointment because I personally wasn’t a fan. My one star is because their administration system is wildly incompetent. Every 3-6 months I get a call from Button Brand about an “unpaid bill.” My dog died 2.5, almost 3 years ago now and they STILL call insisting I have overdue balance for this ONE visit in 2018. I went in person twice with bank statements proving I paid the bill on the date in question before even leaving the vet. Both times after spending 20+ mins there they instructed me that they’ve made a mistake by calling and “updated” their system to show that I have no balance. I haven’t been stationed in New Mexico for almost 2 years now and I’m still getting calls every few months from this vet threatening to send my “bill” to collections. I’m not sure if it’s a mistake or a scam but if I paid every time they called I’d be out well over a grand. Unless you want to be harassed for years go to literally any other vet in Alamogordo.

M. B.O.H

2 years ago

I will never take my dogs to this place again! The vet wanted to impose a very expensive (and unnecessary) treatment on my dog, and when I told him that I could not afford it, he made me feel that I was irresponsible with my dog .Also, the male recepcionist was very rude and unhelpful. This happened more than a year ago, but I just shared it.

Tina Davis

2 years ago

Waited on hold several times for an appointment. They pick up the phone and hang up after 10 minutes or so of leaving you on hold. At least have more than one awful country song playing on a loop if you are going to leave someone set on hold forever. Terrible service. Not wasting any more time on this clinic.

Sandi Knight

2 years ago

Dr. Hays and his staff have always treated me and mine with love and professionalism. You can't ask for a more caring veterinarian for small or large animals.

Melissa Sauter

2 years ago

They cut my puppy to help him and all it did was kill him! No ER number nothing so I get to sit here and let my mijo die as my kids cry! Also the man at the front desk is horrible and extremely rude!

Fay Fay

2 years ago

I will never take a future pet here again .please stay away . Dr. Hayes said he did not know what was wrong with my dog then prescribed him 4 medications and took a guess that it was an infection . The price was about 300$ the next day my dog died while we were sleeping . Worst thing to wake up to . My dog was in pain . My father warned me that Hayes had killed his dog too but I was in need of help . I should've listened . I will forever never forgive Hayes . If he had been more professional my dog could still be alive . Instead he did not care about anything but himself and money . Not the animals .

Jessica Lavery

2 years ago

Did not get the help I needed, I wont be taking my dog there again.

Cheyenne Pierce

2 years ago

Button brand is horrible. I babysit for a family whose dog started sneezing blood. He was taken to button brand and completely dismissed, they only checked his heart and gave antibiotics and that was it. He continued to sneeze blood and was taken to Ruidoso Animal Clinic where they scoped his nose and found a tumor. Their dog only has 100 days to live now. Button Brand/ the vet should not be in business. From the reviews, other animals have lost their lives because of his carelessness. If this family didn’t take him to Ruidoso Animal Clinic they may have never found out about the tumor and lost him without any explanation.

doris mccrory

2 years ago

brought my lab in and Hays didn't know what was wrong...next day I called and called and called and he never returned my calls...dog died in my living room...bad bad vet very very pushy!! Don't go there he will kill your animal.

Candy Buttimer

2 years ago

We recently had to put our best friend to rest. This was our first visit, Dr. Hays and every member of his staff couldn't have been more helpful and caring. This will defiantly be our new Vet. office in the future.

Jessycah Gilmore

3 years ago

WOW !!! What an amazing experience! Words cannot express the thanks I want to give to this clinic. I had an emergency situation with my service dog and they went above and beyond in getting me in to be seen right away. The staff was so kind and understanding working with such a delicate situation & they took great care of us. Dr. Marvin Hays was a God send on such short notice. His kind & intelligent way of handling not only my animal but myself as well was just outstanding. Thank you for everything.

Gemmarey Daugherty

3 years ago

I really like this place they seem really nice and they care for your pet. We never went to them before but when we needed to get our dog spayed they went out of their way to get us in the next day. It’s really nice they ask information about your pet so they can send birthday card out for them and also a Annual check up. Thanks to the staff and we will be coming here for now on ????

Haven Maynez

3 years ago

My father recently passed and I had to take over her and tried to take her to button since my dad always took her there, the waiting room smelled of overwhelming bleach smell with a hint of animal urin. The vet was nice but when I had to reschedule, the vet said he would do a call back for me...never happened so I called the office no call, then hanged up and another day I call AgAin I got “I’m sorry but you’ll have to call back another time’click’” yeah chose a different place. They just don’t care

julie dorris

3 years ago

Thank you, Dr. Hays and staff! Our poor shepherd got into a tussle with a rattlesnake and you all gave him wonderful emergency care. You guys are the best!

Cody wade

3 years ago

I'm a retired farrier and this is the best Veterinarian I have had the pleasure to work with.

Donna Hernandez

3 years ago

Dr.. Hayes is an awesome wonderful and caring man. He has taken great care of my cats. Had some problem making an appointment. The receptionist was overwhelme and i needed to be patient. Overala good place for care of pets

Ashley Benoit

3 years ago

My dog needed a emergency c section. I figured maybe $900 but the total was over $2,000! He charges for gloves, gown, towel, and its like $25 each item! I called another vet and asked what the price would be and she said less than $1000. I would never have gone if there was another vet open at 3am. Im grateful he got us in but NOT for $2,000.


3 years ago

Put on hold twice then sent to voicemail. Great customer service

Marietta Crane

3 years ago

On a Saturday afternoon my dog was in a lot pain (long story). The vet in Cloudcroft is not open on weekends and I couldn't stand to watch my dog suffer for two more days. I called Button Brand and Dr Hays answered the phone. I told him it was an emergency and he told me to come right down and he would relieve my dog's suffering. I was in tears when he told me that he could see me that day and I would not have to wait two more days to see the vet in Cloudcroft. I am so grateful for his emergency services! Also, Dr Hay's assistant was very helpful and understanding. He is a big guy and was able to carry my dog into the clinic. I could not have done it myself. I will forever be grateful to Dr Hays!

Melissa Doble

3 years ago

Took my pup in after she was attacked by other dogs. The staff made us keep our dog outside because she was bleeding didn't try to help us stop the bleeding. Made us wait forever then when she finally was seen he wouldn't even touch her. He just stared down at her gave her pain meds and antibiotics. Her band charges almost 300.00 for absolutely nothing. Took her to another vet the following morning because she was still bleeding heavily. They took her in right away shaved away the bits and saw how deep the wounds ran and gave her stitches. I learned he is afraid of pitbulls. My dog wasn't even a pit mix. What kind of vet makes his medical decisions based on staring at an animal and is afraid to touch them. do not bring your animal to this clinic.

Mora Mora

3 years ago

Receptionist with bad attitude! He could not have been any more unhelpful!


3 years ago

Zero star if I could. The whole experience was horrible. Called in a week before to schedule a procedure was told drop off was at 830a. I was there at 820 took time off work so time is prescious. The guy didn't show up until about 850a also making others late at this time. I arrive they sya oh well you not supposed bro be here until 945, said well I talked to who ever it was who gave time a 830 appointment and said to be here at this time. Others were also told the same thing and that we don't even actually open until 9am so now the 3 others one had a court date and was already late because they were told to be there at 8am. It's crazy the lack of communication they have here and are unorganized. So 330p comes I go pick up my cat she and take her home. I then realized she is missing her collar so I call back 15 time over a 45 min period and get this message "please hold, click" then I get disconnected. I still have yet to actually talk with someone about this issue. This is not how you run a business and if you can't get organized your clients will go elsewhere.

Sheree McIntire

3 years ago

Doc is very friendly and knowledgeable. He actually cares about my animals and will even make house calls if needed. The prices are not high like a lot of these reviews say. I was waiting in the lobby and I even noticed a few people came in to make payments, so he is nice enough to offer that.

Steve Sale

3 years ago

My animals have always been well treated at Button Brand. They even made a house call to put my old dog to sleep when he could not get up any longer after a heart attack. I appreciate the extra effort~!!

Margaret Aragon

3 years ago

Button brand was the only vet who was able to help my cat when she was really sick. I called all the vets around town and none of them couldn't help right a way but button vet was the only one to help and saved my girl. This doctor is pawsome in my book.

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