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Lisbeth Seeley

2 years ago

Their building is empty and for sale

Janet Ferguson

2 years ago

Absolutely wonderful. We always have adopted such great dogs and they take such great care of all the animals they rescue. I recommend this shelter to anyone that is looking to adopt a family pet.

Marshall Gladstone

2 years ago

They are amazing! God bless these ladies who run it as they are providing a much needed service to those of us who need a helping hand with our animals.

Monica Woltz

2 years ago

I only gave one star so that I would be able to leave my review.. Sunny Aris is a disgusting human she took my son’s fur baby and refuses to give him back. He is chipped under my son’s name animal control and law enforcement is now involved. Anyone who tries to support my son is blocks and comments are deleted. If she did nothing wrong why delete everything. Please be cautious adopting pets from her they probably were not hers to adopt out. To the person who may have adopted our beloved Taz (Puck) please return him to his rightful owner my son!

Anthony Lucero

2 years ago

Sunny helped me adopt this beautiful and fun parrot...could not have asked for a better partner in arranging for the bird to come to a new home...I have wanted a parrot since I was a kid and Nappo here has not disappointed me at all! Thank you Sunny

Eugen Engel

2 years ago

I do not recommend this place. I had a really bad experience with the owner. Good luck if you still decide to give this a go but be advised that there are plenty of other places that could potentially work better for you. Update after Owner response: Thank you for the feedback Sunny. Knowing that you are advocating your questionable truth as you have in court successfully gaslighting the judge, and feel the need to return my review with a hateful essay... karma will find us all in the end. That is why I do not recommend your place. I hope at some point in your life you will find peace.

Felicity Stish

2 years ago

Every time I have asked about places to adopt an animal around town, the first thing I hear is "Dont go to Animal Village". From stealing the rescues back to the gaslighting to the cutting of the employees paychecks, this place does not seem safe for any rescued pets. I had applied for an interview for this place a while ago, and while walking through I noticed that they had some dogs inside and some outside. When we went outside, the dogs had small cages, some had multiple dogs, and small igloo houses to themselves, which in the New Mexico heat seems extremely unsafe. One dog was mentioned as extremely aggressive and that we couldnt pet through the cage which is fine, except why allow the animal to be listed to be rehomed if the animal is aggressive and not trained yet? I had heard many rumours about this place, and while peeking through the reviews it seems most of them are true. I would hate to spend all this time and money on giving a pet the perfect home just to it be taken back from me. I dont understand why anyone would do this to animals, but maybe Animal Village should reconsider their tactics because rumors spread fast and is causing people to be weary of your shelter.

Keith Lucero

2 years ago

Beautiful place; I love dogs

NMpam55 Skowronek

2 years ago

I have known this group for many years. Their care is top notch, the loving and training they provide the pets in their care gives the new adopters a wonderful pet at adoption! Couldn't ask for a better rescue to work with to find a new furry pal

Shelley Horton

2 years ago

I have adopted many animals in my life and Sunny and staff are the most professional and compassionate rescue I have worked with. In the middle of the pandemic I lost my 12 lab who was companion to my 1 yr Chi. He was devastated. I live in Nevada and you could not find a dog to adopt ANYWHERE! After a month of filling out many many applications I found Sopapilla now (Sandia) on there web-site. Well I fell in love! Upon submitting the application within minutes Sunny responded and with a lot of legitimate questions and concerns regarding an out of state adoption we started the process to make her mine. Needless to say it is a 16 hour drive to Alamogordo. I arraigned a transport which totally flaked after being told to meet in Las Vegas, in which we were already there. I was crushed and due to time restrains there was no way to drive to get Sandia. I was going to have to leave without her and my Chi at home was not doing well at all. Sunny reached out to an associate and with in 15 min Richard was on the road with Sandia to drive 5 1/2 hours to meet in Holbrook,AZ. I truly don't know of anyone else who would have made this happen. Sandia turns 1 yr old 7/8 and I cant imagine my life without her. So if you are looking to adopt please ignore the nasty and negative reviews as these dogs in her care have won the doggy lottery to be with her & Staff

Thomas Morris

2 years ago

My wife and I have adopted two dogs from Animal village NM. Our current dog, Candy, is a dream olde English bulldog. She was found running loose in Las Cruces. She was from a puppy mill that had been shut down. Candy is a great dog, very well trained and very much loved. I strongly recommend Animal Village NM to all of my friends. The director and all of the employees are friendly and love all of the animals. Every time we have been there, which is at least once a year, so that they can see Candy, the facility has always been clean and well maintained. This is the only place I will adopt my pets from.

Cynthia Werner

2 years ago

I am so happy with my experience with Animal Village NM. Mt relationship with AVNM started when I saw a cute set of puppies on that "matched" what I was looking for. This was a big decision for me, and I liked the fact that there were lots of photos and videos of the puppies. It was clear that all of their animals were well cared for, and Sunny does everything she can to make sure they have a positive shelter experience. The next step was filling out the adoption application. I was worried that the review might take days, but was impressed that applications are reviewed and references are called on the same day of the application. After I was approved, I talked to Sunny by phone to ask a few follow-up questions about the pups. It was during that call that I realized that AVNM is a truly remarkable shelter. She took the time to describe the personalities of the puppies, to describe everything she knew about their history and current care, and to send a photo of the puppies' parents. After I arrived from a long trip from out-of-town, I was treated like a special guest as I met all of the pups in the litter, and selected my puppy. My adoption was finalized, and now I am enjoying my perfect puppy!

Moises Mascorro

2 years ago

Extremely satisfied with this place. After doing the extensive application, which they will follow up on, no doubt, and being called and told that we have made it to the meeting portion, everything went smooth. The staff at Animal Village really care about the animals they care for and only want to find them the best possible home, such is why the extensive application. All the pups were really well cared for and had some training. Our pup was not afraid to meet our doggie and they've gotten along really well. Thank you Animal Village.

Maryann Wilson

2 years ago

We adopted a sweet little pup that we named Junebug from Animal Village NM and couldn't be happier. She is a happy little puppy and you can tell she was very well taken care of. Yes, the application is long and you have to provide references. They do check with your vet to make sure you are a responsible pet owner. If you are, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. You can tell they really care about their animals and want them to go to a good home. One thing I really appreciate is if your pup accidentally gets out they will mobilize all of their resources to help you find them, no matter the time day or night! They were also super nice and the puppy room was really clean.

Kristen Sell

2 years ago

Sunny was great to work with and we are just absolutely smitten with our new baby girl (puppy). She did her due diligence checking our family, references, and home before allowing us to bring our girl home. You have to understand that when you are adopting from animal village NM you are adopting one of their "babies" and they make sure that their kiddos go to good, loving homes ❤️

Lynne Mankins

3 years ago

Helped with dog and cat food till my payday next week! Great place for a little bit of help.

Arianna F

3 years ago

There is both good and bad in this world and I can tell you that AVNM falls under the “good” category. Let’s take that a step further and call it “divine.” Based on my experience with adopting and volunteering with this organization I can say firsthand that AVNM is all about the animals first and foremost. Sunny the director cares for each and every rescue here like they are her own children and ensures that these delightful creatures find the very best homes. I was blessed to have adopted my divine soul dog through AVNM and they saved her and her beautiful puppies from a horrendous situation. The advantage of adopting animal companions from an organization such as this is that they do the initial dirty work that goes along with rescuing an animal from a bad situation. They know each and every animal very well and can help to match them with the right person or family. AVNM is one of the few truly divine places I have been involved with in my lifetime where every aspect of operations here is to help innocent animals and give them better lives. Keep up the amazing work AVNM! You have saved many animals and people for that matter in the process!

Bubble Boo

3 years ago

I love all the animals they rescue they are all amazing people????????and the animals know they are amazing to???????????? I mean they rescued all of the animals there and I think that they need a lot of five ????????????????????stars for the work that they give to rescue ⛑ the animals ????????????????????????????

Chris Garcia

3 years ago

They are friendly people also my sister is autistic and is a employee as well

DE Shine

3 years ago

We are so impressed and inspired by the level of love, care, and consciousness that goes into the animals at Animal Village NM. Sunny feeds them high quality food (Science Diet) and supplements (probiotics, blue green algae, fish oil, etc.), stays up at night to comfort the ones who are particularly scared/anxious, works hard to vet adoptive parents, and even met us half way between Alamogordo and Albuquerque to bring us our beloved rescue dog. She connected us with an excellent dog trainer who had already been training our dog through his connection with Animal Village NM (we’re currently doing video sessions as per Covid, but normally he makes trips to ABQ). If you want a rescue animal that is being treated as well as possible while waiting for his/her forever home, you’ll want to adopt from Animal Village NM! And, whether or not you’re able to adopt, rural shelters tend not to have the kind of funding that urban ones do. Along these lines, you can feel great about financially supporting Animal Village NM!

Eli Crafton

3 years ago

Horrible management, disgusting care of animals the building is beyond nasty...Rats...Mice....more Rats trapping everyday and throwing away wouldn't trust this place with a worm never the less a dog or cat its sad.

Jonah Harris

3 years ago

If you spend more than 2 minutes with Sunny, you'll be able to tell how much she cares about these animals. She toils around the clock to make sure local dogs are taken care of; additionally, she goes above and beyond when it comes to finding homes for these dogs. She thoroughly vets (no pun intended) potential owners to make sure they will care for and love the dogs as they deserved to be.

Laurie Kirschner

3 years ago

We adopted a senior dog with Cushings disease and we were very impressed with the shelter and how well Sunny and the staff care for their animals. I had to fill out a detailed adoption application and when I met our new family member I understood how careful Sunny is about making sure that the animals are going to a new home that can care for them and give them the love they deserve. I have recommended Animal Village to people who want to adopt. I'm so glad we chose to adopt from Animal Village.

Maize E - W

3 years ago

Animal Village NM is a wonderful animal rescue organization. They have a beautiful facility. They have a phone number and they answer it, which in itself is unusual nowadays; at least that has been my experience. I inquired about a dog I had seen on their website and he was still available. The online application for adoption was thorough and showed they really care about who adopts their animals. I submitted it and in less than 24 hours I was approved to adopt. It was a four hour drive to get to the shelter, but totally worth it because we came home with Charlie, an amazing 6 month old puppy. Raised on Science Diet puppy food and supplemented with flax seed meal, blue green algae and salmon oil, Charlie has the softest coat imaginable and a sweet smell. He is a real love bug!

Mark Ehlen

3 years ago

We recently lost a dog and were looking for a new one. Sunny at Animal Village was genuinely understanding and helped us find our new lovely dog, Sunshine. Sunny runs a very professional shelter.

Pat Kelly

3 years ago

Great staff great pets found d my healer there count b happier

ep li

4 years ago

they are wonderful! couldn't have had a better and more thoughtful experience. i love my cat, and it's clear they knew him and loved him so well until his forever home came along. by far the best adoption experience i have had in all of my years of rescuing animals.

Jackie Johnston

4 years ago

This is the best animal rescue! I like the training that the adopters and their dogs have after adoption. That is so important for making the adoption successful. The animals are not forgotten after they are adopted. Animals abandoned long after adoption thousands of miles away have been brought back to Animal Village. I do not know anyone more committed to her rescued animals than Sunny Aris.

Gwinna R. Rees

4 years ago

Animal Village is a true no kill Animal shelter. The care they give each animal is absolutely the best care I have ever seen .

Jennifer Wright

4 years ago

Sunny is top notch when it comes to caring for all the animals in her care. I adopted a chihuahua mix, Marcos, who had been adopted twice before. The first adopter didn’t live up to their end of the contract and Sunny made sure that Marcos’s best interests were taken into consideration and she took the adopter to court and won! Together they set precedent. Animal village NM rocks and I will not only continue to support them monthly but will adopt from them again in the future. Thank you Sunny and all the people at animal village NM for all you do.

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