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Pat E

2 years ago

It’s been 14 months since Niki’s stay at the hospital. She was having seizure episode’s. Niki hasn’t had a seizure since her stay. Thank you Animal Specialty Center for giving her the correct medication and great care. She’s 15 now and every moment we share is a special gift.

Ipshita Ray

2 years ago

My rescue pup who just turned 10 is my life line and I would do anything for her. Her vet who treated Oprah and Martha Stewart’s dogs is great but the clinic is far. ASC yonkers is simply GODSENT!! My dog recently had different cancer surgeries and other ongoing treatments, and all the Drs are amazing at ASC. Dr Streiff is the most compassionate and kind vet I’ve met so far and Dr Raske and Murray are exceptional. Caring, kind, detail oriented!! They have taken such good care of my furry baby so far. I am deeply grateful for that and feel so very lucky to live close enough by. I cannot recommend this ASC more strongly or unconditionally: for someone whose family has rescued dogs their entire lives, this is the one pet clinic which literally saves lives and in a caring way. I’ve been to many vets in Manhattan and Westchester and as much as they seem caring, they are all business focused, making money, pumping your precious ones with chemicals and pet foods for which they earn hefty commissions - so look no further when it comes to a balanced diet as designed by Dr Murray (Internal Medicine Doc), precision surgery and care by Dr Raske and Dr Streiff!

Nancy Joyce

2 years ago

Wonderful staff, nurses, and doctors. I came in with an emergency and they made me feel comfortable and like my cat was getting the best care and attention possible .

Carla Zanoni

2 years ago

Be sure to call ahead. We drove up here and found out, due to Covid issues, the center is no longer operating 24 hours a day.

Tabitha Rivera

2 years ago

I bought my dog in for something on her paw, it was my 1st time there. I found it to be a weird place to be. Of course because of covid, you can't go in so, no comfort in seeing where your pet is going or if they are safe. But at least the doctor calls you, discusses all the findings with you and everything that they think they should proceed to do and if you feel comfortable with that. The next call is from the reception, with a cost estimate for approval and payment. Then there is the waiting......they couldn't tell how long I would be waiting, that was unfortunate. But at least the nurse called went over all the instructions for aftercare and the doctor called to say all that she did. Overall very good experience, worth the $$$$. If needed I would go back. I don't want to NEED TO but if I had to I would. Thank you ASC for taking care of my baby.

Max and Leo's Mom Siegmeister

2 years ago

Dr. Murray and Marcy are amazing! We brought our cat in for an emergency ultrasound and have been blown away by Dr. Murray's care and concern. She's spent a lot of time, carefully and at an understandable level, explaining what is going on with our cat. She has provided a realistic plan of action and is guiding us to make smart decisions. We are thrilled with the care we are receiving with Dr. Murray, Marcy, and the Animal Specialty Center.

Maria S

2 years ago

Soooo helpful in calming me down after my dog got hurt. They helped me make an appointment online for quick service. The doctor demonstrated great interest in every detail about my dog for best way to proceed. My dog is doing so much better today! They showed lots of care!

Gyzelle Cabeza

2 years ago

Dr Willy was so comforting and explain everything in details and my options for my Molly. Thank u Dr Willy

Kathleen Alice

2 years ago

I have taken a dog with new-onset seizures and a diabetic cat there several times. The staff is knowledgeable and professional and I feel that my pets have gotten excellent care every time. They have also been sensitive to my own worry about my pets. I highly recommend them! During this COVID crisis, they have set it up to maintain CDC standards.

Kay Mac

2 years ago

The best experience evetytime i go there. Saw my baby on Christmas eve. They truly care about your pets.

Maria Merlucci

2 years ago

I had to give one star just to write a review. If you love your animal don’t go to ASC. My dog had a tumor in his chest. We spent close to $4200 to prolong his life. Took him in for a blood test before we were able to give him chemo pills. He WALKED in. When we picked him up in the afternoon we were handed his leash and his back legs just collapsed. Was told by the attendant was probably from being in the crate. Our dog was never able to walk again. We had to bring him to our vet to put him to sleep. ASC finally called a week later to ask what happened. I said you tell me. Covid is used as an excuse so you can’t go in. I have no idea what happened to him in there. Now it’s almost 2 weeks after I spoke to them and at the time they said they would look into what happened. I never heard from them again. No compassion. All about money.

Sheldor E

2 years ago

I contacted ASC last Sunday via their online contact form to set up an appointment for my sister’s 11 year old cat to get a consult with the oncologist for a lung tumor. My sister told me to take her there because my sister is an LVT and said they come highly recommended. I never received a response to my online request so I called Tuesday and the receptionist took my information and said the oncology receptionist was busy and would call me back. But give her time. I never heard back. I’m sorry but if giving the receptionist “time” to take some info and book a consult takes a week then their practice has problems. I didn’t expect to get seen right away but at least a call back to say I got your message so it seems like they care would be nice. Anyway, my sister’s cat stopped eating Wednesday and even with all the help her bosses gave we had to put her down today. That’s obviously not their fault but that’s what happened. I work in healthcare in a major NYC hospital. Specifically ultrasound and we help our receptionist schedule appointments and we would never let someone go a week with absolutely no response. We don’t even let them go 48 hours without a response. And Christmas is no excuse. The point is, what good is highly recommended when they don’t call you back to set up an appointment. Needless to say I would never recommend them to anyone and I KNOW my sister won’t ever again. There are a decent number of practices in the tri-state area that do specialty care. I’ll be bringing my cat to any of the other ones if I need to in the future.

Vince A

2 years ago

Dr. Rita Ho took care of my 13 year old Boston Terrier bulldog Spencer in March, earlier this year (2021). He had been diagnosed with lung cancer. I chose no treatments or surgery, only palliative care. He passed away quickly and a few months later, my other 12.5 year old Boston Terrier bulldog Bentley was diagnosed with metastatic osteosarcoma. We followed Dr. Ho across the state line, an hour away, to her new practice to seek her help with a prognosis. We again chose no treatments, simply palliative care. He passed quickly as well. Having experienced 2 cancer diagnoses, I cannot put into words how grateful we were for the medical expertise of Dr. Rita Ho. She is knowledgeable, experienced, creative with options, responsive, but most of all, compassionate. She treated me and my beloved fur-children as if they were her own. While I hope to never need her oncology services again, I will seek her out as my oncologist of choice. There is no other way to describe Dr. Rita Ho other than ..... THE BEST!

aydee m

2 years ago

DON’T TAKE YOUR PET ! Horrible experience. First of all the vet he said my dog swallowed something and needed surgery. Which it was all a lie !!! They said they did an ultrasound and they charge me so much ! But I took my dog to another vet & they took a look at the CD it was blank . So they never did an ultrasound. My dog ended up having an infection. Trust me don’t take your dog there! I highly recommend Petchester Veterinary not this horrible place . God knows I will never lie of such thing , don’t go here because they really don’t care about your pet.

Ayodele Oladipupo

2 years ago

very friendly, helpful and understanding! will come here again for any urgent pet needs 100%. wish they could even be the primary vet!


2 years ago

This place made me pay 1,300 just to release my dog in the same condition i brought him there in. Almost killed my dog. Ended up having to bring him to another vet who then took proper care of him and payed another 1,200. Save your money and most importantly, save your dogs life. DO NOT TAKE THEM HERE!

Dahlia R

2 years ago

Although experience this time was very painful,medical personnel and staff did their best,for the most part. Limitations imposed by pandemic made a difficult situation somewhat harder to deal with but appreciate everyone's efforts.

Jay Greenberg

2 years ago

Arrived and was told that they couldn't find her appointment or records from my vet. They kept calling my vet until thry got the records. They then agreed to see Maddy for a consult and did her chemotherapy. Very professional and helpful

Joshua Montalvo

2 years ago

The Animal Specialty Center is great. They helped give my dog a new lease on life. The doctors and staff are professional and top notch.

Miles E

2 years ago

Taking my dog here is always such a pleasant experience. Everyone is so nice and catering to every need of yours and your pet’s. They take the time to explain and make sure that they have done everything in their power for you. It is nice to know that there such a place.

G Credit

2 years ago

Please take your animal anywhere but HERE…. Very money hungry, these people are not here to help you at all. I dealt with another place in the westchester area that were more accommodating and had a modicum of CARE.

johnny alexandre

2 years ago

Can’t say enough positive things about this place. They took great care of our boy and kept us up to date every step of the way. Emailed us a receipt right after we were done and 48 hours later, as promised, they sent us a record of his treatment that day , with detailed notes. A day later the nurse called us to check up on him. Highly recommend

leanne forman

2 years ago

Dr Raske and his staff provided outstanding care when our dog fractured his femur. They were highly professional and our dog is recovering well despite highly complicated repeat fracture. Thank you!

Melanie Russell

2 years ago

I have nothing but good things to say about ASC. Their response to my baby's urgent needs matched the sense of urgency I felt. They were kind and professional, and they got me set up with their specialty care center for ongoing support (PT, laser therapy, hydrotherapy, etc.). I super appreciate everyone who showed my baby the love and attention that she deserves. <3


2 years ago

They were absolutely great at taking care of my dachshund, but I found them to be very pricey. The cost came at a bad time now that the holidays are here, but I'm thankful that my baby is alive and much better than when I took her in.

Drew M.

2 years ago

Organized, friendly, thorough and ultimately helpful in working through a medical diagnosis for our pet.

Yisselle Riera

2 years ago

Very friendly staff, very clean rooms, my dogs get the help they need to improve they health.

EJ Chino

2 years ago

The Best ! Doctors and staff are top-notch. They treated my dog as if he was their own. I would highly recommend ASC; I drove 30 plus miles daily to have them care for my dog. I will continue to use them as needed with the knowledge that my pup will be in excellent, caring hands.

Ruth Rios

2 years ago

Beautiful location, great facility for your pet, but the first thing we were told was: pay $3600 up front, or if not my cat dies. My baby is a rescue, he'd been lethargic and not himself. I had taken him here before and he had received good care. They had him a total of 5 days and said he had stones. They wanted another $4000 for surgery and to send the stones to be analyzed and see what he had. This is the day after Thanksgiving. I didn't have that amount in funds available. I called around and was told to take him to the Humane Society which should have been the first place I should have gone. He didn't have stones, but a very bad UTI, they did the surgery, flushed him out, and gave him antibiotics. He's now been home and himself again. To top it all off, I was just notified that a refund due to my card was never processed by them, which has now affected my credit score as I went "over" my credit line. I'm just completely over this "hospital".


2 years ago

Took my dog for the first time after being referred by his vet. I was a little nervous after reading some reviews. Everyone I spoke to was very professional and caring. I had a 2 pm appointment and just had to wait a few minutes in the car until they were ready to check him in. He was seen by Dr. Willey and I have to say she was awesome. She explained everything in details and answered all my questions. He was ready in less than 2 hrs. He was there for a stomach ultrasound. Although it was a bit pricey, it was worth the quality service he received.

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