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Dmytro Kushka

2 years ago

They did an excellent job for a reasonable price!

Danielle Quintana

2 years ago

I saw the one and two star posts at this location, and deeply debated brining my female runt Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Though as I could not afford the typical $1,000 spay at my primary vet, I thought this would be the next affordable option, with my primary recommending that he would also take his dogs to this location as well. I called in about a month earlier, and I believe the woman's name is Sarah, she told me instructions for the night before the spay, including shot records and no food. The day of, my boyfriend and I were so nervous to bring her in, and I was dreading the day to come. Did it smell like pee, yes a little bit, but I'd pee myself too in a strange location. Sarah was very nice and had us fill out some paperwork, and had told us to call around 1 to check in. At about noon she went out of her way to inform us that my girl had a closed hernia, and that it posed no threat to her, and let us know that she was going into surgery soon. At 2 p.m. I was there to pick up my baby, and paid at at least for me about $180. She was shocked of course, and definitely not a happy camper. They sent us home with pain medication, and the instruction for the following recovery. It's been about four or five days, and my baby's incision is looking fabulous, a little swollen but nothing major. I would highly recommend this facility. Sarah the woman at the front desk works solo, and I do not blame her for her shortness or bluntness when it comes to the routine of spay and neuter while calling in. All the VA girls were incredibly nice, and wished my girl a speedy recovery! Looking to head back when my next Pembroke is ready for her spay!

Michelle Thompson-Lewis

2 years ago

I didn't go any further after finding out their fee to spay my 5 yr old cat.$165 as she is an *older* cat.She never goes outside,I'm on the 4th floor,not worried about her escaping.They used to have a sliding scale.No more.I live on $998. per month.She was snarky and cold.I wouldn't take my sweet roommate there if I COULD afford it.

Adria Aumack

2 years ago

They took great care of my very difficult pup.

Amie Del Vecchio

2 years ago

They do amazing work. I am so thankful that they care enough about animals to help take care of strays that other vets don't unless you are willing to pay a lot of money. They care more about the animals than the money.

Blue “Blue Jeans” Jeans

2 years ago

I read the previous reviews and inspite of a few negative ones in regards to cleanliness I chose to bring my cat Harley in. Was it the cleanest place in the world or the best smelling place in the world no.... But the care is equal to that of any other veterinarian. Especially like the fact that they keep your animal overnight not like the majority of places will you pick them up in the afternoon. The money is spent over supposed to be for the care and surgery of your pet instead of a big veterinarian office with all the bells and whistles hands down are afraid any of my pets to East Coast Spay. I suggestion would be for those who do not like the smell instead of complaining donate have a great day everyone and stay safe!

Carrie Eaton

2 years ago

I got my 2.5 year old Pitt bull son neutered today and this place is amazing. The receptionist was extremely busy however made time to answer all of my questions. Very clean place and prices are very good. Will highly recommend to someone searching for this type of service. Ty again

Chris Stern

2 years ago

Currently walking out of Pets Plus in Bayville with $300 of flea medication because the lovely staff at this clinic sent my kitten home with some friends :) Thank you so much!!

Ines Leonor

2 years ago

Our pup had some issues before she even became a patient. They did all they could to help us until her 1st appointment! Follow up calls to make sure our Yuki was ok! The staff was so compassionate and caring! A BIG thank you to All! Would NEVER trust my baby with anyone else!

Karen Chandler

2 years ago

Great service and very kind to us.

Robert Giordano

2 years ago

Friendly staff, good service a little dirty6

Ralph Ferrara

2 years ago

I walked in to get my cat spayed and the whole place smelled like urine, cat and dog food all over the floor, the place was very sloppy and dirty and the girl at the front desk was unbelievably unprofessional and rude. Place is unclean and unprofessional what kind of service do you think they are going to give your animal? Enough said

Deborah Corliss

2 years ago

Took both my cats there to get neutered and they were the most inexpensive place I found to get that done and more. I will continue to use them for all my veterinary needs!

Ashley Witzgall

2 years ago

Can we talk about East Coast's dedication to our animals? I've seen a wide variety of reviews- but I wanted to make special note of the care and compassion our fur babies receive from this place. I had the privilege to meet Kristen (whom I'd had spoken with on the phone previously) when picking up my kitten. This vet tech checked on information, contacted me, answered all of my questions, and reassured me every step of the way. This alone was comforting- knowing my sweet little furbaby was taken care of and loved while I was unable to be there. I am beyond grateful to her and her hardwork ethic. East Coast not only takes care of our fur children but they help to neuter many of the foster and ferals in our area! Personally I am incredibly grateful to this organization and their vet techs compassion for creatures. I hope she knows how important her work is and that it doesn't go unnoticed!

Alexa :D

2 years ago

my neighbor told me this was one of the best vets, they weren’t wrong. I took my cat here like a year ago and they took good take for her, I called a couple times to check up on her and they did answer. My cat is now 3 years old and sprayed thank you for you good work keeping my cat safe and cared for. <3

Sara Kaminski

2 years ago

They are great! The staff was very informative and answered all my questions. They took very good care of my Rosie girl! She was a little nervous going in and they made sure she felt comfortable with them ! I will definitely be using them again and I will recommend to anyone who needs to get their animals spayed or neutered!

Charles Beam

2 years ago

Best deal for helping folks trying to help cats and dogs

Gaetano Ricciardi

2 years ago

Asked the lady at the front who brought my dog out if she could help me put him in the cone as I am a new dog owner and my dog is high energy. She refused just wondering if that is protocol to hand the owner an open cone and basically say do it yourself. Now I am home with a dog who’s about to rip stitches out and no help putting him in his cone

john Kerrigan

2 years ago

I think it's a low and deceiving rating. Everything they said they would do they did. Courteous staff. The dog was I'll from anesthesia, staff took time to explain the commonality of it and instructed on how to treat. I took my boy there. You take yours. You wont be disappointed.

kinsey bruno

2 years ago

Had a wonderful experience here! Can’t believe all the comments u read bc the front desk was not only helpful but friendly and even funny perhaps charming dare I say it. I would have no qualms about bringing a pet here! My dog was 41lbs at the time and it cost ballpark $250. Me and husband went to the boardwalk while we waited for the poor guy getting surgery. And joes bagels up the street is killer. 10/10 would recommend

carolynn p

2 years ago

They were supper fast and helpful. They also help the not for profit alley cats live a better life . They are the most reasonable place in all ocean county. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I habe had about 9 cats in my lifetime treated there. Never had a problem or a wait!!

Jessica Wilbert

2 years ago

Very easy process. My kitten had zero issues and his procedure went great. I was able to call after his procedure to check in on him. Very happy that there are people out there who care about our fur-babies. They even remembered my kittens name when I went to pick him up!


2 years ago

Very pleased with having this low cost option to be able to get my baby girl spayed and get her up to date on all of her shots. I was so nervous taking her. She's never ever been away from home. But, she did great and is now healed and back to her normal self. Thanks for taking care of my girl, for the services you provide, and the work that you do. ????

Ashley Carozzoni

3 years ago

Rude staff and the place reeks of urine. Very unprofessional and not helpful at all with answering any questions I had. I quickly turned around and left this place.


3 years ago

I read prior reviews while waiting for the pick up time to get my dog and was so scared. I’m glad my experience was nothing like that. The staff was kind and informative. Thank you for taking such good care of my little guy!

Daniel H. DiLiberto

3 years ago

They took excellent care of my cat Abby. She needed to be fixed. She was given to me as an older cat that had not been fixed. Abby is much happier now it seems.

Fernando Bustamante

3 years ago

My cat ???? was given her vaccination right away and I was in a out in less than 5 minutes! Very efficient place! I would recommend it highly!!

Alex Shultz

3 years ago

Walked in and the whole place smells like urine and cigarettes really bad. We (my girlfriend and I) have 3 cats so I was carrying 2 and she.was carrying 1 and the first thing said to us was one of the employees just saying "one of you needs to leave now you both can't be here" meanwhile we never knew about their rules and they had no sign saying only 1 person for all pets. Then after being told we would get our cats back the same day over the phone when we made the appointment, we were told they would need to be there overnight. Once we said we were told otherwise the lady at the desk started chastising us and told my girlfriend "if I was smart enough I would have wrote it down so I knew". She also was saying how we didn't pass any of the information over the phone like we were supposed to, even though all we were told was to bring them in separate crates and be there between 8 and 10am. If I could give less than 1 star I would. I will never trust them with any of my pets.

Stacey Seegert

3 years ago

I want to share our true appreciation to the caring staff! We rescued our pup who was found in a dumpster in NC, and although he was quick to become our sweetheart, he was remains extremely scared of strangers poking at him. He was obviously traumatized even though we adopted him at only 7 weeks. We brought him to two other clinics for shots and attempt to get spayed, and they called us to pick him up saying he was ‘violent’ and they couldn’t perform services! (I’ll spare their names, ugh!) East Coast Clinic in Toms River was WONDERFUL and understanding right from the first call! I explained the situation and the receptionist explained it was ok and they would willingly spay our pup anyway dispute his unruly reactions. They took him in that morning and like professionals treated him with respect and care and didn’t make us feel awful. After all, we did RESCUE a pup that would have probably otherwise been put down. He just needed love and special understanding and that’s exactly what this clinic showed our baby and us too! Thank you so very much for being TRUE animal lovers- we are so very thankful! Not every clinic is truly FOR the animals, THIS ONE IS!! thank you to all!! You’re amazing and deserve so much credit for what you do! -Much love, Milo & Mommy & Daddy Rose ❤️

Dawn Beviano

3 years ago

The receptionist at the front desk could use some customer service training. Other than that, the rest of the staff was friendly and helpful. Neutering and microchipping went well.

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