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kayla stewart

2 years ago

I can't even begin to express how happy i am with my purchase from Bark Avenue puppies. My puppy is the perfect addition! The process was so smooth and Lacie was amazing. She answered all my questions, even after I took my puppy home. She was knowledgable and gave me all the information I needed for my new puppy. I cant thank Lacie and Bark Avenue enough! The perfect Christmas present!! Cam is such a cutie! :)

Edith Shannon

2 years ago

Bark Ave is a great place to get a beautiful fur baby

Giselle Santos-Riano

2 years ago

Best pet store! The owner was very friendly and was always there when I needed to ask questions or were in need of anything! Highly recommend!

Nicole Beagan

2 years ago

Very welcoming and knowledgeable staff! All of the puppies were clean, happy, and healthy. It is very apparent that they take great care of their puppies, and the space they’re in. We got our mini dachshund there and couldn’t be happier! They post all of their puppies on Instagram, so definitely keep an eye on their account if you’re looking for a new furry friend!

Christopher Zarzana

2 years ago

I got my Shiba Inu from the location years ago. She left the store completely healthy and is still going strong. I would definitely recommend speaking with with the owners if you they are there, if you have any questions . Very reasonable and welcoming It's a personal choice if you want to buy or rescue

Michele McNamara

2 years ago

I was sad to see this store and went home and DID SOME RESEARCH. Turns out they are linked to some of the worst puppy mills in the country. If you can’t visit the parents, please don’t buy. Or you can go to Monmouth County SPCA.

Helen Pecelli

2 years ago

I bought a Mini Goldendoodle from Park Avenue. I was a little concerned about buying a puppy from a pet store instead of a breeder. To my pleasant surprise my puppy is the sweetest, smartest, and has the best personality. Thank you Bark Avenue! You did the ground work for me. I am so thrilled with my new buddy.

Amanda Callison

2 years ago

If I could give this place more stars I would. Both the owner and the girl at the shop were super helpful. I purchased my mini doxie here three weeks weeks ago and can’t believe I had a life before him. The place was very clean. I love the fact they only keep a certain amount of dogs at one time, they only chose certain breeders and they even have a package of all the stuff you need for a new pup. It was a one stop shop. I left with my puppy and all his essentials. Thank you so much!! I keep telling everyone about your shop.

Avi Perlstein

2 years ago

Wonderful place, very knowledgeable, very patient and very professional.

Haley G

2 years ago

I’ve stopped in Bark Ave a few times. The dogs always looked a little off but I figured “eh, all puppies can go through a goofy looking stage.” The staff has always rushed to the back (which reeks of bleach and might explain why all the puppies eyes were watering) and been less than eager to help. In my recent search for dogs I considered checking them out again to more seriously look into getting a new family member. For me, the only way to buy a puppy is through an ethical breeder and I had hoped that Bark Ave’s Standards would be high considering that’s how their puppies are priced and marketed. Unfortunately, staff is quick to dodge any questions about where the dogs come from and got offended when I asked. A reputable place would be excited to show off the amazing breeders they work with, their standards, and the health checks the parents and puppies go through. If you are looking for a puppy, save yourself the time, money, and heartache of shopping through what is essentially a puppy mill middleman and just go straight to an ethical breeder you can trust or check online shelters. This business doesn’t seem to care about dogs OR their customers. If you are still unconvinced that Bark Ave doesn’t source from reputable breeders, ask yourself this: Why would a reputable breeder breed mixes when any breeder worth their salt avoids damaging the breed? Why would a reputable breeder who in many cases would have a year or more long waitlist for highly desirable breeds ship off their puppies to be sold for what would be a loss to them? Most reputable breeders charge thousands PER PUPPY and still come out at breaking even or a loss. Why would a reputable breeder want their puppies sitting in glass boxes all day and night and going off to simply whoever wants them first? And why would you want to risk buying a dog from a place that is clearly not concerned with the health and happiness of dogs? Edit: In response to the owner my “agenda” was to get a dog from a place that cares about dogs. The business model of “designer breed” pet shop to the rude staff to the lack of easily accessible information about what breeders the dogs are sourced from is red flag after red flag. A shop that truly cares about the puppies should be EXCITED to have customers so concerned about the health of the dogs and making sure they come from responsible breeders and not mills.

Pat Baldwin

2 years ago

They say I didn't buy the dog here because they also run a rescue out of the location! The puppy I purchased is sick and I have spent hundreds of dollars for kennel cough and ear mites. I was told the puppy was healthy! No!!!! I paid $1500 for a sick puppy that was with all the other dogs. Beware of sick puppies coming out of here and nasty owner! If you check the reviews she did this to someone else too!!


3 years ago

very small place but easier to keep clean and maintain for happy and healthy puppies !! Very happy with my purchase going on about 6 to 7 months happy to say the little guy is part of the family ..highly recommend for your next puppy purchase

Lisa Thomas

3 years ago

Went to bark ave because my son and cousin both got there dogs from there and had good experiences. I was quoted a price on a puppy and took my kids to pick it up. Upon paying the price was $3,000 over what I was told on the phone. I went two hours after calling with my children and both the young girls working behind the counter denied quoting. Saying the owner must have told me the price. She was very rude and non apologetic. Took my kids home crying. Very disappointed.

Laura Oosse

3 years ago

Love bark avenue puppies. They are professional kind and simply outstanding. I picked up my sweet Chihuahua Olive 3 weeks ago and she is the most sweet and happy puppy. I highly recommend and will always go to them for my puppy needs

Alison Palmisano

3 years ago

I will never recommend anyone do business with This shop. I reached out to see a specific dog and asked to see him same day. I was advised to call the next day to set up an appointment. Then later that night she asked if I was able to do a specific time and I couldn’t because I didn’t want to bring my young children. I got a time the next morning. The night before the appointment, she called to say they sold him!! After reiterating the entire scenario she said people had appointments before me and that was it! Even though I had made it clear this was the dog I had every intention of buying. No integrity, just pure greed. I had everything set for him! So thankful I didn’t tell my kids yet because what a true disappointment.

Trevor Jay-Michael

3 years ago

This place is absolutely horrible and I would not recommend this place to anyone. Seven years ago I got my Yorkie at Bark Avenue and she had a limp in her leg and tried to blame it on us saying we threw her across the room which never ever happened we do not abuse our animals. If we never bought her they would’ve killed her just because she had a limp in her leg. I’m truly disgusted with this Pet shop.

Tori “Tori” Pitarresi

3 years ago

My boyfriend and I had gotten our puppy there back in November 2018. He is AMAZING! A wonderful happy, and healthy puppy. We had never had any issues with him healthwise, or Bark Avenue. We are looking to get another puppy for him to have a lifelong best friend. We had wanted another dog just like him. Just for size, and companionship. And Lauren was more than accommodating to look up our beautiful sons (our dog) breeder, and she said she has a good relationship with him and see if he has a litter anytime soon. I saw many reviews about this place that were negative, but my experience was 100% nothing but positive. Enough that we are looking for another beautiful fur baby to love!

Toni Califano

3 years ago

I’m so happy we made the decision to go Bark Ave for our puppy! Not only is she so smart but also healthy and sweet. The shop was clean and the owner Lacey was super knowledgeable and helpful. Excellent experience! Every pup rescue or not needs to be loved????

Tariq Jackson

3 years ago

I originally discovered Bark Avenue puppies via their Facebook page. It was national pet day, and the owner requested that everyone who’d purchased a pet from them to share their alumni. Over 300 people shared their puppies along with their wonderful experiences with Bark Avenue. I was excited and convinced I should get my Miniature Goldendoodle from them! However, when I came to google and yelp for further research, I found that the reviews had made a drastic change from what I’d saw on Facebook....The people on google and yelp claimed BA to purchase their pets from puppy mills, that the owners were rude, and that the animals looked sick and not to trust them, ect....I used my better judgement and realized these were animal rights activists using Google and Yelp to create a deterrent for Bark Avenue. I went with my gut and decided to purchase from them anyway. I’m GLAD I did. Lacie was WONDERFUL. She was ALWAYS there to answer my questions, and stayed in close contact with me during my waiting period to ensure I felt safe purchasing from her. She sent me pictures, have me updates, and when I went to pick up my puppy she gave me EVERYTHING I need. (Including where my puppy came from, the breeders, the puppy’s parents, grandparents, and great grandparents) . I was given information on how to register him, he came microchipped, and up to date on ALL of his vaccinations. Lacie informed me during pickup that if the dog ended up with worms or any kind sickness or kennel cough that she would take of the bill. I took my puppy to my own vet the next day, and aside from Giardia (which is normal in puppies), he was given a clean bill of health. I’m so glad I chose to trust Bark Avenue with my first pet experience. I could give them 20 stars for the level of patience and care they showed me and my family.

sue lane

3 years ago

Had a wonderful experience and love my puppy sooooo much. he is perfect!!!! Thank you very much

Shawn Hopf

3 years ago

Very accommodating! Puppies are very happy and healthy!

Marta Kalichnekov

3 years ago

Rude staff, not so pleasant.

Malak Allan

3 years ago

This place is amazing well I haven’t went but today my dad is gonna call this store because we are looking for a puppy ???? and I hope it’s not too expensive

Kortney Spencer

3 years ago

I was looking for a puppy in the beginning of April and wanted to make sure he came from the most honest and caring breeder, so I reached out to Bark Avenue Puppies. Lacie was so incredibly helpful and was quick to answer all of my questions. I waited patiently for little Nash to arrive and Lacie made sure he saw the vet and was happy and healthy before I picked him up. We took Nash home and welcomed him into our family— best day every! Being a first time puppy owner I contacted Lacie at Bark Avenue Puppies over and over again. What food is the best? How many treats can he have? Should I clean his ears? And on and on. She was always so welcoming and offered all of her knowledge and expertise. I feel so lucky to be able to contact her whenever I have questions about Nash to make sure he is the happiest and healthiest puppy around. I feel so thankful for Lacie and Bark Avenue Puppies for bringing the sweetest baby into our home! Can’t say enough about this business <3

Kimberly Palmer

3 years ago

Great experience start to finish! We have THE best and cutest little Shih-Tzu...and just love her to pieces! So happy we were connected with this little happy, loving fluff ball!!

Alicia Pilla

3 years ago

This place seems great! I may come down to come get a pup my self! Do you take walk ins and do you have morkies?

John Amato

3 years ago

I thought it odd that the two most stars columns were 5 and 1 so I read through the reviews and is seems everyone who gave 1 star couldn't be made happy no matter what or were dead wrong in their info. A friend bought a bernadoodle pup from them and the dog is a sweet girl and affordable for that breed

Greg Outcalt

3 years ago

I read a little too much general information beforehand about the horrors of getting a puppy. Places can't be trusted, etc, etc. I'm so glad we found Bark Ave. Puppies. Lacie was excellent in every way. We got our puppy 3 months ago and he is doing fantastic and has brought an incredible amount of joy to our family.


3 years ago

We got a cute shishpoo, a great little dog. Great place and staff.

Christine Indursky

3 years ago

wonderful experience BOTH times. I’ve gotten both of my dogs from bark avenue and both times had great experience with the owner, staff and health of our puppies.

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