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Emily Gallagher

2 years ago

This is the best Vet experience I could have asked for! My rescue bulldog, Rock, has a lot of anxiety and can be aggressive in …

Tawanna Luckett

2 years ago

Very nice staff and food with my dog But a little too expensive

Nina Hndz

2 years ago

I love Dr.Krieger n have highly recommended her services to others. She recently saw my 78lb Chow Chow, Loki, n Dr Krieger wasnt fazed by his 'typical' chow demeanor. She handled him like a champ, along with the usual love n patience. I take ALL my furbabies to be seen/treated by her including the ones I foster.

Amanda Fletcher

2 years ago

We are taking our 3 cats here. They are incredibly helpful and friendly. Dr. Krieger has been thorough about explaining what is going on when our cats get sick and what her recommendations for treatment are and why. The only complaint I have is that sometimes you end up waiting a long time in their waiting room because they can get busy. But, hey, At The Wallace is just across the street….

yadi luv

2 years ago

Everyone was polite and kind, very friendly. The prices are affordable. Clean rooms informative staff, kind and gentle doctor. Dr Krieger and I came up with a great plan to help my fur baby get back to his healthy self. I do warn you the no show fee is expensive. Do text or call them to inform them you are not coming.

Melody Hernandez

2 years ago

On Friday I had an appointment for my beautiful lab Coco, who has been having hip and walking difficulties for a few days. I took her to see her vet Dr. Krieger, who has seen her for a few years for basic care and vaccinations. I was definitely scared for her so my husband had to take her in while awaited outside. Dr. Krieger walked in asked what was going on with Coco, my husband described her issue, she says well let’s get an x- ray to diagnose her. I come in a ask what’s going on the assistant explained she needed an x-ray so we agreed. They take Coco away and about 5 min later the assistant comes back with a bill for $823.00 which includes an X-ray fo $175 and 2 other x-rays for at another $110. Blood test for $230, sedation for $117 plus the office visit for $70 and last but not least medication $ 120. Yet, she hasn’t been diagnosed but they already know what medication to give her ? But that’s not the worst thing, I now have to explain I cannot afford the charge and ask what can we do. The assistant says let me talk to the Dr. 5 min later here comes another assistant with Coco, she hands Coco over to me and says you can take her to the ASPCA. I was so confused because I couldn’t afford $823. They were not willing to help Coco? They didn’t even try to offer a payment plan? Or try another way with less charges. So, I did as they suggested I left. I then get a call from the office because they had prepared medication for her and I didn't pay the office visit. I explained I didn’t want the medication for $110 dollars when the medication was offered before a diagnosis was even given and that particular medication can also be bought on line for less then $20.00 and since the Dr didn’t give her an exam I wasn’t going to pay the $70 visit charge. I was then repeatedly chastised by text from either the assistant or the Dr. I explained how offended and hurt I was at the treatment Coco and I received, at no point during our 10 min visit did they put my Coco well being first. I understand it’s a business but there are better ways of handling such issues. Sad to say this is not a place you should bring your best friend for care unless you have money a lot of it!

Valerie W

2 years ago

Clean, warm and welcoming. We were given kind, sensitive attention and plenty of time to say good by to our pet.

Why film Works

2 years ago

Drew blood from my dog, which i still don't believe they did. Never heard from them after that. $200 for nothing.

Cristina Haigler

2 years ago

A bit of a wait but so much love and care. I’m very satisfied with how they treated and interacted with my pit

Patrick Sisson

2 years ago

I brought my dog here to get neutered, and the staff at Community Veterinary Medicine took great care of him throughout the entire process. They were very communicative and clearly invested in his wellbeing- thanks to your staff for helping us through this major milestone!

Elana B

2 years ago

Went in for an ear infection for my dog, it’s been over a week and I still don’t have his medication. he’s suffering with so much pain and I still don’t have his medication. I called a vet in Harlem today, and they conduct ear infection testing ON SITE instead of sending it off AND they charge half the price. $400 later and my dog is still in pain!! There’s no excuse!!. Go somewhere else if your dog has an ear infection, like a clinic who does the culture sample in-house to prevent excessive wait times and to prevent the further suffering of your dog in the process. Yes the people here are friendly, but that doesn’t off set the health of my dog. It’s August 30 y’all and STILL HAVE NO MEDS AND ITS BEEN 2 WEEKS SINCE MY DOG WAS SEEN!! I PAID $400 for my dog to be healed of a simple ear infection and my dog is still suffering and no one seems to care and all I hear are excuses…

Raphaelle St. Vil-Thorne

2 years ago

Great service always for my Qupid Valentino!!!

Elizabeth Hernandez

2 years ago

Thank you for been there for my oso when I needed more the doctor is very professional thank you ???????????????????????? when I rescued him I didn’t no what to do but is now my baby

Joanne Ramirez

2 years ago

They went above and beyond to help get my dog properly diagnosed and medicated!


2 years ago

I had so many concerns about my husky before i came here, she didn't want to eat, had an ongoing period/infection and she'd always want to eat everything BUT her food. After the visit, the doctor gave me a few medications for her and about a week later of giving her the medication everyday, she was eating all her food! Her infection went away, and she doesn't destroy anything anymore (since she'd always want to eat anything else besides her food). The pricing was reasonable, good and the staff was amazing. Thank you so much!

Shahab Hadaegh

2 years ago

Stay away from this doctor (Kreiger) for anything but MAYBE the most basic concerns. I brought my then puppy in 2017 for a cryptorchidectomy (removal of a non-descending testicle from the abdomen). The doctor performed the surgery, said it went well and sent my pup home. Just recently I happened to have an ultrasound done, which confirmed that his testicle never got removed, which means that my dog's testicle has been sitting in his abdomen for several years! I recall now that she never wanted to confirm with a follow-up ultrasound and was very dodgy when pressed about providing proof, etc. Dr. Kreiger literally put my dog at direct risk for developing cancer and dying prematurely due to her ignorance and down right malpractice. I should shut her down for this. Lets be clear: she performed a surgery she wasn't equipped or trained to perform, removed tissue that she couldn't confirm was the correct tissue, and finally, gave misleading information about the results.

Paola Rivera-Torres

2 years ago

December 8th - The vet assistant or receptionist (I don't know her position because she didn't introduce herself) was very friendly but she didn't explain the diagnosis or rationale for the prescriptions. I didn't like that she just brought the receipt and medications, instead of educating me about the disease or care. I do appreciate that I emailed Dr. Krieger and she answered immediately and clarified my concerns. December 16th - The cat tested positive for toxocara but they did NOT tell me that she needed another fecal test in 3 weeks after completing medication (I learned about this when I requested the medical record). January 18th - I decided to give this place another try. I went because my cat had DIARRHEA. They charged me $30 for an EYE EXAM.

Brian Stuart

2 years ago

Great vet. Staff can be a bit ill informed but Dr. K. gets it right. She is one of the best vets, maybe the best, I've ever known.

Melissa Lantigua

3 years ago

They treat our dog very good. Recommended!

Patricia Dunn

3 years ago

easy online appt portal, thorough vets and not pushy about additional procedures etc. they also are well priced and very nice and friendly! they get back to you with results promptly and you don’t just fall through the cracks like at other vets. i’d recommend them to any pet owner!


3 years ago

I wouldn’t take you beloved creature here. They will falsely diagnose a “condition” for your dog in order to squeeze some extra money out of you. They said my dog had an “enlarged heart.” Took her to two other doctors for a diagnosis , They didn’t detect any sort of “heart enlargement.” Not cool man. Go somewhere else, trust me fellow human.

Angelica Perdomo

3 years ago

This veterinary clinic truly deserves 5 stars+. I came from Armory Cat & Dog Hospital in Kingsbridge to this clinic because it was recommended by my friend and LET ME TELL YOU GUYS how much of a difference there has been since. The staff and doctor are super nice, very responsive. The doctor definitely knows what she's doing. It was my first time bringing both of my dogs and she evaluated them so well that she noticed other issues that weren't diagnosed in our old vet clinic. That alone meant a lot to me. She's also just as concerned as us, pet owners, and wants to get your pets the help or treatment they need asap. I can tell she treats every pet as if they were her own. Lastly, their price is very reasonable and affordable compared to my old vet clinic. We will definitely be staying with Community Vet and I thank my friend for her recommendation!

Charles J

3 years ago

We have had only great experiences here. We trust the Dr. and the assistants and they have never let us down. The clinic and staff are responsive and caring.

Katie Johnson

3 years ago

Can't give enough praise to this clinic - Dr. Krieger and her staff are great. I had to call her at 3 AM and she was on the phone with me making sure my baby was safe to see her in the next morning and never charged me for the follow up visit. The staff is beyond caring - Thank you for all that you do for the community.

Brookie Chandler

3 years ago

Don't let the google reviews fool you. Read YELP. We have been there twice trying to help my puppy's digestive issues. They just told me he has colitis (the second time) and give him probiotics. They did not ask about his food or anything. I've never actually met or talked to the vet. They did not explain what to feed dog with this issue nothing. I'm on you tube and google trying to find out. I called another Vet to get a serving opinion. They don't have appointments until next month but they were able to give me detailed information about treating colitis The staff are really nice

Julien Keshishian

3 years ago

Do not recommend this place for cat owners. I'll leave it at that. Other reviews have me covered on why.

Francesca Johnson

3 years ago

Very close but prices are crazy high here i say go to petco for any pet.

chanel johnson

3 years ago

I went to put my cat asleep on a Saturday, the doctor was sweet and suggested she do some blood work on my cat to see if he had a chance to get better. She felt his throat and said his thyroid was enlarged. Of course being a cat mom I agreed. My cat came home with me the same day along with medication. Soon as I got home and took my cat out the carrier he was very weak he couldn’t walk his eyes were barely open. Just a hour before his visit my cat was walking meowing, eyes open and in much better shape then after his visit. I was told he was only getting blood drawn so I was confused to why he was in such bad shape. Needless to say he passed away the next morning. I watched him suffer right before he passed. He threw up and started gasping for air in his final moments. I can’t help but feel at fault. Here it is I brought him in to have a peaceful death. And was given false hope of more life for him. I believe he was given something he shouldn’t have been given because I told the vet what happened and I received a call saying he didn’t have a enlarged thyroid he had something more serious. A refund was offered to me and I’m waiting the results of his blood work.

Anacleto Lucas

3 years ago

The staff at this veterinary are so nice very friendly and speak with great passion for there job. The Doctor came outside to speak with me about my dog she was so patient with me in asking questions. The Doctor was very nice. They are reasonably priced and will work with you if your on a budget. I would recommend this veterinary without thought.

Niorca Mejia

3 years ago

very unprofessional, i speak Spanish and English and the receptionist just because i have an accent transferred me, assuming i do not speak English.

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