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Tammy Lopez

2 years ago

Love their compassion ❤ Very knowledgeable Vets!! Always looking what's best for your pet!!

Dr. Dylan DeLorenzo, D.C.

2 years ago

Years ago they misdiagnosed cancer in my dog, then recommended 35$ laser treatments 3x/week, which I declined. I payed out of pocket for a ct scan and found it myself. All the lady dr did on our consultation for our dogs teeth cleaning was talk about herself and her book. I have not found a vet yet that does correct bloodwork to find the cause of disease. They all want to treat the disease. The front desk is extremely rude and inconsiderate as the other negative reviews state. Honestly, I don’t think they are holistic at all. It’s probably just a front for their high fees. I feel they are heartless and motivated by money, like most drs are. The one Indian male dr their is pretty reliable as if he needs his own practice. Just another mill in my opinion. I hope this review helps people realize that the only one that is truly going to care for your dog is you. Feed them correctly, give them vitamins and plenty of love and exercise because their lives are short and they love us unconditionally. I’m sure we will all find a vet one day that treats are animals with their minds, their hearts and hands. It’s definitely not this place. That’s my opinion.

Stephen king

2 years ago

I called to take my new pup in and the lady that picked up was very rude and not helpful at all.. taking my business elsewhere

Sefra Fisher

2 years ago

The best veterinarians .They do the best for all animals holistically and using allopathic medicine when needed.

Nicole E

2 years ago

Treated my dog like she was their own. Spent time with her after her emergency appointment to make sure she was calm enough for the long drive home.

Kira Liva

2 years ago

I booked appointments for each of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels after feeling like my current vet(s) I've seen for years were constantly dismissing my concerns so I wanted a second opinion as well as someone who reads up on the current research and has a holistic approach. I couldn't have been happier with my experience with Dr. Hirsch. I finally have a vet who listens to my concerns and truly evaluates my dogs. She spent hours checking over every inch of them and diagnosed one with an arrhythmia that my past vet missed. It turns out there were quite a few things my past vet(s) overlooked and had just shrugged off as their behavior that turns out have medical causes (ex: my one girl constantly chews on her ear to the point where it's inches shorter than the other, turns out she has a huge blockage in the ear that we're currently resolving with drops Dr. Hirsch gave us). Dr. Hirsch truly cares and I wish she could be MY doctor! I couldn't say enough good things and am thrilled to have finally found a vet I can trust with my babies. I'll recommend her to everyone!

Christine Ma

2 years ago

My dog trainer recommended this place to me. I went out of my way to drive my 2 dogs 2 hours each way because I really wanted to find a holistic vet that won't reprimand me for feeding a balanced raw diet (my pet carnivore, Viva, Raw Feed Miami, etc). And to be truthful, the care once you're inside is exceptional. I had Dr. Rohini Sathish who was extremely knowledgable, empathetic, and really took the time to speak to me about all the concerns I had with both my dogs even though it took a while to get through my questions. ******But the rude receptionist undoes all that and makes me never want to visit again.****** When I arrived for my appointment, the receptionist made me wait for like 20 minutes. Which was fine. It's busy and I get that. But then after she started the process of checking me in, she cuts me off mid-conversation to chit-chat with the person behind me. She then completely ignores what we were doing and asks to coddle, hold and play with the puppy of the person standing behind me. After 10 minutes of ignoring me, she goes back to checking me in like nothing had happened. She was extremely condescending and ironically impatient -- considering she had no issue making me wait while she played with puppies. Extremely rude, just like she was when i first tried to make my appointment through the phone -- yelling at me for not intuitively not knowing how to navigate their unintuitive website. A bit of free professional UX advice for you guys -- if it takes more than 3 clicks to get to where I want, you need to simplify the site. I was already feeling extremely uncomfortable, driving all the way from brooklyn to NJ -- where I was terribly aware that there weren't many minorities around. In the midst of the pandemic i couldn't help but feel like I was getting different treatment from this receptionist because I'm east asian. It's either that or she's just plain rude. Dr. Rohini Sathish, if you're reading this, if you were considering it at all, this is a sign to please take your skills elsewhere. We need more patient and knowledgeable holistic vets like yourself. This receptionist isn't doing any favors for this location. Despite the awful awful receptionist, I tried calling again for an appointment because I had a great experience with the veterinarian. But again, I had to deal with the receptionist -- who literally yelled at me for waiting too long to seek help for my dog's bloody stool. I've explained this wasn't true -- and that i've talked to multiple OTHER brooklyn vets near me before calling them. It's not easy to find care that won't reprimand raw feeding and she doesn't seem to understand that for the pet owner. I'm not sure if she cares to listen to the customers at all. She just wants to yell at people once she's on the phone. How miserable. Not my cup of tea. I have to unfortunately restart my search all over again. Very sad. And i reemphasize -- because the vet was fantastic. The receptionist makes it impossible to return. 0 stars if i could. Oh btw, i bought ONE tub of Entero probiotics from them. MONTHS. AGO. They constantly CALL and email me to ask how the probiotics are going. Like... relax... it's probiotics... That's invasive as hell.


2 years ago

Nice people here and they care about the dogs. Dr hirsch and kristen are the best.

Mindy Barry

2 years ago

4 minutes ago Dr Mini, Is an Angel and a wonderful caring veterinarian. During COVID one of my cats was sick and I went to make an appointment at our vet and they had retired and moved to Florida. I was concerned about bringing my cat to the vet that I could not meet and just had to drop off at the door. I found Dr Mini online and she was wonderful. She came to our house with a tech and was very safe and caring with our animals. She came back and vaccinated the cats as well.We were in the process of moving to Florida and she helped me find a way to make it comfortable for the cats to make the drive. She followed up with me to make sure that we can arrived safely and the cats are happy and thriving. I was so worried and she was so comforting and caring. She held my hand every step of the way. She truly is the best and I’ll never forget her and the care she provided.

Larry Costigan

2 years ago

Disorganized office. Not ready for our appointment when we checked in. The vet, Dr. Buchoff was eating his dinner right on camera while he was meeting with us on Zoom and his staff kept opening his office door and interrupting him. He was not knowledgeble at all or professional and seemed bothered by our questions and rushed us. We asked many questions and he did not have the answers to our questions. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND HIM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! We immediately called the office to complain and nothing was done about it. If you love your pet as much as we do, then he or she deserves better!!!

Colleen Grant

2 years ago

We’ve been taking our cat, Ron, here for almost a year. Dr. Hirsch is truly the best. She has helped us improve Ron’s quality of life. The staff members are super kind, understanding, and lovely. Highly recommend!

Kristin Brown

2 years ago

Dr. Hirsch is amazing. She has a very caring bedside manner. She cared for our 15 year old Ragdoll, Henry for two years until he passed away this past February from cancer. She is very well trained and accomplished in pet accupuncture and chiropractic techniques. Dr. Hirsch made Henry's last days as comfortable as we could have. She now cares for his sister Katie who somehow hurt her back and had a liver infection. Katie is doing much better thanks to Dr Hirsch!!!

Rosa Barron

2 years ago

Veterinarians were very kind and knowledgeable

Bryan Walensky

2 years ago

I highly recommend you take your pet here. This is a great place! Thank you Holistic Pet Care!

Eliana Musser

2 years ago

This seems like a practice set up for speciality complaints, or as a last-resort place when other vets aren't working. I wouldn't recommend it for regular vet checkups for healthy dogs or minor issues. I can't speak for the acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, etc, but we brought our dog here 3 times and had a bad experience. They seem very disorganized and like they're looking for more severe diagnoses even when it doesn't make sense. Our 4 yr old dog had some eye discharge, which seemed like conjuntivitis, and Dr. Buchoff told us he probably-to-definitely had glaucoma, a diagnosis that didn't make much sense considering his lab results were only in the upper range of normal. He charged $70 for CBD oil to treat this "glaucoma," and asked us for a follow-up appt. When we brought the dog in again like he asked, he was confused why, checked his eyes for like 2 minutes (didn't check for inflammation again) and sent us on our way - after they charged us $300 for bloodwork to set up teeth cleaning, that is. $800 spent on this place and very little to show for it. Vet techs were friendly and helpful, but I do not trust the drs here, and would not recommend it - if you're going to spend this kind of money on vet care, do it somewhere else.

Kim Marcisak

2 years ago

Amazing!! Love Dr Hirsch ❤ she changed the quality of life for my pup...shes amazing

Mangito Fowlkes

2 years ago

They were very caring for my wife and I when when The family dog passed away. They took care of all the details including cremation

Patricia P

2 years ago

On the second visit, it cost $55 for a single canine chiropractic adjustment. The treatment takes 1-2 minutes. The vet tech dragged my dog, who was being treated for a herniated disc, across the floor. I had to tell the tech to pick up my dog. Then the tech brought my dog outside (COVID protocol) without his harness. The tech said he didn’t know how to attach it. When he put my dog down near a busy road, my dog bolted. The tech did manage to grab him. On the third scheduled visit, the receptionist called me when I was 10 minutes away from the office to cancel the appointment. When you call for an appointment, you are almost always put on hold for 5 or more minutes. If you charging mega bucks, hire another receptionist.

Sam HaveSippy

2 years ago

Love these vets, even the secretarial staff and most of the techs are super nice. So kind to my dogs and thorough, I'd recommend to anyone.

Delinah LaTempa

2 years ago

Lost my dogs blood work said they didn’t do it.. then told me a month to have it back after a redraw and now 2 months later still nothing ... some staff very nice others just rude and obnoxious showing they don’t care about anything but their own animal or themself Update. They told me I would have my paperwork 3 weeks ago. No surprise I do not have it yet.. This place is a joke !!

Lisa Chicoyne

2 years ago

I cannot express my gratitude enough. We brought Taz, our 14 year young dog, to Dr. Sathish with an antibiotic resistant UTI, ckd, and other chronic issues. Taz was given an extremely poor prognosis from our conventional vet after failed antibiotic treatments, and becoming so sick from very strong antibiotics that we could no longer treat her. We were told to prepare for the end. Every fiber in body told me "No! This can't be the only way and I can't give up on her." Dr. Sathish agreed. We worked very hard together. She did not give up on Taz. Today Taz is bacteria free. Her kidneys are stable and I believe that we are on the road to better health. I have wanted a doctor like this for Taz for a very long time. I'm so glad I found her. I only wish it was earlier in Taz's life. Thank you Dr. Sathish! Thank you Holistic Pet Care!

Natalie Sticesen

2 years ago

My Lola, a rat terrier and chihuahua mix needed to see Mikhail right away after she had a dental emergency. She was seen asap and the staff was wonderful! Thank you!

Sharon Flores

2 years ago

I loved the service at holistic pet care. Everyone was very friendly and professional. My puppy was treated with great care. I’m glad I choose this vet clinic for my puppy.

Frankie K

2 years ago

Where to begin.... Dr. Buchoff was a referral from a friend. My beau & I have watched our pup suffer with horrible allergies for years. She was on the famed “Apoquel” which worked for ONE season, then completely ceased to be effective. I spent the $500 on the blood test, I spent another $500 on the “allergy specialist” of the East coast only to have her say (after I specifically told their office I did NOT want to put my pup on Apoquel....) we should put her on Apoquel....???!!!!???!!? So when her allergies got so bad that her fur was falling out and her underarms were red, inflamed & just miserable, I made an appointment with Dr. B. Of course I was thinking, “great... another office of Apoquel & disappointment.” My dog can smell a vet office a mile away. Then she shakes uncontrollably. Every. Time. She’s been through a lot & has a legitimate reason for being scared. Going into the office, she looked around and settled in. No shaking. Wonderful vet tech (Angel) took such care of her & was super informative & genuine. Then Dr. B came in. Normally, my girl would be under my legs refusing to come out. Instead, she went and sat by Dr. B as he pet her while he entered her info into his computer. After looking her over, he prescribed a few things, all natural, and sent us off but not before sitting with my girl & giving her some treats. In a few days, her arms are pink, not red, the welts are going down, and she’s not scratching. Dr. B also took the time to call me outside of the office to answer my questions & check on My girl. I truly know he cares about what he does and his little fur patients & their parents. It’s been a long time since I’ve had peace of mind knowing I’m doing the best for my girl. Dr. B is truly an angel. ????❤️

Lindsey Axt

2 years ago

Everyone was super friendly, it was a welcoming environment. What I really appreciated was Dr. B investment in the health of my puppy. He sat for a while going over his history, labs, asking me questions and thoroughly evaluated him... I could tell he was truly trying to figure out what the underlying condition/cause of his ailments were and thus, what would be BEST to try and help him. Too many times in the last few years with my ill animals did a vet just throw the same old treatments our way (many of which are more harmful than helpful) without any true consideration for each pet and what was best based on underlying conditions. The treatments here and the opposite of conventional, it may confuse or turn some people off... but we’re hopeful and looking forward to positive response. Regardless, first time in a long time... I was at an vet office where I felt like they were actually invested in helping animals. I left with a huge sigh of relief to have likeminded individuals now on my team. Thank you!

Steve Shanaghy

2 years ago

Very caring and respectful of my two young dogs. Very happy with services provided and very knowledgeable.

Brittany DeVito

2 years ago

This was the most amazing experience I've ever had with a vet. I saw Dr. Sathish and I would highly recommend her to everyone. I can't imagine bringing my pup anywhere else now.

Marc Pruiksma

2 years ago

We absolutely love the staff that Dr B has. Dr B himself is super knowledgeable in all aspects of animal care. He offers Holistic treatments as well

Kim Baldwin

2 years ago

I had my first appointment with Dr B yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with their vast knowledge of natural healing, compassion and also very reasonable pricing. We live a totally holistic lifestyle ourselves and we try to do the same for our pets. I have been so misinformed by so many vets that I have taken it upon myself to do my own research to find out the most holistic and healthy way to raise my pack to prevent disease before it happens and give them the highest quality of life and of course longevity. I have finally found a vet who aligns with these principals and can guide me along. Dr B combines conventional and holistic modalities to give your pets the best care possible. I’m just blown away by Dr B’s knowledges of holistic vet medicine and just feel a huge relief to actually trust my vets advice. My daughter is also switching to Dr B and even tho we have a little bit of a ride to get there I wouldn’t take them to anyone else. And the office staff is absolutely awesome too! I’m just glowing with gratitude today.

Rosemary Rado

2 years ago

The dr took alot of time with my dogs check up. Gave him a chiropractic adjustment too. A more natural approach is better in my opinion. Everyone in the office was friendly and helpful

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