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Yunnie K (YK)

2 years ago

Very affordable and easy to enroll all your pets in one plan. Even covers preexisting conditions.

Marion Barclay

2 years ago

It is not truly an insurance but a discount for certain vet visits. Some discounts are 25% so it helps.

Michele Raiola

2 years ago

They save me money at the vet.

Jk A

2 years ago

There is always confusion at every vet's office we go to with this.

joan picciano

3 years ago

Caring, friendly and courteous customer service keeps me a satisfied customer since 2014! Let's not forget the 25% savings on in-house vet care medical services.

Carl Thompson

3 years ago

‼️DO NOT USE PET ASSURE THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NEVER RETURN IT‼️ You can easily find a more reputable pet insurance company. This is a small private run company with no more than 20 employees that are all working multiple roles and are completely disorganized at the customers expense.

Caro Bernal

3 years ago

Friendly staff but barely does anything. Ended up paying 3,000 something for my cats emergency surgery just because they never cover anything or give discounts to anything. Almost no one uses pet assure

Cassie Bee

3 years ago

Me and my mother signed up for this service in a panic when our pet was sick. The vet did not accept the card and it didn't help us. We forgot about it for a bit and it auto renewed. When going to cancel it, we discovered that this service: - Does not let you turn off autopay - Does not let you easily cancel your subscription You have to MANUALLY message, call, or email customer support and REQUEST that they cancel your subscription. What kind of business is this? Seems like a scam to me. I understand not all vets will take the service and do not hold that against them but the fact they seemingly intentionally make it difficult to turn off auto pay and cancel your services is extremely sketchy and I find it to be highly unprofessional. This form of subscription cancelation is highly outdated and inconvenient for the average and modern person. If you need financial aid for vet bills look for local organizations that offer it, do not sign up for this. You will likely go through the same process as us.

Crystal Peterson

3 years ago

Discounts have been great for routine and health check visits, neutering and elective surgery.

Doreen Hahn

3 years ago

I switched vets to keep this program. Saves me money on every visit. Has paid for itself several times.

Elizabeth moudry

3 years ago

I find this pet insurance extremely reasonable. You do have to go to participating vets. There were occasions when I had to use vets who were not in the group.

Jan Dorwarth

3 years ago

I'm very suprised about the bad reviews. I would give it 10 Stars. I have PetAssure already for several years with my 4 pets and my Vet accepts PetAssure and I saved so much money already. I just had the teeth cleaned of both of my dogs and a few other things and I saved over $ 232.00 for that time. Look at picture of my bill. I'm so happy that I have PetAssure. I never had a problem with PetAssure and never had to contact PetAssure. I just tell my VET that I have PetAssure and they take of 25% of all the procedures which take place at their clinic. No discount of medication or pet food. But also 25% on vaccianations and for regular office visits. You can have a membership for 1 or 4 pets. Thank you PetAssure !!!!!


3 years ago

I have been a member of Pet Assure for over 8 years. I have 4 dogs and the vet i go to accepts Pet Assure. It has been very helpful with regard to expenses regarding my dogs. Sure do appreciate having their backup

Linda DeLuca

3 years ago

Pet Assure has been so very helpful to make it easier to care for my two beautiful greyhounds. I have used this service since 2016 and will continue to do so as long as I have pets. I always recommend their service to any new greyhound and more owners that I come upon.

Mimi “LuvsU”

3 years ago

Signed up in less than 5 minutes in vet office. Got my discount for pet exam right away.

Randal Brown

3 years ago

I have had nothing but awful experiences with pet assure. They have the most u professional staff and the customer service line is the main problem. They are money hungry thieves that will take every penny they can get from you

Tyler Erb

3 years ago

We encountered an issue with this company and their supervisor was being rude and clearly not trained professionally. Very negative experience. The company does not know how to take care of customers. This is a very small company that you only got one supervisor to speak to. And it’s even worse that the only supervisor is totally useless and unpleasant to deal with. Terrible experience overall, will warn all my friends that have pets.

Vanessa Beyers

3 years ago

I love getting 25% off immediately at the vet. No deductibles, no reimbursements, etc....just the discount at the time of service as I'm paying at the vet office. Much better than traditional pet insurance! I used this for my last cat for years, and am now using it for my current cat. I also found my favorite vet thanks to Pet Assure, when I was looking up vet offices that accept it!

Bonita Washington

3 years ago

The Pet Assure discount helped me tremendously when my dog needed surgery. I was able to easily find a qualified, friendly, and kind vet within the Pet Assure network.

Bob Thaxton

3 years ago

Pet Assure is a great value for every parent og a pet!! Wrk worth the cost!

Beth Velte

3 years ago

I have 3 senior beagles, one who has frequent UTIs. I have received back the yearly Pet Assure fee from regular visits & shots with only 2 of the dogs getting their yearly check-ups. It is nice to know I am not paying 100% and still have 1 more dog for a check up. So I am saving already! No problems at my vet. They deduct from my bill automatically.

Barry W

3 years ago

We only used it once at a local vet, all other vets to far away. Wish more vets took it in our area


3 years ago

I had this insurrance for my late dog for the last few years of his life. I was able to get a discount on covered services. He had laser treatment and medication to make his last year better for him. we did not get another dog until 9 months after my dogs death. I tried to get Pet Assure for our new dog, and was unable, as it was only available as an employee benefit. I put my name on a list, for when they would start serviceing the general public again. I got an email that they would be supply there service to the general public, and I immediately signed up for a year. thank you Pet Assure for being their for our furbabies.

Barb Gagnon

3 years ago

Works like a charm! Paid for itself after one visit to the vet!

Annie Ball

3 years ago

I have had Pet Assure for years and I love it I can't afford month payments and pet assure takes money off vet bill and it is more then you would think. I would keep this till I don't have anymore dogs.

Ann VanWagenen

3 years ago

Without our knowledge, someone left our gate opened while my sweet Sophia was outside. She decided to take herself for a walk. We had know idea she was gone. I was at work and my husband was home. I received a text message from Pet Assure giving me the number of the person who found her. This could have ended tragically if it wasn't for the Pet Assure tag on her collar. It has an ID number and phone number to help find her home. Great service!

Ann Hinch

3 years ago

This is a great discount for vet care if your vet accepts Pet Assure, especially if you have more than one animal you care for.

Andrea Atkins

3 years ago

I have been using Pet Assure for about 3 years. With 3 very large dogs, the discount really comes in handy. When I am finished with a vet appointment, and I stop to pay my bill, the discount has already been applied to my bill automatically. It is easy, and very convenient. I’m so glad my vet accepts Pet Assure!

Laura Rosenblatt

4 years ago

I've been using PetAssure for the last 15 yrs and has saved me a ton of money. I have never taken advantage of the other discounts besides the vet bills.

Kat “KAT” Mic

4 years ago

it's excellent way to save $$$ on vet bills. you just need to make sure your vet or a vet near you participates. not many do. i was lucky enough that my vet does. no claims to submit, ur vet just takes 25% off ur bill. my work offers this and it includes pet plus, discounts online for food and scripts at local pharmacies. if ur vet doesnt participate u can send them an invite through pet assure.

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