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Scott Sirianni

2 years ago

Best selection of spiders in New Jersey. Have taken home over 20 from these guys. Paul is great and knows what he is talking about. Always a great time coming to major league exotics. Highly recommend coming for there inverts and other great selection of animals!

Aidan Fricke

2 years ago

Not the best place but not necessarily bad they have a bit of a major problem in purchasing online is awful but for the most part if you go to their actual location it’s great. But only reptile wise they’re birds are kept in small cages and they’re rabbits are crammed into small spaces

Alexis Telidecki

2 years ago

My boyfriend and I walked into the shop and at first it was a very pleasant experience. The staff was helpful and they had many products for reptile care and a variety of different reptiles. This is not our first experience so walking in we knew what to expect. We wound up purchasing a beautiful snake and brought her home. We set her up separate from the rest and the next day discovered she had mites crawling on her body. Considering this is literally the day after purchasing I find it hard to believe we gave her mites, so therefore she must have had them prior to our care. We are taking the steps to help her and make her comfortable, but want to ensure no one else makes a purchase and discovers their new baby is not 100% healthy...especially since mites can be avoided with good husbandry when dealing with many reptiles. … Hi, I want to post an update for anyone searching for a reptile baby. Unfortunately, after being in contact with a vet and research… my baby passed. We treated her with every way we could but every few months she had mites again even after cage switches, but my dragon did not and was healthy, and reptimite didn’t help them either. Again, this is not an attack but a warning to check anything, but especially for future reptile owners . Please check them before taking them!!!!

Patti Kousoulis

2 years ago

I went to this store for the first time during their late night/midnight madness sale and had a great experience. It was so busy because of the sale but there were plenty of staff available to assist and answer all questions. They had so many pets available, especially if you are interested in fish and reptiles. Also plenty of birds, hamsters, bunnies, and guinea pigs. Great store to go to if you are considering adding a new pet member to your family.

r con

2 years ago

Bought a couple of discus from Major League Exotic Pets, 12 days later one dies and owner wants to charge me half price on another discus as compensation. Not my idea of customer satisfaction. This store will tell you what ever you want to hear in order to sell you fish. Buyer definitely beware.

Josh Collins

2 years ago

Was greeted with a smile and a great attitude. Spent plenty of time with loads of great information. Spent weeks doing research prior to going in on a specific reptile and knew instantly these guys were good. Walked out with everything I needed under budget. And will absolutely be returning soon! Definitely worth stopping by.

Daniel 7u7r

2 years ago

Found everything I needed for my reptiles

Bean Slinger

2 years ago

Here’s a short summary of my experience. Ordered a White Lined Gecko from them. Took a few days to respond once I bought it. No problem. There was a shipping delay where it got stuck in Indianapolis for a night. No problem. Not their fault. It arrived dead. I email them. No response save for “It just arrived today?” After that? Nothing. Three hours pass and nothing. I call them up and they flat out tell me that they weren’t responsible and they wouldn’t replace what I paid for nor would they refund my money. So yeah. Not a good place to get pets from and I sincerely hope they get their act together.

Addison Legh

2 years ago

Animal abuser in it for the money. Very unhealthy looking animals. Not appropriate care being given.

Drew Phillips

2 years ago

Not the cleanest of places but the quality and knowledge was fantastic!

Sheila Garl

2 years ago

Amazing variety for exotics. Lots of stuff that's seldom seen outside of conventions.

Ross G

2 years ago

Good place, but don't go on the weekends. Service is slow and ran by kids on weekends.

Chris D

2 years ago

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Literally stopped going to petsmart because of their knowledge.


2 years ago

Huge variety beat in the area


2 years ago

It certainly wasnt the worst place. But birds were kept in small cages with little toys/hides as were ALL the animals (some of the birds were in a TANK). The hedgehogs were all together when they are meant to be together, and some of the animals seemed more than just stressed cramped with other animals (especially the mammals). I have several hermit crabs in a 40g tank with humidity because they have gills, and the ones I saw were kept in a small cage with no food at all. The people were certainly nice, and the store itself was better than most big chains, but I hope in the future they educate themselves of ALL their animals, big and small.

Marcell Didi

2 years ago

All the animals were in SMALL cages and the birds were in TANKs! Completely disgusting•BUNNYS WERE PANTING. 6 BUNNYS WERE IN A Small cage . This place should not be open at all


2 years ago

Great place, and open on Sunday, very knowledgeable.

Dianne Suozzo

2 years ago

They're very knowledgeable and helpful, they spent a lot of time with this newbie

T Dawn

2 years ago

Animals seemed healthy... kind of. they were kept in very small cages without any enrichment. Bare cages. A lot of frogs were just housed in plastic bowls. Not a real cage. Snakes were kept in tiny boxes stacked on top of each other. Guinea-Pig was bleeding in cage and while the employees were inspecting it they discovered it had ringworm… yikes.

Karen Ulrich

2 years ago

Picked up my cockatiels last week, you can tell Baby was really loved and cared for. Thank you Karen,great job!!

Rednecks with cameras

2 years ago

Horrible service not allowed in without a mask even with a dr note saying your not required to wear one but workers aren’t wearing them!!!

Noella Reagan

2 years ago

We bought our beardie from them in January and return often for feeders. Mushi is a happy boy ☺

Matthieu Garshell

2 years ago

By far the best exotic pet store around, Allen and all of his employees are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect wether it’s fish,reptiles or arachnids, I always got quality customer service and every animal I bought is amazing, I’ll definitely be using this as my go to store for feeders etc

Joel Sokolow

2 years ago

Do not purchase from this shop unless you buy in person. I am aware of someone, who ordered a Tegu from them online, and had a horrifying experience. The poor animal reportedly arrived a day or two late, and deceased. The buyer had lost her beloved pet Tegu a few years ago and was so excited to get another. She was mortified at what arrived and said she was extremely traumatized. She contacted the shop, and you would think after what this poor woman had been through that they would have offered a replacement to ease the situation. They apparently did not. They reportedly quoted their policy, which says something to the effect that they are not responsible for shipping errors, or delays. A little good-will would have gone a long way here, but not with this company, apparently.

Daniel Bertram

2 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff . Always ready to help . They take such good care of they're animals and always have great tips . It's always a pleasure going there.

Chunna Herskowitz

2 years ago

All the staff are patient, knowledgeable and honest. They are my go to for my fishtank purchases AND guidance.

jill staffa

2 years ago

Knowledgeable and helpful super nice

Myles Thomas

2 years ago

I’m only leaving 2 stars because of the variety of pets. The store itself is very dirty , very small and over priced. The tanks are extremely small as well. I would have bought from this store , but I wouldn’t want to support the way these critters are kept. At the prices they charge, the animals should be much better tanks. It’s actually disturbing.

Chris Prentiss

3 years ago

Friendly device great prices has everything I need


3 years ago

Very cool pet store! I came for the fish and was impressed at the selection of fish they have! Even bought some fish that I haven’t seen In other specialty fish stores! Staff was cool and helpful! They also have a large ability of reptiles and snakes, some cool birds and small animals! I like this place and my daughter loved it as well, as we go to check out different pet stores and fish stores often! Pleased with the purchase and prices there! Thanks, will be coming back to this place!

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