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Lisa Carle

2 years ago

Great place to train your dog.

Tony Orgelfinger

2 years ago

Great hands on training. The owners get trained as much as the dogs do.

Patricia Yvonnet

2 years ago

I’d first like to start off by thanking Peter. My dog Chase just graduated from his obedience 1 class after completing puppy kindergarten. Peter’s professionalism and knowledge taught me to be a better owner with the skills to have a successful life with Chase. This is the second dog to complete Peter’s training class and I am more impressed every time. I will continue to recommend Kindred Souls, Peter and his staff to anyone who would like to make their relationship with their pet the best it can be! I look forward to the tricks class Chase will be enrolled in as well as Therapy Training to follow! Thank you Peter!

Michael Marx

2 years ago

We took our new puppy pit Bull to Kindred Souls Canine Center. Pete is really knowledgeable and dedicated to helping us as owners understand not only how puppies in general learn , but also how specific breeds act and react to basic and advanced commands. He is amazing to watch him take our pittie who barely knows him and with in a matter of minutes, not only gets her complete attention, but guides the pup to do what is asked of her. It was pretty amazing to watch him interact with not only our dog, but numerous other puppies of different breeds and having each and every one of them react positively to his training methods. His training is something he takes very seriously and it’s his love of all dogs that drives him to instill in us as pet owners the proper way to interact with our new family member in such a way that we each understand how the other thinks. I’ve had puppies throughout my entire life( 60 years old now), and I can tell you that when Pete told our class that it’s our fault as owners if the dog doesn’t behave the way we would like, because we aren’t training them properly so that they understand, really help me change my approach towards our new family member.He makes us better dog owners and at the same time helps our new family member adjust to his or her new family. I can’t recommend Kindred Souls Canine Center or Pete and his highly trained staff enough. We have made great strides together and our new family member is adjusting happily to her new environment and we are developing a strong and lasting bond with her. Thank you Pete, and thank your staff and we are looking forward to continuing this journey of learning to be better dog owners.See you next class.

Larry Viig

2 years ago

first training session, impressed with methods and staff. Working on our homework assignments.

Camille Sinkhorn

2 years ago

I highly recommend Kindred Souls to anyone with a dog--whether you've had that dog for a few weeks or a few years. The basic obedience class is the prefect place to learn how to communicate with your dog specifically. This is not a Petsmart learn-in-the-aisles kind of class--this is a hands-on, personalized approach to connecting with your fur baby. My husband and I took our rescue to the class after having her for about 6-months. Within the first 10-minutes of the first class, the entire room could tell that Pete knows what he is doing. For the next seven weeks, he continued to demonstrate his knowledge of how to read and communicate with each of the eight individual dogs enrolled in the class and taught each owner how to work specifically with our dogs. At the conclusion of every class, he allowed us to ask general questions, further proving his commitment and dedication to each registrant of the class. He would often remind/encourage us to contact him personally on his cell phone with any questions at any point in our training. If you're looking to better connect with your dog, I would look no further. Most likely, you've been referred to this business by someone who has success but interested in what the internet has to say before you commit. Let's be honest, you can find anything on the internet if you really try--fact or fiction. If I can, I'd like to further reiterate that Pete and Kindred Souls is the best place for any dog owner and dog. The proof? Pete could take any of the eight dogs in the class (ranging from 14 weeks to 9 years old) and teach them a new command within seconds (sometimes after an owner had trouble doing it or demonstrating their week's homework).

Susan Menahem

2 years ago

I highly recommend Kindred Souls and Pete! If I could give more than five stars I would. Pete understands dog behavior in a way that nobody else does. He has restored peace and harmony back to my house. We tried other trainers who quite frankly only made the situation worse. My girlfriend and I tried to put our dogs together so we could spend weekends together under one roof and it was a total disaster. My dog is 65 pounds and territorial and her dog is 8 pounds… Do the math. We went to Pete who allowed us to understand things from the dogs point of view and quickly helped us fix the situation. I can honestly say that Pete saved our relationship! Nobody understands dogs the way he does. I highly recommend him for any type of dog training whether it be a problem dog or just basic obedience. If you have a dog that needs training, run, don’t walk (unless of course your dog is dragging you) to Kindred Souls, you and your dog will be happy that you did!!

Tracy Bianchi

2 years ago

I can't for the life of me see where these good reviews are coming from. Are they even real people? This trainer has absolutely zero people skills. If you're training the owners, as people say he does...then learn how to interact with humans. 8/2021 really unprofessional response. And, ummm...yes, of course, its about my opinion, that's actually what a review is lol.

Bob Baxter

2 years ago

Pete knows how to train. Better human better dog.

Megan Wiessel

2 years ago

We’ve had three dogs take classes through Kindered Souls with Pete and each time has been fantastic. He and all the other trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and truly care about your dogs and want to see them succeed and grow.

Dana Vargo

3 years ago

Best decision I made was to take my new fur baby to obedience training at Kindred Souls. I had recently adopted a 20 month old corgi and he needed a bit of guidance. Pete was great, he comes off tough, but stick it out, he loves his clients (the dogs) and knows how to help you help them live their best lives. If you want to help your dog all you need to do is listen to Pete, do the homework, be consistent and listen to Pete. Seriously.

Arielle Michele

3 years ago

My dog, Dot, & I just graduated Basic Obedience! .. I had been doing some at home training but we wanted her to be the best dog that she could be & that brought us to Kindred Souls. Day one of class we struggled with a lack of focus, reactivity, & my confidence in new situations.. dot could not remain calm and whimpered THE ENTIRE TIME. With Pete’s encouragement, No BS approach & CONSISTENCY at home, we ended the last week with no whimpering, lying down because she felt comfortable, perfect heel work & our bond being even stronger than before. We will be continuing our education with Level 2, Therapy & more! So obviously, this place is AMAZING. If you are looking to truly grow as a dog parent... this is your place.

Michelle Erickson

3 years ago

Myself and my husband LOVE Pete and his team. We have gone through Puppy Kindergarten and are coming up on our last Basic Obedience class with our Dalmatian, Cannoli. We 100% plan on continuing training with Pete once Basic Obedience comes to an end. The reason why we love Pete and his team is because of how honest they are. Pete does not mess around when it comes to the ownership and training of your dog. He does not like excuses and always says the dogs didn't sign up for us, we signed up for them. Which is 100% true. Your dogs obedience is only going to go as far as your patience. Cannoli, being a Dalmatian, one of the most highly energetic dogs and apparently the most stubborn.. he is definitely a handful. Pete knows exactly how to handle ANY type of breed and will identify how to handle / train them to the understanding of your dogs nature. Pete is very knowledgeable, honest and takes what he does seriously. If we have any questions in between classes.. We always call or email Pete and he gets back to us in such a timely manner. All in all, Pete is just looking out for your dog and wants what's best for them! The dog won't be trained unless you as the human open up to be trained as well! What more can you want from your trainer!! Oh, and the training facility is always so neat, organized and clean!

Kimberly Sivori

3 years ago

Pete is amazing!! My dog Kingsley has massively improved after only 2 sessions looking forward to more training!

Regina Sabia

3 years ago

Have trained 3 dogs there. All 3 were or are therapy dogs. If you do your homework you will have excellent results.

Robert Kaminski

3 years ago

Kindred Souls is a very good , thoughtful and caring dog training center. Before bringing both of my dogs , I have heard some many good things about Pete and Chris. Both Pete and Chris helped me train my 7 year old female Siberian Husky and 8 year old male German Shepherd Dog in the Basic Obedience Class and Therapy Dog Training Course. Both of my dogs did very well in and out of the classes. I first heard of Kindred Souls from numerous people at the dog parks in Ocean County. I have recommended Kindred Souls to many different people , that I met at the dog parks and just walking my dogs around the neighborhood. Everybody I have talked to through the years are very pleased and happy with their training sessions at Kindred Souls. Pete and Chris at Kindred Souls are the very best and care the most as dog trainers. Their great reputation and results says it all.

Ryan Kaitlyn Castoral

3 years ago

Pete and the staff at KSK9 are honest and enthusiastic that their clients and our pets are successful in our relationships with each other and our communities! Pete, you have been guiding me for years and I am so thankful for your help and support!

Ylena Volosov

3 years ago

Great training! I am very happy with my dog's performance. I also, gained a lot of knowledge on how to handle different situations. Pete is a great trainer, and the staff is very professional. I highly recommend this training course. -Sasha's mom

Janet Coakley

3 years ago

We love Kindred Souls! My dogs get so excited when we pull into the parking lot because they know they are going to have FUN! They participate in Therapy, Agility, Rally, and Trick classes after completing Obedience training.

Angela Don

4 years ago

I just called to enroll my dog in some training classes and the man who answered was very rude. I would not speak to a potential customer the way he spoke to me. I’m not sure how he has stayed in business with that attitude.

Brian Hoffman

4 years ago

My wife and I have two Cavapoo puppies and it’s the first time we ever had dogs. Heard great things about this school and decided to enroll them in the obedience training and we are so happy we did. We will be enrolling them in their therapy training soon but both dogs are well mannered and listen to everything we say thanks to the training regiment that Kindred Souls taught us. Kindred Souls is a must if you want to have well trained dogs and with help in being a puppy parent in general.

Brian Berzinskis

4 years ago

Brought our Golden Retriever here when he was a puppy for some initial obedience lessons.

Anne Cahalane

4 years ago

I felt very comfortable leaving my puppy here. The staff is great and I knew my puppy would be well cared for.

Dina Terranova

4 years ago

Our story starts out a little different. While looking for the perfect second dog to bring in to our family, we came across Spencer, who was not perfect. His story was, in a shelter, adopted by the wrong owner, who tried to get him training at Kindred Souls, but after a few weeks he was going to be returned to the shelter. Pete asked the owner to give him a few days. He saw something special in Spencer. He called Rescue Ridge and they took him in. Pete offered Free training to whoever adopted Spencer. He felt that strongly that Spencer was a good dog, that with the proper owner would succeed in becoming a wonderful pet. Spencer did not respond well to the kennels. A foster was found for him and that's where we met him. He was adorable, but very active, very excitable, almost no training, 55lbs, and a Pitbull Mix. As soon as we looked into his eyes we knew he was ours and we had to help him. We called Pete and got right in to training. As soon as Spencer saw Pete you knew they had a connection. Pete and his staff are amazing. Very professional, very knowledgeable, and very patient, no matter how long it took Spencer to get a command. We had signed our dog Thor up as well. Watching the 2 of them learn together was so rewarding. Well Spencer has come a long way, in such a short amount of time. He finished 2nd Place in his Graduation! If it wasn't for Pete seeing something in Spencer, a dog he barely knew, a dog that was very excitable and not getting the proper structure and love, and putting his name out there for him, we may have never met Spencer. We are so grateful that Pete is more than a trainer. He is a person who truly loves animals and loves what he does. We are so excited to start Level 2 training this summer. We can't thank Pete and his staff, at Kindred Souls, enough for saving Spencer. Phil and Dina Terranova

Gail Morrissey

4 years ago

Have my last 4 puppies here. Pete understands how different breeds are & trains each to what they are.

Harley Place

4 years ago

My mother and I have been taking our 8 month old black lab to Pete’s class for quite a few weeks. We actually are in our second round of his class (at no charge) because we needed more practice in learning how to train our dog. Pete is very honest and always thinks of your dog’s best interest FIRST. If he tells you something, it’s because your dog needs you to practice it that way. No exceptions. If you feel he is harsh, know he is doing his job so your dog gets trained the right way. He is thorough in his explanation and has a clear understanding of all things dogs. Not only have I learned about my dog’s breed, but I’m more aware of dog breeds and the importance of knowing your dog. He cares very much about all the dogs that visit his center and he is always open to discussing any questions/concerns you may have during or outside of class hours. Our dog’s immense progress has left us very pleased with Kindred Souls Dog Center. Thank you so much, Pete!

Janet Schmiedl

4 years ago

Great traing & friendly! Was there years ago with our boxer & now taking our cockapoo there.

Karen Marino

4 years ago

Traumatized my dog. My dog was so scared he peed all over him! He was showing us how to trim the dogs nails, literally grabbed my dog and scared him so much he still struggles getting his nails trimmed. Would not recommend at all. Very condescending to the dog owners too, calls you names. If I could give minus stars I would...

Kelli Boris

4 years ago

When I adopted my puppy Kodak, I was in search of a dog trainer near me. I read the reviews on every business I could find and ended up signing up with Pete at Kindred Souls for Basic Obedience 1. First off, the price for the quality is unheard of. Pete is thorough and although a group class, makes sure everyone is paid attention to and answers all individual questions. After reading the few negative reviews about him “not having people skills”, it boggles my mind. The BEST thing about Pete is that he tells you how it is, no beating around the bush & we need that, especially as new pet owners. Our dogs depend on us and he is only there to help us. I could only assume the negative reviews were from people who gave up on training and didn’t like being called out on it. Going to Kindred Souls was the best choice I made for Kodak & I and we will continue to advance our training here.

Darren Schlosser

4 years ago

Great training. This is our 3rd dog we have trained here. I highly recommend Pete and his staff!!!

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