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Matthieu Garshell

2 years ago

Dans an amazing guy to work for, his employees are well trained, dogs are in great hands and taken care of, Dans just a straight up nice guy that means well

Laura Shay

2 years ago

We used Dan Gentile the spring of 2019 and very happy with the training our golden received and our family! Thank you!

Kaylee Dill

2 years ago

DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG HERE! They are completely unprofessional. I sat down with a trainer a month ago and set up a date for board & train. Said nothing else but drop him off and make sure he has his shots. For the last week i was distraught knowing i had to bring my dog today and then i get there and another trainer tells me he needed these shots two weeks in advance. I explained that no one told me and they continues to walk back and forth to the office to talk to the owner before confronting me. So the owner didn’t even have the respect to come apologize for the mistake or anything. What they said to me was .. “well there’s a place down the street” I’m sorry but bringing a dog here is a mistake. Dogs are like our children and obviously these people are cold and non caring. Couldn’t even bother to step out of the office to give me the time of day. DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG HERE. DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG HERE. DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG HERE. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT NICE OR KIND OR CARING.

Scott Panaccione

2 years ago

I've known Dan Gentile for over 30 years. When it was time to have my first Rottweiler trained, there was no doubt about who was going to train him. He came back a different dog. It was amazing. Since that time I've had 2 more trained by Dan Gentile, never disappointed. I have recommended Dan to several of my friends and they feel the same way. I highly recommend Dan Gentile dog training.

corinne lyness

2 years ago

I would give no stars if I could. My family and I decided to send our one year old Bernedoodle for a two week training program. After 11 days they called to say that he was not acting himself and did not want to participate in the daily training. When we picked him up that evening he was completely lethargic, and 15 pounds lighter. Started off over 100 lbs and was 85lbs when we picked him up. We told the trainers that he would eat food endlessly if you gave it to him, so if he stopped eating, there is obviously something wrong. We called for a check up two days before they called us to tell us about him, and he was just fine then. So how did he loose 15 pounds in two weeks? He was obviously not being fed or wasn't eating. Either way is an extreme problem. If something was going on with the behavior of our dog we are expected to be informed that INSTANT. We took him to the hospital that night and was in there for four nights with extreme pneumonia. He almost died and they did not contanct us at all after picking him up. If you love your pup do NOT bring them here.

Emma Palmer

2 years ago

If I could give zero stars I absolutely would. I had dropped my 11 mo Labrador off on Wednesday Sept 22 and called Sept 24 to see how he was adjusting. I was told he’s doing great and coming out of his shell as he was nervous when I dropped him off. I didn’t hear from anyone until Tuesday October 5th (the day before pickup) when I received a voicemail from Mallory that she needed to speak with me. When I returned her call I was informed that my dog had a rash on his neck and wanted to tell me before picking him up the next day and it shouldn’t be a “cause for concern.” She stated that the day after he was dropped off, staff noticed a tiny itchy, dry spot on his neck that progressively got worse. She continued to repeat that they didn’t want this to be a cause for concern and naturally concerned, I asked to be sent a picture of the rash. This was no rash at all. The picture I was sent showed my dog next to a trainer with a raw, oozing wound where his jaw meets the base of his neck. It looked very infected and he definitely needed medical treatment so I immediately went to the facility to pick him up. When I arrived, I did not find my dog in the same condition as shown in the picture I received just an hour earlier. His wound was dry and completely scabbed over. The staff stated the wound looked much better than before (because it was healing). I immediately took him to the vet for a thorough exam and our vet diagnosed a skin infection of the hair follicles caused by injury to the skin. He also estimated that the original picture I was sent earlier that day was taken at least a few days prior. The vet also estimated that this injury occurred at least a full week prior to the training staff notifying me. Not only did my dog have an infected injury on his neck, he also had an infected wound on his testicles, had lost a significant amount of weight, as well as developing upper respiratory infection. Prior to sending him to the facility he was a big overweight with a very thick coat. The dog I picked up had lost at least 10 lbs and his spine and hip bones can be felt to the touch. The picture I was sent from staff showed a very obvious infection and the staff neglected to care for my dog or notify me that he needed medical treatment and attempted to treat this wound themselves with only A&D ointment. When asked about the 24 hour veterinarian on call mentioned on the training facility website, the staff stated they do not have a veterinarian on call. A bit misleading. After examining the neck wound we noticed small bumps around the sides of the wound that seem consistent with a pronged collar. We don’t know how these injuries occurred but it’s very clear our dog was NOT properly cared for and the staff neglected to provide our dog with basic medical treatment or at the very least inform us that our dog needed to see a vet. I will NEVER recommend the Dan Gentile Training to anyone.

Marie Wilson

2 years ago

I have had two of my very troublesome rescue dogs trained by Dan and his team. Dan and his team were also smart enought to train me as well. I can honestly say that I have never had an issue with the dogs post training. I also use Dan's facility to board my dog whenever necessary. The kennels are large, airy and well maintained. I just love dealing with this facility and the staff!

James Sisk

2 years ago

My French Bulldogs were trained here Friendly clean and safe Highly recommended

Gordon Donald

2 years ago

We have had 2 dogs train with DGDT. One small and one large and somewhat difficult. The results were amazing and lasting. Most importantly perhaps, they trained us on how to continually reinforce their training. Well worth the hundreds of hours it would have taken to get this done without DGDT. Value is phenomenal. Folks there could not be nicer to us or the dogs. Overall, a tremendous experience.

adrienne viscito

2 years ago

I can't say enough about these guys. They are awesome! I will definately come back, and will also send my friends here. Thank you!

Claudia Cannataro

2 years ago

We have taken three of our dogs there for training and boarding and have never been disappointed !

Lynne Moloughney

2 years ago

This is my second time reaching out to Dan for help and he always delivers! His honesty will always be my best adjective for his service and professionalism.

Mark Zambrzycki

2 years ago

I have nothing but great things to say about Dan Gentile, his staff and the impact their training has had on my dogs. I first used Dan’s facility in 2003 and again now, June 2021. Definitely a worthwhile investment for you and your dog. If you’re thinking about sending your dog for training, do not hesitate, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Patti W

2 years ago

I have entrusted Dan and his team with the training and care of my dogs for 17 years. Never have I been disappointed. The care and professionalism is amazing!

Brianna Mcmahon

2 years ago

The Dan Gentile Training Center in Howell NJ is actively neglecting and preforming misconduct to animals, as observed from myself from my experience working there. I have since left. Aside from just harm to the pets that go there, Dan is charging thousands of dollars for promises to train dogs when he or any of the trainers there do not even see them to so much as let them outside to the bathroom. They lay in their own excrement for varying periods of time. They sit in a concrete kennel for their entire 14 day stay, next to the other 21 dogs there and paperwork is forged to say specific times that the dogs are trained and worked with. It is told to customers that their dogs play outside throughout the day when they go days without even being taken out of their kennels and when they do, it’s for very short periods of time (5-20 minutes a day, not even everyday). They are completely understaffed, allowing for full days where un-certified or even trained employees such as myself are caring for dogs whose owners have paid thousands for them to be seen by professionals. They cannot keep staff because employees refuse to stay and use Dan’s “training” methods, threatening their jobs and pay if they do not. The “trainers” are made to take every phone call coming in and that takes away from the time they are supposed to be spending with the dogs. They don’t tell owners about the “training tools” they use and owners have to find out they have been using choker collars on their dogs (which are shared and not cleaned in between dogs) for 2 weeks and are forced to buy the collars and leashes when they pick their dog up. I’ve spoken with some owners of dogs who have recently been there, whose health have drastically decreased, whether it is excessive weight loss, lack of appetite, bloody stool and vomit, or overall fear of human contact. Many dogs in their care have experienced these issues, which are not expressed to their owners while they are there, and documented as being fine, eating well, etc when they are not even eating. They give the dogs well water to drink that has a very pungent smell to it. Dan says “always tell the customers that their dog is doing great, no matter the situation.” Kennels are not scrubbed daily, (They don’t even own a scrub brush as far as I have seen) but instead are sprayed with a disinfectant mixed with Dawn and water to “clean” them and just hosed off after and not properly dried. The concrete kennels are very old and have many holes and cracks where the dogs can harm themselves and bacteria thrives where it is completely unsanitary. I experienced a case where a dog came with anxiety medication that Dan refused to give to the dog. I understand that this place has a decent positive following and many years open, but that does not take away from what I have witnessed behind the scenes.

Chef Chrissie Lapidow

2 years ago

Dan Gentile’s training center is amazing!! Lola was assigned to work with Mallory, who did an excellent job teaching our 4 month olds mini-schnauzer manners, discipline, and basic commands!! She was such a pleasure to work with. Lola absolutely adored Mallory, and came home as a well-behaved little soldier, just like her big brother Buster who attended the school 9 years ago and has been a well-trained pup ever since. I traveled up to NJ from North Carolina because I know what great work they do. They love the pups, take amazing care of them, and I HIGHLY recommend the elementary AND high school programs. Only two weeks for a lifetime of obedience! Well worth every penny! I’d give them 10 stars if I could. Thank you!!!

Danielle Schmidt

2 years ago

Dan is amazing at what he does. He is such a kind and warm soul. His professionalism is unmatched. Your pup and family will both benefit from he’s training expertise.

Jonathan Flood

2 years ago

My 3rd Mastiff in the past 10 years I have brought here, always professional friendly service. Great training! Have kept up with her training as advised by the Dan Gentile team for a few weeks now and Maggie is doing great! She follows all her commands. She still a puppy and gets into trouble but she knows her commands. Thanks to everyone at Dan Gentile!

Matt flack

3 years ago

Was referred to Dan Gentile Dog Training by a client of mine. I have researched many dog trainers and facilities attempting to find the best option for my 1 year old pit puppy. After speaking with Dan who took the time to walk me through his offerings, and his background in the industry I knew this was the way to go. While it was hard leaving my pup for two weeks, I'm blown away at the results! Lola went to Dan knowing basic commands, and was a good dog, no huge issues or problems with temperament. However she was a typical pup that jumps on ppl when excited, begs for food, sticks her head in the dishwasher as you try to load it, and always pulling on her leash wanting to play with other dogs. I'm beyond happy to report that all of these issues are non existent after working with Dan Gentile Dog Training. They really simplify the behaviors and corrections needed to create those behaviors. Not only has it been so pleasant for me, but it's easy to see how much more comfortable Lola is now knowing what is and isn't the desired behaviors. She is still a fun loving excitable pup, but she takes every command immediately in those tougher situations. If you're truly looking to fully enjoy and love your dog than I can't suggest enough that you visit Dan Gentile Dog Training!

Steven Bouer

3 years ago

I have been using Dan since 1989 he has trained at least 8 of my dogs and would use him over and over and recommend him every time. He is knowledgeable and gets the results required to successfully train a dog.

Beth Savage

3 years ago

Our adorable, but spirited, dog spent two weeks here and was returned to us still just as adorable and spirited but less impulsive. Both he and I learned so much in such a short time.

Kathryn Florentine

3 years ago

In the past, i'v taken my German Shepherds to another training facility and what a difference taking my GS here. This is the 1st time in 26 years at the same address that my neighbors are not complaining about my Shepherd and the barking, jumping and not listening. He listens when we give a command and he is wonderful around kids. It amazes me how Lukie also is our protector, and makes our family alway's feel safe. Thank you Dan for training Lukie and making him one of our treasured family members!

Sarah Cascone

3 years ago

Friendly, professional, effective. In two weeks my energetic little pitbull went from not listening to anything to obeying commands quickly. The little training session at pick-up was especially helpful to ensure we're doing the right things to reinforce the training. It was tough letting our girl go for two weeks but it was well worth it. I would recommend Dan and his team to anyone looking to get their dog trained.

Angelo Gamba

3 years ago

Dan and the team were amazing. They did a great job with our 9 month old German Sheppard rescue. He was a handful. Now he has some great manners and is much more manageable.


3 years ago

they have a great staff who know what they're doing and have a system that is tried and trued. brought my german shepard puppy there for their 2 week program and the results were amazing

Jean-Claude Geraud, Jr.

3 years ago

Brought my pup here to get some training as she’s highly energetic and training her myself was just too difficult with my schedule. She came back well behaved and highly trained!!! Highly recommend these guys. Very professional.

Julie Rogers

3 years ago

We had a wonderful experience and even had a little set back after a couple months. I went back for a quick visit and they were great help and the tips they give you are very helpful. I would recommend the service to a friend. Thanks for your service.

Michele Galpern

3 years ago

My dog came back to us like a soldier. My wife had to re-learn what she was taught and they said please come and make an appointment and they were wonderful in teaching her all over again. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dan Gentile Dog Training. I highly recommend them.

Natalie Russell

3 years ago

Dan Gentile has trained 5 of my German Shepherds since 1997. Dan is a amazing knowable world renowned trainer & behaviorist. My boy Major (in photo) at 1.5 years old was lunging at my throat, Dan took him in to his training center & did extensive training with him & continued to work with myself & Major for 2- years. Dan Gentile & his staff are the only ones I trust boarding my dog's (dog's he has trained) I trust my boys with Dan before I would trust my own family with them. Photo attached is Major being spoiled at Dan's in a large run with shelter. Thanks to Dan Major became the most loving loyal dog I ever had, sadly to say Major passed away after giving me 11.5 years of love, devotion & loyalty that never would have been possible without Dan Gentile

Michele Jones

3 years ago

We have a large dog 140lb. Ital. mastive (Thor) that we adopted at 14 months old. We almost regretted it. Now almost 3 years old. Need to say not only did Dan Gentile and his awesome staff train him they gave us some sanity back... He is a bully with people, with other animals scared. No more and the training school was the best decision. They care about the animals and will repeat the process if needed. We found our happy place and that really means so much with a large dog. They also have boarded him for a week and even though he tried not to get a bath they managed somehow someway to give hm one. We definately feel that he is well cared for and would ask them again when needed. Thanks so much.

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