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Lu Austin

2 years ago

Dr. Rashid has seen our 16-year-old Maltese for a number of years and always provides quality care. Recently, we took our dog in after signs of illness. The doctor found the cause and suggested surgery as the most viable option. We took his advice and are glad we did. Dr. Rashid performed an expert and successful operation with the aid of his medical staff, our little guy is improving, and the results so far remain positive. The small animal hospital's office is friendly and easy to deal with, as are their professional fees. I'm happy to be able to give the group five stars.


2 years ago

Dr. Rashid and his staff are wonderful and I know that my cats are receiving the best care.

Elena Raykova

2 years ago

Dr. Rashid is kind and knowledgeable. My dog is alive and doing well because I was lucky to find this great veterinary care.Everyone is very helpful and friendly. The end of august my dog was very sick. In Pennsylvania I was not able to get an appointment for days, even I was on a waiting list to see the vet we have been using for more then 8 years. When I called East Windsor Hospital I was given an appointment immediately. Thank you for helping my dog! You are amazing and my dog would not go anywhere else!

Deborah McCarroll

2 years ago

Dr. Rashid is an excellent and very caring veterinarian.

Nicholas gudzak

2 years ago

Dr. Rashid is extremely knowledgeable and caring towards all pets! Brought our boxer there who is 8years old and he took care of everything we were worried about, he made us feel comfortable explaining how normal the minor problems were. Would 100% recommend East Windsor Vet to anyone & any pet! THANK YOU Dr. Rashid and staff!

Connie Hastings

2 years ago

My daughter, a recent grad school graduate, moved to Hightstown with her family dog. Jim Cooper is a recused mix breed from rural WV animal control. Jim has always been in great health, about 6 years old and a loving, kind pet. Krista took him in for bad breath and what looked like it might be a abscess on his tongue. Dr. Rashid started antibiotics, after several days with no change he had her bring him back in. What had been a small spot was growing rapidly and he determined it to be a mass. He laid out options and they decided on a tongue amputation. Gruesome and extreme I know. But that quick decision saved Jim’s life. Two days later Jim again was saved from death when he burst the stitches and hemoraged. He had massive blood loss and as we raced him to the office (only 7 minutes away) we called and staff was waiting to get him from the car and within 10 minutes he was on the operating table for the second time in a week! The staff and doctors were calm, patient and reassuring. Jim pulled thru and remains happy and wagging his tail every-time he heads to the vet! He thinks they are all just waiting to see him… Yesterday we received the biopsy it is a rare mast cell tumor and without Dr Rashid’s quick and concise decision Jim would likely be dead at this point less than 3 weeks from the first visible signs of a problem. He is slowly recovering and although this is not curable we feel Jim has a good chance of an extended life because of their quick response. We can not say enough about the staff and their support. If you are looking for a vet look no further! We will be forever grateful East Windsor Animal Hospital. Jim Cooper, Connie and Krista Hastings

Aaron Aponte

2 years ago

After a week of inconclusive results from a couple vets I was given a quote for a $6,000+ emergency surgery that my 5 year old lab mix needed to save her life. A family friend reassured me that I was in good hands with Dr. Rashid of EWAH, that his work is trustworthy and wouldn’t be anywhere near the cost of the quote I was given. The receptionist was very compassionate and understanding, she gave me an appointment within 18 hours(which was a free consultation as it was our first time there) and that afternoon Dr. Rashid and his team performed the surgery for less than a third the cost of the quote I mentioned! I was more than pleased to see the precision and skill of Dr. Rashid and his staff via video of the surgery as well as the cleanliness of the procedure due to state of the art technology that only a few local emergency hospitals possess. To say I’m grateful and happy with my choice is an understatement, I’m in tears seeing this tail wag again, a million thanks to Dr. Rashid and everyone at East Windsor Animal Hospital!!!

Sanjay Vashisht

2 years ago

I have been visiting this place since last year. Very professional and reliable. Entire staff is very friendly and caring. Stephanie is one of the excellent staff members, my dog is fond of her????.

Amir Gergis

2 years ago

Great staff! My 5 month old German shepherd puppy loves going there and is not afraid of the vet at all thanks to their special care! 10/10

Brandon Anguella

2 years ago

BEWARE— Please do yourself a favor and not go here ! Brought My 8 week old English bulldog in today and they were about to give her 2 more shots that she did not need. She had just gotten her shots 3 days ago. She would have gotten really sick if I didn’t stop the vet. He never even looked at the paper work. He had the cap off ready to inject her until I pulled her away and said wait a minute!!! Will never ever go here again.

Myrna Toyos

2 years ago

I had a very pleasant and positive experience. They listened to my concerns and addressed them. Took good care of my Coco's needs and resolved my concerns. Looking forward to a positive and lasting relationship into the future.


3 years ago

The vet seems to have no idea what he is doing. He is dangerously open to suggestion ("What do you think is wrong" "We don't know" "Do you think it could be ____" "yes, it is definitely ____, lets run every test") This happened multiple times. He could never seem to explain anything, one time breaking out a vet medicine book and barely understanding what we were reading together. At one point the vet tech had to jump in and gently correct him... RED FLAGS. They constantly push things to other appointments just to get you to come in. The front desk manager is just plain mean. If you ask a single questions, she will literally shut down and stop responding. It is so uncomfortable. You have to chase them down for test results. (On the subject, I had an experience where the front desk said the results were not in and wouldn't be for days [after a week], then I was told by the vet they WERE in and I'm pretty sure he made up results on the spot. I was NOT confident my dogs tests were even sent to the specialist until I got the documents from them directly...) You will always wait about an hour, regardless of appointment. They will always say they have multiple emergencies... Called to get records sent to the new vet. Of course: attitude and they spitefully have not sent anything yet... Husband calls again and they refuse to release the documents to him, even though he's been there more times than I have. Its a dog. There's no HIPPA for dogs. I'm pretty sure my dog has cancer and they have dragged on diagnosing it to get more appointments and tests and run up these bills when, its besides the point: they are wasting precious time.

Susan R

3 years ago

Not too happy with them as my vet. Every time I go the wait is over an hour. They also have high costs for prescription and charge $15 if you want a written prescription instead.

Claudia G

3 years ago

Don’t bring your bird here

Jennifer Mcguire

3 years ago

I had to put my love Laney down and was dreading it obviously but they got me an appt fast, the doctor was soft spoken and nice and the tech Stephanie made a horrible situation bearable! she covered Laney who was so thin and held both of us ...and got me out of there quickly after recognizing i needed to get out. she's so in tune with the animals and owners needs i would recommend them to anyone!!

Christina Henry

3 years ago

Dr. Rashid did it again. Performed cherry eye surgery on my 9 year old pup. Looks great. Reasonably priced and just so loving and compassionate. My dog even has a heart condition that he worked around to make sure he was safe. Simply the best! Dr. Rashid works miracles! He is the most kind, patient and loving vet we've ever met. My 6 year old dog was having complications after surgery from North Star Hospital and after they failed to help my dog, Dr. Rashid was there to save the day. My dog made an immediate turn around after seeing Dr. Rashid and is now on the mend. I can't thank him enough!

Adam Block

3 years ago

First "appointment" Waited for over an hour and gave my dog shots he already had, and charged me for them. Additionaly the vet gave my dog frontline which wasn't even discussed (also charged me for that) My second "appointment" ALSO waited over an hour. Why even have appointments if they don't take you on time. Didn't even listen to what we had to say very poor service and care.

Laurie Campetella

3 years ago

Dog scheduled for surgery. Day before we had a snow storm. Called office in the morning and recording said they were busy with another pet. So I assumed it was open since we did not get a call and my phone call to office sounded promising. We were told not to feed or give water the night before and the day of the surgery. We went to the office at the appointment time and the office was closed. I called and left a message on the machine. I called the surgeon and left a message on his machine. No one responded to my calls. A couple of days later I called and asked for a copy of my dogs exhaust. Later that day they called to reschedule surgery. I find the behavior unprofessional and uncaring. I would not recommend my worst enemy to East Windsor Animal Hospital..

Joe Joe

3 years ago

The most amazing people, they took car of my Fiona and treated her like a queen, she needed to have surgery during this pandemic, she had 28 staples and 14 stitches. The vet didn't even blink an eye, took her right in. The whole staff is extraordinary, caring, just awesome. I love all of you .. I can not even being to express my gratitude toward each and everyone one of you for saving my pup.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. Pamela..

Rose Boyle

3 years ago

I brought my ZakCat, my lovebug to Dr. Rashid in serious condition. We met 3 days in a row, things turned dire and when I gave up hope, he inspired me. His kindness & compassion for furry friends is quite refreshing. He and his wonderful Staff made this Pet Mom's fear and anxiety from #10 on a scale to #1. We're not out of the woods yet, but no matter the outcome we're in good, skilled hands. Thank you, Rose Boyle

Maurice Mahler

3 years ago


Maria Cerca

3 years ago

The best vet hospital. Friendly staff that takes the time to explain your pet issues, starting with my puppy Lola and now my cat Smokey. Highly recommend. Thank you!

Lauren Mccormick

3 years ago

I called two weeks before purchasing a puppy to make sure they would be able to schedule me an appointment before spending a small fortune on the dog and the elective surgery. They said no problem. I was trying to get In touch with them every other day for 5 WEEKS!!! I sent emails with no responses, phone calls and messages no response. So now I’ve spent over $1500 on the puppy and he’s aged out of surgery. I’ll never recommend this vet. Completely unreliable and disrespectful. No concern for people’s money or time but their own.

Katherine Crain

3 years ago

We can’t say enough about the impeccable service received from this Veterinarian. Our dog is feeling much better, and a medical challenge that we could not fix and by trying to only made it worst, was remedied by this excellent veterinarian. He was also flexible on the pricing arrangement. Thank you very much.

Jayne Jaccoma

3 years ago

Terrible terrible sevice!!!...


3 years ago

The best in the area! Love Dr. Rashid he is super knowledgeable and my animals live happy and healthy lives thanks to him. He is an expert in surgeries and is the most reliable veterinarian. It is a blessing to have you serve our area Doctor.


3 years ago

7.3.2020 Great service treatment wise. BUT the schedule must be more flexible during holidays and emergency. I understood business would be slow, my appointment was delayed, I was understanding even after an additional hour wait in 93 degree weather with my cat who was hyperventilating. There was no communication that my appointment was delayed before I arrived, so my cat suffered from the heat and dehydration because I was not informed. I was not pleased with the poor miscommunication but the staff was friendly after taking in my cat.

Chris H

3 years ago

Friendly staff, clean facility and professional. Nice membership plan too.

Coretta Zodel

3 years ago

I have 3 rescue dogs and I’ve been going to Dr. Rashid for more than 5 years. During that time one of my dogs had two ACL injuries. What I really appreciated was the fact that Dr.Rashid did not push me to get surgery. Instead he described rest. I started giving Nellie joint supplements and let her not jump anymore. It took a longer time for her to recover, but eventually she completely recovered. Dr. Rashid is always very concerned about the health of my dogs and he is on point with his diagnoses. He won’t give your dog an expensive treatment if it’s not absolutely necessary. He always tries to save you money. The team is very friendly and welcoming. I always got an appointment the same day or next day, depending on the situation. I feel good about East Windsor Animal Hospital and I’m happy I found them 5 years ago. Thank you for everything you do for my precious furrbabies!!!

Ducks inarow

3 years ago

I have a feral cat who will not let himself be seen let alone touched by anyone but me doctor Rashad went out of his way to accommodate my feral cat and did extractions of his rotten teeth because hes an old man now my cat and the last time I took my other cat to a different vet I had to drop her off in the morning and pick her up later that day for the same procedures doctor Rashad took my feral cat in the back Room extracted the teeth and returned my baby boy to me safe and sound. I'm a RN and I was extremely impressed and grateful for Dr Rashid's generosity of time, compassion for my cats unique qualities as well as his pleasant and helpful staff. His prices are more than responsible. Jennifer Decker RN.

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