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Ktanya Rodriguez

2 years ago

I just love this vet. The staff is awesome. I am a new dog owner and I have learned so much from them.

heather kinsell

2 years ago

Dr was great. She took great care of my baby and gave me all the knowledge i needed to fix the problem my pup was having. Very affordable visit.

the person

2 years ago

After many calls to many vets they were able to squeeze my cat in last minute and it turns out he was more under the weather than I thought! Now my boy is back to normal thank goodness. Thank you so much!

John tayler

2 years ago

Great care for your fuzzy family members! Fair pricing and friendly staff.

Amanda Vigue

2 years ago

I highly recommend Ocean Heights Animal Hospital. The staff is friendly and the vet is amazing! They really understand that pets are family members.

Jorge Panameno

2 years ago

They are really caring people and affordable the doctor is fantastic and genuine

liz l

2 years ago

TheVet and her Techs are awesome! They aren't just there just doing a job. They show great ❤heart and caring . Love them! Alittle high, But, not as high as others area vets. But our baby Cocoa is well worth every penny, and taking her where she's happy, with sometimes hurtful procedures, is Priceless! Liz and Rick and Cocoa????‍????

Dawn Miller

3 years ago

I had to see a different vet twice about my cat and the second time one of the vets said he heard a heart murmur and I’d need to get very expensive testing done ASAP but he was rude and didn’t seem to like answering our questions so I decided I needed a second opinion before I got the test done. I called Dr. Marina’s office after hearing about her from a good friend and they squeezed me in the next day so that I could still get my cat the scheduled testing if he still needed it the day after. First off, the staff were so polite and friendly! Then when they finished examining my cat, Dr. Marina actually came out to my car and spent 15 minutes talking to me about him, when all the other vets were just doing phone calls when they were done with their exam. Seeing her face to face was much more reassuring and she was so sweet and explained what was happening so much better. She used detail in describing things, for example, she said he had a “very prominent murmur” and told me to definitely get the testing done as that is the next step with what my cat has been experiencing. The other vet was not so reassuring about the murmur being as obvious a problem as it was to Dr. Marina, especially considering the other vet office didn’t catch the murmur the first time I brought him in a few days before. Dr. Marina is very smart and very obviously loves animals and all of her staff were extremely helpful and seemed to really care about animals too. They let me know right away that he behaved so well during the exam and there was not one second where I felt like they didn’t put their full attention into helping me and my cat. I am going to be making them my primary vet and I will also be making my mom use them as well. Thank you so much Ocean Heights Animal Hospital!!


3 years ago

Absolutely horrible experience. I have 2 dogs, one is a rescue three yrs old in perfect health and the other is a new rescue pup less than one year old that I’ve just adopted. He needed new puppy intake but had been displaying tummy upset and unfavorable symptoms. My regular vet was booked for over a week because they do a great job, so I called Ocean heights vet to so I could try to have him seen sooner in hopes that I could also switch to a place closer to home. The desk person was rude, judgemental, and made her focus on completely irrelevant points just to contradict the usual daily care advice my regular vet’s approved for my first dog. Already dealing with a new stressed dog with obvious trauma signs from being a stray on the street, the extra trouble and hostility from just setting the appointment was so much to the point it made it worth the risk to cancel immediately to take on the extra cost and wait time to see my regular vet.

Tammy May

3 years ago

I was here on Wednesday, my Husband and I brought my Mom and her cat here for a first visit. Since we are still under Covid rules I did as asked and called upon arrival. The phone staff were very polite asking questions they needed before they came out to the vehicle to retrieve the cat. She spoke with us a bit more at the vehicle and gave us an estimation of the cost and took the cat inside. About a half hour later the tech brought the cat back out and said the vet (Donna) would be out. Donna very thoroughly explained what she needed to about the visit and we were on our way. I spoke with my mom the next day and she said that the Vet had called to check on things. Although it was a time consuming process, I was very satisfied with the service here and at this moment would definitely recommend them!

Mike N

3 years ago

Very nice staff. The help us get through a hard time with out pet

laura flores

3 years ago

I was there the first time and i love it !!!

Artemio Rivera

3 years ago

Dr. Marina is someone I trust with my dogs. Most of my family and friends bring their pets here.

Becky Brecht

3 years ago

Such a great place! The staff is always so nice to us! I wouldn’t bring my pets anywhere else! 10/10 would highly recommend!

Cathy Adkins

3 years ago

I really like the Doctor but one staff member is very rude. I believe I was given wrong dose of flea medication for my dogs size, and receptionists response, we don't have much experience with dogs that large. I was told to call the manufacturer for proper dosing. When you spend over $500 you would think she would have figured it out for me. Guess I'll have to research this myself...

Chris Rippy

3 years ago

Woman at the front desk is rude. Took our puppy there and they THOUGHT he has parvo. But "didn't have the ability to test for it" and could only treat the symptoms. Had to take the pup to another vet. Where they actually diagnosed him and were able to successfully treat him. What kind of vet can't test for parvo?

Coleen Basile

3 years ago

I would recommend this hospital to everyone! I brought my dog Lucy there because she had a cancerous tumor on her leg. They Took such good care of her and they gave me professional advice that I could trust. After I left the office the relationship did not stop there. They continued to check in with me to see how Lucy was progressing. In summary, The staff there is amazing. They have a wealth of experience, professionalism and they care!


3 years ago

I really hate writing negative reviews, but I really felt propelled after how awful of an experience we had. This vet is disorganized, unprofessional, and extremely rude to pet owners. I will never go back here and I highly advise others to consider other vets even if it requires a longer drive. It is absolutely not worth it.

Darren David Haviland

3 years ago

Friendly / caring doctor and support team. Very affordable when compared to other more popular vet locations. If you do not have pet insurance, this is the place to go.

Jan Miller

3 years ago

Wonderful, caring vets and staff!! Dr. Marina came in on a Sunday to help my FIV kitty.

Javier Carranza

3 years ago

Lovely Staff! Everyone is so friendly and very good at answering questions . Highly recommend it .

Jennifer Grist

3 years ago

Wonderful place.. so good with my grand dog !! Where he wasn't treated so nice at last vet .. he is a barking beagel and they are so sweet and nice with him ????

Jonathan Gonzalez Osorio

3 years ago

Ever since I've gotten my Sweet girl the team at the animal hospital has been extremely helpful with making sure my girl stays in tip top shape. Every time I've had any health concerns they were the first person who i reached out too, and a quick trip later they were able to tell me exactly how to tackle it. The staff is kind, friendly, and extremely professional! I'll definitely stay with them for the long run and will be happy to recommend them to everyone who'll listen.

Cynthia Cialini

4 years ago

Doc Martin & Dr. Marina are extremely knowledgeable. I never have a problem getting an appointment. They take their time with your pet, and thoroughly examine them.

Dave Mallett

4 years ago

The Vet tech Donna was very helpful and went out of her way to get my kitty the help she needed.

Felicia Dousharm

4 years ago

The staff is amazing there. I bring all my pets here.

Felicia M

4 years ago

Excellent staff. We bring all of our pets here.

Flyaway Mom

4 years ago

I love this place. I've been taking my dogs here for years and I've never had a bad experience. Staff is very nice and professional. They treat every pet as if they were their own.

Gina Marie

4 years ago

I went in yesterday to take my cat for a check up. First time going and it was a very good experience. Everyone was super nice and the doctor was extremely helpful! Will definitely be bringing my pets here again.

Kimberly Baitzel

4 years ago

We began using Ocean Heights Animal Hospital because it was close to our home as our dog was elderly- almost 17 years old. I’m only writing this review to make others aware of how my voice was not heard and how truly awful the front office manager spoke and treated our family . Our dog suffered at the end immensely where we were told that she still has some life in her and it wasn’t her time . All along I knew it was her time . Two months ago , I called the office just to get information on the process of having an animal euthanized as this was our first experience. Verbatim the office manager stated very rudely “ We are not in the business of putting animals to sleep.” The front office manager was combative on several occasions when I would call the office often over talking me. The pain I felt even to have this conversation and to have a professional treat any patient like that Is unacceptable. When I addressed this behavior with one of the veterinarians, I was never validated - only told of the office manager ‘s 20 plus years of experience. Our dog suffered immensely to where at the end she literally became a vegetable - we carried her , hand fed her and changed diapers ect . She was seen three times at Ocean Heights between November 30 th and December 18th th where I continually called with concerns regarding her health and her inability to stand or walk. Each visit we were reassured our dog had much life left. Lifeless on December 20 th she was put to sleep by Greenfield Veterinary Hospital who exhibited more empathy and humanity which I’m externally grateful for . Our dog was not even evaluated as her health was apparent. Today, we received a phone call from the office manager confirming our visit this Monday . Even after our conversation with the office stating our dog was put to sleep on December 20th , it never registered, no notes were put in the computer- nothing. The office manager asked what happened . After countless conversations and evaluations of our dog’s deteriorating condition, the office manager could not recall our dog - her health and or outcome. It was clear today our dog and her suffering was nothing but a number - a paycheck . I’m embarrassed for this facility. I want Ocean Heights Hospital to be aware that when a patient offers information on their animal and their deteriorating condition - you need to listen . Allowing any animal to suffer is inhumane . You made this process so much worse as we would not refer anyone or use your facilities again .

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