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Sean Roche

2 years ago

So we drove an hour to get there. We walk up and the two people in the store see us and pull their masks up. Evidently East Brunswick has a mask policy that’s doing no good but since the sign on the door said masks required we honored the sign and went back to our car for the mask. The attendant then locked the door. It was 6:58 pm and their website said they close at 8? I knocked on the door and the lady opened and said we’re closed. They literally had a piece of paper cut out over the door time that said 7. The two people who saw us coming have us the look and actions by both were we don’t want your business go somewhere else. I said we just drove an hour and the lady said “We’re closed”. We left and purchased the bird at a Petco. With customer service like this this little business shouldn’t be around much longer. Very disappointed. I went way out of my way to try to purchase from a small business and wound up at a chain in the end. My advice save yourself a trip..

sophias cortez

2 years ago

Let me just say, this store is incredible! The staff, the environment, the birds are amazing. The staff was so helpful and I ended up buying a green cheek bird who I still have today named Jules. He is my best friend and is the sweetest bird ever. I still come in and come to see the other birds every now and again. I always come for there food because of its nutritional value and for my birds toys which they have a wide variety of. I love this store highly recommend worth the trip!

William DiSanto

2 years ago

The Bird House is great. Been going there for years buying food, supplies, getting wings and nails clipped etc. Check it out. Here's some pics of my Bird Jake. He's 10 years young.


2 years ago

Love this place... Every employee is courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Lisa, the owner, is amazing! She does it all! Feedings, orders, inventory, customer concerns, sales, YOU NAME IT! Yet she always will stop and take the time to assist or answer any questions you may have. I recently purchased a baby cockatiel but she's not quite finished weaning yet. I live about an hour away so I'm unable to come visit my bird every day or even every week. So they take turns playing and interacting with my bird so she doesn't feel lonely. ????

Bonnie Sudnik

2 years ago

They are so nice ,helpful, clean and have everything you need or they will get it ????

Deviant Angel

2 years ago

Everyone who works here is super nice and has a love for birds! The store is clean and they have a large variety of toys and food to look at. Not to mention their birds look healthy and are beautiful.


2 years ago

The place is great ,the 1 star only is to the young girl at register was very rude ,was sitting down i waited and waited til I asked can someone help me and she came with a mad face never said one word very unprofessional after I got my change i said thank you she didn't say a word then go back to sit down.

Mike Levin

2 years ago

Wonderful place with attentive staff and a large selection of birds

Mort Lebow

2 years ago

Going there over 20 years.

Wonder World 8106

2 years ago

Great place bough two cockatiels there we visit every week until they are ready to be taken home. We drive 1 and a half hours one way to get there but does anyone know if they are open the day after the 4th of July.

Upon this rock

2 years ago

Beautiful birds good prices compared to other stores that only sell birds and all things related.

Linh Tao

3 years ago

Poor customer service, rude when I was on a call and asking for the pricing of the umbrella cockatoos.

Yudy Diaz

3 years ago

The birds are too expensive!! .. I don't know about the service because the girl that was on charge did not even talk to us... We were invisible... judge yourself.

Lauren Mazzarella

3 years ago

Fantastic place to get a bird from and supplies. The store is always stocked with many choices of food and toys. They make their food there which is great! I have to omit sunflower seeds in the mix I get for my sun conure because I am severely allergic to them. They had no problem doing that for me. I like that I can go in at any time to get wings and nails clipped. This store is a 1/2 hour drive for me an well worth it! I also purchased my sun conure and a parakeet there. You can also use them to board you bird if you are going on vacation!!

Shelly M

3 years ago

Temperature in the store is very cold for tropical birds, it feels chilly inside. Beautiful blue macaw on the back of the store looked very disheveled and was shaking. He looked distressed. I hope the owners address this situation!

nikhil shah

3 years ago

I am repeatedly visiting the place and love the care they provide to our birds.

Ayyan Khan

3 years ago

I put deposite on a bird, and the guy said it would be here in a month or two.its been a month and half. And I called them for updates. They told me to wait two more months. The birds there at fairly good price. But I’m just concerned of why I’m not getting my bird yet Edit: it’s been 4 month’s. They said I should get it by “next year”

Anthony R

3 years ago

To keep it nice and short. I’ve bought 2 birds from here, and this has got to be the best bird store I’ve been to! The owner Lisa and all the workers are very friendly and helpful. Also, the store is kept very clean and organized. Plenty of food, toys, etc. to choose from. ALL the birds (from babies to grown) are very well cared for and taken care of. Overall, just a great place to go if you’re looking for a feathered friend!

Andrea Fox

3 years ago

bought both of my cockatiels there. they are very happy and healthy birds. also buy bird food and other accessories there

#1 Menace

3 years ago

I loved it! Me and my father fell in love with a baby connie! The place is very clean and I only found like 1 moth. (People in the reviews usually warn about the moths) The birds are clearly cared for very well. We bought a Parakeet and it's about 8 weeks old they said. It's very kind! Clearly well cared for!!!! The birds are way more cared for than pet smart where I bought all my previous parakeets. We plan on buying the baby conure soon! The staff is amazing! They're kind and make you feel at home! Overall I loved the visit and even if you go to just look it's a free and fun experience!


3 years ago

Great and caring staff.Cares for all the birds with a clean environment

Mohammed Khan

3 years ago

Awesome service amd care for your birds. Best bird shop in the area.

Nelly Ayala

3 years ago

This is the best place to buy a new member of you family ????????❤️????. Great environment. We had purchased 11 birds. Highly Recommended!

The Roblox Twins

3 years ago

Do you guys have Baby Pasific Parrolets

Yaroslav Pash

3 years ago

Amazing staff, super helpful. Never had an issue with them. They have affordable prices, good variety of birds, and wean them for you. The Bird House also provides boarding options for birds if needed as well as grooming(nails, wing clipping)


3 years ago

The people here really love the birds and it shows. Highly recommended.

Viraj Pasricha

3 years ago

I just ordered a little baby cockatiel from the birdhouse and their staff is exceptional and well informed. I know that people have complained of the small cages and the fact that the birds look “plucked” but that is just because they are baby birds. If a baby bird is put in to large of a cage it could result in injury or death! And baby birds feathers aren’t fully grown in yet! Anyways, the process was a little long but worth it. You can tell that the staff is passionate about taking care of these birds and they are far from animal abusers. Anyone who would accuse them of such is obviously uninformed about the amazing work that they do. One complaint that I have that really can’t be fixed is that if it isn’t breeding season then it is very hard to procure a bird. They offer to cut your birds nails and wings for a small fee if needed, and offer a wide variety of bird toys. If you have a bird, they have everything that you need!


3 years ago

I haven't been there but I noticed that the website says it was last updated "as of October 4th 2017." I'm looking for a place to get a Cockatiel from (I won't have the opportunity until mid or late January) and the website's update data is the only thing stopping me from considering looking here. Can someone please tell me what's up with that?

Nikita Ostrovskiy

3 years ago

It was an amazing experience and we got to see so many beautiful birds and we even taught one how to say Hello and I Love You but it's kinda sad that the birds are expensive but they take care of them very well

Brenda Cohen

3 years ago

Always know exactly what I need for the birdies

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