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Marilyn Martinez

2 years ago

my groomer is Eve she does excellent work with my dog very understanding of what I want and very professional I gave her more than 5 star

Brian Engle

2 years ago

Dom was excellent with the fish and still able to back up the registers when it was busy. Give him a raise

Frank Bolli

2 years ago

Always someone nice at the register

William Weicker

2 years ago

WARNING CALL AHEAD. Ask if they are selling animals. Don’t be like me & waste your time going under the impression you can buy a pet at the pet store . Here is my Story I had a basket full of fish supplies. Then started looking at fish. After about 10 minute wait for someone, eye contact made multiple times already, I asked if I could purchase fish. Reply was very dramatic. Clearly wanted to express very deep & sincere sorry, so went with the classic hand on the chest, sad face & a deep breathe….” I am so sorry to tell you we are so short staffed that we actually stopped selling pets a while ago.” So I left the basket full of supplies & followed the only other person in the store out the door. Initially I was upset until I realized….I was not dealing with some Petsmart Rookies. No. No. No. I was in the presence of Petsmarts Elite Employees. Veterans if u will….bc they knew at any time you could have that Petsmart 7:30pm mid week rush. Picture This 1 employee scooping fish for me The Rush Hits O my. The horror. Well done Petsmart Elite Employees (PEE) for short u saved lives tonight PEE saved me I love my PEE Make sure to stop & show your PEE some love


2 years ago

I want to make a complaint regarding store #0575. This afternoon I went to the store to purchase crickets. The male sales associate that was helping me was Noah. I am a frequent customer at that petsmart. I was asking Noah questions. He appeared to become frustrated. I asked him if he was getting frustrated with me asking questions and he said yes. He was getting annoyed and becoming verbally aggressive. I asked for the manager. The manager gave me, Noah's name and told me to go online and file a complaint so that another customer wouldn't have a negative customer service experience. I hope that this does not happen again to me or anyone else. Hope this gets resolved. He may need some more customer service training.

Jay Bee

2 years ago

Great location, the manager on hand Nadine was very friendly knowledgeable and helpful on picking foods up that my 16 year old cat could eat without getting sick.

Gia Ridgeway

2 years ago

Spent 30 mins picking out fish just to be told that they weren’t able to sell any because there was no staff “certified to handle fish because their staff has Covid ”… maybe hang a sign? Also how hard is it to scoop a fish into a bag?! ALSO- shouldn’t the store be shut down if staff has a Covid outbreak?! Stay away!!

Chris Schmid

2 years ago

Always a great place to go when things are going a little tough

Celia Almonte Sosa

2 years ago

It was good I found everything I need with no problem and the people there was very nice and everything I bought was at a very good price better prices than Petco.

Brynn Ashlee

2 years ago

Staff has COVID and the store isn’t shut down. “Stopped selling” live animals despite there being tons there just sitting.


2 years ago

Dont come here if you want to stay away from COVID 19. There were employees that were clearly *very* sick, and likely economically coerced into coming into work sick. Shame on this company and shame on management. Not the employees fault.

Chelsea Clark

2 years ago

I contacted cherry hill PetSmart for my dog who is very fearful which can sometimes turn into aggression and spoke with a woman Devon who was really nice and helpful and assured me that they would take care of her and they were very used to fearful dogs. The service was performed by a woman named Chelsea who said she’s used to working with dogs with fear aggression and again assured me she would be fine. She let me stay by the desk to have my dog see me to help her remain calm . She handled my dog very gently and was very patient with her. Another woman who worked there whose name i didn’t catch was in the room also talking to my dog to help her remain calm. Devon and the other woman were also working with a dog who seemed to be fearful and they were so calm gentle and patient. Chelsea attempted to use the dremmel on my dog and tried to get her to warm up to it but with her fear, she was not having it and she immediately stopped so that my dog wouldn’t get anymore scared- which was perfect! She was super sweet with my dog and patient and very friendly . I will definitely be back. Everyone there seemed very professional and like they treated the dogs liek their own

Jonathan Faunce

2 years ago

Seems to be getting low on cat food. Shelves are pretty bare

Michele Temple

2 years ago

They checked for the only food that my cat will eat and that 4 other stores were out of. Put it on hold for me at the register. Staff as great. Will be going back.

Byron Wright

2 years ago

I get all my puppies supplies there

Esther Norman

2 years ago

Lack of employee s working

Robert Cooper

2 years ago

Love the staff and the training classes we do for our dog. Nurses are amazing, and everyone is very helpful and loving towards our animals.

Albert Watson

2 years ago

Very good customer service. I had a problem finding the right prescribed dog food for my dog. The manager and cashier were kind enough to look up my dog name to find the right script for my dog Max food.I love some of the employees knowledge on different pets.Banfield is a great place to have health insurance and check up on your dog or cat . Banfield has service one of my dogs for 12 years. Great job Banfield.????????????????????????

Greg Nacnud

2 years ago

Store was neat & clean,greeted when we came in store. Asked if we found all we were oozing for

Keith Hanson Jr

2 years ago

Kind staff who actually care.

Patricia Quinter

2 years ago

A very pleasant experience for me. Cashier was polite and they had a good variety of cat food in brand that I needed.

eric ortiz

2 years ago

They have fish to the left pet grooming to the right the staff is quick and help full I found everything ok and they answered all my questions


2 years ago

I usually go to the Banfield in Deptford that is great, but I switched to the one in Cherry Hill for convenience and the service and staff was just as great!!!

Luke Knotts

2 years ago

at one time you could get large fancy gold fish but now nothing.& nobody can answer any reason why.this company whent from a good store to one of the best to one of the worst because i was told a buy out. what a shame note its not just gold fish lots of other fish also angels etc

Maribel Rivera

2 years ago

Great place I found everything I needed for my dogs and the girls was very helpful.

Steve Hernandez

2 years ago

So many things to buy for your pet

Luis D

2 years ago

Kendall graduated from puppy training and this training helped her a lot... She was a trouble maker and now listens and continues to show improvement.

Bob Brown

2 years ago

Great box box pet experience. The selections, price and availability is excellent.

Tina Elaine

2 years ago

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Zack at the Cherry Hill PetSmart. He went above and beyond what one might expect from.a staff member. While helping me in the store he noticed that I was not having a very good day. Honestly, it was a horrible day and I was barely holding myself together. Zack was so kind and caring. He totally changed my mindset with his good nature. I wish the world could be filled with a lot more people like Zack. Just that kindness he expressed meant so much to me. PetSmart has a loyal customer, me. A million thanks to Zack. I hope he knows that he’s so appreciated and he made a huge difference that day. I have always had pleasant experiences shopping at PetSmart .I truly hope Zack gets to read this review . Take Care. Tina

Vin “Vin” DotC

2 years ago

The staff seems nice. However I took my husky to the groomers here and she doesn't like her nails being clipped. I thought they'd be gentle with her but when I went to pick her up she seemed very agitated. She sulked when we got home and wasn't herself for 24 hours. It seems as though she was treated very horribly for her to be in this state. Thankfully she was back to her happy outgoing self in after a day. They also always seem to be in a rush. They overbook and then rush you in and out and don't care about taking the time to care for your pets.

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