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Carmine Caputo

2 years ago

Great customer service my dog's looking amazing

Amber Annis

2 years ago

I want to preface this by saying: I DID NOT TRY OUT HAL WHEELERS. This is purely based off a phone conversation I had with someone there. I’ve taken my dog to several dog daycare/boarding places. In both NJ and FL. I have never heard one of these places say that they will not take a pit bull. Now, my dog is a mix, but I’m certain she has some pit in her. She’s never caused an issue at any other place. I cannot believe that a “SCHOOL FOR DOGS” (so that includes training) doesn’t take a certain breed. They probably wouldn’t have been able to tell my dog has some pit, and we could have tried them out. But I will not go to a dog daycare/training facility, that doesn’t take a specific breed. She made sure to repeat to me TWICE that they don’t take pits and she cannot be a pit. How can you trust them with any other dog breed? Sounds like they don’t really know what they’re doing. What a shame. I was excited to do some training (of course she needs it because she has some pit) and daycare there.

Elmas Poshka

2 years ago

I am an honest and practical person. So if you value that, my advice is such: if Mike likes you and your dog, you’ll have no problems. His fee is very expensive but his groomer does a good job. If after 4 years, he no longer wants you as a client because he thinks your 9 lb little mean dog is too much trouble, do expect problems. I was not warned that he would basically refuse his tech to handle my dog anymore despite her doing so for all of his life. This has put us in a very bad position since it’s hard to find a good groomer that will take a difficult dog at this time of year. I’ve been a responsible owner and always made sure he was sedated to make sure that he was harmless to anyone, especially after one bad incident at the hands of Hal Wheelers. But he was definitely rude and unprofessional to tell us he wouldn’t allow his tech to handle him anymore because he couldn’t risk her getting bit, which he has never done to her in all the 4 years that we paid him his expensive fees. He didn’t even have the decency to return my call so I could ask for a one time goodbye grooming since he needed it so badly. He had his front receptionist handle the “situation “. Very unprofessional judgement and disappointed to be handled so poorly. And NO Mike, he not menace to society. He’s a scared little dog who was doing well with his tech..I was always asking how he was..and was never told he had bitten anyone or that your tech was afraid of him. You saw him scared and upset ONCE because your shampoo caused ulcers in his corneas (cost me $500 in vet bills) and you determined he was a ticking time bomb. Even his vet thought your reaction was unjustified. You are just a JERK.

Ralph Pawlik

2 years ago

The best! Honest and straight to the point

Sidney Turner

2 years ago

Not impressed. To tout so much experience with dogs, how can you refuse to groom a 10lb scared puppy? Granted you desire to protect your employees, I respect that. Now I come for boarding for the dog and you refuse him, because he is nervous during grooming???? Come on.... I'm done!

Akshay Deshpande

2 years ago

Great place for boarding dogs. We boarded our Husky here for a week when we went on a vacation this summer. Also had her groomed here. We were very happy with their services. Definitely recommend to other pet owners.

Ingrid Geisler

2 years ago

Extremely clean facility!! Very friendly and caring staff and they were able to accommodate us on such short notice! Very reasonable pricing including Eukanuba dog food and treats, provided along with dog beds, flat screen TVs and 24/7 classical music playing. Bella was taken care of well.

Nathalie Koren

2 years ago

Clean and my dog came back happy

Jeff Wickliffe

2 years ago

Beautiful facility and friendly staff, I felt very comfortable leaving my cars there to board. We will definitely be back in the future

John Vassoler

3 years ago

Mike is the best his staff are animal lovers along with mike my dog Mauti never has a problem going in for a stay but never wants to leave when I pick her up!!!! Mike you and your Staff have done it again! .Thank you for giving my Mauti and Mazzie ( my daughters Dog) the special attention and care that your establishment is known for . I post to reassure those who may be hesitant to house there family member. When I do need to kennel my buddy I know she is in good hands. Thank you again Mike.

Karen Weintraub

3 years ago

Pro: They were able to take my dog for boarding on short notice. They provided food, toys, bedding, and basic necessities. Con: They would only let us see the facilities through a cctv so we weren't able to get a good sense of the place. The dogs just remained in their individual pens where they could see other dogs but not play, which may be safe for the dogs, but does not provide much socialization. The deluxe package only included 1 solo outdoor time per day.

Doreen Schaefer

3 years ago

The only place that can groom my Wheaton beautifully and safely. I tried other place and my dog cam out half groomed and bleeding. We love Hal Wheelers!


3 years ago

Amazing place. Extremely professional. Roberto, you are AWESOME. Fantastic human being that understands animals well.

Justin Scott

3 years ago

Trained my dog here, going back for puppy #2!

Siobhan Wolohan-Diss

3 years ago

Always a great experience going to Hal Wheelers. We signed up for training our dog Charlie, who, is a very skid-dish dog from her background, she is a rescue, now she goes on the leash and sits and stays and walks with us. Mike and his team are excellent. We highly recommend Hal Wheelers!

Jamie Nielsen Jr

3 years ago

Hal Wheeler is your one stop shop for all your dog needs from training to boarding. First class service

Jacob Park

3 years ago

Their poodle grooming is amazing, and they are very punctual as well. Very satisfied!

Doris De Fino

3 years ago

Did a wonderful job on my very skittish dog

Anthony Tucci

3 years ago

Mike has so much dog experience, years of training and knowing all breeds. The staff is very professional and caring. I train and board my dogs at Hal Wheelers. My dogs are happy and clean when I pick them up. The training is second to none! I dont like leaving my dogs anywhere but I trust Mike and his staff. I highly recommend.

Susan Kobylarz

3 years ago

Excellent services, customer service and care for your dog!

Ada Rodriguez

4 years ago

Clean professional friendly place my dog???? love it????????

Arzellra Walters

4 years ago

Best dog kennel ever! They handle my high anxiety dog like pros.

Peter Lomicky

4 years ago

Tina loved being groomed at Hal Wheelers . Took her every three months and each time when I came to pick Tina up she was ready for Westminster Dog Show that's how beautiful she looked Thank you Hal Wheelers for taking such good care of Tina.

Ruth Kliwinski

4 years ago

Took really good care of my dog. But in terms of the dogs experience its very bare bones.

Philip Paisnel

5 years ago

Great kennel and a hotel for cats. We always use wheelers for boarding.

D Foley

5 years ago

I’ve boarded my dogs here and left assured that they were well taken care of. Their staff is very welcoming and friendly. I’ve also had my dog trained here, being he is a 200 lb English mastiff, I needed to be able to control him. Mike helped me to train my dog to be one of the most well behaved / trained dogs I’ve ever owned. I get compliments on his behavior when we’re on walks all the time. I would HIGHLY recommend boarding or training your dog here. They are by far the best around! Thanks Hal Wheelers!! ????

Daria Scott

5 years ago

I have been nothing but pleased with my experiences here. It’s easy to make appointments, I know my dog will be well taken care of, and the staff is super helpful. I also like that I can walk my dog into Hal Wheelers knowing that it’s a safe atmosphere and there won’t be any aggressive dogs around. Notice all the negative reviews come from pit bull owners. I’d bring my dog here for the simple fact that they DONT accept pits. ????

Emily Marcelli

5 years ago

We have used Hal Wheeler's for years- they currently train, groom and board our Westie and they are fantastic. My dog jumps out of the car and runs inside each time we visit- never saw a dog so enthusiastic! Highly recommend them

Joe Giovannoli

5 years ago

“We don’t do anything with a dog that has pit bull in it” laughable business practices. Could not believe my ears. I have a lab, pit, whippet mix that is the nicest pup you’ll meet and they didn’t even care to meet the dog. Pay literally anyone else.

Laura Lambert

5 years ago

Called to get some information about boarding for my American Bully and was promptly told they will not take her based on her breed. Was appalled at the discrimination, they didn't even care to meet her.

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