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Amanda Jaksetic

2 years ago

Christine was amazing! Kaara is our first dog and we wanted to select someone to help guide us and provide us with in-depth foundational knowledge. Christine delivered. She listened, guided, and showed us foundational skills for our slightly anxious pup. We highly recommend her to anyone!

Tori Jones

2 years ago

Extremely knowledgeable and THRILLED I took this next step with my 4.5 month old bernedoodle. I can’t wait to use the information he provided and to see how her behavior/our relationship changes over the course of the training. Will most definitely provide another review in the future but so far I am beyond happy with the service he provided! Would definitely recommend him!!!

Tracey Alampi

2 years ago

Christine trained our puppy Milo. She was very warm, patient & very professional. She was very knowledgeable & easy to work with, we highly recommend Christine. Tracey & Phil Alampi

Cara Constantino

2 years ago

We really enjoyed our initial training session with Fern and look forward to working with him again in the future. His approach to training and overcoming some of the behavioral challenges we’ve been facing with our 10 month old Aussie mix was a step in the right direction for us. Fern provided critical professional insights and helped to equip us with a more structured training toolkit. His methods rely heavily on forming a good foundation in the dog-owner relationship and using repetition to build good habits while eliminating the behavior we don’t want. We hope to continue our daily training efforts to make our pup the best version of herself and will remain connected with Fern for future training sessions.

Adam Phillips

2 years ago

Fern is an exceptional trainer, and someone myself and my fiancé put our full trust in. We were extremely concerned about introducing a trainer to our anxious and stranger-averse dog. Fern was confident, and our pup responded to him immediately. (And to be honest, put us at ease too!) He is knowledgeable, friendly, and explains concepts and tips clearly! Because ultimately it’s less about training your dog, and more about training YOU how to work with your dog and establish that trust and understanding. He is also readily available and encourages questions outside of your scheduled training times. Highly recommend working with Fern!

Kristen Yiengst

2 years ago

After being pulled down and dragged in a park, I knew my terrible teen pup and I needed professional help. Fern assessed the situation immediately, explained why my pup and I are having the issues we are having, and gave us an action plan to build a better, more solid foundation so we will be able to safely enjoy a happy active life together. Fern is extremely knowledgeable and generous with his knowledge. I highly recommend FernDog Training!

Marina Goland

2 years ago

Fern is an amazing dog trainer! He really takes the time to get to know your dog and tries different approaches, as each dog is different. He clearly understands dogs very well, as he was able to pinpoint a lot of things about reactive dog. He takes the time to talk to owners, explaining things thoroughly. So many of his suggestions and tips have been helpful with our rescue. I can't recommend him highly enough. If you need any dog training, Fern is the person to go to!!!

Jaime Hetrick

2 years ago

Just had an awesome experience with Fern! Knowledgeable, professional and caring toward us and our two French bulldogs! We can’t wait to start practicing all the great activities to ensure our pets are happy, healthy and safe. Give this guy a call today!! He will listen and provide recommendations on the spot!!

Annette DeFazio

2 years ago

Fern came to my home yesterday. He was professional, and i immediately knew that he had the tools to help me with my male boxer, Tommy. Fern worked with Tommy and in doing so explained to me not only what he was doing but why. Fern is about giving you the toolset as a pet owner to have a happy pet and happy home. We are just beginning our journey but Fern is a valuable asset for sure ????

Jennifer Ruopp

2 years ago

I would highly recommend FernDog Training. Fern is knowledgeable about dogs and their needs in terms of behavior, exercise etc. He does a great job at explaining what your dog needs. Fern had Bailey sitting quietly at his feet immediately. She walked calmly around the block for the first time ever!! The next day I was able to walk Bailey around the block by myself. Fern made great recommendations and demonstrated what I need to do. I am super excited to continue training with my dog to improve her behavior. Thank you Fern!! Jennifer & Bailey ????????

Nicolle Walker

3 years ago

Fernando is incredibly knowledgeable and it's easy to see how much he absolutely loves what he does. He made my entire family feel comfortable right off the bat, he worked with both of my kids to help them create positive relationships with our new dog. He has followed up with us multiple times to see how things are going and offer extra advice and guidance. I would recommend him to anyone thinking about getting a dog, as well as current dog owners who need to do some work. Loved our experience with him!


3 years ago

We were having some behavior issues with our 7 month old puppy and wanted to put a stop to it before it got worse. I recently met a well behaved 5 month old puppy while I was struggling with my puppy and got the name of their trainer. They gave me Fernando’s info and and I’m so glad I called. I didn’t realize some of things we were doing before were seen as a reward by our Fur-baby. We put some of the practices that Fern showed us during our session and we’re already see some improvements to some of her naughty behavior. It’s only been 2 Days. I wish I called Fern 3 months ago!

Anthony Del Negro

3 years ago

I highly recommend Fern if you just brought home a new puppy. He instantly makes you feel like you're not alone in the challenges ahead with his kind and positive attitude. The best part is once you're a client, you're a client for life. He is incredibly fast with communication so any time you have a question, Fern is there!

Tracey Hann

3 years ago

We have four dogs and were kind of at the end of our rope with the crazy behavior. In one session Fernando gave us so many tools to help us manage the dogs in a healthier and more productive manner. We have already seen a big difference in the barking and jumping. We highly recommend!! Thanks!

ariel silverman

3 years ago

We recently got a puppy, not our first dog, but it had been a long time since we'd had to train a puppy. It was exhausting and honestly there were times that I regretted getting a dog. I felt like I had no idea what I was doing and it was causing me great anxiety. NOT what you need during a pandemic. FernDog Training was a complete game changer. We were taught simple things that we could do to change annoying behavior, and we saw improvement immediately. I was absolutely floored. And beyond behavior modification, we worked on a plan of attack for housebreaking our puppy. What a relief! (No pun intended.) We've followed recommendations and set schedules and it works! FernDog training has allowed me to relax and enjoy my dog because now I have a plan and I know what I am doing. FernDog Training is clearly knowledgeable, but most importantly, effective. Now if only FernDog Training would expand to FernKid Training...

Chrisandra contreras

3 years ago

Fern was absolutely amazing ! Was very calm with Myla and still got what he needed from her which is what my boyfriend and I wanted to learn. We currently have a 5 month husky who has been in challenge and we want to make sure she is being raised to the most amazing dog she can be. Fern made us believe it was possible and taught us so many cool tricks that will last us a life time. Thank you fern!

Claudia Gonzalez

3 years ago

Fern knows what he's doing!! He is so educated on dogs and so patient with walking you through what you need to do with your dogs. If you are thinking of getting a puppy, call Fern right away because it is so much easier with a puppy!! We have a 5 month old puppy and saw results during our session. Our two year old dog is doing much better as well!!

Ellen Scheurer

3 years ago

Fern did not return my phone call.

Hillel Ephros

3 years ago

Fern is pleasant, professional, tremendously knowledgable, helpful and patient. After some phone conversation and a great first meeting, we will definitely call on him more to help with our rescue dog's anxiety. Thank you!

Jackie Bowe

3 years ago

We had a really positive experience with Fern. Our new puppy responded so well to him. Fern was on it! He was very attentive and assessed where we we were at and succinctly shared some great suggestions and recommendations. (He has also some very cool quick tips that have been invaluable!) Fern is very good at what he does. We are all happy to have met a new friend and resource in Fern.

Louis Coniglio

3 years ago

I have only been working with Fern for a few weeks now but it has been great so far! He always answers my texts when I have questions, and he offers great advice whenever I need it! I am looking forward to out next session together when he will help get my little pup to be better on walks and also will help him come when called! Fern is great!

Mary Szubiak

3 years ago

A friend told me about Fern and I am so thankful . I reached out to Fern because I was nervously expecting a puppy to join our family. This was my first time having a dog. Fern met with us beforehand and patiently helped me understand how I could prepare and care for the puppy. My nerves turned into excitement. I was grateful for all the time he spent and it was comforting to know I had someone as knowledgeable as Fern to lean on. Meeting with him before the puppy arrived was the best decision I made. He is kind, patient, responsive and knowledgeable. And I am excited to work with him as our puppy grows.

Pamela Kaufman

3 years ago

Fern was amazing to work with for my family since we’re a first time dog owner household. He provided us with information on potty training and house training which made the transition much easier and more rewarding. He helped us learn how to talk” Dog” since we had no prior experience. He helped us learn how to walk our dog properly and was available to answer our questions. He’s a priceless resource and we recommend him.

Sharon Guerriero

3 years ago

We have a 5 month old standard golden doodle puppy that was displaying some typical puppy behavior that needed to be addressed... Fern met with us and provided some great tips and guidance and really explained in detail what we need to do and be consistent with to irradiate these issues and how to create a well behaved dog. He was very informative and answered all of our questions. He even checks in on our progress periodically. All of his training tips are with positive reinforcement which I totally agree with. We highly recommend Fern!!????????

Sonali Madhok

3 years ago

Fern is a very professional and a responsive dog trainer .He explained us everything so well .We are very happy with his service .He solved all big and small issues with our pup training in seconds . Thank you Fern !


3 years ago

Fernando was the first trainer who listened more than he talked to us. He peppered us with questions so that he could detail specific answers for our specific issues. The answers were common sense and practical. If you are having an issue with your canine, he is definitely worth a call to get his input. 6/1/2020 Just an update. Even during the Pandemic Fernando was consistent with his common sense, straight forward lessons. He does not undersell the work that needs to be put in but he gives you the tools to get that work done.

Kevin Lewis

4 years ago

Fern was great with every canine and human member of the family. He took the time to make sure he addressed every question we had about training our puppy. He was also able to teach him to go down stairs in about one minute. The tips and homework he left us with has continued the progress. I recommend Fern to anyone looking for a positive training experience.

Marci C

4 years ago

Fern was great with our dog and our family! We had a great time learning about how to work with a hyper puppy. We highly, highly recommend Fern. He will be so good to your dog and you!

kristie golla

4 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about Fern and his services! Before our sessions I was very frustrated and he was able to change the relationship I have with my dog in just 2 hours. I am so grateful for Ferns knowledge and professionalism.

Marcia Gloster Ammeen

4 years ago

Great experience with Fern. He certainly knows how to speak ‘dog!’ I adopted a 2 year- old wild-child Yorkie who he was able to train not to bolt out the door, but to “stay” within one hour. I also like that he takes the training at your pace, he doesn’t push for more sessions until you think you need them. A big thank you!

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