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2 years ago

A Lunenburg staple for many years and grown from the love for animals. They are no kill and volunteer powered.

Ashli Brady

2 years ago

Caring, loving, true cat lovers is what you want in a shelter, and that’s what you’ll find at Pat Brody. Priscilla goes above and beyond for animals in her care. I have first hand experience with her kind open heart as I work at a local Veterinary clinic that she bring the cats to frequently for sick and wellness care. She is always ready and willing to do whatever is needed to help pets in need. They go above and beyond for animals that a lot of people would give up on, and they do it without a second thought. They work extremely hard to place cats in appropriate homes to prevent cats from being returned or abandoned. When you adopt from this shelter you are supporting a dedicated team that puts in extremely hard work, blood, sweat, and tears everyday! It’s not an easy or cheap to do the work they do and they never complain! Be patient when adopting, as it is constant chaos for them daily to manage all that they do. I would highly recommend to anyone! ????

Becca Gilligan

2 years ago

Adopted our Sweet Caroline from here, great experience

Tonya Cassano-Bartholomay

2 years ago

We had recently lost our fur baby due to old age and donated items to the shelter.

Kathie Croteau

2 years ago

Everyone that I met there were very helpful and friendly. The place is very clean and the kittys ???? are so friendly and so well taken care of. Looking forward to adopting hopefully two. Thank u everyone there I so enjoyed being in the play room watching the ???? play Kathie


2 years ago

I stopped here for her annual yard sale. It was eventful.

Christine Treat

2 years ago

I filled out the on line application and received a call the next day with an appointment. I had an interest in one particular cat but really one has to meet the animal to be sure. I showed up and there was an amazing yard sale going on, which was a bonus. Anyway, my son and I got to meet all the kitties. After debating a while, we took a 4 month old Tabby kitten who happened to be alone. He was being treated with eye drops but otherwise fine. I have to say, this is the sweetest kitty I have ever had. He is beautiful, almost a wild cat with the stripes. He was desperate for us to take him home and completely worth the 325$. Thank you PB shelter !!

Kathy Teed

2 years ago

I love p Brody's when I go to be donate. Great volunteers. Getting ready for a yard of sale and I'll go

Firstglenn Lastbutler

2 years ago

Great cat stuff best place to get a cat

Linda Zambetti

2 years ago

Adopted a lovely cat last night. The staff was wonderful and the facility was clean and kitty comfortable.

Chrissy Magnuson

2 years ago


Charlotte Zembko-Johnson

2 years ago

After losing my 18 year old diabetic kitty, I found Abby at the Pat Brody Shelter. Abby is also diabetic and 11 years old and had been at the shelter for over 4 months….she was very well taken care of and can’t say enough for the loving atmosphere at this shelter.

Erik Moon

2 years ago

We've known these folks for many years, and we foster for them. Caring folks, doing good work.

Samantha deManbey

3 years ago

Excellent service and a great place to adopt a cat! I just adopted a beautiful 4-month old kitten from here. They processed my adoption application fairly quickly, and I was able to safely visit the cats and kittens before deciding which one to adopt. The volunteers were very friendly and helpful throughout the process. The animals seemed like they were well cared for. The shelter also makes sure that pairs that are bonded remain together.

Alice Curl

3 years ago

Best place to get a cat or two

Deborah Nocella

3 years ago

Very happy with the experience, the place was nice and clean. the cats/kittens all seemed healthy and well taken care of. We were not rushed at all, able to spend time with the kittens before picking a pair. Love my new babies.

Janice Anderson

3 years ago

I never heard from anyone. Very disappointed.

John K

3 years ago

My experience with the shelter is what renders this review a one star. If I decide to seek pet adoption in the later future I will go elsewhere.

Josh Lewis

3 years ago

Will not get back to us terrible service.The 5 star’s are fake. !!!!!adopt with care!!!!!

Keely Grant

3 years ago

Amazing. The lives of cats have . Been saved. Xoxo soo many. So much love has been brought from here

Maria K

3 years ago

We processed a cat adoption through them, it wasn’t until having the cat at home for a few days with multiple symptoms that weren’t improving that we realized her health might have been compromised prior to bringing her home. We reached out to vets and then to the shelter to see if they could help somehow. Particularly getting her some medical care. They agreed to have her checked with one of their vets and at first we were reluctant but brought her back assured that we’d get her back and have her returned to us as soon as her health was cleared so we could continue helping her adjust to her new home and also to work with her and her resource guarding issues with food and affection (something the vet we took her to discussed with us that she noticed). A few days later they leave us a voicemail that we wouldn’t be getting her back because they felt she needEd to be an only cat. They stated in the voicemail that they had been aware that other cats stressed her out (even though she was housed with other cats at the shelter). They left us heartbroken and were quick to ask for her paperwork back (which we still hadn’t received at the time), and told us to come look at some kittens they had. Needless to say, choosing a cat for us is personal, this is not something we do lightly and we felt that expecting us to simply move on and just pick another was ignorant of our feelings and disrespectful to what we were going through. Our experience felt like this: We applied to adopt a cat, our application was approved, we welcomed her home, got her new home ready, bonded with her (as best as we could) and then after trying to help her vet help through the shelter never saw her again. I know with all my heart that we had every intention of working with her due to her resource guarding and we were about to introduce to our home the use of artificial cat pheromones to help ease any hostility between cats. This is a method recommended by vets to help improve and calm cats who get stressed from changing situations where a new cat is introduced where one or both cats don’t seem to bond. However we never got around to trying it because the shelter had made up their mind and told us we would not be bringing the cat back to our home. We can say that we won’t consider adoption again anytime soon because it’s just too soon. I write this hoping that it will inform people about our experience and help prevent the same experience for someone else. My heart always goes out to any pet that needs a home but in my opinion if given the choice to return to this shelter, I can’t say that I will.

Meredith Rumore

3 years ago

It took me a couple months of visits to find my cat, but I found her back in May! She's absolutely perfect. My experience with the Pat Brody Shelter was overall very pleasant. My only complaint is that they seem understaffed, but they're also working super hard through the COVID-19 crisis with limited resources. I got to know the staff (specifically Priscilla, the director) each time I visited. I made a point to be patient when it was clear that the staff were juggling a bunch of stuff at once. They treated me well. There's a couple of pretty awful and completely unwarranted reviews here. So I want to be clear about this: ADOPTION IS NOT JUST A PURCHASE. You will be disappointed with your experience if you: A) don't have a good idea of what you want/need in a cat (i.e. demeanor, size, age, compatibility with kids or dog, etc.), B) indicate at any point in the application process that you do not intend to take care of your cat in a way that the Pat Brody Shelter deems appropriate. If you have other pets, they will take this into consideration. If you want to let them outside, they will take this into consideration. If you don't seem cat savvy or if you reveal at any point that you don't have the resources to take care of a cat, they will take this into consideration. If you put all of three seconds of thought into adopting a cat, the staff will pick up on this - either on your application or in person - and that's on you, friends. Not them. This does NOT mean the staff is rude/nasty/dumb/whatever. It means they take adoption seriously and won't out living breathing animals like candy. If that's a problem for you, then you're not ready for a cat.


3 years ago

While I did not find my kitty companion here, I wanted to call out the shelter for their responsiveness, organization an cleanliness. My application was reviewed and approved within three days of submission. I received a phone call and was able to make an appointment soon thereafter. The facility inside is quite clean and there were protocols in place to maintain that cleanliness between guests which made us feel safe. The volunteers were very organized and followed an entry / exit system prevented guests from crossing paths with other guests throughout our stay. Kudos Pat Brody Shelter!

Russ Rogers

3 years ago

Got our two feline friends there

Sandy Fitch

3 years ago

Haven't been out there yet but love the photos. Want a Russian blue kitten but am just starting my search.

Sierra Nevada

3 years ago

LSS: Lacked customer service: did not listen, were unorganized, and had poor attitudes. Got an amazing cat out of it all, but the cat being awesome is not the employees doing. Put me in the room with bonded cats, for 40mins, when I specifically said I wanted a single cat (I have a dog) and got frustrated when they finally allowed me into the room of non bonded cats, because I didn't adopt the first one I saw. Said they would be accommodating as far as staying open a little later for adopting, but got even more impatient as 30mins BEFORE close rolled around. I did end up getting a cat, they had to search for her paperwork and we're rude to me about it, like it was my fault they were unorganized. By the end of it I was glad to be leaving. It was extremely frustrating to feel rushed and have them be so unorganized with the paperwork. My cat is awesome and I am glad I adopted her that night, but that has nothing to do with the women I dealt with.

Tim carson

3 years ago

I adopted four cats from there. Great place if you are interested in adopting a cat or a kitten.


3 years ago

Adopted a brother and sister three years ago. They are part of us and were presented wonderfully by staff at Pat Brody Rescue. They care.

Christine Roche

3 years ago

After receiving a call that we were approved to adopt, we scheduled an appointment and went today. It was very busy, with many cars and families leaving and arriving, but they had a good system. They have the cats in different rooms and they allow you to spend time in a room with them. You have to wash your hands between touching them, but can pick them up, pet them and hold them. We picked out the kitten we want but he isn't available until he gets his last check up. We completed the paperwork and went home without a kitty, however, I am confident he will be home soon! They are very busy and everyone was very kind and helpful.

William Lampros

3 years ago

I filled out an application for a cat and sent several emails. They never got back to me. The phone is always busy.

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