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Don Delabarre

2 years ago

I adopted a kitten from there and had great luck

Jeri Plouzek

2 years ago

I have had a couple of recent experiences with this shelter and have been greatly impressed with their care and concern for the animals. The negative reviews are not at all reflective of what I have observed, and a great number of them are more than 2 years old, when different leadership was in place. I am happy to support them in their current operations-- they are kind and caring, and truly want the best for the animals.

Amy B

2 years ago

Called about a deceased black cat and was told animal control cannot pick up deceased animals on private property but I told the lady on the phone who I believe name is bree, that it was not on private property. The cat was basically in the street. All I got from bree was “ok thank you” no explanation on whether or not animal control would come out. She sounded like she couldn’t care less.

Miquelle Levander

2 years ago

Kind people with caring hearts

Camilla Holt

2 years ago

I volunteered to take care of kittens I had to bring them in every week. They were only just having their eyes open. They wormed. Them died All of them I had two dogs together for 2 yrs all of a sudden the 3yr old attacked the 12 yr old during the fight I was accidentally bitten (totally my fault I got in the middle) had to go to hospital. They took the young one and would not give her back it was a one time incident

Kaylene Alexander

2 years ago

Called about dogs that are running around attacking people and other dogs and got told in a very rude manner that humane society does not come for dogs running at large….kinda defeats the purpose….but I guess ill call back when I’m pulling the dog off a kid.

Samantha Bermudez

3 years ago

Hi my name is Samantha and when I spoke to a staff member on the phone for a specific dog they said I could come in and play with her to see if I wanted to adopt her and I loved her I wanted her so badly, the lady then told me a few things about this baby dog and I was terrified with leaving her there but I had no choice my landlord doesn’t allow animals but I needed this dog for an emotional support animal and I actually need her, so I went in and played with her and of course I wanted to adopt her but I couldn’t I then told the lady if I could come back tomorrow and adopt her and she said they couldn’t hold her but if she’s here tomorrow you can have her, there was one person there and he was adopting a husky and then left within me walking out those doors and going to my car I re checked the website and Aura the dog was taken off the site! This makes me upset and I get really attached to something I love/ like, I feel so bad leaving her but I had to discuss it with my landlord first and they are not open on the weekends! The people are friendly but I’m not sure they know how to do their job! They knew nothing about this puppy and they wasted my time coming an hour out to see a dog they told me would be available and I understand first come first serve but why did you give me paperwork and basically lie to me! I’m not sure if I’ll return!

Quinton Speer

3 years ago

I had a great experience. My cat is exactly what I wanted. The staff was helpful and nice. My cat was well cared for. This is a great place to get a pet.

McKenzie Schwarz

3 years ago

Very very rude workers and management!!

Matthew Trga

3 years ago

Only enforces running at large policies / law only during business hours they advised to call law enforcement and Law enforcement does nothing about it they don't even show up. Rude staff

Karen sweatman

3 years ago

Why are there fewer and fewer pets for adoption at CNHS? Obviously, there are not fewer animals needing rescued in a city of over 51,000 residents. I have to presume they are being euthanized. At one time this was the best shelter in the state, and was managed by a true animal advocate. Since her departure, much has changed, and not for the better. Very sad for our community and all the animals who need help.

Jay Bird

3 years ago

Absolutely will not answer the phone!

Aaron Oswald

3 years ago

We called 911 about a husky locked in a hot car at the south Walmart in over 90 degree weather for at least 20 minutes that we observed. They sent an animal control officer from the Humane Society. He was very cordial with the person who had the dog in the car but was very aggressive and dismissive to us that placed the call. We left feeling horrible despite calling them about a dog that was in danger.

Theresa Gosch

4 years ago

Who is running this place now?? ???? 2 yrs ago I had nothing but 5 star reviews but not even 1 Star now! 12 Dogs Available for Adoption! I bragged for years prior of all the dogs up for Adoption, sometimes up to 32. I no longer post anything positive on the GI humane Society! Change needs to happen!!!!!!!!

alex reyes

4 years ago

Stole someone’s dog and gave it to staff member, lied about having the dog to rightful owner then lied to the community about what information they gave to the owner and when to make the theft of someone’s dog technically legal

Ashley Rountree

4 years ago

Amazing staff very nice !!! Adopt a pitbull today named gecko! Dont know what's up with everybody putting bad reviews on them I think they doing an amazing job staff keep it up! And they are so good with the animals also!

Bo Mickey

4 years ago

"We are a place of business, and reserve the right to adopt or not adopt for any reason we choose. Thank you." After seeing this comment, I have to say running a shelter is NOT a business, nor something to profit of. Sounds like you are in for the money and obviously seeing that you tend to "euthanize" the unwanted, tisk tisk tisk. If you care about the well being of these poor animals who only want to find loving homes, focus on whats important, letting them find a home. And your prices to adopt a animal from the shelter, up to $350.00, better produce them receipts of each cent that money goes towards. Hopefully it's not meds to kill these poor animals. Won't be surprised if karma bites y'all where the sun don't shine.

Debbie Scott

4 years ago

When a place makes you choose from photos on a screen which dog you want to see, and you can't go back and see the dogs, you know there's something they don't want you to see. Before I get into it I want to note that we brought out current dog along for this so she could do a meet and greet as well. We were initially told to put her in the car (IN THE CAR) in this cold weather. Ultimately we ended up having to leave her in a room with dried pee on the floor by herself. We have done this process before at NHS in Omaha, so I do have a point of comparisson. NHS is much busier and had a room she could wait in. Never once did NHS act like it was a hassle for her to be there. And never once did NHS suggest that we leave her in the car. The one we chose was "recovering from surgery" I guess (then why was his photo up if he's not available?). The second choice dog we had to meet in a room. He ended up being very defensive, bigger than expected, and growling at us. They offered to leave us alone with him or take him out to walk... This intimidating dog that is growling at us. If the dog isn't connecting I'm not going to force it. If we could actually go see the dogs we could make a much more informed decision about who we wanted to see instead of choosing based on a photo. Coming from Omaha, we got our current dog (who we are finding a friend for) at the Nebraska Humane Society. They are very clean, organized, and let you walk the whole facility to look at animals. We will go back there, 2.5 hours away, before we go back to CNHS. Sad for the dogs that don't get a chance because they don't let you go see them in person.

Jeff Lonowski

4 years ago

I was going to name CNHS as primary beneficiary of my IRA, but after talking to them and them lying to me about euthanizing dogs (they said they NEVER did, but they do), and the rude treatment I got from their customer service staff, I will give my money to a more deserving nonprofit. I feel sorry for the animals there.

Kaiya Diestler

4 years ago

I got my sweet doggy Luna from here a few years ago (she's my profile picture) and the staff was kind, caring, and very enthusiastic. I don't really know what all the bad reviews are about. Maybe those people weren't having a good day or something.

kevin widener

4 years ago

I've heard nothing but the worst about this place dont have clue how they're still in operation whole staff should be fired. wife came home last night in tears her uncle's cat was picked up for no reason and put to death their response was oops sorry. they didn't wait the lot of time they didn't try to contact no one they just killed it....extremely sad he was chill and loving

Lisa Goff

4 years ago

They lie. They changed Stella's name to Cider. They changed Cookie's name to Drumstick and Brownie's name to Biscuit.

sam airra

4 years ago

If you want to get dissapointed and told you can’t go back and see the dogs then this is the place to go. They always seem to say “You can’t go back to look at the dogs, we aren’t allowing anyone today”. They are now making you fill out applications where you have to put all of your veterinarian information. They are very rude and seem to always have an excuse to not let you go back. Poor dogs never get any visitors because these people clearly do not care about the dogs being happy and letting them go on walks.

Travis Limper

4 years ago

Friendly and helpful staff. Animals are well taken care of and healthy.

Moon Gxchas

4 years ago

So me and my dad have been looking at this beautiful dog for two weeks. She wasn’t available because she had surgery. When we came back on Monday, they said she wasn’t available because she ripped her stitches open so she was in a cone. We were going to get the dog once she was ready. My dad went in this morning, as soon as they opened. She was gone! He got upset and asked how she could possibly be gone, he asked yesterday when she would be available and they said in 4 days. She was gone today! My dad filled out an application yesterday to get it out of the way, so my dad thinks they tell their friends that someone is going to take the dog, so we don’t get it. One star. Never going back.

mackie chavez

4 years ago

I walked in CNHS and asked to see the dogs and I was directed to a tv screen that had pics of all the animals. I asked the worker if I could see the same animals at home on my PC and she stated that I could. I would like to interact with the dogs and not a TV screen. The workers there were not very sociable either. CNHS has alot of work to do to get accepted by the community again.

Emily DeTimmerman

5 years ago

Adopted a dog from them and was lied to about him being good with cats. He was constiently nipping at me and my husband. And chasing the cat around and biting her. We tired to explain the sistuation to a front desk person and ask for a refund. Instead of listing to us, and treating us with respect she over reacted and got very mad at us. We won’t be a getting any animal from here again.

Alyssa Lawrence

5 years ago

I was planning on getting a cat that I saw named Zara.I haven't got her yet, not until a few months. (I hope she is still there) I saw her on the website read about her and fell In love! I have seen bad reviews about people's experiences and If that happens I will be heart broken! So anyone say I should go for it?

Ashley Dalland

5 years ago

We will never donate or adopt from this place again, I feel bad for the animals. We went in there to get a dog and spent over an hour with it and were told we could have this dog in the morning. The staff that night was great and very friendly, they could tell we had bounded with the dog. We went and got all the necessary items for the dog and where there right away in the morning. We were very rudely "greeted" by a lady behind the desk. She made us sit in a room that just reeked of pee for at least 30 mins. Came in and told us we could not have the dog, and was VERY VERY disgustingly rude and wouldn't listen to us. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone! We are not the only ones who have had problems! I recommend Start over rover they are great, we love our dog we got from them and they have treated us with the utmost respect.

Brenda Musquiz

5 years ago

Jill Hornady and the entire Executive Board need to resign now! With a petition steadily growing at 8000+ signatures, the community has SPOKEN!! Euthanasia is NOT the answer!!!

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