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2 years ago

Great site helping to find homeless dogs a family! They should include more info on the dogs so potential adopters are more fully informed on each dogs wants and needs but otherwise a wonderful site with great photos.

Synola Wilkins

2 years ago

Wonderful rescue and very caring

Barbara Windle

2 years ago

I adopted a great pyrenees puppy in May from this group. The dog saver group was prompt in responding to my application and was very honest with behavior and health history for my puppy. She seemed to care for her adoptees and asked if I could follow up with her and send pictures just to let her know how he was doing, as he had such a rough beginning in life. I have no complaints about this group and applaud the time and effort they put into their noble cause. I have 3 dogs and feel like my herd is a full time job. Thank you Dog Savers!

craig ring

3 years ago

Showed a lot of info. Tried to fill out app on line....

Phoenix KEIRS

3 years ago

found a dog on the side of a ride

Michelle smile

3 years ago

This rescue goes above and beyond to not only help their rescue animals but the adopters and their fosters. I not only foster for them but my daughter has adopted 2 pups from dog saver.

Michael Kiffmeyer

3 years ago

Dog savers have a great love for the animals and want to find them all forever homes!

Jenny Hague

3 years ago

Lied on petfinder, said a dog was sweet and loving,all they could say on the phone was shy. Same with potty trained said it on petfinder but the dog wasn't ,left no description when they said good with children and after we sent an application found out it was older kids.

Jeannine Clark

3 years ago

We were told that we could adopt a puppy out of 3 that we were wanting. She sent pictures of the 3 that were available so wer could decide which one we wanted. When we tried meeting to pick 1 up she keep coming up with excuses & not returning my calls or text. Now 2 weeks later I have seen that there is only 1 left & still no call. We would have done anything for 1 of the puppies & would have gave it a very good life.

Cathy McNulty

3 years ago

Great ladies with a passion for helping rescue dogs! I needed guidance on a matter unrelated to surrendering or adopting, as I already have 3 dogs of my own. Despite not being a potential "customer/client", both were helpful in providing me advice. Great service and definitely where we will look when ready to rescue another dog!

Carmen Z

3 years ago

We adopted the best dog ever from here.

Sandrya Moore

4 years ago

Very nice people! We got a dog from here and the adoption fee included microchipping, vaccinations and neutering. I highly recommend them.

Nancy Rich

4 years ago

Got our last two dogs from this rescue.

Aaron Powers

4 years ago

Unique experience with amazing natural beauty

Sheryl Runyon

5 years ago

We adopted a wonderful pup from them. They were great people to do business with. When we want to adopt again I will definitely be going back to them.

DeAnna Edwards

5 years ago

PLEASE DO NOT ADOPT FROM THIS WOMAN! I would give negative stars is possible. This monster stole our family puppy about a week ago with the help of a neighbor because she was out of our yard. We live in a very rural area. We let our puppy, Lola, out to go potty one morning and she never came back which is highly unusual for her. A neighbor who lives up the road adopted a puppy from Dog Saver and when she came to do a home check they ended up sending our puppy back with her for a discount off of their adoption fee. Lola was wearing a collar with tags. Multiple neighbors have said that they witnessed the dog saver lady with our puppy and saw her being out into her car and drove off. Dog saver lady is lying to us and saying she knows nothing about our puppy. We tried going to the house to look for our puppy also and she wouldn’t let us in even though the tv was blaring loudly. Her yard was disaster and you could smell urine coming from inside the house. It sounded like there were at least 50 dogs in there begging to be let out but she would not answer the door. I have 4 children who loved our puppy so dearly. She was a part of our family and very well taken care of. If anyone has seen a little brown black and speckled white chest female mixed breed puppy from her please contact me! We want her back so bad! This lady stole a part of our family. If you adopt one of the poor puppies she has it may very likely be someone’s loved family pet. This woman is pure evil!


6 years ago

Actually if there were negative stars, that would be the rating. We adopted a six month old pup at Petsmart adoption weekend. Paid the $200 fee and brought home our new baby with a folder showing his shots and vet record. The next day, he came down with a horrible cough. I immediately got him to our vet. Diagnosed as kennel cough and highly contagious. I have 2 other dogs and became very worried even though they've been vaccinated. I called Pet Saver just to report it as there was a sibling of his that was sold minutes before him. She said she would call and let know but denied that the virus came from her. I told her to drop the act because I know about the incubation period. When asked why she doesn't give bordetella like most rescue groups, she said they're a non-profit with not much funding. She also said if I had called her about my sick dog, she could have sold me the drugs to treat him much cheaper than the vet. Hmm... somehow sounds illegal. When I expressed my concern about my two other dogs, she said same thing again. She would sell me drugs to treat them. Is this lady a vet or even a vet tech? I think not. They have even lost their accreditation in 2016. I looked further and called the Washington vet whose name is on his rabies papers. And they say my dog has been in their possession since November, but didn't have all his shots and worming. They also said because it's a rural area, people could buy the meds directly from the vet and vaccinate their own animals. I relayed to my vet and he got worm tab but not any other vaccinations since he was sick and not getting better. We gave 4 courses of two different types of antibiotics and cough suppressant and no improvement. On Saturday evening, he started vomiting and acting strange. This got worse and as we are getting our coats to take him to emergency vet, our little guy has a gran maul seizure. Rushed him to 24hr. vet. Kept him overnight. Thought he might have ingested something toxic. In the am, vet calls for permission to put him on a drip IV to keep the seizures down. He was seizing 2-3times an hour. By noon on Sunday, he was put on phenobarbital to control them. Now, they've determined that it was masquerading as kennel cough and really he was dying of distemper. We had to go say goodbye to our little guy as there was little hope for his survival. He was still seizing while we were there. This is so heartbreaking and was totally preventable. Either someone is not telling the truth or she's not giving shots at proper time or using outdated meds. I have reported this to Petsmart and Petco as she has dogs there every weekend at multiple locations . Where does she get all these dogs to sell? I also wonder about the non-profit status. My pups never received a name in his months of her care but as you can see on her website, all the other dogs are named. What was she hiding? The only thing you can truly purchase from this rescue group is heartache! .

Karen Siess

6 years ago

Excellent rescue!!! These folks are extremely dedicated to saving these animals! People need to remember that rescue people are very busy, so patience is appreciated. Reading these reviews, I have to say, if you look at these posters other reviews of other businesses or services, most if not all are negative. This is a wonderful rescue, and these babies are given the best of care!

Debra Woods

6 years ago

I adopted a black and white female King Charles Spaniel from them. I brought her home and she was a bit timid while also being quite protective of her toys. It took about a week of me giving her one on one time and her trust. I then helped her gett acquainted with my 2 male dogs which worked out well. She is a great addition to our family.

Stephanie Hischke

7 years ago

Me and my boyfriend found a dog for adoption through their company. We showed up to do a house visit and found the yard an utter mess. Upon reaching the porch, we found the place to reak of dog pee. We knocked on the door and no response but from inside we could hear the television blaring so loud, I'm convinced it could've cause hearing problems with the dogs. We rang the doorbell and a sea of dog erupted from by the door and gradually grew throughout the house. The house wasn't big at all and it sounded as if there were at least 50 dogs loose in this house. The lady came to the door and had to hold back several dogs just to come out. We met the dog and was satisfied with her, however we went back home to fill out the form and get the house semi ready and when we were ready to turn in the form, I asked if she was at Dog Savers and she said she would let me know when she got back. A week went by and no response back so I messaged her again and it was only then that they mentioned you had to be 21 to adopt AND that in that time that she was "out of town" another lady had adopted the dog that we were wanting. From there the lady was rude to us and tried stating that we weren't ready and didn't follow what she was telling us to do.

Taylor Gonzales

7 years ago

I love my adopted dog don't get me wrong, but the overall service of the company has been an ongoing nightmare. My dog's behavior was extremely misled to us for one thing, she is far from calm and cannot seem to play well with other animals (we feel we have tried everything) and are told by the company that "it's just how she plays". We have adopted our pet over a month ago and have still yet to receive the hard copies of her paperwork (vaccines, rabies tag, etc) even with countless messages asking them to send them, plus we have had to pay for some additional services that were claimed to be included in the adoption fee. Our dog came with her spay stitches still placed (nearly 2 weeks later) and we were told to just take them out ourselves. Now they keep sending me copies of the original documentation and claiming they do not have the actual documentation....I don't get how that makes any sense. They are a company doing a great thing saving animals but I would not recommend doing business with them and I will never do business with them again.

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