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Morgan Hardy Gemperline

2 years ago

Dr. Laura was so kind and professional, both the day of and later when she delivered my dog's ashes. She helped make a very difficult decision and a really awful day bearable and peaceful, which meant the world to me. Thank you!

Cynthia Spence

2 years ago

The staff made one of the hardest days bearable. Kind and professional

Lynn Wesselmann

2 years ago

Dr. Kee was very comforting and compassionate. I was able to say my goodbyes without the stress of a vets office. My dog, Coach, was able to pass in his bed in front of the window. This was my first experience with at home services, but I recommend it highly to anyone in this situation who loves their pet.

Rosemary Ganey

2 years ago

Dr. Laura was an amazing resource before and after sending Pachee to the next place. The manner in which she conducted the at-home experience, as well as checking in after Pachee’s death, was so meaningful and helped me honor what a great companion he was to all his human and furry companions.

Libby Benoist

2 years ago

Dr. Kee and her team made us feel like they truly cared about our dog Scooter, what he was going through, and how much of an impact his loss would have on our lives. The empathy and patience that she displayed to our dog, and to us, during the most painful part of the process was something we will always remember. The after care and follow ups we received were beyond words as none of it would be necessary for the service; it shows just how much she cares. Thank you Dr. Kee; for making what was a heartbreaking process a little bit more bearable and providing love and compassion and some unexpected moments of humanity in the past month that have made us smile through the tears.

Lauren Talley

2 years ago

The loss of my pet was one of the hardest days of my life. having Dr. Kee come to my home really made all the difference. She was extremely patient and compassionate. I am so grateful to have found her!!!

J. Glenn

2 years ago

I received a compassionate letter offering the services and the person's condolences about my sick kitty. The services offered are nice. They are very expensive. I had NO idea that the service was So expensive.

Gia Thurby

2 years ago

In home is the way to go. Dr. Kee was very caring and compassionate with the whole situation. I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking about helping out their pet in this very sad time. I will miss our little old man but I know he is at peace.

Marty Sauer

2 years ago

Laura and her assistant provided a very peaceful way to say goodbye to our beloved beagle Champ. I believe it was also beneficial for our other beagle Rosie, who sat with us during the end of Champ's life. Our cat on the other hand, could not care less....but that's our cat. Highly recommend this service.

Angie Burroughs Kelly

2 years ago

Dr. Kee was so kind and compassionate when we lost our beloved cat. She and her assistant made the whole process so much more bearable. Additionally, she is beyond generous—she made a donation to MU’s Vet school in honor of our cat. She is a class act, and we would recommend her services to anyone in need of them.

Ari Chou

2 years ago

Dr. Laura Kee (and assistant Ashley) made this process so much easier and more comfortable than I could have imagined. My fiancée's 21 year old cat, Gus, had been showing changes in his behavior and we were worried he was in pain. I called Dr. Kee and she was super responsive, communicated clearly with us about what to expect and when, and was flexible with our timing. I was worried that it would feel awkward saying goodbye and bawling my eyes out in front of strangers, but Dr. Kee told us stories about her own cats that she loves and has loved. She comforted us, repeatedly complimenting and soothing Gus, and walked us through the goodbye with compassion and professionalism. Even afterwards, when she returned Gus's ashes to us, Dr. Kee was so thoughtful and warm. She repeatedly went above and beyond to make us feel like both we and Gus were receiving the best possible care. While of course I hope not to say goodbye to any other pets any time soon, if and when the time comes, I will be calling Compassionate In-Home Euthanasia.

Chuck Corpening

2 years ago

Dr. Keep and her tech were awesome. It was hard to part with our 11 year old Golden Doodle Zorro, but she reassured us that it was time, and even if he had good days, he would never be his old self. We laughed, we cried and they made him comfortable. I would highly recommend them.

D Ryberg

2 years ago

Having Dr. Kee care for my cat, Mr. Big, at home eased the pain of his death for me. Her compassion and love for pets and their families was comforting.

Jason Friehs

2 years ago

My experience was great with laura. It was very peaceful for my dog and I. We put him to rest outside at a park under a beautiful tree on a beautiful day. I would recommend this service to all animal lovers.

Sarah Miklich

2 years ago

It's never an easy time when the decision is made to help with a peaceful departure for our beloved pets. I am still heartbroken missing my little kitties. However, Dr. Laura Kee was helpful and compassionate throughout the whole process. We were not sure we were ready and cancelled our first appt only to realize we had been wrong and needed to schedule again within the week. Dr. Laura was patient, understanding and offered words of comfort. When it came time to say our final goodbyes, while we were an absolute mess, Dr. Laura and her assistant were gentle and calm, comforting to us and to our boys. This is not an easy thing and I am so relieved to have found Compassionate. I highly recommend this service. Thank you!

Susie Jan

2 years ago

Nothing compares to the peace of mind I get by contacting Laura and her assistant when I need them. Laura even delivers the ashes to your home. So thankful for Compassionate In-Home Euthanasia.


2 years ago

As I write this review, my heart is still aching. However, when my husband and I decided to go to the next step for our LaKota, Dr. Laura KEE was the one who was available to assist. With Covid impacting everyone's life and numerous questions we had, Dr. Kee was prompt in responding, respectful, kind, patient, and most important empathetic for this final stage. She and her two team members were punctual and sincere. As it was "all" about LaKota that day, they were more than accommodating to us, and most importantly, focusing on LaKota. Our second pet was quietly inquisitive with Dr. Kee. Without any resistance, Dr. Kee let her freely investigate and monitor her every move all the way to the end, LaKota passed quietly and peacefully. The home service she provided was second to none. LaKota was in her home environment, in her favorite place with no stress or anxiety. Thank you Dr. Kee for letting her go quietly. By the way, logistics was crucial for us. LaKota was not your average size four-legged family member, she was 180# of pure love, so it was VERY IMPORTANT for us to have her at home where she was most comfortable, Dr. Kee made that a possible. Thank you again, Dr. Kee.

Ashley Burke

2 years ago

Dr. Kee was so kind, compassionate, and helpful when it was time to say goodbye to our dog. Of course no one wants to have to go through this with their furry family members, but being able to have our pet at home in a calm, loving, stress-free environment during this time made a world of difference for our family. Dr. Kee is so wonderful and I recommend her to anyone finding themselves in the position of needing to plan for end of life care for their pet.

Becky Pritchard

2 years ago

Sadly, we were faced with the difficult decision to put our dog, George, to sleep this past July. Due to his size and condition we reached out to Dr. Laura Kee who was an angel responding to our urgent call. COMPASSIONATE IN-HOME is more than the name of her company, it expresses her true heart. We highly recommend her. 10 stars in our book.

Candace Grasse

2 years ago

My dog was 17 years old and dearly loved. We were all able to be with him as he peacefully passed away. Dr. Laura was truly kind and compassionate and helped us through a very painful situation. I highly recommend this service for your loved pets.

Chris Kornfeld

2 years ago

When it came time to say goodbye to our sweet pup, Dr. Kee helped guide her across the rainbow bridge in the most peaceful, compassionate way possible. We are grateful her final moments could take place in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of home. Thank you for the service you provide, Dr. Kee.

Dave Suchanek

2 years ago

Words cannot express our gratitude for the compassionate next step care Dr. Laura provided for our dear Butler boy! When the time comes, and it does for all of our friends, we highly recommend her assistance

Denise Miano

2 years ago

Compassionate says it all. Jasper was part of our family for 17 years. Having to make this decision was brutal. Dr. Laura Kee's compassion and guidance was tremendously helpful. Her and her assistants gentleness from the minute they arrived put me at peace with choosing them and this process to say goodbye to Jasper. When you find yourself in this position don't hesitate to contact her.

Jacqueline Blankenship

2 years ago

Dr. Kee is absolutely wonderful. We were able to have the family together with our Winnie Sunshine MooMoo. She was very respectful of our grief. She gave us as much time to say good bye as we needed. They were so sweet to Winnie. She even brought our girl’s ashes not us personally. And we received a beautiful condolence card with Winnie’s paw print in the mail too. I highly recommend her to any one needing to make this difficult decision. Well worth the extra money to be in our home so Winnie would be comfortable

Jeff Moenkhaus

2 years ago

Laura and her assistant were simply great. I highly recommend their services. They made a very difficult process much easier on my family and me.


2 years ago

Dr Kee was so kind, professional and sensitive. She made the worst day, bearable for me and took wonderful care of my 16 year beagle mix.

Jill McNeive

2 years ago

Dr Kee came to our home to do what I was dreading. The entire experience was very peaceful. I am so glad we did not have to load our dog into the car and take her to a sterile room at the vet. She spent her final moments with us, at home, the place she loved!

Naomi Vera

2 years ago

Very nice vet. Always looking out for my sweet fur baby

Rosemary Cusumano

2 years ago

When our little Ginger was diagnosed with an adrenal tumor, we knew there were not a lot of options. We discussed surgery, but determined the risks were too great, and decided that whatever time she had left, would be spent at home where she felt safe and loved. Fortunately, we were able to have another four months with her. My son had used Dr. Kee when his dog crossed over, as well as two other friends, and I knew their experiences were peaceful. Since I couldn’t bring myself to set the date, I regularly checked in with Dr. Kee, even scheduling a time or two, only to cancel. She was always empathetic and got back to me very quickly. When Ginger had a sudden decline in the middle of the night, I contacted Dr. Kee and thankfully, she had a cancellation that morning. I guess the stars were aligned in our favor. It was a beautiful morning so we decided to wait outside. Dr. Kee and her nurse were caring and patient with us, and Ginger passed peacefully under our Gingko trees while we kissed her and told her how much we loved her. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Kee for her kind heart and compassion and for providing a much-needed service. Having Ginger pass away at home surrounded by those who loved her, made one of the worst times in our lives a beautiful and memorable experience. Thank you, Dr. Kee.


2 years ago

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Kee for helping our dog Izzy to die in peace and with dignity, and also for helping us to get through a difficult experience and begin the grieving process knowing that Izzy’s last moments were ones of care and compassion. This was my first experience with at home euthanasia and I had so many fears, but Laura Kee not only made a difficult experience bearable, she truly helped me to find some meaning in my loss. I will miss Izzy every day of my life but, thanks to the work of Dr. Kee, the memory of her last moments is helping me to heal. I’m so grateful for this important work. I highly recommend Dr. Kee to anyone who has the opportunity for at home euthanasia. While this is one of the hardest decisions we face with our animal family members, it is also one of the most important. It was a life changing experience for me as an animal person and, most importantly, gave my dog a way out of her suffering that was free of fear or pain.

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