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Nichole Wilks

2 years ago

We absolutely love Murlen for our fur babies! If there is ever an issue with one of our babies, they will always make time to see them! I never walk out of there feeling like we’ve paid an arm and a leg. Dr Thompson is wonderful and you can tell he truly is in it for the animals! And his staff is just as amazing! If you’re looking for a new vet, look no further! I recommend them to everyone I know!

Jan Ferra

2 years ago

Stay away! You will not see the doctor anyway. We saw the high google reviews and tried this place out. We were not greeted by an unmasked and extremely rude/grumpy Tony, but knew from the reviews that we just had to get by her to see to the doctor. The place smells (despite the advertisement of pet candles) and looks ancient. When checking in, two or more people called and were gruffly told to hold. Then Tony rolled her eyes and made a "ugh" noise under her breath. We ignored. Neither we nor the dog were greeted, just asked "What?" I smiled and said we were there for an appointment. She said "who? for what?" and said someone had spelled the dog's name wrong. I had spelled it for her (4 letters) at least twice over the phone, so it wasn' t just "someone", but I thought maybe it was a bad connection and let it slide. I was then accused of not vaccinating our rescue pup... when I pointed out the rabies confirmation I was ignored. The third time I explained that "She was vaccinated at the shelter." I got a gruff "huh". I handed over a paper and Tony confiscated it and refused to give it back, saying I could talk about it with the doctor. I suggested making a copy, and she said she wasn't doing that. I was irritated but let it go. After a wait in which one older gentleman came in (and was NOT given rude service) Tony came over and tried to tear the leash out of my hand. She said "the dog will be back in while after the doctor sees her." NOPE. Not on my watch. The tiny spots we were going in for need to be pointed out, as they are under the fur and not easy to find. I needed to point them out as well as evaluate the doctor providing medical care to our pup. Also, my dog does well with me and I can get her to do things (jump up on scary tables, roll over etc) that a stranger cannot. I asked if owners were allowed back, and she said (still trying to TUG the leash out of my hand) "Nope. Let's go." No explanation. I doubt the covid excuse would be valid because Tony was unmasked, and I've been to other vets in the area who actually speak to their customers since covid started. I asked for my paper back and explained that I need to be able to see/evaluate the doctor to show these small bumps clearly. I could hear the doctor in the exam room breathing, but he said nothing. She rolled her eyes. We left and are going somewhere more professional. Do you want new customers? Try common courtesy and allowing pet owners to meet the doctors. FRUSTRATED.

Trace Redburn

2 years ago

My wife and I scheduled our dogs first appointment here for his vaccinations (he is a puppy) and to talk to the doctor about a couple other concerns. We weren't told anything about procedure ahead of time and when it came time to take him to the check up room they wouldn't let us go back with him. As an animal care facility, you would think they would understand animals get scared in unfamiliar places especially when they are young. It should probably be advertised that you don't let people be with their animals ahead of time. Not sure what the reasoning for this was either. The receptionist didn't have a mask on, so it would be pretty ironic if it were a covid policy.

Stacey Culpepper

3 years ago

Been using this place for years. Everyone is always friendly and helpful.

Julia Miner

3 years ago

Great vet and very friendly office. They do not overcharge like other places and have taken great care of our pets and all their needs.

Jessica Karl

3 years ago

Would be 5 star for the Dr himself but the Receptionist Tony is rude and unfriendly. The reason we have stopped taking our pups here is due to the unwelcoming receptionist. Which is a shame because the Dr himself was always thorough and on time.

Jackie Rardin

3 years ago

Just started going to this clinic this year and the staff is so friendly and caring.

Courtney Lautenschlager

3 years ago

I have used this vet for years and absolutely love this vet office. Never had an issue with the receptionist and the vet is always upfront in regards to information you may need I live all the way on the other side of olathe but will make the drive because I know this is a vet I can trust with my fur babies. Seriously won't take my pets to any other vet.

Bryan Thomas

3 years ago

We have been going to this vet for over 15 years . The staff is very personable and has been working there for years . I would highly recommend this vet .

bryan piercy

3 years ago

I have been using this vet for years and recommending them to all my friends. They are very polite and professional. The prices are reasonable and they are very helpful in difficult situations. Whenever I call, they always get me into see the veterinarian ASAP.

Alayna Humphrey

4 years ago

We have taken all of our pets here and could not be happier with every experience! Toni is always able to get us in same day when we call if one of our pets needs to come in. The vet is very professional and good with our animals. We have a very large german shepherd in particular who can be quite intimidating due to his size, but the vet is very good with keeping him calm and working with him. The wait time is never long and the appt is quick and to the point which is great. Also have wonderful pricing for vaccinations, visits, and antibiotics needed at the time.

Ally Hartman

4 years ago

Tony, Savannah and Dr T are not only great with your pets but pretty great with humans too. Reasonable pricing and very flexible.

Jessica Hurley

4 years ago

Honestly the best vet in the area! They are actually reasonable with prices, realistic and helpful in difficult circumstances and provided options, and are caring. We’ve been going here for almost 15 years. Doctor Thompson is so nice, knowledgeable and experienced. And Toni and sooo helpful with questions when I call, for example when we struggled with fleas one summer she made great recommendations for products and didn’t just try and sell me what they had in their office.

Kimberly Gattshall

4 years ago

I have taken my dogs here for the past 18 years. Very friendly and reasonable price. They take great care of my dogs.

Mary Brooks

4 years ago

Great place, wonderful Veterinarian, Dr Thompson. Great, helpful staff.

Tuckerfluffy Nug

5 years ago

A receptionist wasn't nice to me at all, I won't say her name on the internet but basically she was rude the entire time that we had a conversation and then she hung up on me before I was even finished talking with her. They should work on …

Constance Powell

5 years ago

The people here have always been helpful and understanding, and they don't overcharge like so many other vets who prey on people's fears do.

Fluffy Unicorn

5 years ago

My cat had been attacked by a dog and I took her to blue pearl. They couldn’t keep her there but they gave me a list of animal clinics that could and this one was on the list and close to my home and convenient so I brought her there. They were quite rude from the beginning. As soon as we got back with a doctor they immediately started saying she was going to have to be put down. I was obviously not wanting to do this as she was my best friend and had been my first pet I ever had. Blue pearl had said that she would live though she would need a lot of stuff done and would probably never walk again. When I told the doctor they basically said that that was not true and the cat would have to be put down. They repeatedly suggested that and never really gave us any other options but I left her there because I needed a place for her to stay overnight that could care for her. A few days later I called to see how she was doing and they said she just needed to be put down. I told them I wanted to take her to a couple of other vets and see what they said and if I decided to put her down I would take her back and let them do it and by the time I got to the animal clinic to pick her up maybe 30 minutes after the phone call my cat had “mysteriously” died. I do not recommend taking any of your pets to this clinic if you want them to live and you want to continue to make memories with them!!

misty lambeth

5 years ago

I had a very sick cat and went in never been there they were compassionate and honest and helpful.

Tina Goertzen

5 years ago

We took our cat in there on a recommendation which was a complete mistake. The staff were rude and they told my husband and I we could just leave our cat there and in the morning they would put him down. First off my husband and I are both crying so why in the hell would we want to just leave him there to die by himself. They were more concerned about locking the doors and leaving then about our pet who was clearly having problems. We ended up going to the Olathe Animal Hospital and they were fantastic and caring about our pet and about us. Never never never would we take another animal there under any circumstances.

Shannon Cardaronella

6 years ago

I like them. I called with numerous phone calls before adopting a kitten. They move fast when you are in the office, but they are all kind and will answer any and all questions.

Randall S

6 years ago

After over 15 years of going here, we were treated horribly and unprofessionally when we transferred to another vet after moving. So appalled at their behavior. There are many advanced places you can go that would be far better. Save your …

Leonard Gragson

6 years ago

Dr. Thompson is a very professional, highly competent veterinarian. He's been taking care of all of my animals for the past 23 years and will continue to do so as long as possible. The procedures he has performed have all gone without any complications. He gives me straight, uncolored information regarding my pets health, even if it's not the best of news. He'll give me solid advice which helps me make the best decision for my pet, even if it costs him hundreds of dollars in services which I could have easily been talked into while dealing with the emotions from letting go of an elderly pet. I trust him. And his staff is tops. No, you don't get a lot of plastic smiles and "Have a Nice Days" but you are treated courteously. If having gushing, contrived pleasantries shoveled to you in copious amounts is what is most important to you, maybe you should go somewhere else. If you want the best for your pet, go here.

Glenna Murray

6 years ago

Dr. Thomas is a wonderful vet. No nonsense, cares for the animals and isn't a pushy salesman trying to urge you to purchase unnecessary products. The staff is personable and always helpful. I would highly recommend this clinical to any furkid mom!!

Debby King

6 years ago

I took my puppy because he was showing signs of mange. He pretty much told me it didn't really look like mange and he won't bother testing him for it. Few months later he got so much worse all of a sudden now my puppy is in so much pain. If he had listed to me my puppy would never have gotten this bad.


6 years ago

A smaller place but they know what they are doing as they are always helping out with my families pets and such. They are understanding and it's nice to go to a nice little shop


7 years ago

We've been going here for years. Excellent care. Excellent service. I like a comment from another reviewer "Small town feel" with reasonable prices.

sydney martin

7 years ago

My family has been using this clinic for our pets for close to 15 years. Everyone is very helpful and kind. Dr. Thompson is very honest about his opinion of what is best for the animal. Your pet's health is the main priority at Murlen Animal Clinic. I would, and do, recommend this office.

Big Stig

8 years ago


Kimberly V

9 years ago

Great vet. We had been gong to another vet for years with our dogs. Can't believe we didn't find him sooner. It is wonderful to be with a vet who cares about the animals and isn't just about the money. We used to be in the country and it is like coming home. Definitely the small town vet feel. I am impressed. So happy we finally found him. Great vet - about the animals.

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