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Tracey Rosenthal

2 years ago

I went in the other day to get a price on nail clipping. The lady had an attitude than tells me it's $5.00 cash only. I left knowing I'd never go back. Maybe she should report her nail clipping income to uncle Sam.

Janis Broaddus

2 years ago

This is the best priced groomer in Olathe! I love the ladies. My dog does, too!

Rose Hilton

2 years ago

This was our first visit here. Our dogs look great & I couldn't be happier knowing I found great groomers close to home! Thanks again!!

Linda Hober

2 years ago

They were great with my 2 dogs. Very affordable. $5 walk in nail trims!

Vetzy Quevedo

2 years ago

Almost left my dog bald her name was Minnie I will never go there ever again they were hurting her

Sandra Garcia

2 years ago

I love this place but it is harder and harder to catch them when they are open.i have tried twice this week to get my dogs nails clipped. But either No one is there during their store hoursno answer on their phone.

Melode Pilcher

2 years ago

I highly recommend Hair of the Dog! They are wonderful with the furbabies and do an amazing job!!! They also give $5 nail trims.... ssoooo economical and much easier for me! ????

Jose Palma

2 years ago

Nice place is nice and the personal very kind I'm glad to find this place

Denise Stoker

2 years ago

Showing off those handsome nails yes he is looking at the floor I highly recommend Hair of the Dog $5 nail trim definitely worth it today

parul sood

2 years ago

Worst grooming shop ever! The lady gave me an appointment and then when I reached there with my 5 month old doodles, she said she won’t be able to take them today. After a few minutes, she said she will take them but doubled the price to $100 per dog. She said it’s because of their “size and temperament” She was so rude and unprofessional! She shouldn’t have given an appointment if they didn’t want to groom bigger dogs.

Tracy Doody

3 years ago

Absolutely the best groomer around!

Maddi Duncan

3 years ago

I want to start this by saying I do not have any personal hard feelings toward this business or the groomers here. My yorkie, Poppy, is a skittish pup who never really liked going to the groomer. When we took her here the first time she did great and came out looking fantastic! Unfortunately when we brought her back a few days ago, she came out with half of an ear. The only explanation I got for my bleeding, injured dog is that she freaked out when she heard the scissors open next to her ear and then somehow the cut was made with her ear in the scissors. I was also informed she was being restrained by her ear. I agree that accidents happen and I know the groomer apologized, as well as taking care of the price of the services. I just can’t recommend this business for owners of dogs who are skittish or sensitive to grooming. My dog will now have to be home groomed for the rest of her life. She (and I!) are now done with outside grooming. We were not offered any more of an apology or even told to get veterinary care for her. In the end, I’m disappointed because accidents happen, but this was a preventable accident and pretty bare minimum customer service. Don’t bring your pups if you know they are sensitive. Edit: it’s been a bit since I have posted this review on every possible review site that this business is listed on. They have never contacted me. They did not check up on my dog or ask if further care was needed. They did not apologize. Straight up: don’t bring your dog here. They could not give less of a f*** about whether you or your dog is pleased with their service.

Kelly Cordry

3 years ago

$5 Saturday morning nail trims!

Jacque Neighbors

3 years ago

Great place. We have a lab that doesn't like getting his nails clipped but she does a great job. Only place we take him.

Cynthia Douglas

3 years ago

Great nonsense. Love their work and they are reasonably priced. Added bonus, they do $5 nail trims!

Alida Todd

4 years ago

We did not have a good first experience. I made an appointment for a quick puppy grooming for our 12 week old to get him used to it. (Recommendation of our vet) They claimed he was matted (vet had told us he wasn’t and could be combed out) and then shaved him completely and charged us $47. He is not even three pounds. We’ve been told by other groomers that his fur will never grow back the same.


4 years ago

Very good groomers my dog loves it

Dennis Russell

4 years ago

They did a great job. I reccomend them!!!

Francesca Heh

4 years ago

Oh my God! I'm never going anywhere else! I took my dog in for the furminator and I was able to let him be a family dog again and let him lay around on the carpet with my kid. All other places were about $15 to $25 more and he just shed the next day but it's been 2 weeks and I have been bragging about Hair of the Dog to my friends and anybody that loves how soft he is but he's getting a lot of petting. Thank you so much hair of the dog we love you! I used to go to the groom gallery I was 12 minutes late and they wanted to add another $10 for a service that never really worked and I begged then I was running late because of my toddler throwing Tantrums at Walmart while trying to check out and she didn't care I'm a single mom $10 to me is a big deal but they didn't care and eventually they told me that I could no longer be their client. One door closes another one opens once again.

Kelly Tozier

4 years ago

My dog is a nervous dude. Hair of the Dog is the only groomer we've found who makes it low stress for a nail trim. They are very calm around the animals. I don't think it is laziness as described by another review. Thank you for taking your time with my dog!

Marie Powers

4 years ago

I love this place. My puppy was happy after his visit, and looked amazing!!! I will definately be taking him back. Great service and price!!!

Michelle Floyd

4 years ago

Great place for dog grooming and dog extras

Rosie Toplikar

4 years ago

Great with making our animals feel safe and comfortable.

Susan Garcia

4 years ago

The worst groom ive have ever had they shaved my dog and then charged 76$ witout telling me the cost Never Again!????

Suzanne Menez

4 years ago

Did excellent job with our older dog. Always very pleased with the results.

Taylor Vaughn

5 years ago

My scared dogs loved her right away.

Alicia Endecott

5 years ago

I’m giving one star because the did trim my dogs nails for only $5. So that was cheap. I’ve been taking my dog to another groomer since she was born(but have moved and it’s over an Hour away) so I went in to discuss my dogs care and pricing. My dog had recently had her entire body shaved minus her head and I was just needing a bath and face shave. The two ladies there were just sitting there not grooming. The lady looked at my dog and at first quoted most $65 then the other lady spoke up and said that my dogs breed is hard to groom then the price went to AT LEAST $100. ???? At my other groomer the most they ever charged me was $80. And that’s the time my Old English Sheepdog had been Fully groomed with LONG hair. Got the impression these ladies didn’t care to get business especially a new client. And either were being lazy or rude. I also noticed while I was in there that the place wasn’t very clean. Tons of dust on the stuffed animals hanging front the ceiling. I should have looked at some of the other reviews on here first. Just saw they were in my area and would give them a try. So hopefully you read this before you choose to go to them. Went to another local groomer the Groomer Gallery and the ladies were awesome and quoted me $65 for the entire Deluxe Grooming. The store looked clean and well maintained also. Will give them a try have an appointment next week

Cheri Blessing

5 years ago

The girls are great and we wouldn't go anywhere else!

Greg Toplikar

5 years ago

I brought my dogs in for nail trims and the lady was very nice to them and did the trim on the spot. I brought one in for a groom and he was looking great when I picked him up. The prices are very reasonable and they do a fantastic job. If you are looking for a high class spa for your dog...go elsewhere. But if you are looking for great results from friendly people, this is the place...and did I mention very reasonable prices!

Jennifer Schiefelbein

5 years ago

$5.00 nail trim (cash only). My dog usually has to be sedated for the vet yo trim her nails. She did so wonderful and the owner took good care of her. Can't beat those prices and service

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