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Jessica S

2 years ago

Dr. Farthing was absolutely amazing. My husband and I recently had to put down our 17 year old Lexi cat. When she became very sick a few weeks before we put her down, our vet office recommended Dr. Farthing with At Peace Pets to euthanize …

Debbie Loeffelman

2 years ago

Yesterday was an incredibly hard day for our family as we said goodbye to our beautiful girl Sophie. Thank you Skye for the compassion you showed when we spoke on the phone. You assured me our girl would be taken care of with gentleness and kindness , and she was. Thank you Dr. Joel for making this incredibly painful time in our life easier to endure Thank you for letting us take the time we needed to say good-bye to our girl in the most peaceful way possible , and in the place she loved the most, her own back yard surrounded by her family. She was able to leave this world in the most peaceful way and with dignity and love. I feel so blessed we were led to you yesterday. Thank you for everything you did for us and for Sophie.

becky spence

2 years ago

We used At Peace Pets for our beautiful princess Amy . They were very professional, caring and compassionate. Being able to have this service done in our home was so good for our dog, she was comfortable and relaxed which gave me peace of mind. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services .

Ike Dayton

2 years ago

Carter has the best staff. I dropped my little guy off for surgery, and we both were a bit emotional. Madie and the rest of the crew, loved on him and took such sweet care of him, post op. Thank you for making the process as easy as possible for Coltrane and I.

Tanya Stanek

3 years ago

Dr. Farthing made the transition for our beloved dog Zoe over the rainbow bridge a lot easier on her and us. We had to make the hardest decision on a Monday evening and he was there Tuesday early afternoon. He explained everything in great detail before he proceeded. He was very caring and compassionate as well. She looked so comfortable and relaxed in her own home in her own bed. It was much better than taking her to the Vet where she dreaded going. Thank you so much for taking care of our girl.


3 years ago

We had to put our 17 year old pit mix to sleep. She has always hated car rides, always been petrified to go to the vet and we wanted someone to come to our home to make it less stressful for her. Dr. Farthing was amazing. We told them our wishes before hand and he did exactly as we asked. He went above and beyond to make Ella comfortable and she was not scared at all. It was very peaceful, and that is exactly what we wanted for her. Ella meant the world to us and we wanted the very best for her. Dr Farthing was the best and we will never forget it. We would defiantly use him again.

Colleen Williams

3 years ago

We had to make the tough decision to lay our girl Chance to rest. She was 16 yrs old and we had her since she was a puppy. The moment Dr. Farthing and his wife Skye arrived, they asked where we wanted Chance to be when they put her down. Skye stood there waiting for my response, as Dr. Farthing sat down and opened his medical case to prepare the shot. They had literally just arrived. They did not sit down and explain ANYTHING to us. They did not allow us time to sit with Chance and talk about the good memories. They took no time to learn anything AT ALL about Chance. All they were concerned about when they first arrived was where we wanted Chance when they give her the shot. They had another appointment and were in a hurry. We were rushed. When I asked them why they were in such a hurry, and explained that Laps of Love was in our home for about an hour and a half, they responded they're usually in and out within 30 minutes, explaining their customers spend their last moments with their pets before Dr. Farthing arrives. Dr Farthing and Skye expressed NO COMPASSION AT ALL. NONE. They came ONLY to QUICKLY put down our girl and get to their next appointment. I held Chance and cried as I felt horribly rushed, as Dr. Farthing administered the shot. They both stood over me waiting for Chance to pass so they could quickly leave. I've never had such an awful experience putting down any of my pets and this was the WORST experience EVER. I had to wake up Chance from a dead sleep, then she walked outside to where the shot was going to be given, and within 5 to 10 minutes, she was gone. I felt so rushed that I almost told Dr. Farthing and Skye to just leave, but I didn't, and I am so mad at myself! Chance had no idea what was happening. I cried for days after, every time I thought about her. If you are reading this review, please take note: I've seen other negative posts and Dr. Farthing and Skye negate what the customer says. My story is EXACTLY what happened - there was no sympathy. No compassion. No caring. It was the saddest, most HORRIBLE experience ever!!! If you love your pet, DO NOT employ At Peace Pets. If I could give zero stars, I would. Update to my post 6-6-20: As I stated in my initial post, At Peace Pets negates all negative reviews, which they did below. They are dishonest in their responses. Do not use them. You'll be disappointed, and your lifelong pets deserve better! I used Laps of Love previously and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.

Didi Duello

3 years ago

We needed to make the difficult decision to put our 15 year old dog down. He hated riding in the car and our regular vet was not allowing people in with their pet , so we decided to do it at home. They were very sympathetic and caring. They didn’t rush through things and explained everything they would do and what was happening while it was occurring. They were very calm, caring and reassuring. We highly recommend them to anyone facing this difficult decision. We will be using again when the need arises.

Emily Kallbrier

3 years ago

Dr. Farthing and Sky were absolutely wonderful to work with. We made the tough decision for our dog Daisy, and they could not have been more helpful. They explained the whole process to us and were soft spoken, kind, understanding and empathetic. Their calm energy was such a necessary force for us. So thankful for such a compassionate and professional duo during such a hard time!

Lauren Queen

3 years ago

My husband and I had to put our 18-year-old cat down on Labor Day due to sudden decline. At Peace Pets Was able to come out within a few hours on the holiday and peacefully put our beloved cat down to sleep. They were so kind and gentle and understanding. It is never an easy process to let go of your pet, but At Peace Pets gave us the opportunity to do it in the kindest way possible for our fur baby. The other alternative was going to an emergency clinic, waiting in our car for hours, and only one of us being able to be with our cat due to Covid. This way we were both able to be with her while she peacefully fell asleep. I would definitely recommend At Peace Pets and I am so grateful for them!

Margo Samnee

3 years ago

We were strangers to Dr. Farthing and his wife, Skye, until our desperate phone call on a Saturday afternoon in May. Nature wasn’t taking its’ course in our precious ShelBea’s transition toward the Rainbow Bridge. She was in immense discomfort and we were terrified that our hope she would pass at home now seemed deeply selfish. We have had so many of our fur babies’ lives end on an examination table and with COVID-19, all of the restrictions at our regular veterinarians’ office made it worse. More impersonal. More upsetting. ShelBea was always happiest at home and the idea of making that final drive was just too much. One of the hardest phone conversations I’ve ever made was eased a bit by Skye’s professional, sympathetic and patient demeanor. This is what they do. As At Peace Pets they fill a great need. The next morning they came to our home and eased so much pain. Our senior girls’ failing body and our breaking hearts. It was beautiful and terrible all at once, as these things are. ShelBea was in her own bed and in front of the glass doors she had lived her entire life looking out. Her 4-legged housemates and her Dad and Mom were right there as Dr. Farthing and his wife did their work with respectful grace. It is one of the most impactful moments I have ever experienced. Yes, it’s a business. It’s so much more than that. It’s a service provided at a moment of great sadness and deep loss. With the human health crisis of COVID-19 they are helping even more families. As with hospice professionals, this is not a task someone does for financial gain. It is a deep humanity expressed in selfless service. A calling. I will never forget the feeling of holding ShelBea that last time and knowing we had done the right thing. God bless, you, Dr. Farthing and Skye. Truly.

Mark Dwyer

3 years ago

Dr. Farthing and his wife took great care of our dog and us when the unfortunate time came for us to say goodbye. They came to our house on a holiday and were so gracious, understanding, and caring toward our precious dog. We thank them both for making a difficult situation bearable for us and comfortable for our dog.


3 years ago

I thought Dr. Farthing and Skye were just amazing. I called them one morning after being awake with my dog, Maia, all night long. I wanted to have her euthanized at home so my other dog who has separation anxiety could be present and aware of what was happening. If they had not been able to come that day, I was going to have to try to take them both to the vet's office. My rescue does not love the vet's office so this was going to pose a special challenge for me. Skye let me know that they could stop by my home and perform the service at 6:15 in the evening. I was so grateful. I was able to make this last minute, somewhat emergent call and they were there for me. It meant so much to me to be able to do this in my home. Dr. Farthing and Skye were kind, professional and caring. They were very compassionate and empathetic. After a full 24 hours or more of watching my poor girl suffer, they quickly proceeded to begin the process and provide her some comfort which meant the world to me. The pain she had to be experiencing all day was heartbreaking. I had said goodbye and made my peace with her before they arrived but even after she passed they offered to step outside and give me more alone time with Maia. Again, all after 6 p.m. in the evening. I'm so grateful for their service and their willingness to come by after what most consider normal business hours and relieve my poor girl. I would absolutely recommend you call At Peace Pets if euthanizing at home is something you can afford to do. I've had dogs my whole life but never had to be the person who was with them for this last step. Her last moments could not have been anymore loving, kind, and sweet. Thank you, Dr. Farthing and Skye. I'm eternally grateful for your help with Maia.

sarah favazza

3 years ago

I wish I could give this company a million star review. The way they treated my family and my sweet dog on her death bed, will never be forgotten. Our sweet Gracie Girl was able to lay on her blanket, on the deck, in her home, completely in peace surrounded by her family. This vet and a precious tech came into our home exuding empathy and a gentle spirit. They literally brought peace with them into our home. They were gracious, professional, kind. They treated us like family, they understood the pain we were feeling. They cared for our dog, and sent her to heaven in the most humane and peaceful way. If you have to make this devestating decision, choose this business. You will not be disappointed.

Stephen Norman

3 years ago

My vet recommended At Peace Pets to assist with my dog Shelby’s final moments here on earth. From the initial call I made to the time they took her away, all I can say is how incredibly kind, compassionate, and professional Dr. Farthing and Skye were. Having Shelby for 12 of her 14 years, although I’m extremely heartbroken, I am thankful that the end of her life was so peaceful. I owe that to At Peace Pets. Thank you SO much.

Schuyler Hagglund

4 years ago

I called because I had a sick duck and didn't know what to do. She was very kind and knowledgeable and understanding. Even though we didn't hire services I'm still glad I made the call.


4 years ago

Very compassionate and understanding. She had always been scared of storms and car trips. She couldn't move or be moved without pain. They made a terrible day a lot better.

Kristen Swearngin

4 years ago

We just had to make the difficult decision to put our 16 year old Labrador Retriever down due to old age. I would not recommend At Peace Pets because they lack the understanding and compassion needed during this difficult time. We found another in-home euthanasia service that showed much more empathy and respect.

Donna Ellis

4 years ago

I was referred to At Peace pets by a friend who had previously used their services on two occasions. When we knew it was time to make the dreaded decision for our 16 year old lab Hannah, we called Skye to make arrangements. Everything from start to finish was handled in a caring, respectful manner with Hannah’s comfort in mind. I would highly recommend Dr.Farthing and Skye to anyone who is faced with this decision.

Paul Arthur

5 years ago

What an awesome company. Skyy was such a pleasure to work with. They came to the house and made sure my dog Parker was super comfortable. I'm really happy with the level of service they provided. Thank You. .

Charli Stevens

6 years ago

We reached out to this service on Saturday regarding a cat we had been treating who was in respiratory distress following a few weeks of care for an unknown issue that we were trying to identify. Care had included: subcutaneous fluids, …

Katie Davis

6 years ago

My sweet Eva cat was diagnosed with progressed lymphoma cancer. We were all in shock and unsure if we would know when the best time was for her to pass away. We wanted it to be at home, peacefully, and with all of us, if possible. In the …

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