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JS Kendall

2 years ago

Prompt and professional and great with our dog who gets very nervous about grooming

Foxxy Cupcake

2 years ago

I absolutely love this place for grooming. Super friendly and caring staff! Treats my pup Mocha so kindly. Even though she's timid I always feel she's safe and cared for here! Plus she comes back soft and looking fresh!

Chris James

2 years ago

They did a good job just thinning out my dogs coat and paws were well trimmed and cleaned up so no issues there, but honestly they didn't listen to what I wanted done for my dog which is disappointing and the reason I don't be returning.

Roni Goldstein

3 years ago

Had a great time experience with Jess, my pup was well cared for, and came out looking beautiful. Thank you, Dreadlocks for Dingoes!

Paul Varani

3 years ago

Very culturally insensitive name, as I don't think any BIPOC work at this shop. Owners should really think about changing this.

Kelsey W

3 years ago

This place was recommended to me for my puppy mill rescue, who is shy and fearful. They are great with him! Highly recommend for anxious dogs. They said they can handle aggressive dogs too. They told me over the phone that their founder was an ASPCA groomer for many years, so they are trained a bit more on anxious/aggressive dogs than most groomers. They are kind and flexible. Give them a call to chat about your individual concerns with your dog and they will be happy to try to accommodate you

Donna Garland

3 years ago

Took my pup in for a quick nail trim. Super easy, convenient, great staff.

Cole Boerema

3 years ago

We dropped off our large, messy, mischievous Bernese mountain dog last Friday morning for a grooming, his fourth visit to D4D since moving into the neighborhood in 2015. He was really overdue, especially due to the covid shutdown, and had plenty of shaggy matted fur. Our past visits have featured an equally dirty dog, and yielded a grooming fee of roughly $200 per session. The quality of the grooming has always been GREAT. When I arrived to pick up Holmes, I was informed that my dog was “a disaster”, and that his grooming (which was ongoing), was already going to cost over $500(!) After some discussion, the owner of the shop agreed that I should have been informed of the fees before the grooming was completed, and agreed to a small discount off of the original fee that was mentioned. Several issues with this transaction: Inconsistent pricing, over double the cost of previous visits. No agreed upon initial estimate, no agreed upon hourly rate. No call (or answer to my wife’s call) during the grooming - I had to show up to get any information at the end of the day. To me, there is no such thing as a $500 dog grooming. If the work was deemed to be so significant, this needs to be discussed and agreed upon with the customer, before they are surprised with a large bill. If I had gotten that option, I wouldn’t have agreed to a $500 dog grooming. With what was explained to me as a bill based on the duration of the grooming, this felt like the “meter was running” without me having any choice. I do admire the stated intention of completing an outstanding grooming, but we aren’t talking about a “Best in Show” situation here, just a dirty family dog who needed some TLC.

Ashlee Carlson

3 years ago

Lisa pays so much attention to detail and also gives my fur babies the perfect cut!

Sheila Johnson

4 years ago

Brought my dog Sam in for just a nail trim a while back and was helped by a younger girl, (Alice or Allison I think was her name). She was wonderful and sweet and calm with my admittedly difficult for nails dog. Came back in fairly recently and an older woman was there, (not sure of her name, didn’t stick around to ask) and she was yelling at a dog and swearing and yanking on the dog really hard. I don’t think she heard me walk in because she was so angry, and I left immediately because I didn’t want her to touch my dog. I don’t think she even noticed I’d been there. Will not be coming back even though I’ve had a positive experience before. Do not recommend. Edit: I just came in for a walk in nail trim, no one took our names or any info for that matter. So I’m sure you would not have a record. I don’t remember exact date, but I first came about a month ago, and this incident was last week sometime.

Brieanna T

4 years ago

Have been going to training with my 5 month old Shiba and asked if they could assist in helping me clip his black nails, as I was nervous and he tried to play with the trimmer as I was doing it. I observed the breeder clipping his nails previously without issue and have done his clear nails without issue. I also called ahead to see if we could work with him on nail trims before or after training and they said not a problem. When I arrived, I told them that he is squirmy and still training on puppy biting when excited. They immediately put a muzzle on him - which I haven’t trained him with, and he responded poorly - Shiba screaming and getting really worked up, trying to jump off the table. They had a second groomer come over to restrain them and I told them it was not a big deal because he doesn’t give me issues at home. Usually, I do it while he’s on his back (play dead style) or on his side when he’s sleepy. The lead groomer then accused me of alpha rolling him! I told them again they could stop, and that I would just do it at home and 3/4 paws were done. I wish they had stopped the first time I asked, as I was able to get the rest done once I got home, with treats and making it a positive experience. Luckily he wasn’t so scared that he reacted to the clippers with me. After the nail trim, I showed the groomer and the trainer that I was able to touch him and do all the things they were doing and he didn’t react any more than any other 5 month old puppy. This is a dog where I can open his mouth all the way, reach my finger in against his gums, and he just sits there. The trainer tried and he got wiggly, but nothing as extreme as I was seeing from the groomer. The groomer then told me I wasn’t socializing him to touch enough, which is ridiculous when you consider I am doing all the things she suggested — DAILY. The reality is, he is a pup and this was his first groom. I’m appalled at the lack of consideration, patience, and willingness to do any sort of best practices to make this as relatively stress-free as possible. Especially since I was going there for training. Literally the trainer was standing there, watching this happen. This is how pups never get used to grooming. I understand that some dogs are difficult and that sometimes muzzles are necessary. But considering I was able to trim them at home without an issue, and literally the first thing they did was muzzle him, I am pretty appalled. I won’t be going back for a groom there and am hesitant to go back for training.

Erik Anderson-Hermann

4 years ago

Tried many different locations to get my nervous pups nails clipped! Everywhere said that she was "impossible." Turns out at Dreadlocks For Dingoes, the impossible becomes possible!

L Terry

4 years ago

Deleted last review, whomever responded brought something up that I have no knowledge of regarding her dog that died or something. No clue, but highly inappropriate to assume you knew what I meant. I was in twice and one time was really given poor customer service, and talked down to. Whomever responded the last review must have assumed I was someone else or recalls some conversation online that I do not and has nothing to do with my shopping experience.

Leslie Donnelly

4 years ago

I am always happy to take Cody there. Lisa and her staff are so nice and great with the her. I highly recommend them!

Pam Eliason

4 years ago

They do great work with my 2 pitbulls

Rhiannon Helland

4 years ago

I’ve been following jess wherever she goes and this new salon really takes the cake. She takes time to work with my pups and make them as comfortable as possible. My pup jalapeño is skittish and hates having his paws touched. By the time I came to pick up jalapeño from his appointment, he didn’t even want to leave after having trouble getting him in the door. Thanks jess for always taking care of all three of the babies. We love you!

Sir Robert

4 years ago

They'll groom your dog real good

Josh Braaten

5 years ago

They take great care of our Gertrude and she comes home looking fabulous.

Barbara Tokarz

5 years ago

Lisa is excellent groomer. Our Cairn Terrier looked pitiful with her fur soooo long. We left her with Lisa, and when we came back, she looked soooo cute. Our Cairn Terrier usually does not like to be bathed. She shakes but with Lisa, she enjoyed it. I would recommend her to anybody.

Sandy Henrikson

5 years ago

My Golden Retriever can be very suspicious about new places but seems to feel just fine here. Lisa greets Sophie in the best way to let her know she's glad to see her. She does a great job and Sophie looks great after her trim.

Nicholas Marsh

5 years ago

Lisa did an amazing job! She loves dogs and knows so much about every type of breed. We were so nervous that our dogs coat was ruined from matting and that she would need a shave but Lisa got all of the matting out and had her looking beautiful in no time! She is also very flexible and accommodating with times. My dog always leaves looking beautiful and smelling great with a big smile on her face. I would highly recommend!

Debbie Flanagan

7 years ago

We have 2 Samoyeds, and prior to taking them to Dreadlocks for Dingos, they hated going to the groomers. Joe does a fantastic job and everyone there is so kind and loving towards the dogs. The first time I stopped in for a nail trim, one of my guys was barking and I started to scold him to stop. Lisa asked me not to scold them as she wanted only pleasant things associated for them while they were there. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality grooming and a great experience for their pets!

Liz Kinney

8 years ago

Lisa did a really excellent job grooming our springer spaniel who has a very nervous and anxious disposition. She was able to do all the grooming he needed, even though the previous place we had taken him to hadn't even been able to trim his nails. I would heartily recommend Dreadlocks for Dingoes.

Abby Hermes

8 years ago

I would never bring my dog anywhere else! I have a rescue pup who is very wary of strangers but it's been a great experience every time I've brought her here.

Kim Fishman

10 years ago

Lisa has been grooming my cat for a year now and she does a great job. Geenie, the cat feels comfortable there and actually wonders around the salon while waiting for me to come back and pick him up. He likes his bath and he always looks …

Angelina Steinkopf

11 years ago

I took my westie here for the first time and I was so happy I did! Victoria took great care of my dog and got the westie look right. I highly recommend this place. Bit more money but I think it's totally worth it, my dog got to play while he waited for me to pick him up, how many places you know do that?!

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