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Sandy Taylor

2 years ago

The staff are incredibly professional and friendly. Our youngest dog, Henry, comes here regularly for daycare, and we’ve boarded him and our two older dogs several times. It’s a relief to know they’re safe and cared for when we’re away. We taught Henry to swim in Paw’s pool, which is a skill he’ll have for life, and he’s learning basic obedience in the Paw’s classes.

A Google User

2 years ago

Kenny has fun time with other dogs his size. They have told me he's opening more around the other dogs. Everyone knows me and him when we walk in and they always have a friendly greeting. I appreciate the information they share with me about his stay. Great place for him when I need good care for Kenny.

John Johnson

2 years ago

Staff is extremely helpful and friendly. My puppy is always happy when we pick him up but more excited when we drop him off. He loves playing with all the other puppies. We’ll pick him up and he’ll just sleep because of all the energy he’s burned. He’s a people lover and a dog lover. I couldn’t be happier with the paw, especially if your busy, you know he’s in good hands.

Tina K

2 years ago

We boarded our puppy Russell at The Paw over Thanksgiving 2021. Russell is teething and destroyed the foam in his dog bed. I texted the staff and they were so responsive. They immediately removed the foam, cleaned up his suite, and gave him a peanut butter bowl to keep busy. My whole family was grateful that he was so well taken care of. We have only boarded our dogs at The Paw and have had nothing but exceptional experiences.

Marisa Patton

2 years ago

The staff is so friendly and the facilities feel as if it's literally a resort. We booked a private swim so we could get in the pool with our old man and let him swim one last time. Forever grateful for this last memory, and we're very likely to come back with our other dogs this winter. We drove an hour and a half from the twin cities and it was 100% worth it.

Robert Skalet

2 years ago

Staff very easy to work with, and took good care of my dog.


2 years ago

First time visiting The Paw for our dog's first swim. The pool is great, and we appreciated Tom stopping by to help us learn how to introduce our dog to the water. He was swimming and enjoying himself in about 15 minutes. It was well worth the drive over from Rochester, and we can't wait to come back!

Brian Blodgett

2 years ago

Great service, clean, professional Offer a variety of aervice and the staff obviously loves pets. Great job paws for day grooming or longer boarding options.

Allison Gustad

2 years ago

Brought my dog here for the first time, they were very transparent about the daycare process and overall my dog really seemed to enjoy being there. She was super tired after, and they let me know how she did during the day when I picked her up. I will bring my dog here again.

Susan Schoenecker

2 years ago

Absolutely wonderful, the pool was perfect for our group of 7, plenty of toys and play time in the outdoor area. Everything super clean and organized. Allie was amazing and did everything she could to make it a great experience.

Tayler Treanor

2 years ago

Brought my dog in there and I feel like they didn't even take the time to get to know him she just grabbed his leash and walked away with him right away, he went with her. He went through the door and they were back out 30 seconds later. I feel if they were actually dog people they would know how to deal with a dog who is shy and scared right away because they are in a new unfamiliar place. I just really feel like no effort was given. Because his tail was wagging when he walked in the door and out the door and smiling. I feel they turned him down because of his breed. He has boarded up in Minnetonka and was no issue. Absolute no effort given.

Chris Janni

2 years ago

I’ve been using the Paw for about 8 months. I’ve been very happy with their service until recently. The last two times I left my dog there for boarding, all of her belongings smelled of urine, including the tote that I brought with all of her belongings. This last time, not only did all of her belongings smell of urine, but she did too. Almost like she slept in it. It doesn’t make sense to me that my dog and all of her belongings smell like urine, regardless of the circumstances, if the timelines for daycare and potty breaks are followed by staff. I decided to let the first time go, thinking it might be a fluke. However, I feel like I need to find a different place for boarding. I’ve never really had a problem with daycare services, just with boarding. The staff are always great when checking in and checking out, but I have great concerns regarding my dog’s care regarding boarding services. I don’t know what the going rate for boarding is but I don’t think urine-smelling belongings or a urine-smelling dog are acceptable at any rate.

Gretchen Geppert

2 years ago

While I've used the Paw many many times to board my pet with a good overall experience, this time it was down right awful. My 16 yr old dog was boarded for 8 days. Because of his age, he has a pretty specific feeding schedule - 4 times daily, dry food/wet food mixed with water. At booking on the phone, I was reassured that this more complicated feeding schedule/routine would not be a problem. At check-in, I brought a typed out, detailed list of his feeding requirements. The worker who checked us in was great and very happy to see a typed out list. She used that to mark their feeding schedule sheet for him. She also assured me that she would tape my typed-out list on his kennel door along with notes about his partial blindness and hearing. I sent my dog's dry food in individual baggies for the 4 meals as well as the necessary wet food tins (1 per day). I included one extra day of dry and wet food. Upon pick up, I found that only 3 of the daily wet food tins were used, despite my very specific directions that my dog should get 1 per day. My dog was also covered in urine - his legs and underbelly were completely coated. It was mostly dry, so not from a recent potty break, but my white dog's legs and belly were tinged yellow. How much urine did he have to lay in to become tinged yellow??? His rear end was caked with feces. His toys were soaked with urine. He smelled like a port-o-potty. The ladies working the counter on pick up could not tell me about his stay, as according to them, they hadn't worked the last week or cared for my dog. I did call on the next business day to speak with someone about his feeding and condition he was in on pick-up. I was very interested to know why he hadn't been given a portion of his daily food for so many days. The answer was quite vague and difficult to follow - but "according to the notes" he was grazing and not eating all his food. They would leave it until it was "gross", pitch it out and give him new. They could not tell me why he wasn't given more wet food, nor how much food he actually ate vs how much they pitched. As for his poor condition on pick up, "according to his notes" he did not have any accidents in his kennel..... I find that hard to believe as he, his toys and blanket were soaked in urine. I'm not sure what happened this past week, but my dog was treated miserably. I question whether they cared or not that my dog was eating, or that they actually feed him according the schedule they said they could accomodate. I question whether my dog received the 4 potty breaks he should have and how many times he had to relieve himself in his kennel to be that nasty. I can no longer trust the Paw to care for my pet nor can I in good conscience recommend them to others. If I could give zero stars, I would. I am heartbroken to know I subjected my elderly dog to this type of treatment for a week.

Janet Janowski

2 years ago

Gal was very informative and polite


2 years ago

Nice people even though my dog dies not like other dogs.

Madison Pike

2 years ago

Lots of fun for your dogs. Their is class for swimming and training. With training you can come with your dog and your family. Swimming you can bring your swimming suit and swim too and make your dog feel more comfortable. They have very high quality hotel rooms for your dogs. Their is also doggie daycare every day except Sunday and you can pick all day or half day.

Elizabeth Sautter

2 years ago

My Dogs love it here. Started going to The Paw 13 years ago with our first dog attending puppy kindergarten and now our new puppies have followed suit! I love I can check in on them with the web cameras! So glad to have this place in town.

jeff hoag

2 years ago

Usually we have no problems when we take our dog here but this last time we took her there our dog ended up with kennel cough. When we took her to the vet the vet asked if she had been at the Paw because they had seen 10-12 cases of kennel cough in dogs that had been there

steve folkerts

2 years ago

Absolutely awesome my schnauzer had so much fun there ...very good place to leave your pet when you can't bring them along.

Jason Morrow

2 years ago

Great facility to take your dog or cat to for daycare. The staff is awesome

Jessica Moore

2 years ago

I always have peace of mind when I drop off my pup here! Staff is so willing to help and answer questions. They make things pretty flexible with drop offs and pick ups.

Hailey Blaschko

3 years ago

Great staff, great services. The crew are willing to go above and beyond to help. Super professional. I really know that I can trust them with my fur baby! :)

Kallie Wolseth

3 years ago

Our puppy attended puppy camp and had an excellent experience. We are trying to expose her to as much as possible during her formative time and one of the items we wanted to check off the list was being boarded. We dropped her off around 4pm. We picked her up the next day at 2pm. We are going to be boarding her for a week in a few months and wanted to see how she tolerated boarding, how the paw was with boarding, and expose her to the concept in order to make her feel more comfortable for when it’s a longer term boarding. The paw let our puppy sit in a room for 13 hours before letting her outside. Twice we called and each time they said they were about to let her out. The second call is when she actually was let out. When she did get outside it was for 10 minutes and then back in her cage for another 3 hours. They don’t stick to their advertised schedule so don’t even bother relying on it. We paid for executive boarding so that we would have access to a webcam to check in on her - I can’t imagine how they treat the dogs who stay in boarding without webcams. They knew we were watching her (we expressed that we were excited for the webcam feature and also mentioned it during both aforementioned phone calls) and still didn’t let her out for 13 hours. We asked if we could add on 1:1 playtime and were informed we could not because she was already going to daycare and it would have to be one or the other. However, on their brochure, it clearly advertises that you can add on that service. Again, they don’t stick to their advertising so don’t bother relying on it. Money is no object when it comes to our puppy but I felt as though the price we paid was completely unfair for the services she received. Our goal with this was to make it a pawsitive experience for her and it was anything but. From one pet owner to another, don’t make your dog stay at the paw.

Buttlebek Adventures

3 years ago

We brought our pup here from Minneapolis because our local dog parks are muddy messes. We thought it would be a fun thing to try once. We will DEFINATELY be back though! We showed up to surf and turf and unsuccessfully tried to get our dog swimming a few times. That's when the owner Tom came to the rescue! Within a half hour our pup was swimming laps! We are excited to go back and continue practicing!

Hannah Moon

3 years ago

Very professional place to bring your puppers!

Jesten Robinson

3 years ago

Wow. This place is amazing.

Matt Niles

3 years ago

My dog loved the ladies here. Cameras to check in on your pets. All around nice place

Mary Murphy

3 years ago

Nice facility well thought out and helpful staff

Josi Eickhoff

3 years ago

Everyone was so nice!! Our dog had a great time and was well taken care of!

Melissa Kohout

3 years ago

Always a great time! Worth the drive!

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