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Kaitlyn Havens

2 years ago

We LOVE the Ypsilanti Animal Clinic! I have referred at least 3 personal friends there and anytime I see inquiries for vets on Facebook. I went to them because my dog almost lost her eye due to negligence at the Huron Valley Humane Society vets office and the Ypsilanti Animal clinic had great reviews, they have lived up to their online reviews! The vet techs remember your pets and are so nice. The Vets are so good with my young, hyper pittie and my senior pittie. Whenever something pops up in terms of an illness or injury they explain very well what is going on and what our treatment options are. Also when our first dog passed they sent us the most heartwarming card. These people really care!

Bailey Hooper

2 years ago

took my sweet peaches here for a wellness visit & to get some sedatives right before we moved . she hates car rides and really dislikes the vet but she went so easily and calmly with the vet techs . she didn't want to leave the vet techs little crate and that's even after she had her nails trimmed . then my car died and the staff was so helpful while I waited for a tow truck . they offered me snacks and water . one of the doctors actually had jumper cables and tried to help me start my car ! I've never been to such a compassionate and caring vet clinic for my cat OR myself . I really wish we weren't moving , since after this experience my vet standards are going to be far too high for anyone else to compare .

Jason Brink

2 years ago

This place killed my dog. He was diagnosed with heartworms and I followed the treatment plan provided by the vet. after the last treatment I picked up my dog he was breathing very heavy and they told me this was normal. the rest of the evening he could not eat or sleep. He could not sit down or lay down he continued to pant and his eyes were blood shot. Around 2am I took him to emergency but he died in my arms on the way there. I wish I had never taken my dog to this place. Do yourself a favor and ignore this place!

Rebecca Smith

2 years ago

I have been taking my dogs to see Dr. Kunoff since at least 2005. I have had a variety of foster dogs, foster failure dogs and one purebred Lab treated by Dr. Kunoff and his staff. The Lab required anesthesia twice to remove a skin growth over her left eye. Both times she recovered from the anesthesia easily and was sent home with proper pain medication. The Lab also had some fractured molars taken care of by Dr Kunoff and again anesthesia without any troubles. With my other dogs I have asked a few times if a teeth cleaning is needed and have always been told no until very recently. Dr. Kunoff could have suggested teeth cleaning but he did not for which I greatly appreciate his honesty. I get frequent and regular post cards about which medical tests or immunizations are needed. It is totally appropriate to not refill medications for heart worm without a regular heart worm test result on file. If an animal has heart worms, or an unclear heart worm status, giving heart worm medication after not giving it for awhile could kill the pet. I have no issues with a veterinarian, or human physician for that matter, giving a human health advice. People don’t always know how to care for an animal properly and patient/human education is a part of being a responsible medical professional. No one loves it when their Dr tells them to lose weight, but being angry at the Dr says more about the patient then the physician.

Tiffany Robinson

2 years ago

This is the first time I’ve done a review. I had to rave about this vet! Due to COVID, I haven’t been able to meet the doctor, but I am happy with their services. My lab toast was spayed there yesterday, she has been back on her feet in less than 24 hours. Beautiful job! I was so worried, but these guys are awesome ! Reasonable pricing as well. Thanks to all the staff and doctors, you do a wonderful job taking care of my fur babes????

Dick Mattie

2 years ago

We've been dealing with the Ypsilanti Animal Clinic and Dr. Kunoff for 20+ years. Very simply they are the very best. Compassionate, accessible, fair. I have recommended many clients and will continue to do so. The best Veterinary Clinic I've dealt with and I've dealt with a lot of them over my 65 years and living in 6 different states. AAA+++++++

Danielle Schilling

2 years ago

I can't say enough great things about this clinic! They check all the boxes- caring, knowledgeable, professional, and patient. We have been extremely pleased with the care our (now) 13 year old dog receives here :).

Clare N

2 years ago

If you want to go somewhere that feels like the K-Mart of Pet Care then this might be the place for you. Don't expect follow up or thoughtful communication. Please read the other 1 star reviews as they sound accurate. While there are some staff here who care about animals and giving good service -- it is a crapshoot and the staff who do not are remarkable. Dr. Kunoff is known to yell at and tell his patients owners off, and is very rude/contemptuous if he feels you have not done something accurately -rather than checking to see if there is some misunderstanding or issue in the way. When I called in to say I preferred to see someone else in the future and why the staff person said they understood and acknowledged that this wasn't unusual for him and that there was a problem. As did the veterinarian I saw the next time there. If you are on a fixed income certainly don't expect any accommodation or sensitivity if you get shocked after a visit at the bill. They make mistakes and don't acknowledge this - but will argue with you instead of taking responsibility and apologizing. Example - cutting off a script renewal instead of picking up the phone and communicating the reason - even tho this could result in your pet not getting needed meds. You would think they might assume that they perhaps forgot to relay that a ck up was required, or that this wasn't heard, you've beem ill etc and so call to say - we'd like to see you, did we not say this? But oh no. They never make mistakes - you're just a slacker pet owner who doesn't take proper care of your pet and who deliberately ignores what you were told. ie if you feel that a patient should be in for an update or an updated test it would be easy (and professional) to pick up the phone and leave a message saying so as in: "This is the last refill before we see your pet again for a check up" - takes only a moment. Why they can't bother to use the phone and call to communicate important things is beyond me - because this can have consequences. No email either, tho they have your email address --- just cut off. But don't tell them that an email or phone call would have been nice, or give any feedback as then you are one of their "crank" patients and should 'go elsewhere if you feel that way'. That's good customer service for you.

Haneen Alqetrani

2 years ago

After coming from a less than great experience with an Ann Arbor animal clinic (they called my cat a "craigslist Kitty") I came here, wish I did sooner. I love the team here! Got my kitty her boosters and she was treated with so much love and respect. I'm so relieved I've found a vet that is so amazing:)

Jessica F. (Jessica F.)

3 years ago

Had a very pleasant experience here! Came in for a nail trim, was in and out within 15 minutes at most. They didn't try to up-sell me anything and the staff was great! I appreciate having such a friendly and convenient place to bring our animals.

Cammi Green

3 years ago

They did a great job with my Dog. Price was great. Staff was amazing.

C Gray

3 years ago

Had a very good experience bringing my kitten here to treat her cough. Staff were very efficient and friendly. It’s nice to know that we have a trustworthy vet in the neighborhood!

Ashley Falconberry

3 years ago

I really appreciate the warmth and professionalism I get from the staff at Ypsilanti Animal Clinic at every visit. I wouldn't want to take my cats anywhere else! They always take the time to thoroughly explain everything and answer my questions thoughtfully. They never try to push products on me or pressure me to add on unnecessary services. I also really appreciate that they offer discounted pricing for multiple pet visits and waive my exam fee when I take my cats in for vaccinations. Yesterday I took 2 of my cats in for an exam and vaccinations and was unable to enter the building, due to safety procedures put in place for Covid-19. Rebecca, the technician that came to bring my cats in, was so incredibly warm and kind and made me feel so much better about not being able to be with them for the examination. She triple checked all the information I had given about the cats for the appointment to ensure that every concern would be addressed. After the examination she thoroughly explained everything, asked multiple times if we had questions just to be sure, and reminded us to check back in for a dental appointment during their dental discount months. She was SO incredibly warm, friendly, and caring that I immediately decided I needed to write a review. If you want to take your pets someplace where they will be truly cared for, this is it!

Michele F

3 years ago

I love this vet clinic! We have 2 older cats that have received the best care from them and recently got a kitten that was going through a rough patch with getting sick after eating etc. We were so worried about him and I called and they made sure to fit me in that day even though they were booked for the day just to make sure he could be seen and taken care of. The wait wasn't long even though I was told it might be longer than normal since they squeezed him in. I was able to get answers and medicine to help him. They needed me to bring in a sample from him and when I did they called me within the hour to give me results so I wasn't waiting and worried. They have helped me with all 3 of my cats multiple times and I've never been disappointed and my cats have never been happier. I can't stress it enough...use this vet clinic!! Everyone I've encountered is nice, professional, and compassionate. As well as prompt and thorough. We love them!

Natalie Bruno

3 years ago

The team at Ypsilanti Animal Clinic is exactly the kind of team I was hoping to find for my cats. They were responsive, kind, totally focused on my cats and their health, and exuded warmth, knowledge, and the appropriate sense of urgency. After an experience in Ann Arbor last year, where it felt like the vet had a sales system and cared more about money than my pets, I was VERY, VERY happy to find a vet that puts animals first and is warm in their communication. They also prescribed the right treatment for my older cat, who in three days is more comfortable than she's been in two years! I've found my new vet! ❤️(Pic - Sophie feeling SO much better)

Scott Sorel

3 years ago

Wonderful service and got the help we needed for our recently rescued dog! Thank you!!!

Tina Mead

3 years ago

I brought both of my cats here on August 21st for an exam and pre-dental bloodwork. The staff and veterinarian were all extremely friendly and helpful. My cats are both scheduled for their dental cleanings at the end of this month. I know that they are both going to be in great hands. Cristy was the staff member that assisted me through everything and even gave me a few suggestions for helping my cats with anxiety (since we are going to be moving soon into a house where there are going to be two other cats). She was a complete joy to talk to. The prices are also very reasonable. I can't believe I didn't take my cats here sooner. Ypsilanti Animal Clinic is a great place!

Kadence Sawyer

3 years ago

Would never take my dog here again. Went to get shots for my 1 year old 30 pound dog, unfortunately I couldn’t go in with her because of COVID so of course my dog was a bit nervous and was extremely hesitant with the vets. WITHOUT ASKING this vet clinic took it upon themselves to put a muzzle on my dog, hold her down, to give her shots, without consulting me about it whatsoever. Now my dog is extremely traumatized about vet appointments. I have never had this experience with any other vet clinics. Extremely disgusted with the way they handled this situation and would recommend that this vet clinic consult pet owners before treating other’s animals like that, because I would’ve just taken her to better clinic than have her go through that.

Anabel Cruz

4 years ago

I needed my dog to be updated on his shots due to a last minute situation (new apartment asked right before we were suppose to move in for his updated records). I was very worried because it was last minute and we really needed to move in, but I explained my situation to the clinic and they got me in within the next hour! Not only was I GREATLY appreciated they fit me in, even while being very busy, I was also very pleased with the experience while I was there. Staff was super friendly and were very accommodating. They let me wait in my car with my (very hyper) dog and even came and got me when they were ready. The cost of the visit was discussed before they took care of my dog so there were no surprises at the end, as well as going through all of my options and their recommendations for the visit. This clinic went above and beyond to really help out a stressful situation for me. Thank you!

Jill Korody

4 years ago

Always very friendly and helpful to us and our fur babies!

Cedric Bridge

4 years ago

Watch out! This clinic has bin under new management and ownership this year. I have just from sitting in the waiting room heard them remove a cats tail with no anistia against the advice of the staff. And while the animal is screaming in the back tell the staff who are on the verge of crying to go calm the waiting room down, needlessly say I got my paper work back from them and left immediately. Never go here!


4 years ago

Attributed all of our dog's issues to an old injury and overlooked a UTI due to refusing to send her urine to a lab for testing which resulted in our dog going without antibiotics for nearly 2 months until we found a different vet who adequately diagnosed her. Very much regret talking our animals to this clinic.

Jessica Schrock

4 years ago

Everyone at Ypsilanti Animal Clinic is absolutely amazing! They saved my two dogs and where so understanding and patient! They knew their stuff and what to do! Very friendly will definitely recommend this place! Thanks again I truly appreciate everything!

kim williams

4 years ago


Natalya Battle

4 years ago

The staff here is so friendly! I like going to Ypsilanti Animal Clinic because I am always in and out, I don't have to wait for my dog to be seen.

sam lowe

4 years ago

We've been bringing all our animals here since I was a kid. They never do anything they don't find necessary and they make sure you know what they're doing and why.


4 years ago

Our son Max is a 7 yr and 3 months old black lab. We took him to this clinic when he was 2.5 months old. Although we moved to another town about 2 years ago, we still stick to this familiar and pleasant place as my son's annual health service provider. The doctors and nurses are not only very skilled but also very warm and kind. Max loves to see them so that he began to get extremely excited on the road. Highly recommended!

Claire Gudenburr

5 years ago

I have been taking my two corgi's here for about 5 years now. The staff has always been friendly and knowledgeable. They have reasonable prices and their online portal is convenient and easy to use. The only downside is the interior is very dated and rooms are small. It would be nice to see a more updated, fresh design.

Jeanne Dotson

5 years ago

I have been a client with them for around 20 years. They are well-versed in all kinds of dogs I have Rottweilers and they're very capable of handling something big. I wish the rooms were a little bigger to fit my size dog however or that table in the middle could be moved out when you have a large animal very close in space when you get people and the dog in there together. They always take time to answer my questions and make sure that I have a thorough understanding of what the plan is.

Annee Hansen

5 years ago

Everyone I’ve met or talked with here is so helpful and kind. They have taken such great care of my kitten during our visits here and give really helpful advice on raising him.

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