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Sandy Aldrich

2 years ago

My daughter started riding here last summer and has become obsessed with riding. She feels at home with the people and the horses.

Coach Blake F

2 years ago

Instructor spends most of the lesson barking commands. I hear little teaching or praise. I understand it's a business, but they seem more concerned about the money then making the children feel welcome. Not sure about the adult classes, they may be more welcoming. Facilities are not guest friendly for those who must wait while family members attend sessions.

Deanna Fahey

2 years ago

I went to watch a family member ride, and it was the most terrifying experience of my life. I myself am an instructor at a different barn, and it was clear that the lesson was centered around the kids doing fun things and not on safety, care, or skills development. The horse my family member rode was far too advanced for her very minimal skill set, and she was going over pole piles. I taught her at my barn a couple of weeks ago and she would JUST be out of private lessons in a walk-trot class if I were to place her. None of the students had tight legs or heels down, horrible positioning. The instructor did not teach the kids anything about horses during the lesson but talked to the parents during very short walk breaks. It was near 90 degrees outside and they worked the horses so hard that her pony was FROTHING from the sweat. The thought of this pony being used in another lesson that day was borderline abusive. The horses are placed in a aisle way prior to their lesson and you have to walk behind them to get to your horse with literally a foot of room. Not knowing any of these horses and watching students walk behind them without any care in the world was unnerving. I am not sure what other instruction looks like, but from what I saw, I would not recommend this place at all.

Keiko Pi

2 years ago

Amazing staff that take the time to educate on proper horse care. The facilities are clean and well staffed. Lessons are reasonably priced. They also run summer camps which are great fun.

Yvonne Thigpen

2 years ago

The WW motto is “where everyone belongs”. So true! From the Tiny Tots program to the senior riders, beginners and long-time riders, everyone is welcome to safely enjoy the world of horse riding.

Nikolas B

2 years ago

WildWind equestrian is such a great barn if you want to advance in your riding or just ride for fun. Their horses are super sweet and amazing. The trainers really know what they are doing and are always there to help you. The owners are amazing people and are always there to help you out. I’ve been riding over 12 years and this barn is by far the best barn I’ve ever been to.


3 years ago

Riders at all levels of skill are welcomed at Wildwind. My daughter is autistic and when she is on a horse, she is transformed. I am grateful for everyone at Wildwind. The owners take great care of the horses.

Mia B

3 years ago

I had an AWESOME experience. I went there for summer camp and immediately knew this was where I wanted to go. I started taking lessons and now I volunteer and I'm on show team. Everyone there Is so nice and they always make sure that you are safe. They have amazing stable hands and great trainers. It's a great place for experienced and inexperienced riders. All of the horses are so nice and there Is always someone to help. Wildwind is like a family to me and is the best out of all of the stables I've been too. I came there with very little experience and within 4 months I was already showing. My riding really has gotten better. The office gets back to you super fast and has a super friendly environment no matter your age. Thank you so much Wildwind, Mia

Macy Lemmen

3 years ago

I would recommend this barn to every horse person I know! I love the trainers and the friends I’ve made. My riding journey has come so far and I can’t wait for it to go even farther!! Love the staff and horses!????

Kate L

3 years ago

Not a place to learn essentials of riding. Once I moved my daughter to a new riding stable I realized how inadequate the training staff was at Wildwind. This place is great to get the experience of riding but not a place where essential techniques are taught. The primary trainer my daughter had was a high school student that rode at the barn. She was not certified for any training and was more interested about talking with friends.

John Dominick

3 years ago

Excellent instructor n Horses are Fantastic

Hubert Sawyers III

3 years ago

I have enjoyed my family’s time at Wildwind. We’ve had one of our girls here, who jumps horses, going on five years. It’s clear to me that it takes a lot of resources to run a horse barn, so I’m glad we can support this community of horse lovers and riders. The fact that my kids want to come and help out [and not just ride] is a testament to the value this space is to many. One of my favorite times at the barn was when I helped clean and move heavier items. I don’t ride myself, but I enjoy getting my hands dirty and to be able to contribute in a meaningful way felt good. So, thank you, Wildwind, for taking us in and accepting us as one of your own. Here’s to another five years together.

Enn Zee

3 years ago

Been here about 2015...just wish the horses look more well fed

Dan Chatfield

3 years ago

The staff is so great with the kids! This is my kid's third year and she never wants to leave!

Agnieszka Zdunczyk- Vogt

3 years ago

great place, great people, calm horses


4 years ago

Dishonest and very very unkind. Been to many barns. Would return to every except this one. They are very money-hungry. Owners are grumpy and downright mean unless you're a parent paying them.

Isabel zzstu FarleyGillay

4 years ago

This barn took me from walk trot to jump. The people and staff are amazing! I would recommend this barn to any rider.

Nicole Reinardy

5 years ago

Wildwind has been an amazing experience for me. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable and same with the owners. The instructors are fun and on point. As far as the stable goes as a whole the horses are friendly, well cared for, loved, and the barn is clean. I highly recommend Wildwind for children who are intrested in taking lessons, and the summer programs they have for kids are great.

Makayla Lord

5 years ago

When I went here with my girl scout troop which was 71709 I had a brilyent time riding the horse named jelly she was so good but I got her moving yet I am so small and little let's but even my instructors where so suprised how good I got jelly going.????

finn fite

5 years ago

I had been riding at this barn for 5 years and recently moved barns. Wildwind was a great place for a beginner, but as I grew as an equestrian I wanted to do more things. One of those things was jumping. I was waiting for the day they would let me jump, as I thought I was quite a good rider. I got sick of the same things over and over again, so I moved barns to Ringside Equestrian Center, and the trainer there said I should have been jumping a year ago. Not only that, but I wasn’t as great of a rider as I thought. I would always slouch my back and the only thing the trainer(s) did to fix it was put a dressage whip behind my back and make me hold it with my elbows, then laughed and took it off. I would also have a habit of not putting my heels down and instead of fixing it just told me to put them down. I hope this review was helpful. Overall, if you don’t want to get more serious as an equestrian, this barn is great. If you plan to do things with horses, you should find a better barn. (This was written by a former lesson student, so I do know what I’m talking about.)

Faylinn Wong

5 years ago

Great place to ride at, wonderful instructors and super cool horses to ride!

Leslie McCall

6 years ago

Started at Wildwind almost 2 years ago and I am so glad I did!! Not only do I take lessons but love to volunteer for their Tiny Tot program. Everyone at the barn is warm and welcoming. The horses are well cared for and truly loved. Each one is a learning experience and has made me a better rider. I never leave Wildwind without learning something new. Love the instructors and value their equine knowledge and expertise.

Tammy Anton

7 years ago

This barn is wonderful! I started riding here in about 8 months ago and I think it was my best decision last year. As an adult I was nervous about riding at a new stable. Everybody at this farm is friendly and welcoming. The owner and staff are knowledgeable and accommodating. The horses are well cared for and very friendly. I would recommend this stable to anyone.

Dominique Rabold

7 years ago

I love this barn and have been riding here for 9 years now. Started here and couldn't think of a world without this place in it. The people here are wonderful and really want you to learn, even when your not in a lesson.

Andrea Dirette

7 years ago

Have recommended to all ages. A lot of fun, friendly and safety first all apply here.


8 years ago

If I could give it 0 stars, I would. When I left this barn, there were raccoons living in the stall walls, the owners hoarded cats, they had a draft stallion boarded up in one of the smallest stalls in the barn, and most of the school horses live in one large paddock together with one small shelter. that one large paddock is knee deep mud for half the year and they're all fed off the ground. I honestly don't know how this place is still in business, let alone showing on the MHJA circuit now. I've heard SO many horror stories from other riders and trainers in the area since leaving, anything from young riders being screamed at and called vulgar names during lessons to boarders and even their own trainers being kicked out. There are SO many more reputable hunter/jumper trainers in the area, don't go to the one trainer that makes people cringe when they hear the barn name.

Natalie Miller

9 years ago

very awesome trainers really nice most of the horses are great I love the horse shows and the camps and lessons great love it!

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