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Terry Wozniak (Terwoz23)

2 years ago

Cocoa our puppy of 17 years had a stroke and lost all mobility of her legs and sight I called and they were so responsive and caring to our needs we had to put her down but the compassion from these employees eased our pain knowing she was in good hands. My heart is broken but I know she is out of pain and in a better place. Thank you all for your caring support our family greatly appreciated it.

Keri Ahrens

2 years ago

So glad we switched over to Veterinary General. Dr's are very caring and professional. Staff is kind and patient. Always polite when I call and my pets are not afraid when they walk into the clinic as they have at previous vet clinics we have been to. Highly recommend Veterinary General!

Matt Shaeffer

2 years ago

Will not be taking my cat here for diagnosis anymore. Extremely disappointed in the quality of service I received. Cat was not eating, had trouble walking and was throwing up. They did not have a diagnosis and instead offered bloodwork and x-rays, which I declined and chose to try an appetite stimulant as they suggested. Over the next few days she continued to get worse and on my second visit I agreed to have blood examined, which came back with completely normal results. They did not have a suggestion on what was wrong with her and suggested x-rays. I declined. The next day I took her to West Woodward and they were almost immediately able to determine she had an ear infection and signs of respiratory infection. They prescribed antibiotics and a steroid shot. At that point she could barely walk and was still not eating, over night she showed drastic improvement. She could walk and run again and was eating everything I put out for her. That being said I wish I had a better experience here, they have taken care of my dog multiple times and the staff and doctors have always been friendly. I feel as though my cat didn't get the attention she needed and all I was offered was upcharged services. After reading their replies to negative reviews I am disgusted by the lack of professionalism I read here and feel cheated by the service provided.

Gregory Schoenborn

2 years ago

Dr. Barta is wonderful. He is kind and caring and has always been there for my family.

stephanie wolfe

2 years ago

Great experience for our Chocolate Lab Tucker. Excellent care and compassion shown by the staff and Dr J Notebaert. Thank you

Carey Berchulc

2 years ago

I rarely have any issues getting in quickly. The staff and doctors are extremely helpful and kind. Doctors take the time to explain everything very well. Staff always takes time with me on the phone. I can't say enough great things about this practice!

Paula Radtke

3 years ago

Upon a personal referral, I recently made and took my 12 yr old Westie to Dr Barta for an assessment on a suspect ACL tear/rupture. The entire staff's responsiveness, professionalism, and attention to safety (during this challenging Covid period) was impressive. Dr Barta's examination was thorough with detailed follow up communications and explanations. A very reassuring, personal and professional appointment. We'll be back!!!

Vee Anderson

3 years ago

During a really hard time I had to put my childhood dog down. Staff were very polite respectful and caring. I’ve taken my dogs here several times for procedures and vaccinations. The pricing is very reasonable, they want the best for your pet and give you recommendations for the best care possible. The staff truly does care and is professional.

Valerie Onyski

3 years ago

The vet gave an extremely detailed explanation of my dog's upcoming procedure so I know what to expect with no surprises. Everyone was really nice to my "nervous Nelly"!!

Ace Velez

3 years ago

After waiting weeks for an appointment, this clinic did nothing to help treat my dog. My dog was never treated. I got a curb side pick up of antibiotics, they took my money and gave me back my dog with out cleaning up or shaving the infected area. They did NOTHING. Do not WASTE YOUR TIME or MONEY. I'll never trust my pets life to these Monsters. They DO NOT CARE. 2 Stars for having the antibiotics and the over priced dog bandanna my dog really needed.

Anthony Lobstein

3 years ago

It’s sad they’ve turned so unprofessional after dealing with them for many years. In regards to your reply.. it’s not a family member, it would be my wife. Also, you think after giving you thousands of dollars you’d be more sympathetic for a dying dog. Whoever writes these replies has very low self-esteem.

Ashley Zeabari-Kerpet

3 years ago

I truthfully can't say enough good things about Veterinary General. My dog, Kenzie has been going here since she was little, so about 2 years now. They are extremely polite and respond quickly. Both Dr. Barta & Lisa are great! I recently had a health scare with my dog and Dr. Barta called me and had me bring her in, even though they were booked up! They were able to provide efficient care and made me feel at ease. They are also extremely patient and answer any questions you have.

Caitlin Omicioli

3 years ago

I am absolutely disgusted, disappointed, and appalled with vet general. Our family recently switched vets (for reasons I won’t even get into because do you have all day?). We had to put our 14 year old dog down and our new vet was booked with back to back surgeries (they have one doctor, but we did have an appointment in the afternoon). Because we didn’t want to have to wait another 4 hours, we thought we could put our differences aside and give vet general a call (they’re supposed to have compassion for animals, right?). Wow, were we WRONG. Oh, they were gonna do the euthanasia for us but wouldn’t even allow my dad to go in with our girl????. Is that not the most HEARTLESS, UNACCEPTABLE thing you’ve ever heard?!? Yeah, we understand everything going on with covid, but are you kidding me???? Thankfully, we were able to call 2 other vets who were more than welcoming with having us come in to be with our sweet girl in her last moments. Not to mention Heather was super rude once we told her, “absolutely not” and she responds in a lovely condescending, passive aggressive voice, “so, you’re gonna go with the other vet then? ok!” I see the way you respond to your bad reviews on here so, I’m sure you guys will respond to this with some covid excuse, but I’m sorry there is NO excuse. Like I said, we were able to find 3 places who would allow us to come in and even those vets said this was unheard of. We will be telling everyone we know about this, trust me!

Carol Chastain

3 years ago

I moved my dogs’ records here when she was almost 10 years old from one other clinic because the facility is spotless, they are run with great efficiency, and Dr. Barta was the most honest Veterinarian I have ever found! VERY happy at our new vet!

Cheryl Griem

3 years ago

This vet office was terrific! I was not a client when I needed to get my cat in the same day. They gave me an appointment same day I called and I was in within an hour of the call. They were wonderful.

Cindi Stecker

3 years ago

thanks for the quick and caring help for my yorkie during this crazy covid time.

Denise Eberly

3 years ago

I love this clinic. So professional so caring and loving towards our pets.i knew my girl was in good hands.Had another vet last two years and so happy to find this vet for my golden doodle. Thanks to my daughter and her friend Amy .The drive is a little farther but so so worth it ❤️????

Elizabeth Rothenhauser

3 years ago

I love the Dr. and all the staff here. They are so sweet to my fur baby.

Gina Lobstein

3 years ago

I have been going to vet general for at least 6 years. Referred friends and family as well, but honestly I just don't think I knew any better. For one they over charge for doing most of the time nothing. They always charge for full visit when it should be re checks. I have 4 cats, thats a lot of vet visits and often times a lot of money. They have never once cut me a break for being extremely loyal and referring. One time they charged me $15 for giving my cat a allergy shot that I PROVIDED, but didn't tell me the cost until after they did it.. she was also already getting another shot at the time. They told me my one cat could possible have rabies and to "quarantine her and sit and wait" she was completely fine but imagine how much that terrified me. They also told me these cold laser therapy treatments would work for my cat that had a deep wound and the cost was outrageous but I trusted them and did 6 TREATMENTS! It did not help. When I took her to a specialist she was healed shortly after, they said the steroid cream I had been using was causing an adverse effect (provided by vet gen) They gave my cat with eye problems a gel that causes extreme burning (which I didn't know until another vet told me it is not even used anymore because of the pain it causes). My other cat had horrible dental issues to the point where he was drooling and could not eat. They did not make him a priority AT ALL and expected me to wait weeks for dental surgery. That is when I decided to go to another vet who has changed my life. Vet general will charge you $200 to basically play the sit and wait and lets see if it works game and then have you come back for another $200. Always the same thing... antibiotic shot. I'm so saddened because I really thought Vet General was the place to go and a place I could trust. A main reason I went there was because Amy the vet tech was always so informative and caring towards my animals but unfortunately it just isn't enough for me to return. My family members and friends have also had issues that have caused them to switch vets as well. Reply to your reply Dr. Barta, Some of your response is just not true. You were always kind to me and my animals I will never disregard that... some vet techs not so friendly. But I just do not feel right about the approach you take as far as treatment and the outrageous cost. I think if I give a bad review it deserves an explanation so that is why I "aired it out".

Rosey Johnson

3 years ago

The doctors and staff are amazing at Veterinary General. Everyone has always shown great compassion for me and my animals.

Patricia Hetes

3 years ago

Excellent care and efficient staff. From the moment I was greeted, meeting the "techs" and their explanations of what they were going to do and what to expect was appreciated with my new puppy. Dr. Nowinski's interactions with "Harley" clearly reflected her skills and caring about her job. "Two Paws Up!"

Nicole Miller

3 years ago

I love the team at Vet General! We recently adopted a dog and they were very helpful in getting us an appointment quickly, and giving her a thorough check up. Covid practices were in place, and I felt the pricing was a great value.

Nick Omicioli

3 years ago

I am editing my review to respond to “the owner”. I have had interactions with Vet General. Our cat, Bootsie was a patient at Vet General. He had multiple health issues so he was taken there a fair amount of times over a year and was euthanized at Vet General. We have also taken our current cats, Angel And Maggie here. This review is due to an interaction that my wife had with their family dog who needed to be euthanized. To respond saying that my review is “pathetic” and that you “feel sorry for me”, I think that it is disgusting that you respond to your reviews this way and is totally unprofessional. The response to the review is almost as upsetting than how my wife was treated. Our family has given spent thousands of dollars at your clinic over the years and this is how we are treated? We will never be back.

Mike Hinkley

3 years ago

I have been bringing my pups in to Vet General for a little over a year now. My oldest golden who is 1 has not been feeling the best and as a first time father I was very alarmed. Called in and Gail was able to squeeze Phoebe in with Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith is nothing short of incredible. She was super knowledgeable and very attentive of our lifestyle and truly listens. You can tell she is in this field for the love of animals and not the money. She went above and beyond by staying late to make sure our girl was getting the proper treatment. I cannot thank the girls at Vet General enough and they have solidified me as a customer for life. Thank you Gail for getting us in, Thank you Amy for making sure we are satisfied with the service, and most importantly thank you Dr. Smith for being incredible and doing what you do for the love of animals(family).

Michelle Imbrunone

3 years ago

Dr. Barta and Dr. Lisa are amazing with our puppy. Mickey is our third dog and after going elsewhere, with Mickey, we wanted a provider that wouldn’t tell us it’ll be weeks before we can get it. Awesome staff, great hours, reasonable rates...and the best advice for our puppy! ❤️ To Veterinary General

Kristyna Beaupre

3 years ago

No animal or person should ever be treated the way my puppy and I were treated today. Being long time customers (over 5 years atleast) with our other dog, we didn't have a problem but today we saw truly evil people working here. After changing my appointment in order to have my dogs ears looked at (which is what they said to do when I called over a week ago), they decided that since they were busy it wasn't their problem. I had never seen this vet tech before that came out to get our puppy but she was looking for an argument... We arrived early and called to tell them we were there, which was no problem. They were not able to take him until our appointment time which was not a problem at all as we arrived early because we appreciated them agreeing to have the doctor look at his ears! The problem started when this tech came out to grab Enzo and had not read any notes on our appointment. She said just hold the dog up and we can check his incision here then you can leave (he was neutered 2 weeks ago). I said oh they said that they would have the doctor look at his ears since he has been in a lot of pain. This tech said "nope that is not true and can not happen, it is not on your file so you can not have that happen." After going back and forth she took Enzo in and walked out to tell us IT WAS STATED on our appointment but they are far to busy and that she doesn't know who I spoke to about this but I was wrong for thinking I could have his ears looked at. Yes she said that when I called and spoke to a tech, I was in the wrong for listening to the tech. This new tech had Gal come out to the car who I had spoke to the day before when calling to confirm the appointment. Gal said the day before that she appreciated us calling to confirm it and that everything would be completely fine. Gal came outside and changed the story. We never would've moved our appointment if the ears could not be looked at so her story was completely shut down. As soon as I crushed her lie she threw her hands up and said we will bring your dog out and you can leave. I said please bring both of our dog's files and they said of course. The other tech from before brings out Enzo (with his cone still on) and she THREW him into the car through the window. He still had his cone on (which he shouldn't have) and hit his head on the center counsel which lead to him losing his balance and falling down to the floor sideways. On video of course since I just had a feeling something was going to happen but I imagined it would be words said rather than my 6 month old puppy being thrown through the window. She then dropped Enzo's file on my lap and walked away. I asked if it was for both dogs and she said yup both dogs. It was only Enzo's file so yes that is another lie. Another customer standing right there with her dog watching the whole thing was completely beside herself with the actions of the vet techs as well. Our poor puppy is now limping so he will be going to a veterinary hospital today. The male doctor there (I feel horrible I can not remember his name) is absolutely amazing with animals and it is really a shame these vet techs were so horrible in front of a large amount of customers in their cars watching. Sadly this place has gone down hill as 2 weeks ago they gave us the completely wrong medication and when I called they said he will be fine changing medications and that they must not have been paying attention. The medication only covered flea and tick which means we were not given his heart guard. He was taking Revolution before which covers both but they gave us Frontline which only covers flea and tick. We were supposed to purchase heart guard today but Daly we weren't even given that option. Truly a horrible feeling to watch someone throw your puppy through your window, especially someone who works with animals so closely and we are supposed to trust. Your pet deserves better than these techs so please find a new vet if this is someone you are considering and learn from our mistake of trusting them with both of our dogs.

Gina Dear

3 years ago

Dr Barta treats and cares for your fur babies like they were his fur babies. Love this place. I would recommend them to anyone. The whole staff is great!

Jill Becker

3 years ago

We have been taking our dogs to Dr. Barta for many years. We are so happy with the care that everyone there gives to our animals. The love and compassion they feel for animals is evident from the minute you talk to someone on the phone all the way to the appointment. Thank you for everything you do to ensure our fur babies are well cared for.

Kelly Lyons

3 years ago

Was able to get an appointment right away for my pet. Dr. LISA was great with explaining everything over the phone. Your pet is in good and caring hands at that office.

Lindsay Jaworski

3 years ago

Don’t bring outdoor cats here, the vet is rude, overpriced, hyper-verbal and lacks basic human emotion. Also, bloodwork of the rescue cat was completed at Oakland County Animal Shelter (2-13-20) and the cat is completely healthy, but now doesn’t have a home and will most likely die at this shelter due to the paranoid behaviors of the Doctor at Veterinary General. ???????? Unfortunately, I’m unable to attach the multiple videos I have of myself and my children petting and cuddling this shy (not rabid or feral) cat.

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