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Jason Miller

2 years ago

Incredibly empathetic and caring for our pets. Prices are average for the area and tightly controlled by corporate as well as an independent third party so there is no price gouging (why we left our previous vet). The vets have always been …

Ali Miller

2 years ago

I took our oldest dog here since we adopted her. We had issues with them always running behind and being late. We ultimately dealt with it due to liking the convenience of their wellness plans. We then adopted dog #2 and took them to Banfield as well. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with epilepsy a year after we adopted him which meant at least 1x vet trips. One morning I called to get an emergency appointment (during open hours) due to my dog having 3 seizures in one hour and they said that was not an emergency but theyd call if they had room. He then had another seizure and called saying we are often left waiting at appointments due to emergencys and its time we get to be that emergency he needs to be seen. I had a different person on the line that time who responded yes we’ll squeeze him in right now that is an emergency. A few months later i sent a routine prescription request in through the Banfield prescription portal online and it took 1.5 weeks for them to refill it even though i called 4+ times saying it needed to be refilled asap because it was his seizure medication. Sadly he didn’t get the medication in time and passed. Due to 20+ seizures in one day we had to make the call to put him down at the local emergency vet. The emergency vet sent banfield a fax saying what happened. That morning i went on my Banfield portal to see my dog was removed from my portal. Its been 3 weeks and they never called or sent a card offering condolences, just removed him from the account as if it was nothing. sent us flowers, the emergency ver sent us a card, yet our local vet that he saw every month for 10 months couldnt even call. So moral of the story is, theyre always late, you have to call a million times if you need anything done, customer service is hit or miss and they apparently dont care about filling prescriptions or when your dog dies. The only reason i gave them 2 stars is because the vet was always kind to my dogs and really seemed to care when we talked about how to manage his condition while we had him. He was even willing to call a neurologist hours away about a consult for us.

Sunny Neon Raye

2 years ago

Only use this place if your pet needs a routine visit. If you think something is wrong with your pet, don't bother. Historical notes for your pet don't ever seem to be reviewed. Follow up isn't schduled. Our family cat went in for a routine teeth cleaning and developed awful swelling in his sinuses. The vet had no clue what caused it and only called to follow up, but never offered to try other testing based on our feedback. We also took our cat in for a buildup on his eye and uneven dilation. They told us that they tested his eye pressure and found no issue, then told us to go to a specialist but said "it's probably fine!" A few months later, we took him to another vet. They tested, scheduled followup immediately, and after keeping track of progression of his eye pressure found him to have glocoma. How was this not found earlier??? Glocoma is a simple eye pressure test that banfield claimed they did. When we took him in for followup appointments they never mentioned his eye progression. We did our due diligence as owners; we caught it early but banfield did nothing. We believed them that our cat was fine. Now our cat may lose his eye. And the pet plan is a wast of money. The other vet was cheaper.

Sara Bee

2 years ago

I had previously given Banfield a good review, but I'm editing it because I would not suggest my worst enemy take any animal there. Where do I begin? Somehow in 3 VISITS they missed my dog having MANGE!!! Even though I asked that they check for it. Even though her entire ear was hairless and thick and crusted and hair falling out all over her body. They just continued to make me pay for treatments and tests that were completely unrelated and that didn't have symptoms for. Now I'm stuck paying for treatment for 2 humans and 4 dogs with sarcoptic mange because of this disgusting excuse of a clinic. And even worse my poor dogs has been suffering and in massive amount of pain and itching with open sores. NEVER, EVER, EVER take your pet there. Oh, and even though they failed miserably on their end, I can't get out of their scam of a wellness plan. They don't provide the necessary care, don't fall for it.

Doreen Seaver

2 years ago

Treated our cat after an accident. They were very thorough and gave us all options available. Sadly we had to let her go.

Robin Jackson

2 years ago

Very friendly Vet, but a little under staffed, which caused some oversight.

L. C

2 years ago

Having a brand new puppy and dropping her off at the doctors was to not be there for her shots, but Leticia was there to reassure us that she was in good hands. I think she went over and beyond to text me picture updates of how our pup was doing. I felt so relieved to have a team of nurses there to play with her. It made the second appointment easier and our little pup was happy to see the whole staff, thank you!

Toni Proper

2 years ago

They treat my pet great

Robin Hughes

2 years ago

The clerks were so wonderful. I know the Doctor had to be busy, but would have liked to talk to them. My boy is coming out of his sleepy time...glad not full anesthesia. Thank you for getting us in so quickly, during these awful times.

Peter J. Pellerito

2 years ago

We are regulars there, They have taken very good care of our pets, and are always very helpful, And knowledgeable !

L Kelley

3 years ago

Poor handling of end of life care. I'd give them 0 stars if I could. They did not want me to be with my pet when she passed. Everything was done in the back room. They put 2 leashed on my 3lb cat to take her to the back room - "their policy". Their plan was to sedate her in the back, bring her to to me so I could say goodbye (although already unconscious) and then take her in the back, give her the second medication to stop her heart and then bring her to me. Despite my several requests to be with her, they would not bring her back to the room I was in for the process. I should have left with her. I've hade my share of end of lift experiences and have never had such a screwed up, inconsiderate, and non-client driven end of life process. They had no respect for me and what I wanted. Horrible experience. Shame on you, Banfield. Also, my cat was there the week prior, I knew she was not going to be around for long, she'd been battling cancer for a while. The vet asked me if I wanted to put her on a wellness plan. Um, no, she's at the end of her life, what's the point? (other than to get more money out of me). I'm sure they realized my cat was dehydrated that day, but did not treat that. I'm not sure what I paid for that day, other than them keeping her in the back for 4+ hours.

Ebony Taylor

3 years ago

I've had nothing but good experiences at Banfield Pet Hospital. Would recommend to friends and family.

Kristy McKay

3 years ago

Dr. Wentzel and staff are so friendly and they are great with all of my pets!

Lydia Zeitler

3 years ago

They do a great job with my kitten Midnight

Virginia Moody

3 years ago

I love the service and friendly service. I would recommend them to anyone.

Greg Boss

3 years ago

Employees were very friendly and willing to and took extra time to answer all my questions.


3 years ago

The most important thing I have to say is don’t walk, run from this place. Continual errors by the office staff on prescriptions, appointments, scheduling, etc. Veterinarians don’t stay longer than 6 months. It is a continual mess. Continual charges for very expensive “experts” to review results, and then no talk of the results ever again. Please, for the sake of your mental health and your pet’s health, go anywhere else. I can’t tell you how many times the staff here has caused me anxiety attacks. Banfield as a whole is a very corrupt and money-hungry company. I will never return.

Christy Barnum

3 years ago

The let me kitty that was very sick sit in a cage and wouldn't listen to us when we said what was wrong with her. They didn't do any kind of testing. They told us that we should take her to the emergency vet place. When we did they said she is very sick and it would be best to put her down. So our kitty was so sick they had her from 10:45 am to 4 pm and nothing but a bill for $300

Diedre Tyler

3 years ago

They treated my Ralow with care and gave me options for his care

Ashley B. Nelson

3 years ago

Doesn't answer phone or return messages

Brie Ashley

3 years ago

Visiting from out of town and was really impressed by how helpful they were in taking care of my dog. Highly recommend!!

Clarence Lamblin

3 years ago

Very pet minded. We had to put our dog down at 15.5 yrs old and the Doctor and staff treated us and our pet with all caring and dignity. Very informative of what would take place. No pain for our beloved Jack and comfort for us. Thank you Bamfield

Sherri L Archer

3 years ago

The company itself is shady. They want me to continue to pay for "insurance" on my dog that is deceased. I refuse to do so. Now they won't see my pets anymore AND they deleted their records online so I can no longer access them. SHADY and heartless

Steven Good

3 years ago

Excellent service. Only place to get my kitty in on short notice for an emergency visit, and they took great care of him. 10/10 will be going back again.

Danielle Rooker

3 years ago

They genuinely care about their animal patients and their families. Like all vets in the area, they seem to be insanely busy

Malinda Sue Middlegirl

3 years ago

From Arizona to Saginaw Mi, I've been able to transfer my puppy wellness wherever I go. Great Doctors, Great Staff! Love, Sassy & Tulip

Kial Lanness

3 years ago

Highly recommend these wonderful people my dog absolutely loves coming here and I always know he is in good hands

Kristine Hitsman

3 years ago

Great place. Took great care of my 2 puppies.

Kelly Guiette

3 years ago

I’m truly not the type of person to leave reviews I can’t express that enough. But I want people to be aware of what I experienced at the Saginaw Banfield location. I have been using banfield for years and have not had difficulty even with the turn over they have experienced with veterinarians. However, my chocolate Labrador has increasingly been growing more and more afraid to go due to her treatment at the clinic. She is the sweetest dog completely submissive and not aggressive. During covid they are only allowing drop offs which I understand but due to my dogs anxiety I really wanted to go with her. She would not get out of the car and I finally coaxed her out and the vet tech was pulling her very hard to get inside. It made me extremely uncomfortable. And as I drove away out of the corner of my eye I literally saw the technician dragging my dog across the floor to get her into the back...I was so upset. He was legitimately choking my dog and pulling her... I should’ve ran back in after her. Her appointment was scheduled for 3pm and I dropped her off at 1pm. 5:15pm rolls around and they close at 6pm and I called because I wanted to pick her up ASAP I still did not hear any updates at this point.I usually always go with her to appts when allowed. They still hadn’t even seen her yet!! Her appointment was at 3 and I was very worried about her kidneys as she has had urinary issues in the past. Literally the doctor calls me ten minutes later and said she was fine and I had to remind HIM to look at her skin because she had a breakout all over her body...please consider taking your dog elsewhere. I moved to Ann Arbor and the vets and vet techs are so kind and understanding there. However I will not be continuing care with banfield after this. PLEASE go anywhere else!

nathan Steckert

3 years ago

They took good care of my dog

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