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Kelly Jarvi

2 years ago

If I could give it a lower star I would. The women at the front desk is very rude. The hours on there recordings say w different times. I called the other day and was told they open at 630 AM

christine weglarz

2 years ago

My dog was attacked apx 10 months ago. The owners refused to help take care of this . They ended up blaming my dog- and though they knew there was an injury they didn’t tell me until blood was all over the place. Now the owners will not respond to emails or phone calls and even avoided when I went to speak to there there. This is not a good place - There have been many issues - I reported them.

Natasha Railton

2 years ago

This was a great experience we were traveling from out of town and needed a place to take our dog for a few hours when we went to Legoland with our small kids. Another dog place in the area wouldn't allow us to pick our dog up any earlier than the designated time. The lady here was so easy to work with and really made our day perfect!

Marko Ulaj

2 years ago

By far the worst dog care center you will ever come across. my poor dog came back covered in feces and raw scratch marks, and smelled like a toilet. I may very well press charges. If you love your dog please stay away from wet noses!!

Heather Cardinal

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG TO THIS PLACE! I would give 0 stars if available. We left our puppy there for 5 days. He now is limping and crying. The girl at the front desk said that we did not pay, which we did pay when we dropped him off. I had the receipt of payment. He also came back smelling of urine. We called and requested an exit bath and when we picked him up it was not done. NEVER AGAIN WILL WE TAKE OUR DOG HERE. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Railton

2 years ago

This place saved my vacation! We were there from out of town and the other pet daycare we had scheduled ahead of time did not work out. We called looking to drop off our dog right away and they were very kind and helpful and said it wouldn't be a problem, just come on in. We were only gone for about three hours and they said since we were from out of town and it was so short there was no charge. The place was nice and they took great care of our dog. So nice and friendly, I would highly recommend!

Robyn Garnet

2 years ago

My dog has come home twice smelling of urine. I finally figured out it’s from the pool they allow the dogs to play in. Appears they do not change the water frequently enough. I brought this to their attention the first time and asked that they no longer allow him in the pool. Unfortunately it happened again in less than one week. My dog will no longer attend Wet Noses.

Filippa Genovese

2 years ago

Truly caring employees who provide great service to the dogs and their owners. Couldn't be happier!

Erica Barajas

2 years ago

I loved take my rottie, and he loved going. A month a go he was attacked by another rottie . He is requiring surgery for a torn acl on the leg that the other dog grabbed ahold of . My poor puppy had so many teeth marks. He was and still is in pain. He has hair loss . I just feel terrible. The owner hasn't even called to talk to me or even see how my fur baby is doing . I understand I drop him off at my at my own free will. But it's gonna cost me over 3000 to fix my baby

Nancy Mc Mahon

2 years ago

my dog lives it here. u do wish they had web cams!

ally weglarz

3 years ago

My small 25lb dog was severely bit by a pit Bull at this place. She is in an immense amount of pain and in and out of the vet daily. NO empathy or sympathy from the owner. All blame was put on my small little dog who now has a huge hole through her paw. DO NOT send your dog here. Please protect your pup from this place.

Joe Zappella

3 years ago

We had a very disappointing, and frustrating experience with Wet Noses. A few weeks ago we left our elderly dog there for 5 or 6 days while we went on vacation. My wife interviewed them prior to that, and was confident that Toby would be taken care of properly. When she picked him up, he was clearly not feeling well. He was whimpering. When he got home he was very lethargic, and had dry heaving. Also his stomach seemed bloated. A day later Toby died on our living room floor in his sleep. As stated, he was an elderly dog, but he had no current health issues, or reason to believe he was at the end of his life a week earlier when we left. I called them, and the girls that work there told me that the owners were out of town for a month, and couldn't be reached. Haven't heard from them. My wife went back in to see Toby's living arrangements. Nothing struck us as odd. We suspect overeating, resulting in food bloat. Our household was, and still is very sad about his passing. Although we don't know specifics, something clearly happened. We would absolutely recommend not taking your pets here.

Kelly Weldron

3 years ago

Staff is great and my dog comes home exhausted from daycare!!

Lisa Steele

3 years ago

Ron and staff are great. Very good with the animals plus they get to play all day not just 1 1/2 which is most places

Abigail Brzezinski

4 years ago

Our dog Bear LOVES this day care. He gets lot of play time and is tired when he gets home. My brother also takes his dog here and they love it as well! Everyone is so nice and when I pick Bear and/or Gordon up they always give me a little run down of how they did! Bear loves water so I am so glad they have a mini pool for him. They only thing I hope they get is cameras so I can watch him during the day.

Zain Zaki

4 years ago

We scheduled boarding for my cat a week in advance. When I went to drop the cat off, they refused to take her, as they already boarded another cat. They claim that they called us the same day we were supposed to board the cat. That of course is a lie. Thank you for reuinibg our travel plans. We are scrambling trying to find a place to board the cat on a Saturday afternoon, with all places closed. Would not recommend.

Snow Rider28

4 years ago

After leaving our dog there for the weekend I was not to happy. Our pup is just a year old and currently transfering to adult food, which she is getting used to. So when we dropped her off we gave them one simple instruction that if she is not eating her dry food that day to just mix in a spoonful of the wet food we provided. Nothing to crazy to request right? Well when we got her back after 3 days she had ate about one MAYBE two bowls of the dry food we had given them, and the wet food can had not even been open, so clearly that was to difficult for them she typically eats about 3 bowls a day (which we told them) When we got back home she sat there and ate 4 bowls of food and wanted more... these dogs are playing for 6 hours a day (which dont get me wrong I love that they get play time with other dogs) but not when u can't follow the simple tasks of feeding her as we had requested. Leads me to think what else they dont do?? Did she have plenty of water? Was she supervised the entire time?? I dont know because they give us no sort of report as to how or what she did for that day or even the weekend overall. Needless to say we will be finding another dog boarding place for next time

Sammie House

4 years ago

Horrible place, can not trust them with my animals . Dirty mop buckets everywhere, smells awful . Save your time and find somewhere else for your loved animals.

David Livelsberger

4 years ago

We have been taking our wired hair fox terrier, Lucy to Wet Noses for almost 10 years. Lucy absolutely loves going to Wet Noses! Lucy is a typical wire hair fox terrier and doesn't get along well with dogs her own size. The Wet Noses staff figure out early on to place Lucy with the big dogs and that worked perfectly. My wife and I are so thankful we have a place close to our home to put Lucy on days when we are working long hours or on vacation. Thank you Ron and Cathy!

Danielle Lewis

5 years ago

Wet Noses has a very friendly staff and they know all the dogs so well! I was really impressed. My dogs get so excited when we pull into the parking lot and leave exhausted (in a good way, haha). I highly recommend bringing your dogs there!

Faith Elkins

5 years ago

Roscoe loves going to Wet Noses and gets excited as soon as he realizes where we are going. We checked out several other places for day care and boarding, but one place won't even let them out to exercise unless you pay extra, another only lets them play for one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon, and another has no one on site from 8:30 pm to 6:30 am. Wet Noses lets them play all morning and brings them in for two hours to nap and nosh. They carefully supervise them and interact with them, and give us a report of how he did every time. I highly recommend this place. It is very clean, does NOT stink, and every employee treats my dog as if it were their own. Also, thank goodness, they do not accept aggressive dogs who might harm my baby boy.

Kelly Ramsey

5 years ago

Great place for my German Shepherd to socialize with other dogs

Professional Reviews

5 years ago

Great staff. Our little Minnie loves to visit.

terry elkins

5 years ago

My Rottweiler loves this place, and we feel very confident taking him there. Place is clean, smells clean. They sent us a video of him playing as well as 3 photos. They answered my phone call on 3 rings and took the time to answer my question and asked if I had anymore. He comes back happy and tired. Nothing but thumbs up, glad we found it.

anna stewart

6 years ago

Jameson is always so happy when we arrive at Wet Noses! They really take great care of him. Rather than being locked up in a crate all day, he is able to play and roam freely in the play area and even to the outside!

Lauren Wellman

6 years ago

Charlie loves when he gets to go to daycare. As soon as he sees where we are pulling into his tail starts wagging and he cant get in fast enough.

Jonathan Lapolla

6 years ago

After boarding our dog here and touring a few other facilities after, a few things stand out. Upon drop off, Ron was very nice. That is great, but we weren't offered a tour of the facility nor a very specific overview of what his day care would be like. Upon picking him up, he was grouped with dogs much much larger than him and he was being pressed against the fence. We were told he would be with dogs of similar size and age, as he was a little over 12 weeks and 18lbs. When asked if he went potty, no one knew. When asked if he napped, no one knew. There was no one around for 3-4 minutes after arriving, and the mop bucket was in the middle of the play area. No report card after or any real feedback regarding his day. We took him home feeling like we had no idea what his day was like. After we got home, he became ill with diarrhea for a few days followed by an upper respiratory infection. Overall, the day he spent there left a lot to be desired. At the next facility we were offered literature, a complete overview of what his day would be like, their procedures and a facility tour. He was even interviewed with other dogs first to determine his fit. The amount of check marks the second facility hit compared to Wet Noses was enormous.

Kimberley Rodriguez

6 years ago

I was so worried about our doberman when I started back to work and my son went to college as I did not want to crate him all day. I began looking online for doggy daycares and found Wet Noses. I took Apollo there for a half day trial. When we arrived there everyone was so nice and welcomed Apollo. There were other customers coming in to drop off or pick up their dogs and they were all very happy. Apollo did wonderful and I was so relieved. He has since been there one whole day. I love that Apollo is able to run around and play with other dogs instead of put in a kennel. I was also relieved that dogs do have a quiet time when they eat and rest as I didn't know if it would be too much activity for Apollo. Very simple drop off and pick up as well. I am so happy that Apollo can go to Wet Noses when everyone has to work all day. He has fun and it gives me peace of mind!

Daniel Rea

6 years ago

Riggs (my 6 year old Golden), runs to the door! Ron and Cathy run a great daycare. You can tell that all the staff love the dogs and the dogs love the staff. Great place and highly recommended.

Lorelei DiGuglielmo

6 years ago

They take great care of our dog, they treat the pooches like family. We love Cathy Ron and Kristen

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