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Sha-Juan Moore

2 years ago

Do not go to this place unless you are ready to fall in love.

Coree Davis

2 years ago

We got our amazing and absolutely adorable puppy Maxamillion from here. Staff was very friendly and professional. Highly recommend this place of business ????

Paul Lambert

2 years ago

Great facilities and very clean. The employees are very knowledgeable and friendly. This was a wonderful experience purchasing a family pet.

41 payroll Cashout

2 years ago

I love my new puppy Kali Dior and the young ladies that Assistant me in the store were very helpful and genuine, thanks guys ????❤️

Victor Small

2 years ago

We love our Novi. The staff was pleasant and the purchasing process was very easy. Our Novi has a brother, wish there was a pet owner's family page so we could all share our photos.

Sarah S

2 years ago

Our visit to the store and play date was okay.. the prices are about 2k higher then local breeders but the dogs seem well cared for but the cages are very small. I do hope for the sake of the dogs they are housed elsewhere outside of visiting hours. Zero follow up though after talking about financing and adoption. Editing my review: The team at Family Puppy called me immediately to let me know that I fell through the cracks with their new system and were very apologetic. Had a great conversation and learned more about the care of their dogs and next steps. Also was very helpful in discussing introducing our other dog to a new puppy. We ultimately ended up at a rescue because I couldn't get comfortable with the ethical side of purchasing from The Family Puppy when there were so many dogs in rescues.

Melissa Trott

2 years ago

I got my Shihton fur baby "Betty White" from the Novi Family Pet a little over a year ago. At that time, finding a pet was extremely hard due to covid. I stumbled upon the family pets website and was immediately impressed by how easy it was to view all the puppies info online. Finding my Betty wasn't hard at all, and even more impressive, I was able to set up a meet and greet with her the day she became available. The staff was very friendly, even under the strain of covid, they did their best to provide me with safe and excellent customer service. Once I got my baby home, I discovered that she was a diva almost immediately. This little baby is like no other dog I've met. She's gentle, happy, cuddly, smart, and so beautiful, especially her eyes; her eyes are just heart melting! The only small issue I had with her (which is normal for little dogs), she was a picky eater. Luckily the owner, who is very friendly and caring, was super helpful and readily available by phone with any concerns. I'd give the Family Puppy 1000 stars, they gave me the happiness I needed during such an unprecedented time and I am forever in love with Betty!

Andrew P.

2 years ago

One of the best pet stores I’ve ever been in. The first thing I noticed was how clean it was. The dog cages were the cleanest I have ever seen. The staff was friendly and helpful. I recommend going there if you are looking for a new dog.

Jessie Taylor

2 years ago

The staff is very nice and the puppy seem to be really well taken care of. Nice to come in and see the puppy’s and get to play and meet them. Would definitely recommend visiting. Love that they offer financing for the puppy as well!!

Tim Loszewski

2 years ago

We adopted 2 puppies from them in January of 2021. For what we paid, my expectation was that we would have carefully selected dogs with great genes. The puppies are a mix of Rat Terrier and Cavalier Spaniel. One puppy is perfect. The other has some real mental issues that result in extremely aggressive behavior. The dogs have been with with well accredited trainers and our vet. They all believe the issues are a result of genetics. When purchasing the puppies we were told about how selective the Family Puppy is with the breeders and how all dogs were AKC certified. We were offered the opportunity to review the parents papers. I trusted that when we were told the parents were certified, we were being told the truth so I declined. Turns out the mom was not certified or akc registered. We were also told the dogs have only eaten Lifes Abundance dog food since they stopped nursing. We had to purchase the food to keep the dog warranty. The dogs had digestive issues for the first few weeks after bringing them home. Once they adapted to the food they were fine. I am not certain that the dogs were on the food from day 1. My guess is the food the breeders fed them was something different. The reason they force that food is because they get a kick back from Lifes Abundance as long as you feed your dog that food. I think overall they do a decent job, but it seems they are willing to cut corners and creatively tell the truth in order to make an extra buck. My next dogs will be from reputable breeders where I can actually meet the mom and dad.

Kyle Lustig

2 years ago

Was told that the credit check for financing was a soft inquiry, but all credit reports for my partner and I show the check as a hard inquiry. Not a huge deal, but credit checks aren't something to lie about. Puppies seem well taken care of and happy, but prices are SIGNIFICANTLY above what local AKC registered and trusted breeders charge. The benefits you receive here, such as health guarantees and joint guarantees, are no different than what you'd receive at any reputable breeder for a fraction of the price. The only difference is a warranty to "replace" or pay you for a percentage of the dog if something tragic were to happen in the first 2 years. Just like a car warranty, it's incredibly rare for something to happen in the first two years and warranties are designed to INCREASE a company's profits, not cause them to spend money. If you have a huge wallet and are willing to pay for the small increase in convenience, this is an excellent place to go. But if you're willing to spend an extra few days searching for and speaking with local breeders, you'll likely save thousands of dollars for a similar or better quality pet.

freedom reigns

3 years ago

My puppy is a joy and a plus to the rest of our babies. The family puppy took great care of my puppy and the owner of The Family Puppy was very helpful and very nice. Thank you for our new fur baby.

Cindy Montalvo

3 years ago

Beautiful puppies. Nice staff. The purchase process was too long though

John Kermizian

3 years ago

Friendly and professional service. No surprises........We had a great experience and received a wonderful puppy!

Hailey Hoover

3 years ago

Went in here with my mom a few days ago and the smell was so putrid we left after less than 2 minutes. It was so strong I left the store gagging. It smelled like sick dogs with diarrhea to put it nicely. The dogs in the cages even looked sick and they had several dogs smushed into the same tiny cages with no toys and only paper that was caught the in the fur of several of the long hair breeds. Absolutely outrageous environment. I cant believe this place hasnt been shut down.

Erika Solomon

3 years ago

We purchased our beautiful, sweet Shih Tzu from the Novi shop. At first I spoke on the phone with a person named Roy who I believe may have been an owner or manager. He was unbelievably helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating. Well, my daughter and I met our new baby girl (Posey) and took her home. The most important thing out of this review I want the reader to take away is, this puppy is healthy, aware, smart, happy and according to my vet very healthy. I've had dogs all my life (including two shih tzu/bischons currently from other breeders - Blossom and Lily). I was hesitant to purchase a puppy from a store because of the fear of puppy mills, but they seem to be more of a "on consignment" deal with local breeders they've been working with for years. Yes, she was expensive (I think more so because demand seems to have increased during Covid). I highly recommend these people. We could not be happier.

Erika Fisnar

3 years ago

I am in the process of buying my first puppy here. Great staff. Very well taken care of puppies. I am very happy so far.

Janet Hall

3 years ago

They really care about there pets they want you to have good experience I had an issue of concern about their recommended dog food . right away on a sunday no less they called me to answer all my concerns. The dog I got is a great addition to my family Thank You for your Help


3 years ago

Always a good time. My son loves it

Justin Christensen

3 years ago

They made everything right by having the puppy that I needed

k k

3 years ago

Great experience!!! Alexis was very knowledgeable and attentive to our puppy picking experience! Our Puppy Counselor (as well as the entire staff) did an excellent job answering our questions and made this a memorable family affair! Had much concern and apprehension to purchase from a pet store however The Family Puppy had VERY detailed information on both parents, genetic testing of parents, & breeder videos. Our pup was vet checked prior to sale and also has a free follow up visit with veterinarian. We feel very confident in our decision to give this sweet little puppy a forever home ????~

Mia Collins

3 years ago

Can i have one plz

Michael Loszewski

3 years ago

We bought our Shichon puppy from them. The price seemed a little high but it was all worth it. They showed me the breeder info which was really helpful to determine how large our 2 pound purchase would get. She is now fully grown at 6.5 lbs and very healthy. We continue to use the Veterinarian they recommended and are really happy. This was over 4 years ago and I highly recommend The Family Puppy of Fountain Walk.

Rob Dace

3 years ago

Fun place. Got to play with puppies. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable.

Tami Hoyt

3 years ago

After talking with the lovely people at the family puppy store i loaded up my kids and drove over 2 hours. I wasnt sure if all the great sounding things were going to be true, but had a good feeling. 100% absolute best !!! We found our perfect fur baby !!! Even with this epidemic going on everything was great. So thankful for my amazing fur baby.

Erica Brandi

3 years ago

This place is horrible. Large dog breeds such as labs and huskys crammed into tiny cages. Smaller breeds crammed 2 per cage. Clueless staff who know zero about dogs. They clearly get their dogs from puppy mills and then have nerve to sell them for thousands of dollars. These people should truly be ashamed of themselves.

Elizabeth Copeland

3 years ago

Fantastic place, great place to find a puppy! Knowledgeable and professional experience.

Angel Haynes

3 years ago

I just bought a puppy here last night! Everyone here was SO nice and helpful; letting us take as long as we wanted with any of the puppies up for adoption and explaining financial options available. I am so glad I chose them! I haven't come up with a name for my new little one but, she is healthy, happy and already settling in just fine (:

afsoon berenjian

3 years ago

Very friendly and helpful staff, love!

Abbriel Green

3 years ago

My so and I we're in the market for the new addition to our family. We had the best outcome and experience. Our husky was happy and healthy. Some stress from the move but thats expected. We had to change his diet 8 weeks after because he refused to eat it, and we were desperate. The life time pup hotline helped us with this, and helped us with potty training. He's a little territorial but he's our lead dog in our new home. I loved the fact the women behind the counter used to take him home to play with the other dogs she owned.

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