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Cat Jewell

2 years ago

Extremely upset with this place. They do not have an answering machine to take messages in case you have to cancel an appointment. I had two no show appointments because I work the midnight shift I told the Secretary that I may not be able to make it to set it up for the afternoon. But she had no afternoon appointments. And did I mention this was for a nail trim it takes all of 2 minutes to cut my babies nails and they told me that the doctor was very upset I said the doctor wasn’t even going to to see them. Well that was two appointments that someone else could’ve had . I was flabbergasted. I was like WHAT???? ????????‍???? so that 5 minutes that it would take to cut to kitty cats nails someone else could’ve had? Ok well that’s fine they’re are better places in town for me to take my little ones to. They misdiagnosed one of my kitties anyways and I let that fly but beware they are not good here and don’t miss an appointment and God forbid if you can’t get ahold of them Because they don’t have an answering machine because they’ll kick you out and ban you. Yeah they really care about the animals here no they don’t because if they did they would’ve called to see what happened with the patients. I know I would if I owned it i would set someone up personally to do that job.

Sab Bri

2 years ago

The vets there don't care about your animals. If your dog is fighting for his life and you take your dog to them, they will ask you. "Why you cry? It's just a dog." I swear. That's what they said to me, word for word. That was so unprofessional and rude to say. Also one of the lady's that works at the front desk is extremely rude all the time. Everytime we went in there she was having a bad day it seemed because of how rude she would be. I hope they aren't like this to everyone because they lost me as a regular.

Rosanne Sander Thornton

2 years ago

Sammy the Welch Corgi mix goes to Monroe that once a year for his shots. Everyone is professional and very nice.

Chuck Witt

2 years ago

They're very nice people good care of my puppy

Alan Mick

2 years ago

They are great people; professional. I hope I will never have to deal with anything like this again but if I do I will come here.

Joe Manley

2 years ago

Was able to get me in a reasonable amount of time and were very caring and professional.

Ryan Sharp

2 years ago

I understand you aren’t an emergency animal hospital but we came to you because you were the closest and only vet open and the puppy we just recently rescued was going to die if she didn’t receive immediate care and you turned us away because you cared more about having a scheduled appointment rather caring for the animal itself. Literally could have just tried to help enough to possibly help us make it to the emergency animal hospital but instead the puppy died in my wife’s arms in the car trying to make it to the emergency hospital. The vets here maybe great at their job but unfortunately it’s only if you have a scheduled appointment!

Sarah Rupert

2 years ago

Prices are starting to get a little high.

Deborah Langerman

2 years ago

They are very caring helpful and patient

Steven Hodge

2 years ago

They were very good to our kitten. L

Jason Wood

2 years ago

Very professional and right to the point. Has been taking care of my fur babies for a long time now.

Jenna Stauder

2 years ago

The doctor and staff took great care of my sick cat, and handled him very well even though he was being aggressive due to pain (reason for visit.) They diagnosed him quickly and correctly, and pricing is very fair.

Emma Coate

2 years ago

Wonderful vet. In our dog’s first visit, Dr. Pelia found a congenital condition our previous vets first overlooked and then misdiagnosed. When it came time for surgery, Dr. Pelia went above and beyond walking us through the process and ensuring we could take our boy home that evening. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Pelia as he treats you and your pet with the utmost consideration. The Monroe Vet Clinic vet techs are fantastic as well, and I am confident my dog receives excellent care while he’s there. Thank you all!

connie smith

2 years ago

Very good their very friendly and caring with our pet and their fees were reasonable

Bethany Webb

2 years ago

Doesn't even deserve the one Star that I'm being required to select. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone who cares about the wellbeing of their pet. We recently adopted a dog from a local shelter who took him here for his neutering, the same day we brought him home. A week later he had a mass next to his surgery site, and we took him back. While there the vet and tech were extremely rude to my husband and I, and not caring towards our dog. The vet scolded us on the dog's behavior, remember we had only had him a week and he'd been recovering. They pushed the issue of heartworm and flea & tick medication and were adamant on focusing more on than the issue at hand. We were then blamed for the injury stating that we did not watch him carefully and allowed him to be overactive. He even stated that he probably got it from jumping a fence. We don't have a fence... I spoke with a vet surgeon, and sent them pictures of the injury. She said it was from his lymph node that most likely was clamped too hard during the surgery, not from being overactive. So therefore, their mistake. Despite our experience thus far, we were not impressed. But here's were it gets BAD. We were then charged for the visit, and a plethora of medications. One of those medications is Apoquel. That's a medication that has a lot of very serious side effects. Should never been given to young dogs (ours is maybe a year). And absolutely never ever EVER given to the shepherd breeds, which is exactly what we have. Of course the vet labeled him as a pit breed. But if anyone with a brain would look at our pup would see he is absolutely not a pit! Now, because of his greediness and pill pushing, my dog has had non-stop diarrhea since May!!! Thankfully we have recently seen a far superior vet who actually cares about the patient, and not her paycheck. We are hoping that he's going to recover.... Shame on you Monroe Veterinary Clinic. I should send you a bill and ask for a full refund. After all, it's just business, right?!

Dawlat Hasso

2 years ago

very professional and gentle with my dog, thank you

Peggy Stevenson

2 years ago

Treated my dog like family.

Ronda Hensley

2 years ago

They took amazing care of my pup when she had surgery. All of the staff is so nice!

Sharen Bitz

2 years ago

Great Vet and Staff ! ???????? I recommend Monroe Veterinarian !


2 years ago

The best pet people aren't always the best people people. This vet has great versions of both!


2 years ago

Never there when you need them most, had to take my dog and cat to 24 hour vet to have put to sleep because they wouldn't answer the phone both times the hours stated open till 7 but no avail, they seen my pets for 17 years, they wanted to give my dog a vaccine for distemper knowing he was dying, smh

Dawn Skiff

2 years ago

They are wonderful with working with me, I don't have a lot of money, I will tell them what I have to work with and they will go over everything with me and help me decide what is the most important.

Marjorie Chickeral

2 years ago

Don't write anything bad or they will just take it down here and refuse to see your animal ☺️.. oh but, they'll take your money first and then tell you they won't take care of your pet.

angela barton

2 years ago

My daughter took her dog here when it was ill. They didn't do much but have her come back day after day, charging her each time. Stated the dog was to young to have cancer and wouldn't test for it. Today she was taken to a more reliable place (heritage hospital) and they wouldn't even release blood work to them. Only a receipt that she was there ????Knowing they were in the wrong. Her dog suffered terribly because they did not do proper testing. Only want $.($1200) Her dog had to get put down today. And I blame Monroe Veterinary Clinic! I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Ella Harmon

2 years ago

Best place to take your pet !!!

Thomas Goachee

2 years ago

My 1 1/2 year old lab loves this place he can hardly wait to get there, all the staff live him and he knows it. They have been terrific even thru this covid-19 issue.

Samantha Barton

2 years ago

Very disappointed with the care given to our fur baby. Refused to release medical records to another vet. This place only wants your money at the cost of your pets life. Said goodbye to our fur baby today for mis diagnosis that could have been prevented by going to another vet. Please save your baby and go to another vet. The "cheap" reoccurring price is not worth it!!!!

Mandy Banach

2 years ago

Took my boy in soon as we got there they were so kind and fast will be coming back with all 3 of my animals very happy and they are reasonably priced

Lesa DeBorde

2 years ago

My cat was slowly dying: losing weight, sickly, using the bathroom all over the house. I saw three other vets and paid over $1000 in bloodwork and meds trying to figure out what was wrong with her. I went to Monroe Vet Clinic, and the doctor looked over the previous tests and ran some himself, and was able to tell me that day that she was dying of kidney disease. They gave her meds and prescription food to help ease her pain and make her feel better. I was able to give her a quality life for two more years. I trust them with all of my pets. They are wonderful veterinarians!!

Jeanette Black

2 years ago

Very pleased so far, my Kitten was just spayed by them and received her 1st shots Very friendly staff

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