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Ben Morris

a year ago

Was refused to have the honor of having my cat as a patient because I had a debt go to collections with them 20 years ago. I had forgotten but after talking to the them at KL cat hospital I remembered the time I had my cat there. My cat had surgery that was grossly overpriced. The next Vet I took my cat to because I did not trust the KL Cat Hospital after my experience with them said it was not done properly. Hearing that from a reputable vet in town made me mad and I allowed my account to become overdue. at KL. I will say I shouldn't have let the debt go to collections but I paid it after it went to collections. I was also a teenager! 20 years later as I look at the reviews they are still: A) in business lol B) a bad place to take your cat. I feel like I saved myself the trouble of dealing with them again by being rudely dismissed.

Andrew Troskey

a year ago

After reading the reviews for this place I was skeptical already, then calling to make an appointment so I don't have to drive my cat all the way to Marshall. Talking to the receptionist was a nightmare she answers the phone in a very unprofessional way and then is short and rude with me for the entire phone call. Not a great first impression. I'll be driving to Marshall where the entire establishment is loving and professional and they care about my animals instead of just viewing them as business

Lynda Sanchez

a year ago

Update, December 2021 Some weeks ago I lost my precious senior cat Kirara. There wasn't much to be done, but through two difficult weeks the staff and doctor Dave did all they could to help my little potato. Once we knew it was time to put her to sleep, they offer different packages, and explain all the process. I chose cremation. All I could do that day was cry, while doctor Dave try to reasure me and say wonders about being a pet parent until the very end. This was the card they sent me after my loss. Kirara I will forever love you and treasure you. Thank you for letting me be your human mom for almost 20 years. Thank you Doctor and staff. I took my 18-year-old cat to this clinic. The doctor is great and very professional.

Jennifer Hines

a year ago

Recently moved and was needing to get my cat in short nbotice for an emergency service. Since covid started vets have been backed up by weeks getting Pets in. I was lucky to get a same day appt to get his wound cleaned and stitched. Very thankful I could get him in quick!

Bill Giffen

a year ago

Friendly and competent. A pleasure to work with.

Nancy Roon

a year ago

KL CAT HOSPITAL has taken care of my Miss Kitty since I moved to Kalamazoo. Excellent Vets and all of their Association are fantastic also!!! Highly recommend!!!


a year ago

Do yourself a favor and avoid this clinic. My cat could have died due to this place. Not to mention the money I spent (way, way overpriced) would have been much better spent at a clinic that could properly diagnose.

Stephanie Kroll

a year ago

I had THE worst experience when needing to put down my cat. We have been clients for years, my cat was very much ready to go. I’m aware of how booked vets are, but it was TIME and they set me 3 days out. She died the night before on my bedroom floor gasping for air. Then I took her in the next day to be cremated. It took over TWO WEEKS for me to get her ashes back despite calling basically every other day and being told “they’ll be here tomorrow”. We’ve moved on to another vet.

Andrew Buckhannon

a year ago

Straight and to the point.

Carolyn Jarsma

a year ago

Best cat vet we have ever had

Eric Sherfield

a year ago

Very informative and helpful with my needs for my animals

Natalie Timmer

a year ago

As a licensed veterinary medical professional, I had high hopes for a cat practice. Prices are high for a general practice, and this particular practice does not offer professional kindness to its referral, or veterinary medicine community. The review responses are a clear indication of their professionalism to clients from all walks of life. Their saving grace is overall quality care, especially in the midst of a global pandemic, and easy access to all medical records in a short timeframe. If you want a practice to hold your hand and personally follow up with you if you do not respond to prompts about your personal pets wellness (again, knowing that the client is a licensed medical professional, and works at one of the hospitals they send pets to when their scope of practice ends) this is the clinic for you. I was genuinely surprised that this is how a small practice has their doctor utilize time and resources - hounding reminder calls for wellness. In summation; Pros: quality medicine is practiced, and they allow easy access to your records Cons: mildly expensive, not communicative with their veterinary community, and will hound you if you do not respond to reminders; appears they assume you are a poor pet owner, and don’t trust you to follow up on routine care unless it is done with them directly.

Tyler Durden

a year ago

I am appreciative that there is a hospital near me for my pet, but I am going elsewhere for general cat maintenance. During a call, asking for what counter allergy medicine cats can have. The KCH was tight lipped and told us that we would need to come in for a checkup. This seems greedy being that we are current, where we discussed this allergy on our last visit. My doctor wouldn't do this to me, so, why is my cats doctor unable to answer a simple question? I simply do not have the patience for people wasting my time with needless visits. Then there is the miscommunication. I had teeth removed that were going bad at the request of the Vet. They left one bad tooth that I was told was being removed. From the Vet himself, I got a vague response that left me wondering if they let my cat suffer a bad tooth so I would need another visit later. The teeth come back in a little vial, they removed three teeth but not all target teeth we discussed, and one was a tiny front tooth that had zero decay. The reason I am writing these comments is that this seems like others have the same types of problems with KCH. The same actions are articulately listed in other reviews for this vet, and my pet friends are also unhappy with the service and report that the vet is not communicating well. Now I am looking for another vet to remove the one remaining black decaying tooth and the mentioned people are steering my cat away from the KCH. Being a monopoly on vet services in the area does not forgive chronically bad practices. Otherwise, the prices are reasonable compared to other Veterinary services. And again, it is an emergency style availability which is appreciated.

Deidre Pylar

2 years ago

My cat, Luna broke her tail and will have to have it amputated. The Doctor who helped my sweet baby was very friendly and explained the process thoroughly, which helped ease my anxiety about the entire situation! I have been having issues with my other Vet, I will be switching to this one full time! Thank you! :)

Gareth Bernard

2 years ago

The doctors here have done a good job in helping us with our 3 cats. Nothing bad to say about their work. In regards to the business side, the upsell attempts from this place have become exhausting. We would call and receive quotes for appointments, shots, etc., and come to agreements/decisions on what work will be done. Then the appointments come along and here come all of the “recommendations” for all of this extra stuff, including stuff that we’ve already declined, in addition to what we’ve already discussed. This has required us to approach this place with firmness when it comes to yes and no, and breaking down the invoices/bills, etc. In turn, one of the ladies who answers the phone has been rude and unprofessional to us, and we haven’t given an ounce of attitude, just thoroughness. We do appreciate the work that has been done, but it’s in our best interest to terminate our business with this place. Thank you, Kalamazoo Cat Hospital, for the good work that you’ve done for us and our cats.

Lauriell Baker

2 years ago

I was looking for a new vet for my kitties because they were due for vaccines and one of them wasn't feeling great. They got me in by the next week. They were kind and very informative when explaining my cat's needs. I am glad I found a place to care for my kitties as much as I do. Prices were also reasonable.

Brandy Ruthruff

2 years ago

The staff was super kind to us on our visit. I’m glad I found them and they were able to get me in so quickly!

Quinn Newland

2 years ago

They charged us nearly 80 dollars to clip and wipe a ONE INCH patch of fur on our Cat. Ridiculous. We will be taking our business elsewhere. Absolutely disgusting.

Cass Keator

2 years ago

Very, very expensive. We got charged $75 for the get to trim fur and wash some skin...how does that cost $75 exactly? Had I known that had to be done I would’ve done it myself for free. The meds were actually the cheapest part of the visit, making me think this vet practice is really just trying to make a lot of money off our cats issues. We will be taking our cats elsewhere-$180 to get a rash checked out is ridiculous.

Brett C.

2 years ago

We brought in our new kitty a couple weeks after adoption to get checked up and keep an eye on some issues, and they took absolutely great care of her. She was as comfortable looking as she could be despite what was probably a stressful situation, and all of her issues were taken care of! While she didn't like getting her antibiotics, after finishing them she's been as happy and active as we've ever seen her since adoption! The staff at the cat hospital seem to do a great job with what they do, and we'll definitely be bringing our Rita back here whenever she needs a checkup. P.S. They also waived a part of our fees with her being a new adoption, which was absolutely fantastic! Definitely a great way to encourage new kitties coming into new homes having a healthy happy start.

Kelly Yagiela

2 years ago

My lil kitty Kahlo has had a chronic upper respiratory infection and the folks at Kzoo Cat Hospital have been very kind and helpful in trying to keep him healthy. Despite COVID-19 challenges, the vets and staff go above and beyond to communicate and work to address your pet's needs. Would recommend!


2 years ago

I have made several trips here for my kitty Olive (prone to urinary tract issues) and they are always super helpful. They are very diligent and patient with addressing all my questions and concerns regarding medications and fees. I appreciate and trust that they have the best interest in our animals!

Erin Burris

2 years ago

KL Cat hospital employee, Brittany, was absolutely amazing this morning at my Cats appointment. She was prompt and kind for curbside (can't go in) I feel confident that my new cat will be in excellent hands moving forward with future appointments. Thanks for the good work!

Sarah Parcells

2 years ago

Extremely knowledgeable staff and you can tell they really care about your cats! Would definitely recommend!

Kenneth Hunley

2 years ago

The doctor explained everything about my cat's condition and treatment tracks.

Kristi Rudowske

2 years ago

Always professional, friendly staff that really do care for the cats.


2 years ago

If you are looking to get ripped off come here! They charge so much for poor service + they would charge you extra BS out of nowhere. They will also check out ur cat for $45. Anyways, their business appears to be doing poorly and that’s not a surprise lol.

Rebecca Elsman

2 years ago

Saved my cats life! This vet is best with cats that have bladder infections. My cat has been healthy since he has gone to cat hospital. I hate cat pee and was afraid I'd have to put him down. But with different food and bladder check ups he has been good.

Richelle Whalen

2 years ago

Friendly service! I was worried about curbside but staff and the vet were very communicative! I was kept up with everything going on inside as well as a general post follow up from the vet with recommendations. Overall was much better than i expected with curbside!

Schon Kersey

2 years ago

Very good veterinarian. Great knowledge and attention...but definitely exceeding in care and empathy for my cats and our family. Lost one of our cats still fairly recently, and I don't imagine they could have made it any easier on us.

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