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Birdie Wester Holley

2 years ago

We LOVE Kingdom Animal Hospital! We have been with them since the start (I forget when the vet switched from Schmit to Kingdom but we've been with them since then). Dr. Wolk and her staff are AMAZING. The staff is so helpful, kind, understanding and compassionate. We live a block away from a vet and we choose to drive the 25 minutes to see the staff at Kingdom. I've been with them for YEARS, they helped me welcome animals into my family, helped our animals when they get hurt and need immediate care and also guided us when it was time to say goodbye. We've had our beagle, lab, frenchie, mastiff/lab and 3 cats through their office doors. When its time to bring in our large dog (140lbs+) who is awesome until he has to go to the vet, Dr. Wolk and staff are so patient and helpful with him. From helping me get him there safely, to understanding when I need to cancel my appt and try again because it just wouldn't work that day. I am a BIG fan and trust them with my fur babies 100%! SUPER SOLID 5+ STAR RATING AND RECOMMENDATION!

Courtney Koch

2 years ago

10/10 highly recommend this vet! Not only are they kind and polite but they took the best care of my Brutus! They were so sweet to my dog and loving. I have most definitely found my new vet! ❤️ I couldn’t thank them enough for how wonderful they were! Also the prices are very affordable!

susan krywicki

2 years ago

This is a very compassionate staff who treated our elderly golden retriever with cancer. They helped us navigate the tough choices that eventually had to be made, and up until that point, kept him comfortable for as long as possible. We are grateful for their skill and personal touch that made our last year with Jack special.

Belle Ramirez

2 years ago

Really good place.! Wonderful and budget friendly prices for their services. Just make sure to ask all the questions you need before you leave.! No matter how much experience you may have, ask the Vet for more information about the situation.! Thanks for y’all’s help.!

Kristin Goddard

2 years ago

They take care of my emotional support animal beautifully

kristeana veenstra

2 years ago

I've recommended Kingdom Animal Hospital to every pet owner I know. We drive nearly an hour because Dr. Wolk and everyone there takes such amazing care of our birds and bunny. I cannot say enough good things about them.

Cindi Race

2 years ago

Can't talk to a Veterinarian because u can't go in. Horrible customer service. I fired them and got a new vet for my puppy

Xraylady Michelle

2 years ago

We board our pets here and they take such good care of them. Clean and professional staff.

Evelyn Dominguez

2 years ago

They don’t care about your pet only their own schedule at their own convenience. In it for the money only!

RadarLuv 67

2 years ago

Staff is usually great. But I did catch one of the employees complaining about me to another employee, all because I told her to do her job!

K&PErb K&PErb

2 years ago

We had an emergency with our cat some 4 weeks ago. We’ve been to this veterinary clinic in the past under Dr Schmidt who was absolutely fabulous with his customers and all of his patients Called & Tried to get an emergency appointment the first encounter was with the HORRIBLY RUDE RECEPTIONIST (Ashley) who said they had no openings for any emergency’s and were able to get her in for 4 days later and I said I’ll go elsewhere and she just hung up the phone. Took our cat to the animal hospital in Grand Rapids hoping that was the fix that she needed. She was still not doing well 5 days later ended up calling kingdom back they were able to see her. Told us she needed a dental procedure that would cost between 400. And 800. Hundred dollars. Went home cat still wasn’t eating or drinking. When the Dr Wolk called and spoke with my husband she seemed to just talk over the top of him. He was not able to ask any questions or get anything asked she just spoke right over the top of him. A week later we made an extremely hard discussion to put the cat down. Took her in we were out in a very small and dirty room were we said our good bye’s and had to sign a consent form for her to be cremated and paid the 130.00 for that. The only thing we didn’t know was if she would be buried at the cemetery-or brought home. Emotions were extremely high we said we would let the place know on Monday what the discussion was. In which we did and we were told that she would be back to the vet Thursday. No calls. Called and asked today and we were told that she was still there. The rude receptionist said they were not able to reach us , but we have phone calls and voicemails from them and the dr herself that they were able to reach us. They said they were unclear of what we wanted to do. We signed the consent to have her cremated. Tried to tell the dr this was upsetting and she just talked again right over the top of her customers again. Husband was extremely upset she hung up the phone on him. To sum it up it’s not a “ understaffed” problem but a unprofessional, irresponsible problem there were there is NO customer service, No accountability for lack of what they are responsible to do and what people sign consent forms to do and a supposedly “PROFESSIONAL Dr “who just talks over the top of her customers. What a disgrace to the former Dr that ran that practice for many years!! He was nothing like her. Don’t take your pets here if you want unprofessional, rude, and just down right wrong! Our pets are our loved ones and they certainly deserve way better than this place!! Horrible place of business!! Horrible

Deb Lewis

2 years ago

I am in the pet business and have been working with Dr. Wolk since she bought the practice. She is one of the most compassionate and caring veterinarians in the area. I will often seek out her expertise as she is very knowledgeable. Her receptionist Ashley worked for me for almost 4 years and is the sweetest person I know It hurts my heart to see these negative reviews. As a small business owner, I feel her pain as many of us struggle with staff shortages. It's a true crisis, especially when you're dealing with animals. I know first hand the anguish Dr. Wolk feels when she can not help every animal that needs her because there simply aren't enough hours in the day, no matter how hard you try!! Veterinarians have one of the highest suicide rates in our country and those stats are before COVID. Compassion fatigue is real and it hurts down to your soul. I ask that you please be kind. I know it's horrible when your fur baby is sick and you can not get immediate help, it's terrifying and frustrating and I'm so sorry that we are all suffering in one way or another from staff shortages, COVID and difficult economic times. It's time to pull together and help each other as a loving community. Dr. Wolk, you are an amazing person and veterinarian. I know you are doing your very best in an impossible situation that is of no fault of your own. We are blessed to have you in our community, loving and caring for our furry and feathered friends. Praying things get better soon for you and all of us in similar situations. Chin up Buttercup. You are appreciated ❤

Gen B

2 years ago

After going to this vet for years, spending tens of thousands of dollars, they would not get us in for an emergency. We called the monday they opened, asking if they could squeeze us in because we found a cat on saturday who was dying. She was skin and bones, 4 pounds, had diarrhea, fleas, bald patches obviously not able to make it much longer. They barley even tried to get us in. I understand that they’re really busy but this was an emergency. Because of this, we had to take her to an emergency place in Grand Rapids that was an hour away which had to be insanely stressful for her, resulting in more diarrhea. This stress could have been easily avoided and maybe she would still be alive if they could have squeezed her in. We were loyal clients for YEARS even after misdiagnosing our animals multiple times. We will not be going back, this was very hurtful.

Timothy Field

2 years ago

Very un accommodating. The receptionist is rude. Pretty surprised with covid numbers going down and so many people being vaccinated that they still only offer curbside. I have a very anxious and old dog that doesn’t handle new situations well. When I expressed my concern the receptionist was downright rude.

Mike Lopez

2 years ago

Quick and friendly great staff


2 years ago

Love, LOVE this Animal Hospital!!! This was my first experience with this establishment. Also, my first time handing my pupskie over without going with him. My timid with strangers, seven year old Golden Retriever came out from this initial visit with his tail a waggin'!!! Erin was fantastic with him and when Dr. Rennecker called me to discuss her findings, she was so down to earth in my book! Thank you from the both of us ???? Blessings ????

Selena Arispe

2 years ago

My fur baby's go here. Great place, Good vets, amazing staff. Good prices


2 years ago

Thank you. I absolutely love the grooming job I received on Posey. Great customer service and wonderful quality in care for our pups.

Lily Johnson-Ulrich

2 years ago

I can't speak highly enough of Kingdom Animal Hospital. All of their vets provide fantastic care, even during covid. We have taken all of our animals to them over the last 3 years. They also provided exceptional care and service helping us figure out health certificates for bring our pets on an international move. They are also a wonderful option for cat boarding.

Lacey Houghteling

2 years ago

Awesome friendly staff and great Veterinarians! Very reasonable prices and great care!

Audrey Vandevusse

2 years ago

You can always expect friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable service here. It is a no judgement zone and they even have an in-house groomer!

Jeremiah Copeland

3 years ago

I was treated with the utmost respect by the entire staff!! They did an amazing job!! Buster and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!

Brandon Barber

3 years ago

I appreciate the way the staff here handled my personal pet care during the COVID pandemic. They provide quality veterinary care every time we go here.

Paul Bowles

3 years ago

I arrived at my appointment, I was greeted by a employee. I gave my cat to him, and offered my cats deification. He told me that a $17.00 charge was going to be added to the examination, and medicine bill. I told him that, I wasn't told that when I called to set up the appointment. So he and the Doc. agreed not to charge me, and still would examine my cats dung. After I got back home, I looked over the examination form, there wasn't anything, written concerning my cats dung examination results. I called the Kingdom Animal hospital at that moment. a female receptionist answered, I ask her why there wasn't a result shown of my cats deification examination. She told me they didn't examine it, because there was a $17.00 charge that needed to be payed. As I attempted to explain to her, what the Doc. and his assistant told me, concerning the charge situation, she loudly over talked me, with uncontrolled, emotions, in her attempt to stop me from explaining myself. The 1st time I received their services I paid them over $300.00. This time it was over $90.00. For me to receive such disrepectful treatment from a employee, was not demonstrating their appreciating for me as a customer. I don't know how many other customers have been treated like I was today, so after this review I hope the owner will read this, then make sure, this doesn't happen to another person asking or receiving their services.

Natalie Beasley

3 years ago

Very unsatisfied. My cat had worms and the first worm medication they gave was the wrong medication and my cat still had worms. The second time I went in and gave them the sample of my cats poop with the worms in it, they lost it. They told me they would call with the results. No one called. I called them back and asked them about the sample and instead of owning up to the fact that they lost it, they asked what the worms looked like. I paid 17.00 for a test they may have done, but I doubt it since they never called back. I do not recommend this vet, this is not the first time I've had issues with them.

Lindsey Moore

3 years ago

Love this place. They are great with your animals.

Lisa VanKampen

3 years ago

Dr. Wolk and staff are amazing. They go above and beyond.

Ella Kamps

3 years ago

They were so kind and understanding.

Erik Thomas Durham

3 years ago

Dr. Dan and the team over at Kingdom are so kind and careful and patient with our dog, Duke. They are also incredibly affordable. Highly recommend.

Eric Hampton

3 years ago

such a great place with a great staff. Very fast and friendly staff, lowest appt. cost I have found in the area.

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