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Foodie Foodie

2 years ago

My dog had a great time. They gave me her report card which tells you which groups she was in, if she ate, slept, etc. And signed by her care taker.

Geri J.

2 years ago

I was really excited to try daycare and had high hopes for this place since it’s right down the road from my work. It was a bonus that it’s attached to a vet because my dog is epileptic and if he needed a vet, one was there. Main complaint is lack of organization. Individually the problems were minor but seeing it all together as my first impression made me lack confidence in them. I dropped my dog off for the evaluation and nobody asked for his vaccine records. When I asked after the fact if they still need them to have on record, the girls said they didn’t know. I asked if I needed to schedule future daycare drop offs and the lady said yes but she didn’t know how to and one else there could help her. I had to ask if my dog got a report card because I knew they did that and I was looking forward to reading it. My dog didn’t get one which leads me to believe he was in a cage all day. I’m not convinced they let my dog out to play at all because my dog has been acting like he’s been cooped up and getting overly excited since we got home. I’m really disappointed this didn’t work out. The staff was nice but I can’t pay for daycare when I can’t trust he’s not in a cage all day.

Christina Andre

2 years ago

Staff is friendly and the activities are great but I will never trust my dog with them again. My dog was severely hurt in April and they did not handle it properly. He came home with minor injuries in the past, broken nails, scars and bleeding gums. The scars and gums were from a broken toy amd I asked them to remove those when he is playing to not cause more injury. They did not and he broke his nail on that toy. Then a few weeks later he was playing and tore his foot open on a broken crate that was on the play floor. You could see my dogs bone. After a few bandage changes their vet said they would start charging me so I took him to his primary vet who was more willing to work out payments. This wound cost me a significant amount of money as you can imagine. It was mentioned that he was not the only dog to get injuries from that crate. 8 months later he has permanent scaring covering his entire foot. Everytime I see it I regret bringing him there.

Maria Haddad

2 years ago

I love that it's a one stop shop, and it's always a good experience. Staff is always nice and caring. Love dropping my dog off for daycare and having his vaccines/grooming/etc done when I pick him up. He is super anxious and loves going and playing with the other dogs.

Steven Decker

2 years ago

People were friendly. They must have given our dog a nice bath because she smelled cleaner than I've ever smelled her when we got her back after our vacation. Looks like a very nice facility.

Sylvia brown

2 years ago

Excellent experience i would definitely recommend adopting your fur baby through paws for life.

Keith D4

2 years ago

Such a great place! My dog loves coming there and the staff gets so excited when we call to board him.

Karen Orlando

2 years ago

I have been bringing my puppy to this center for over two months. It has been a great experience each time. When I drop off my puppy for daycare, there has always been someone to take her in, no waiting, and no red tape. Whenever I have called, a “real” person has answered, pleasant and ready to assist. They are extremely helpful and are very competent at answering any questions regarding their services. Their staff is amazing. They are professional, compassionate and extremely efficient. Highly recommend.

Nancy Gardella

2 years ago

The last 3 times boarding there, one of my 2 dogs came home sick! Eye conjunctivitis, kennel cough ect. Both my dogs are fully vaccinated.

James White

2 years ago

I recently boarded my dog for 5 nights because I was going to be in the hospital. About a day after I picked my dog up he started progressively coughing and sneezing. I called immediately to bring up my concerns and after the receptionist spoke to the manager, I received a phone call back stating that I could take him to the vet attached to their location and the office visit fee would be waived. I feel like I spent close to $300 (between the boarding fees and the cost of doggy day camp) for them to get my dog sick. And while I appreciate the waived office visit at the vet, I do not feel I should have had to pay $65 for medications to treat an illness acquired under their care.

Joe Minauro

2 years ago

Price is fare. I have been to other places and this place has been the best so far. Other places add on extras and Animal Activity keeps it the same.

Catherine Drennan

2 years ago

They never answer their phone. Tried from 3 different phone numbers. If I can't get in touch with them now because they are short staffed how do they properly staff for my animals? I'm a bit nervous here, even though they were recommended.

Queen J

2 years ago

My girls loved being here. They were recommended to me by another pet hotel. Great communication, greater staff. Loved watching all the dogs walk in so excited to be there.

Pamela Nunley

2 years ago

Vet is on site, there are multiple options and addons from grooming to play time. The people are sweet, and they are up front with pricing. My dog was happy when I picked her up and happy going back, excited to see everyone.

Michael R

2 years ago

Best place for animals. Been taking my puppy here for over a year and they have the best staff here as there is a animal hospital right next door too. We have boarded her here and they treated her exceptionally well too. I do recommend bringing any animals here.

Frank Duke III

3 years ago

friendly knowledgeable staff. Clean surroundings, always focused on the well being of my furry friend

Bellamie Taylor

3 years ago

DON'T BOARD OR DO DAYCARE HERE!!! This company allows dog to board that test positive for giardia which is very contagious to dogs and people and is expensive to treat. It also had 6 cases of kennel cough in 1 day. Not to mention their employees work like plow horses and they'll work an 8 hour shift with no breaks, they are tiredand over worked... plus there's animals that LIVE there and aren't cared for, there are 2 tortises that are owned by the main vet who doesn't even care about them, they have split beaks and can't even eat properly the poor things, and the live in a closet basically, and there both very large tortises, and don't even get me started on the hairless cat who smells like butt and is never cleaned properly, the owner of the company breeds animals and doesn't even take care of them... Not to mention the workers spank, scruff, and kick your dogs if they jump on them or fo anything "annoying". Daycare toys are soaked in bleach water every evening and not properly rinsed off, there will be dogs sitting in their own filth for days at a time, the entire place smells of urine and feces, don't waste your money here.

Ranae Beyerlein

3 years ago

Great care. Juju loves playing with his friends! He comes home very tired and perks up when I turn north on Garfield off 16 mile. He likes it even more than going on walks.

Randall Riecke

3 years ago

Fabulous customer service. My dog was well cared for...highly recommend

T Lopez

3 years ago

Happy Dog/Dogs, Happy Life! ♡

A. Brandimarte

4 years ago

Our dogs spent 6 nights here and did very well. Great place!

Ann Marie Kokuba

4 years ago

Wonderful place for our precious pets!

Ashley Trickett

4 years ago

We use the AAC for the grooming of our husky mix Cloud, and they always do a fantastic job! We however will not be returning, as when I ordered Cloud a bordatella vaccine, to be done at the time of her last appointment, they told my husband that I had ordered a canine flu vaccine as well, and she would not be groomed without one. I understand community immunity, but I don't feel like any grooming service short of what is required by law, has the right to force you into any vaccines for your animals. That aside they had an opportunity to inform me that they wanted her to have this when I called to make the appointment, as well as when they called to confirm her appointment. I am extremely displeased at how all of this came about. Not so much as an acknowledgement.

Danny C

4 years ago

Staff is really kind, took ready good care of my dogs.

Freya Rooks

4 years ago

Took my furbaby there a couple of time. Was happy at first until my pup was attacked by another dog. I had to pay for everything. Vet visit, (their vet by the way) medication distribution, (he needed pain killers, antibiotics and his eye needed to be cleaned out) full day care charge and a few extra charges they put in because my pup was injured(like the time they had top take out of their day to care for my pet who was injured on their watch). They comped nothing. And when i asked about the other dog they said we put him in a cage for time out. And when he is in day care your dog and the other person's dog can't be together. Meaning they will let a dog who now has a history of attacking another dog to play with others. $1000+ later my dog nearly lost his eye! They don't care about the safety of your pet. Or care if they get hurt. They only see dollar signs when you walk in the door. Wouldnt recommend this unsafe environment for your pup.

Marie Macdonald

4 years ago

We have been bringing our dogs here either for boarding or doggie day care for years. Most recently we boarded two of our dogs over Labor Day weekend. We pick them up two days earlier than we were going to and good thing we did because they returned to us all of the canned dog food that we gave them to add to their dry food twice a day when they eat. My one dog never ate the whole time he was there! That is because they never put the canned dog food on his dry food like he's used to. After calling there and never getting a manager to speak to oh, I went there personally and spoke to someone who said she was a manager and apologized for what happened. She said she would have her boss call me personally. To this date no one has called me. I am not never giving them my business again.

michael menrath

4 years ago

This is my third time here and have been very pleased.The staff is friendly and the caregivers do an awesome job. I never like leaving my dog (Diesel) but never worry when he’s there. Thanks for taking great care of Diesel.

Paige Marie

4 years ago

Did not personally take my dogs here, but I had an interview here and the place reeked of feces and the staff seemed overworked and ornery. I am also happy they did not hire me because instead of a job, I now have a career. =]

Sophia Lertola

4 years ago

The most clean facility I've ever been to. The Staff is excellent and their prices are great! They're also connected to a veterinary clinic..just in case...and that gives me peace of mind!

steven dawson

4 years ago

Our Deebo was well take care of, next time we will include the day camp

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