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2 years ago

My lovebirds were showing signs of illness, the staff got me in right away, and were extremely thorough in their questioning to try to figure out what was going on. The Dr herself came out to the car, told me what was going on, and put my mind at ease and my 'babies' on the path to getting better. I am forever grateful.

Robert M

2 years ago

Our yellow budgie was so, so sick. After two visits with Dr. McMillan she is now doing much better. I’m so glad we found this place. We are very grateful to Joan who coordinated the visit. Dr. McMillan and staff are real pros. Thank you! We’ll always come back with our baby birds.

Kate Mills

2 years ago

Caring, and so accommodating for my handicapped pup

Bill Langley

2 years ago

Absolutely awful place to send your pets. Do not even bother trying to reason with the head vet here. She is so rude and disrespectful to her patients and after witnessing how she treats public workers, I will tell everyone I know not to bring their pets here. So horrible.

ed valenti

2 years ago

The best staff around. Caring and loving

Laura Hunt

2 years ago

Very nice people, they want to help you and make your pet feel it's best. There super affordable too! I was quite surprised. Most avian vets cost an arm and a leg!

Hailey Hendricks

2 years ago

The best vet experience my family has ever had. They were extremely compassionate and the veterinarian was very knowledgeable. She explained the issues and our options very well and was very helpful and compassionate. When we had to let our pet go, we were led to a comfortable room with couches and chairs where we could sit with him. Strongly recommend, and one of the only vets in the area that treats ducks.

Melissa Walkins

2 years ago

Extremely rude and not helpful at all. The people who answer the phones here should learn how to talk to people with respect. As for the doctor here she exaggerates to make you concerned. This is a way for them to have you come back in and give them money. Extremely over priced as well. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Don’t waste your time go to odd pet vet instead.

Sam G

2 years ago

I had brought in my cat as a kitten and was pleased with the care she received. However, today I went in since my cat had a run-in with a bat. Her rabies vaccine had expired and I wanted to get her a booster. The vet came out and started scolding me, telling me that my cat would normally be euthanized. She reduced me to tears. I said "I'm sorry" and she proceeded to shame me for letting her vaccination expire, saying "WELL, it's not my problem. It's yours." She called animal control and gave me very little information on what was happening until the very end. Luckily, my cat is home and vaccinated despite the terrifying possibilities she threw at me. She was cruel and rude to me during a scary situation where I was already trying to hold it together. They also overcharge on top of everything else. DO NOT come to this vet. I still can't believe that all just happened. Update: Animal control just came to my house and fined me, issuing a quarantine for my INDOOR cats. A bat came into my house. That’s all. I did the right thing and got my cats vaccinated. This isn’t right. What this vet did wasn’t right.

Gordon Robbins

3 years ago

I've been going to Windhover since 2012. The staff at Windhover is incredibly compassionate, caring, and shows in every way possible why they love what they do. Dr. McMillan is deeply knowledgeable, empathetic, and I deeply trust the information, advice, and treatment she provides my pets.

Elzy Tee

3 years ago

Dr. McMillan is a phenomenal avian vet. She's always taken the best of care for my ducks and chickens. I would never go anywhere else!


3 years ago

The wait times here are longer than for people doctors and the Dr. herself is rude and uncaring. We walked out of our appointment and haven't looked back.

Erin Chandler

3 years ago

I bet this place has fantastic vets and vet techs. Unfortunately I was not allowed to try this clinic as the receptionist was pretty much unwilling to help me book an appointment. I had a few questions and she seemed bothered by me and seemed to want to rush me off the phone (instead of putting me on hold if there was something urgent happening or ask to call me back). Totally rude on the phone and I ended up hanging up because I don’t deserve to be treated so poorly when I haven’t even set up an actual appointment yet. I understand things are stressful because of Covid, but it’s no reason to be so rude to clients. I will never recommend this place because of the horrible receptionists. Hire people that actually care about your animal’s problems and want to help rather than seem annoyed. Save yourself and go to Odd Pet or Ocean State instead.

Lenny Hensas Jr

3 years ago

Fast friendly very organized considering the trials of covid. They come out to your car multiple times to complete your needs. Excellent service

Mary Hurley

3 years ago

Love this vet. Can not say enough nice things about the ladies here! Kind, gentle, informative. Highly recommend.

Max B

3 years ago

Friendly folks. Took good care of my elderly cat and provided her with special nutrition to help with her recurring ear infections.

meaghan kelly

3 years ago

I cannot even begin to describe how amazing these people are. My English budgie was quite sick when we adopted him, and the whole team at Windhover did everything they could for him over the course of his illness. They treated him with such compassion and kindness, and when he passed, I truly felt lucky that he had been cared for by Dr. McMillan and every single member of the staff. I also know that if my other parakeet ever has an issue, she'll be in great hands. Thank you so much, Windhover!

Meri Johnston

3 years ago

My dog was 14 when I moved to the area looking for a vet. Dr. McMillan and Windhover came highly recommended and they've absolutely lived up to that review. The whole team is extremely caring and will do whatever they can for my dog. He's 16 now and has gone through some rough patches, but Dr. McMillan presents all options and is willing to discuss alternative therapies. We are also regular customers to Sterling Impression, their sister PT therapy.

Michelle Homer

3 years ago

This was a first appointment for my tripawd Newfie puppy and me @ windhover veterinary clinic. We arrived on time for a noon appointment and waited in my car as requested until someone could come for my dog. After 15 minutes a tech came out with a clipboard of info to fill out. At 12:30 I was still waiting so I called to make sure they knew I was still there and to ask if they knew how much longer it might be. I was told they would be out soon. Shortly after the tech arrived to get my dog out of the car but since he is a puppy with three legs and he wasn’t cooperating it was difficult to get him into the clinic. I asked if she needed my help but she asked if I minded if she had the Dr. come to see him outside. I said sure whatever was easiest for them. At this point I’ve gotten out of the car to wait with my dog. Dr. McMillan comes out and the first words out of her mouth were “if you have problems waiting maybe this isn’t the clinic for you.” I was absolutely dumbfounded. I had no trouble waiting as I could tell they were busy. I had just wanted to make sure they knew I was still there and if they had an idea of how much longer it might be. If it was going to be awhile I wanted to get him out of the car as it had been a long drive there and he was getting antsy in the back seat. So I said to Dr. McMillan, “I wasn’t upset about waiting just wondering how long it might be”. So she rudely says to me “I’m exhausted and busy and you’re complaining so you need to go elsewhere.” She then turns around to enter the clinic. At which point still not quite believing what she said and I the way I’ve been treated I said, “Wait so you’re not going to see him?” And she said no. So I load my poor pup back into my car and realize she has my folder of info. I go to the door, look in and don’t see anyone. So I open the door, go in and call out. She comes out with his folder and tells me I shouldn’t be in there to which I reply I just wanted his folder of records. She insists she hand them to me outside. At no point did I raise my voice or be anything but pleasant. That is, until she flat out shockingly refused to see my dog, at which point I said, “expect a bad review” and she retaliated that I can expect one too. I understand busy and tired in the age of covid. I’m a nurse! But NEVER have I been treated like this. I had been looking forward to this appointment for several weeks and can’t express how shocked and sad I was by her treatment of me.

Corine Pilotte

4 years ago

Not a very clean environment, the staff was nice but the Dr seemed a little stuck on herself.

Dennis LaPorte

4 years ago

Dr. M is ok. Everytime we go we end up receiving improper information

Doug M

4 years ago

Inquired about getting crop surgery for a chicken and was quoted 600 dollars. For comparison, the odd pet vet in Weymouth quoted me about 2-300 dollars. Without being able to compare the skill of the doctor, thats a huge price difference for an already inflated cost. I advise anyone who doesnt need emergency pet surgery to go to the odd pet vet or at least call other places because windhover is gouging their customers.

Elissa peterson

4 years ago

i would give this place. -0 star for not doing what there suppose to do. when my African grey. taking him in and them say oh if it gets worse bring him to a vet er.... finally call days later saying to bring him in after he already died 10 mins before in my little sisters arms. thank you for not taking action when you new there was a problem in the first place and have him SUFFERING! pet-slaughter

Linda Cohen

4 years ago

They took great care of my bird and charged were reasonable.

Paul Foley

4 years ago

Our experience has been that Windhover ownership does not take care of its existing patients. We had been with them for seven years, but after another "emergency fee" policy for a follow up visit we are done. It's just not the service it used to be when we started. Have always been impressed with their technicians, but their ridiculous emergency fees amounts to extortion.

Taylor Rae

4 years ago

Very friendly and caring staff. Treat you as if you and your companion are their own family. Important to note: staff did their absolute best for care options on our blue tongued skink. Dr. Appeared very knowledgeable and experienced with caring for lizards, created a very comfortable environment.

Karen Edie

5 years ago

I am traveling g staying with friends when my Boston terrier had puppies they took me in x-rayed my pup and assured me she would not need c-section and few days later pups started passing away they rushed the pups in heated and oxygenated only one survived, but they did everything right and lovingly the pups where born with birth defects that caused their passing. Awesome, compassionate staff. Thank you

Eleni Hernandez

5 years ago

I brought my moluccan cockatoo for a wound on his tail. When the vet came in she had a bad attitude responded to me with in attitude, made me feel uncomfortable to ask a question. She didn't explain anything to me about his condition, just added to my bill a medication that didn't help and I called them and they said someone was going to call me back, never heard from them. Very rude and uncaring. I felt like I went there and for 5 minutes of her time cost me $260 and my poor bird in the same condition. The best vetnarian is Tufts Vetnarian in Grafton Ma. So professional and çarrying. I trust then with my pets 100% and thier knowledge is worth more and they actually charge less. I have been there a few times for my pets. The only reason I went to this place was because they were closer, so now I'm gonna do the drive and taking him to Tufts. They care for all small or large animals and exotics. They are open 24/7

Ginger Molignano

5 years ago

Dr.. McMillan is wonderful with my female Cockatiel Lucy and me too! She is loving and caring to both of us especially during stressful visits and I've had a few intense situations. So glad we found her and don't have to keep making long trips to Angel Memorial in Boston. The technicians are also loving/caring.

Kay Cee Edie

5 years ago

Very helpful and caring. The vet is very nice and will answer your many questions.

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