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2 years ago

Dr KUBE and her staff was super pleasant and wonderfully informative. Kaleigh and Gary were both awesome too !

Melissa Elder

2 years ago

Everyone that I dealt with was very nice and understanding. Gary was especially nice and patient while I struggled with technology filling out the forms and signing for the payment (my fault, not theirs). The nurses and doctors were all great. They have called a few times to check on my dog and were genuinely concerned with how she is doing.

Bob S

2 years ago

Wonderful experience. They are capable, professional, and compassionate. Gary is always the first person you speak with and he is great. The techs are awesome as well. I only wish our people doctors were like this.

David Stryker

2 years ago

Very professional and knowledgeable specialized veternarians

Linda Chan

2 years ago

The appointment was very through and a plan was made to get my dog diagnosed. They took my dog and assess him immediately and called me back to let me know what they see. They care about my dog when they talked to me and ask lots of questions about my dog.

Myriol Saunders

2 years ago

Very personable and Completely competent staff. Felt my dog was safe in the care of staff even though I wasn't allowed in. I did not feeling rushed when speaking to the doctor

Tomcat TomMA

2 years ago

The "gentleman" I spoke to was heartless and off-putting telling me that they "do not accept second opinion patients" after telling him that my dog had been seen at Tufts-Cummings School and that her rear legs are being slowly paralyzed by what is probably pinched nerves/arthritis. I made it clear to him that I would of course submit to their neurologist's assessment and go from there. But he barely let me get a word in edgewise. I needed to know if the MRI would have been less expensive than Tufts' price--it is a substantial amount. He later said that they have a backlog of patients waiting for the MRI my dog would probably need... which is where I cut him off and told him "I'm happy for you". I hung up on him. If I were running that facility, I would not have such a person answering the phone for my business.

Jane Rebello

2 years ago

Starting with Gary the receptionist, who is always polite, friendly, and upbeat, then the techs, who always listen attentively and never rush me when I am giving a detailed history of my dog's symptoms and latest behaviors, to Dr Kube herself, who is not only an amazing neurologist, but can relate to the owners and easily work with me to formulate a treatment plan that everyone is comfortable with. I absolutely love the personal care and attention that my pets have received.

Jorge Fradinho

2 years ago

Clearly Dr. Kube is highly knowledgeable in her field but what I particularly like is how she is able to explain it such that you have a much better sense as to what is going on with your four legged friend, and/or how to potentially avoid it in the future (i.e. gives you a sense of corrective measures that yield results). Not only that, our dog feels 100% comfortable and wags her tail in excitement every time she sees Dr. Kube. Finding a vet who excels at both the technical and personal/connection layer with your pet is all you could wish for, and Dr. Kube is it.

Joseph Perdoni

2 years ago

They took very good care of my cat, who had a hurt leg a couple days later it was perfectly fine. The owner is very professional. Vava lips

emily fitzgerald

2 years ago

Our 5 year old cavalier had her first seizure the beginning of this month and it was very scary. She has also struggled with food aggression on and off and had recently began taking two steps backwards prior to the seizure episode. I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Kube very quickly and she gave me some great feedback and advice. The good news is the aggression does not appear to be neurologically related so she recommended a good behaviorist to try. As far as her seizure, we are beginning with a test to rule out a malfunction in the liver (at my own primary vet hospital) which is great. Pending those results we can go from there. I am hopeful that our girl will be OK and we will deal with anything that may come her way. Thank you to Dr. Kube, her technician and of course, the front staff!

Lindsay Lefers

2 years ago

The whole team is wonderful, from the start when Gary answers the phone so friendly and helpful, then Lindsay taking my questions to relay to Dr. Kube, and Dr. Kube taking the time to call and talk with me and answer ask my questions after his exam. They are always responsive and helpful. The whole team works together to address my questions and concerns. They all are focused on making my family and dog as hair and healthy as possible.

Kelly Moore

2 years ago

Dr. Kube was thorough and explained the next steps well. All of the support staff I interacted with were wonderful. Even though my dog wasn't as critically ill as a lot of the patients they must see, they still made sure to get me in so that we could figure out how to make him more comfortable.

Carolyn Green

2 years ago

My pup needed surgery for a slipped disk and the entire team from Gary at the front desk, to Jody who walked me through the whole process and called to check up post surgery, to Melissa who watched over my pup overnight after her surgery to Dr. Anwer for performing the surgery and explaining it all very clearly to me; were professional and tender in their care. Recommend them whole heartedly.

Joy Anderson

2 years ago

I wish that they would let at least 1 person in with the pet. I could go in at my vets office now. I can't think of everything i wanted to ask with out being face to face. Very friendly. I know they are specialists but not everyone can afford all the testing and the pets suffer because of it.

Laura and Kristina Mack-Webb

2 years ago

The staff is so nice and very caring. Based on the conversation with the Dr. you can tell she was very knowledgeable and we came up with a variety of steps to take first. I was afraid that they would go straight to the most costly resort but she didn't. I'm very please with our plan of action for Pumpkin. The Dr. seemed very knowledgeable.

Heather Brennan

2 years ago

The experience with Dr. Kube felt rather condescending and unkind. Not a fan. Would not recommend. Disappointed I waited 6 weeks for the appointment. The tech was excellent and compassionate.

karen galvin

2 years ago

Misdiagnosed my dog and treated him based on that misdiagnosis - was made aware of his symptoms getting worse by the day - still continued treatment based on misdiagnosis - I finally gave up calling and asking for my dog to be seen by the doctor and brought him to Tufts in Grafton - I was told he had a very aggressive brain tumor - he was euthanized the next day - the doctor has never called to check up on my dog or offer condolences.

Ericka Rofino

2 years ago

We are beyond happy that was provided to our little miniature dachshund. We came to the Veterinary Neurology and Pain Management Center of New England with a scared dog who no one was available to treat. They took us in and gave us the care she needed and deserved. As scary as this whole process has been, they've answered every question we have had and provided above and beyond care to our little girl. We are so grateful for them and are relieved that they will be helping her through physical therapy while she recovers from her IVDD surgery.

Diane Clement

2 years ago

Due to Covid it has been incredibly difficult to develop a relationship with Dr. Kube just by brief over the phone discussions about my dog's plan of care. Even so, I felt she really cared about me and my dog. Due to her expert care my dog's seizures are now under control which to me is a miracle.

Tammy Holleran

3 years ago

Professional and friendly staff , Dr kube listened to all my concerns and was realistic with testing and procedures. Staff explained everything thoroughly .

Dana Paris-Mahoney

3 years ago

Staff is very helpful and communicative. The caring and thorough follow up was much appreciated.

Chris Hemmer

3 years ago

Informative and helpful in deciding how to move forward with dog, given age and breed etc. Answering our questions and providing guidance

Sarah Sebren Rosa

3 years ago

We were referred to Dr. Kube to assess our dog's ongoing difficulty with mobility. Dr. Kube had the difficult job of giving us the news all dog owners dread but eventually experience. She could not have delivered the news with more sensitivity, tact, compassion, and patience. She was also able to minimize costs, which was so helpful considering the road ahead. If we find ourselves in need of a vet neurology and pain management center again, we will know our little friends are in excellent hands with Dr. Kube.

Laura Basler

3 years ago

After my experience with doctor Kube I soon realized she does not care about the wellbeing of the animals she only cares about money.

Lisa Cadan

3 years ago

Dr. Kube and her staff are amazingly knowledgeable, professional amd thoughtful. I would highly recommend.

Melanie Michelangelo

3 years ago

The staff was wonderful to work with. Easy Covid procedures, communication was plentiful and in language and terms a non-medical person could easily understand. Each staff member that was encountered was knowledgeable, kind, and understanding.

Nicole Floria

3 years ago

Very friendly staff. Performed procedures very quickly. Extremely responsive with questions and follow up about results of testing.

Sarah Storer

3 years ago

They have been friendly and professional throughout, compassionate and flexible. I have had a great experience so far, notwithstanding my dogs condition... The flexibility and willingness to help my dog and get us in as soon as possible.

Tetty Gorfine

3 years ago

I think this vet is technically competent but lacks good communication skills. The staff was great as others have said. But I left this appointment more fearful and confused about my young dog new diagnoses of epilepsy then when I came. She made assumptions about what I thought and wanted that was very off base and our entire conversation was based on her not listening well. She never checked out with me her assumptions. Furthermore she was unwilling to engage in any discussion about how to work with this diagnoses given our (my dog's and my) lifestyle.

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